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You asked for it, here we go.
inb4 'woops forgot to get a photo of the cream'

>saddle bacon

Kill yourself, breh.
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>he doesn't use cream or parsley in his spag' carb' (as they call it in the US)
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so ive got parmesan and grana padano here. make your own choices but it better be something along those lines. keep in mind the cheese in carbonara is actually not at all a lot. it is way way to easy to over power the sauce with cheese.
ive gone with nidi i believe it to be an excellent choice.
bottom line eggs here, for today i went with 1 whole egg and 2 yolks.
oil is olive oil
for cooking the pasta, the one most important thing is that you have lots of boiling water. this is the one key to making good pasta. salt and oil are extras. i used one teaspoon of salt because this is a salty dish, and i dont mind that amount of extra heat in the water.
the general rule is 100gm to 1l

i have the cheapest bacon here. this is a dish that is meant for you too to cook. tell them giacomo or whatever dickheads to eat shit.
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so thats what maybe 50g of cheese with that amount of eggs looks like.
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this is probably about 100gm of bacon [half of a 200gm pack] and its a ton in my mind.
if youre american feel free to use 2lb
i didnt really brown this as much as i could have due to me being a wimp with the pan and washing up.
>uses parmesan but shit bacon
>not flavoring water with knorr chicken stock pot
hmm so things are progressing well.
pastas cooking away. this type takes about 7 minutes or so due to being fairly thick. the rough texture helps retain the sauce.
so if you want to use a flat pasta i recommend a wide one, like fettucine etc.
i dissuade you from using "spirals" or penne but the internet is in our minds free.
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forgot image
Exactly. Is this amateur hour?
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so the bacons basically done, i turn off the heat, an---
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that is light sour cream. off the heat, melts to cream in about 20 seconds. you dont want heat in this shit.
this, my amerifat friends, is the secret to having a creamy, AND EGGY, carbonara.
feel free to piss on those europoor italians, who eat more fast food than /even americans/
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if you used a collinder for the pasta you done fucked up.
drain it with either a pot lid or just manually at the sink.
you wanna keep a bit of the juicy starchy shit in that pasta.

and let the pasta cool down or this bit, where you add the egg combo and toss it through, will be fucked up.
File: CTeKq61VAAA4v1y.jpg (48KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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after you done that, and dont wait long, add the beautiful creamy bacon semendemon sauce and mix that shit. voila baby.

time to start over
rub-a-dub grub bubbub itadakimakura
add pepper

also nutmeg or smoked paprika in the bacon when removing from heat is good.

in total thats one pan one pot,
one fork, one stirring spoon, one mixing bowl,
i used a knife and board for the bacon but you could skip the board, and you could skip the knife if you lift. do you even lift brah?
youll need to after eating this ambrosia.

this dish is easy, delicious, you can do it too without the help of italians with copious body hair.
if you have questions im at @ridojiri
more pepper
>its called carbon not bacon you fucking pleb
the bacon is undercooked and the sour cream is disgusting

do it right next time
Wow that looks like absolute shit. Then again, totally expected from someone who shows off shitty food pics on twitter constantly. But this is more disgusting than ever. Maybe you should stick to your weeb restaurant pics, since you can't cook for shit. + stop posting pics of your dirty room and learn to be a bit more humble. Thank me later

i fucking KNEW IT
Bacon is undercooked, also yolk only, try it it's more tasty.

already blew it
>2 yolks and one whole egg
That's enough for 2 people you fat cunt. Then you add sour cream as well. Im not a snob about carbonara ingredients but it's like you've deliberately tried to make this shitty.
Holy shit I didn't even notice. No wonder it looks so slimy. What compels people like this to brag about their godawful cooking?
Every kind of pasta is referred to as "noodles" in america
Thanx for the thread, OP.
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Thread images: 12

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