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Essential Cookbooks

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Must haves for every kitchen. Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or pro-tier.
The Tucci Table.
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Weeabs need not apply
McGee, On Food and Cooking
Field, The Italian Baker
von Bremzen, Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook
Anderson, The American Century Cookbook: The Most Popular Recipes of the 20th Century
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The Tassajara Bread Book

The only bread baking book you'll ever need.
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The Food Lab.
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This is the Holy Bible of Puerto Rican cooking.

Alternatively, you could just use Knorr® brand Stock Pots™
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this whole series is actually pretty good for the regions it covers
Man, Marco's never gonna live that shit down.

I wonder what he even cooks nowadays.
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>reading books

is this the 1700's

My mom gave me her copy. I should do some stuff but at the moment I am obsessed with Mexican cooking.

What are your favorite recipes?
Has anybody read "How to Cook Everything" by Bittman? Would anyone recommend it over Joy of Cooking?

Also I've been reading Joe Yonan's "Cooking for One" and I've been enjoying it. I might buy it and use it since I am living alone.

My biggest issue right now is menu planning for the week and building a pantry. Any books or ideas on how to go about it?

My copy of How to Cook Everything is stained and dogeared. Joy of Cooking is like new. YMMV.
I have it. They're different. I'd go with the Bittmann if you are just a neckbeard trying to improve your life, JoC if you are trying to actually "get into cooking"
>McGee, On Food and Cooking

A thousand times this.
He realized 3star fine dining was pretentious bullshit. Probably cooks rustic food that tastes 10 times better than any bullshit he made in a 3 star kitchen
mah nigga

though it's not really a cookbook,
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natural harvest.jpg
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>needing a stove to cook
If you want to learn how to cook like a professionally trained chef, this is the book you start with.
is joy of cooking the only good book on american cuisine?
This one's pretty pleb-tier, but I do like the cookie and candy recipes in it. They're really basic but give some good basic recipes to reference and adjust to your own personal tastes. Make sure to get the old version though, they have an updated version which got changed.
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Holy fuck my mom had one of these when I when I was a kid!
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>must have
A cook transcends himself and becomes food into artist.
The entire Internet and my grandma's scrapbook.
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When you wanna go whole hog into Italian cooking.
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I agree
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Worth getting if you already have pic related?
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Fuchsia Dunlop's books on Chinese cuisine are pretty good
I have the second edition. It's REALLY dense, I've only tried two recipes so far but they were great. Would not really recommend to casuals though.
Nah, he's just using knorr for everything.
I think everyone's mom had one of these when they were a kid
PDF's for your phone nigga.
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It includes instructions for field dressing and butchering various game--deer, boar, turkey, goose, rabbit, squirrel, and some fishes--as well as some meet narratives of the author hunting said game.
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Looks interesting but...
>Foreword by Andrew Zimmern
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I don't really care for him either but I didn't mind the foreword.

I posted a few recipes here:

Kindle, bruh. Or whatever other tablet.
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