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First time making feijoada, thinking about using only pig tongue and pork sausage for the meat. is that ok? and do you have any suggestions?

I'll ask my Brazilian mom, OP. I love feijoada.
>look at me!!! i'm using fancy names and scrapmeat no one ever actually buys!! i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo special/quirky/different!!

It's fucking chili, you French/hipster scumbag.
weak trolling

Pretty sure there are small but significant differences between Mexican chili and Brazilian feijoada.
>fancy names
>saying the name of a specific thing is fancy
This board is odd
Don't mess with Texas, faggot.
throw in some pork shoulder as well
You can practically dump whatever piece of pork you have in the freezer or bought cheaply in the market. Bacon, pork sausages, ribs, pig tail... even pork rinds.

Skipping the whole "is it Texan, Mexican, Tex-Mex or Mex-Tex?" thing: both have barely in common.

Chili, as the name says, must contain chili; feijoada doesn't.
You can make chili with any meat; for feijoada, it must be pork.
Good chili has tomato sauce; feijoada must not.
>good chili has tomato sauce

O I an laffin at youuuuuuuu
Fine, fine. Most good chili.
Or, if you want an even more careful affirmation: chili accepts tomato sauce just fine, while feijoada doesn't.

If you guys want to avoid the name, just call it, dunno, bean stew or beany or "spic pork and bean stew" - but calling it "chili" is plain stupid, it's like saying Brits spread feijoada in their toasties.
Looks like cassoulet.
According to https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feijoada, you have no idea what you're talking about, faggot.

>Chili, as the name says, must contain chili; feijoada doesn't.


Almost all of those results will be using chili peppers in some form or other.

>You can make chili with any meat; for feijoada, it must be pork.

>carne de porco /ou de vaca/

>Good chili has tomato sauce; feijoada must not.
>vegetais (tomate, cenouras ou couve)

It's fucking chili.
>chili, as the name says, must not contain beans

You bean fags are cooking feijdoara.
>Almost all of those results will be using chili peppers in some form or other.
Geez, "maybe" because you added "picante" (spicy) to the search? Next thing you're doing is google "spicy pumpkin pie" and say "all pumpkin pie results I got have chili!". Try googling without "picante" and you'll get plenty recipes with no chili.

When I said "chili must contain chili, feijoada doesn't", I thought it was kinda obvious... but I'll chew it for you:
Chili with no chili peppers = NOT CHILI
Feijoada with no chili peppers = still feijoada

>>carne de porco /ou de vaca/
AFAIK only feijoada à trasmontana (Trás-os-Montes' style requires beef. And even then, you're using beef AND pork in feijoada à trasmontana.

>veggies (tomato, carrots or kale)
Tomatoes go to a side dish, vinagrete; kale to another side dish; carrots only go to the stew itself as a dirty hack if it got to thin.
And there's a whole difference between using tomato pieces and using tomato sauce.

>It's fucking chili.
>Guise, it doesn't require chili, but I'll call it chili anyway!
It is not. It is akin to chili and to caçolet, but all three are still different.

As someone with a Brazilian family and that regularly visits Brazil, this anon is on point. I've never eaten feijoada with chili peppers/tomatoes/beef/kale on the stew. However, kale is a common side dish, with rice being the most common (the rice + feijoada combo is a staple there, it is eaten almost every single day of the year). The vinagretes I've seen are thinly cubed tomatoes and onions and maybe other stuff that is served on garlic bread. Not a common side dish, and it is more seen in the BBQs/churrascos they have.
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poors man gallina pinta

sudaca food sucks ass

forever in mexico's shadow tb.h
Same as >>7080003
Just checked it; some Trás-os-Montes recipes don't even mention beef, see:
(The sausages mentioned there might arguably be beef sausages; but pork sausages are far more common)

And some have almost the kitchen sink included:
>white wine, carrot, tomato, two kinds of cow meat
>all this backpedaling
You originally said that it's made
>HURR DURR ONLY WIFF PORK!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!
Now you're saying
>akshully, tharr be sum data's medd wiff beefses, tooo...
Make up your fucking mind.
And the article mentions beef a few times (three, at least). It also mentions /chicken/, so no: it's not
>HURR DURR ONLY WIFF PORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know-nothing sack of shit.

>tomatoes go to a side dish
The /Portuguese-language wikipedia article/ doesn't say that. It says tomatoes. It doesn't even mention vinegar. I'm gonna trust their word over some thoroughly disproved know-nothing like you. So stop being salty about it.

>still implying chili is made with tomato sauce
It's not. Ever. It's made with purée or chopped tomatoes but never sauce.
>>HURR DURR ONLY WIFF PORK!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!
Off-topic: rewording what I said that way won't help your point, it'll only make you look like an idiot. Nuff' said.

About having other kinds of meat besides pork: again, typical feijoada won't have such. It'll be pork-based. You will find local recipes with beef but they are considered atypical. Like the recipe I mentioned above that has even white wine.

>you know-nothing sack of shit.
Are you really getting mad over something like this?

>The /Portuguese-language wikipedia article/ doesn't say that.
And this, gentlemen, is what happens when someone decides to google translate the thing... I'll translate the relevant piece for you.

>In Portugal, it's cooked with white beans in the Northwest (Minho and Douro Litoral) or red beans in the Northeast (Trás-os-Montes), and in general it includes also other vegetables (tomatoes, carrots or kale) with pork or beef meat [...]

The article is somewhat ambiguous if adding those is characteristic from Portugal as a whole or from the Northeast alone; in the later case, as I've been saying, it's something specific from a single region.

>It's not. Ever. It's made with purée or chopped tomatoes but never sauce.
My mistake regarding the chili then.

It looks quite nice DESU. But I'd rather have puerco pibil instead.
>Not a common side dish, and it is more seen in the BBQs/churrascos they have.
Here (Paraná) it's quite common... the "traditional" side dishes here are white rice, vinagrete, breaded banana "cutlet", orange pieces and manioc meal. But then people would rather associate feijoada with São Paulo and Minas Gerais than as "our thing" (barreado and pirogue fill that purpose), so I can easily see barbecue habits leaking into other meals...
File: 296_M.jpg (21KB, 460x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And since I mentioned the banana cutlet, here's something for OP that goes nicely with the bean stew:

*Peel some bananas, cut them in halves or thirds;
*Beat one egg with a pinch of salt and ground pepper;
*Coat the banana pieces with corn starch, then the beaten egg, then breadcrumbs;
*Deep fry it in hot oil until golden.

People call it "banana à milanesa", even if it has zero to do with Milan.

I assume this uses banana-da-terra/plantains?
No, it uses "sweet" bananas as in the pic; the dish is sweet and savoury. I never tried with plantain, but I think it doesn't work.

If you don't like this kind of dish, you can also eat it as a dessert: don't add salt and pepper, and coat them with sugar and cinnamon after done.
>backpedaling even further

>rewording what I said that way won't help your point
No rewording necessary when your exact words were
>for feijoada, it must be pork

So, if what you say is true, then what's this about:
>Feijoada à moda do Ibo, um prato da culinária de Moçambique, feito com feijão local, galinha e camarão.
>galinha e camarão

So, tell me again about how it "lolmustbepork," Anon.
Or are you gonna go all
>w-we're talking about brasil!!!! ONLY BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You kind of implied that by incorrectly stating that only a single sort of feijoada made in this single, obscure part of Portugual makes it with beef.

So fine. Let's talk Brazil! But first:

>google translate
I know Portuguese, friend-o.
Plenty of people do. You're not some special snowflake for knowing a Romance language.

Now, onto your bullshit:
>conveniently omits the other mentions of beef
>"this one mention of beef... i-it's ambiguous!!!"

>No Brasil, é feita da mistura de feijões pretos e de vários tipos de carne de porco e de boi
>carne de porco e de boi
>e de boi


>Feijoada (Brasil), prato típico brasileiro feito a base de feijão preto e carnes salgadas de porco e bovina.
>de porco e bovina
Dude. Are you still at that? Geez.

I already disproved your core point, like, ages ago. It is not a kind of chili even though chili is a related dish.
>i have nothing applicable to say in response to how correct you are
That's nice of you to say.

Also, if it wasn't obvious (by the misapplication of the dish to the French, and calling words foreign to English "fancy"), >>7079877 was a joke.

Look, like many dish of the cuisine of the poor, feijoada can vary greatly. I wanted to accentuate this point in the most confrontational manner possible because, for some reason, something stated civilly on 4chan gets overlooked completely.
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 4

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