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Healthy calorie bombs

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I'm gaining weight and finding that most of the meals I cook are pretty low in calories. I've been supplementing those low calorie meals with eating a bunch of dry fruit and nuts for the calories. It is not a very exciting diet and I'm getting sick of eating so many peanuts, rasins, etc.

I'm looking for some good recipes for meals that are nutritionally balanced and calories dense so that I don't have to snack so much. I know I could just add a bunch of olive oil to recipes, or chug a gallon of milk for calories, but I'd rather not. Please help me out /ck/.

Bonus points for vegetarian recipes and recipes without cream sauces.
Pic unrelated
add peanut butter and coconut cream to curries.
make pork crackling, more loaded with fat than chocolate, and delicious.
eat ribeye steak, brown and eat the fat.
cook chicken with skin on, cook 'til crispy and eat.
ask fishmonger for salmon fat, or take offcuts for free and cook to remove fat.
cook eggs in goose fat instead of oil.

can't think what else. personally i chug a little olive oil once a day, and eat a serving spoon of peanut butter with raisins and honey. delicious as fuck, requires no prep, takes 10 seconds and is loaded with calories.
Dry fruit and nuts are fucking full of calories; you may as well have said you switched them out for m&ms
>Dry fruit and nuts are fucking full of calories

I didn't switch anything out, I eat them as snacks to get more calories as my main meals are not calories dense enough and I fill up on too few calories.

Peanut butter will also help you with calories.
Or look up peanut butter rice.
What a fucking problem to have.

I have to limit calories on every fucking meal, not add them.
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Ask this question on /fit/, but tell them what you want is advice on "clean bulking." They'll help you out. Good luck, OP.

I think it's your destiny to be fat and unattractive. Embrace it, I'm sure there is an equally fat and unattactive girl that is your perfect match. *emoji*
Everybody's got there own problems and I know most people hate me for this. I grew up eating lots of legumes and veggies, so I generally get full well before I've eaten enough calories. I should be getting 3000+ Calories to be gaining weight but I could easily eat just 1000 contently if I wasn't actively trying to eat more.
Have you tried reading the OP post?
He's skinny, not fat.
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>Nice same fag, same fag.

Or my other reaction is:

>He believes what people type on the Internet.
>I'm gaining weight and finding that most of the meals I cook are pretty low in calories

I miss those days when I had trouble getting enough calories, now I eat clean and still feel hungry most of the time. Try rice and beans and in extreme cases peanut. 100 g of peanuts has 586 calories.

>but I cant eat 100 g

2 years ago I barely could ate this trought the day, but now it's easy to eat 100-200g in one sitting. Be careful with your bulking.
not that anon nor am i op, but wanna know... anon what are you talking about? not everyone on earth is fat, the fuck is wrong with you. i'm... >>7048504
and i have an intestinal disorder which causes my immune system to attack the fuck out of my stomach. if i can put on any fat i consider myself lucky.
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>it's an intestinal disorder

feed yourself to the wolves.
reading comprehension idiot
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>cannot comprehend anyone being anything other than fat

I can read or 'ingest' fine, but 'digestion' is another matter. Again: Walk into the wilderness and die. Your genes aren't wanted.
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thanks for another googly eye reaction face

>he mistakes pictures for words.
Make vegetable fried rice
> cook rice in rice cooker
> let cool down
> maybe put in fridge for a bit
> get any vegetable you want (chopped leaves, mushrooms, onion, peas, carrot)
> get eggs
Then start
> cook eggs
> oil the pan and put rice in
> throw vegetables in.. Some will have different cooking times
> put oyster sauce in (very important)

It's impossible to make this taste like shit, it has a little bit of everything (protein, veggies, etc.) and is very calorie dense.
Hopefully you're bulking/working out and not just becoming a tub of lard.
too expensive at least whre I live.

Make a 5000 calories drink, 2 cups of whole milk, 1 cup of oat flour, 1 cup of peanut, 2-5 spoons of olive oil, half cup of honey. Drank it for a month last year and got 12 lbs. Don't forget you must be lifting so you can get at leas 1 lb of muscle instead of pure fat
If you have a genuine, diagnosed, medical condition you should consult a qualified dietitian, not 4chan.
Sure, but I don't really feel like paying someone to tell me what I already know. I have to eat more. It's not rocket science; I know I can eat nuts/dried fruit to meet my TDEE. The problem is that what I'm eating isn't very interesting and I'd like some calorie dense recipes that make me want to eat them so I don't have to rely on snacking meet my TDEE.

Do you think that a dietitian is worth the cost in this case? According the the government my BMI is still within the healthy BMI range, but I definitely feel like I should should be heavier.
have you ever tried taking a good quality peanut butter, then sticking a few honey-covered raisins into it? a couple of spoonfuls and a pint of smoothie will do me for an entire day. absolutely loaded with calories, lots of protein, fat and carbs, add an egg yolk and you're eating a high calorie, very very healthy meal and it couldn't be much cheaper, much easier or more delicious.
I don't know what you're implying, so probably no
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