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Should I add peas? >pic related >goat chili

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Should I add peas?

>pic related
>goat chili
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green peas?
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yeah, frozen specifically, I'd add them right at the end so they're barely cooked.

Also, Chili thread I guess; what weird things do you put in chili
Hard mode: I don't have peas.
but i do?
Yes. Why is that even a question?
What kind of fucking question is that?

I've never had peas in chili before is why I ask. Do I add them after I remove it from heat or beforehand?

are you also making chili or just pretending to be autistic for the sake of autism?
>sake of autism
How could anything be for, "the sake of autism?"

I don't have peas.
>I don't have peas.
but you do have autism, why are you even posting? do you do this at every mention of peas?
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Goat is goat
I don't think you've wrapped your mind around what I have been saying. I don't have peas.
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it really is

and peas were definitely a good idea
>beans in chili
just stop
If there aren't beans what is it? Just a meat sauce?
>yeah, frozen specifically, I'd add them right at the end so they're barely cooked.

let them simmer in the chili for 5 minutes or so. That's what I do. They have to be sweet peas though. Some green pea brands taste like cardboard. Luckily, my local supermarket stock big bags of generic green peas that are plump and sweet. They're really amazing in chili. I eat this chili twice a day, btw
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I threw out the package but it was just generic indian-store peas. Dont' taste bad.

>tfw I plan to eat this for every meal until I run out
Are you from Belize, OP? Apologies if that seems an odd question.
>using various cupware that shows where i'm from
I wish I was, instead of this cold shit hole
if there aren't beans it's chili
it's not chili if you add beans

What about peas?
what about peas
There's a lot of peaness going on in this thread.
Was asking because summer last, 2014, we got a Belizean couple at our meeting (Quaker) who made a goat chili for a potluck we were having. It had potatoes in it. It was, by far, the best "chili," even if I'm not quite certain it quite qualifies as one, I've ever had.

Theirs had no peas, but I don't see why peas couldn't be good in a chili or chili-like dish. I sez go for it, pham.
Its called Chili con Carne, not Chili con Carne sans Beans. It fits the definition. You don't like beans in your chili, great. Its doesn't stop being chili.
I thought about adding potatoes but I feel that makes it closer to a stew then 'chili'

>just remembered I started making oven fries to holdmyself over while the chili cooked
>2 hours ago
>still sorta want to eat them
>mixing french, spanish and english into the name of a dish
Should be
>chile con carne sin frijoles
I might be wrong, but isn't chili a stew anyway? Or does the US have a very specific definitions of what is 'stew' and what is 'chili' or something?

Also, I make a 10-15 minute "chili" that's actually really, really fucking delicious for being such a fakemeout cheat's concoction, if anyone is interested in the recipe. Otherwise, I'll kindly fuck off now.
fug man that sounds great to make in bulk and eat b4 work. mind sharing?
>literally no description
>sounds great
Our definition is pretty clear, it means that you're a fuckin' fag!
Never set your standards very high and you will rarely be disappointed.
Sure, but some may consider this to be blasphemy, so apologies in advance:

For a 3-4 servings (can be multiplied):
Oil, 4tbsp
Flour, 4tbsp
Chilli powders, as desired
>I use a mix of paprika, chipotle powder, cayenne powder and cheap, mixed chili powder; you can use just chili powder, if you'd like, and it will still be pretty good
Cumin powder, as desired
Beef stock powder/cube, as necessary for 4 cups stock
Garlic, minced, 2-4 cloves
Onion, chopped, 1 large
Beef mince, superlean, 250g/half pound
Beans, cooked and drained, 250g
>or another 250g of lean beef mince if you're against beans in chili
Tomato juice, 2 cups
Water, 2 cups
Garnishings, if/as desired
>such as cheese, crackers, coriander/cilantro leaves, chopped raw onion etc

Cook oil and flour together until a paste is achieved.
Add all other ingredients other than juice and water and stir to cook beef through.
Add liquid and whisk to dissolve paste.
Boil and reduce to desired thickness.
It sounds abysmal, I know, but it's surprisingly not bad at all. While not nearly as good as a proper chili, it's leaps and bounds better than most others I've tried, even ones people cook all day long.
wow that's a lot of work. I just use tomato paste and various powders. I eat chili every day so I like to be efficient.
>five steps
>lot of work
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 6

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