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Low-budget meals

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Hey guys, got any tips for a poor college fag on how to eat for little money?
Suck cock
Browse the board a bit and ask a specific question when you have one.
will do, thanks senpai
more cans
Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables when on sale, buy bulk frozen vegetables when not.
Keep an eye on weekly sales for meat, buy things in buk on sale and portion/freeze for later use.
Stop eating out at restaurants
Stop drinking soda

Steamed vegetables. Beans. Rice. Onions are your friend. Embrace steel-cut oatmeal, get a tiny crock pot to cook it slowly while you sleep. A rice cooker is worth the money.
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Dress up nicely and go to hotels that have free continental breakfast, walk in like you blog there, go straight to the food, make a few plates, eat, grav some fruit and yogurts to go, then leave.

Did this all 4 years of college. Desk clerks are too scared to lose their jobs to accuse you of not being a guest there, 100% of the time it works every time.

>mfw Sheridan Residences was right down the road from campus and had an entire buffet of options 7 days a week.

Belong*** not blog. Grab****not grav
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I've been mastering the perfect cheap meal this year. You need rice and beans for carbs, chicken for protein and varied small portions of vegetables and fruits.

You'll need:

>food scale
>online tdee calculator (google it)
>online caloric database (like wolpram alpha)
>3 bowls of glass (please avoid BPA)

Find your TDEE then you get a scale and measure the dry beans and dry rices, cook them separately and measure again. Now you know how much rice/beans you need to buy for the week or month. Get the caloric values for COOKED rice and beans. The chicken depends on how much you exercise during the week. In my case I'm lifting so I need 0.79 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you are sedentary I recommend getting much less protein so you get cheaper meals and avoid the supposed unhealthy side effects of meat. Aim for 0.5 g/lb max (remember that 100g of chicken breast contains around 29g of protein). You MUST go to the farmer's market and buy varied options of vegetables and leafs every week to avoid some random vitamin or mineral deficiency (you'll be eating the same rice+beans+chicken forever). You can use part of yours vegetables to cook in the rice or in the beans and make them taste slightly different. Also you must learn how to season everything correctly or the food will be boring after 2 days. In my case I love garlic but some people hate it. Another trick is choosing the right chicken. Where I live you can buy whole chicken or breast only. Of course the breast costs more, but using my scale i discovered it’s more viable to buy them instead of the whole chicken. It depends on the difference of prices between them so try it for yourself. Never throw away the bones, freeze them and make broth what will improve the taste of anything.

You're a special kind of scumbag huh
If you don’t have time to cook everyday, use you TDEE to find how much calories you need during the week, cook everything in the bowls and let them in the refrigerator but I don’t recommend making food for more than 6 days or you risk getting an alimentary infection.

Use your scale to find the price per gram of protein on eggs, I doubt you'll find a better deal than chicken breast. Never buy milk or oats, they seem cheap but if you put it in the paper you'll find how expensive they really are.
by not cutting up your hundos lol
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>accumulate enough debt to bury yourself for a glorified receipt deemed necessary by society

>That food that will be thrown away at the end of a shift anyway.

get salty shitter
don't do autistic shit like this

fuck off back to /fit/ you degenerate
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suck dick like a queen
eat like a king
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What do you like to eat OP
seriously this thread happens every day but it's like going to /a/ and asking "wuts good"
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Zoinks, Scoob.
Thread posts: 20
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