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What is the /ck/ grocery list? What do you lads buy every two weeks?

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What is the /ck/ grocery list? What do you lads buy every two weeks?
>What do you lads buy every two weeks?
You only go grocery shopping once every two weeks?
every two weeks? Do you live far away from where you buy your stuff?
I go at least 2 times a week.
Jesus, every two weeks?
I go once a month, if that.
pizza rolls
hot pockets
>every two weeks

mah nigga.

Wife is Mexican, and my favourite cuisine is Mexican, so usually we buy a ton of shit related to that. Corn torts, or masa and I'll make torts, chicken to boil, ground beef, beans, etc. I'm a big pizza guy so I make pizza at home a lot. I usually buy big packs of reg flour torts at Costco for when I'm lazy and just wanna make a wrap.
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You're a big guy?
Emphasis should be on is, not caught.

2 weeks?
I go every other day.
Who plans meals for 2 weeks? F that S
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>actually going out to buy food

Normie pls go
I go shopping every day because the way to my lab is literally passing three different grocery stores,so I just buy stuff that's on sale or expiring soon every afternoon and eat it that evening or the following morning.
Saves tons of space and money
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>not grocery shopping online once a year
The trainstation is next to a grocery store, so everytime I get home from Uni I can just buy whatever I need.
S my D u F
i ate some pizza rolls this morning
absolutely disgustion

>into the trash
I just pop into one of the markets on my way to or from somewhere, like work or doctor's appointments or something and grab what looks good at the time. My area is fucking saturated with supermarkets and smaller specialty shops. There are, no joke, a dozen, full-sized supermarkets walking distance of my house. There used to be eighteen, but six are closed/closing because they were part of A&P and A&P is going outta business.

Yesterday, I bought:
veg stock cubes
mixed pickle

I realised that I want more fruit, so either tonight or tomorrow on my way home, I'm gonna pick up
d'anjou pears
gala apples
California oranges

Also a pair of cornish hens and two pounds of snowcrab legs.

--- all five of those from the farmer's market
Bok choi
Deli turkey or ham
Bread or English muffins
Bacon or sausage
Russet potatoes
Maybe some steak or chicken
Salad dressing
Feta cheese
Distilled H2O (tap water here is deadly)
Apples, oranges, bananas, et cetera
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You're the most disappointing thing since my son.
Chicken (whole or whatever's on sale)
Pork chops
Fresh Tomatoes
Canned Tomatoes
Chicken Stock

Everything else is on an as-need or on-sale basis.
What do people do with milk?
>2 dollars each

2 fucking dollars
for one apple? what the fuck?
Drink it, use it for cooking, give to cats?

What a silly question
those are pomegranates
but two dollars each is still ridiculous
as are most the prices in the pic
Pomegranates, not apples. And despite common misconceptions, Walmart has absolute shit prices on any food that's not a prepackaged ready meal or dinner kit.
Look closer lad
>give milk to cats

fucking asshole
Lifes too short so im going to give my 10 year old cat 10(ten)ml of milk occassionally.

Why do you want to give your cat indigestion?
you probably feed chocolate to dogs as well, spawn of satan
Its so infrequent that theirs almost no chance. They like it and one is old so why not honestly. Their is basically no risk involved.

Yes yes, actually one of my cats eats a lot of spinach, quite comical actually

What does frequency have to do with it? Cats are lactose intolerant.

>> They like it
They like the taste. They don't like shitting their guts out afterwards.

Why not feed them a treat that won't make them sick?
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Red onions
Broccoli or Spinach

>Dried Goods
Red lentils
Rolled oats
Whole bean coffee

Sambal oelek
Any spices I'm running low on
Canned chicken base (Better than Bouillon)
Maple syrup

>Dairy & Other
Plain Greek yogurt
4% Cottage cheese
Whole Milk
Brown eggs

I go shopping once a week, but most of this stuff lasts me longer than a week so I only buy what I'm running out of. I'm a legit rice 'n' lentils poorfag desu.
>Broke as fuck
>Work at Pizza Hut
>Boss is pretty chill, doesnt mind too much what we eat
>When front of house want the buffet refilled, they have to send an order through to the kitchen for what they need
>He normally sends an order through for 1 of each pizza near the time buffet ends, and doesnt put the pizza out, gives them to staff since its better than the staff food Pizza Hut allows us to have
>I eat pizza or salad bar every day
>Also steal food to bring home so I dont have to buy food on my days off
two weeks? i like to buy fresh chicken, fish, pork, and occasionally beef so i go probably twice a week.

>apples or grapes (or both)
>sweet potatoes
>black beans
>red peppers
>dried cranberries

>sunflower seeds
>flax seeds
>peanut butter
>plenty of dry red and oaky white wines

>chicken, turkey, fish, or cured pork (pancetta, prosciutto) depending on my mood

obviously I keep my pantry stocked with baking necessities, spices, and a few canned goods in case of emergency.

I make my own bread and cereal. anyone who buys bread and cereal is missing out.
its not every two weeks. i buy bulk but its something like

>10 pounds of ground beef
>ten pounds of chicken thighs
>10 pounds of pork shoulder cushion
>giant 10 bag pound of rice
>10 pound bag of potatos

from there it gets smaller

>canned banana slices
I threw up in my mouth.

i generally stay away from canned food unless i have the flu and its soup, but canned banana actually sounds REALLY tasty
Are you feeding a family of a thousand or you just freeze what you aren't using?
I stock up on wews, keks, senpais and desus tbqhwyf

i live alone, and everyone freezes their meet i feel so yeah. I'll usually eat a pound of meat at dinner so its good prices. stops me from just eating chicken. with the money im saving ill eventually be able to invest in a shitton of steak too so thats nice.

>everyone freezes their meat
>i'll usually eat a pound of meat at dinner
>with the money i'm saving


whats subtle?
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My normal list every week to two weeks:

bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
baby spinach or arugula (depending on what I'm in the mood for)
carrots/celery/potatoes (not weekly, but every 3-4 weeks usually)
kale or some other kind of greens
romaine lettuce
whatever other seasonal vegetables are on sale/look good
seasonal fruit
chicken/pork/beef (depends on what's on sale, what looks good or what I feel like making)
deli meat/cheese for sandwiches
half & half
sour cream
cream cheese
orange juice
apple juice

Other stuff I get less frequently in larger quantities as needed like flour, sugar, spices, oats, oil, vinegar, etc.

Looking at the list, it kind of seems like a lot, but I don't always get everything on the list every time I go, nor do I buy massive quantities of everything since I don't want shit to spoil if I don't use it in time.
I dont always get all of this but some combination.
Chicken breast
lunch meat
pepper jack cheese
ramen (not top ramen brand)
ground beef
potato chips

cereal / granola, coffee, eggs, general cooking.
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Thread images: 7

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