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Cosplay Undergarments

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Hey seagulls,

When you see a great cosplay, there are many surface level thing that stand out as to why the cosplay looks amazing. Things like garment construction, prop craftsmanship, and attention to detail, etc...
But one important aspect I don't see discussed very often is proper undergarments. As is true with a lot of period clothing, a lot of cosplays either depend upon or could be improved by using specific garments to shape the body to the costume.
Things like shape wear, corsets, dance tights, even lingerie tape, etc... can add a whole other level of quality to your cosplay that most people probably won't even know to point out or compliment you on.

So let's discuss!
What kind of special undergarments have you used for cosplay?
Best brands/retailers for various products?
What are some cosplays that definitely would require special undergarments to achieve 10/10?

For myself, one thing I do is wear a special bra for larger breasted characters. I'm about a b cup and I have a bra that can pad me out to a DD, works really well for those busty anime girls.
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I wear this under everything.
Even your swimsuit anon?
I usually wear shape wear shorts or one that looks like a onepiece bathing suit.
Just having something smoothing out your shape is such an improvement.
I'm interested in buying a body dance tights, does anyone have any experience with those?
What brand of shape wear do you use? I've been looking at Spanx but only bc it's the first brand that came to mind.

For dance tights I usually use Capezio. They are good quality and can be dyed easily.
Want to be my fifth wife? I could use another one around the house to do some yard work and stuff.
Speaking of dance tights, does anyone have recommendations for good dance tights/body stockings for Yuropoors? As far as I can tell Capezio doesn't to ship to Europe and even if they did, it would probably be expensive as fuck.
They do. Check their website and loads of of places stock them. Amazon eBay etc.
I have dds and use a push up bra and silicone pads to go rediculously large. Also shapewear and butt shaped underwear for a bigger booty
I wear the undergarments on the left, but if you want me to play "wife" for you...
>Wow how long does it take to set that up and does it get hot with it on in an already hot environment
moar pics plz
My suggestion is to never overlook the importance of base layers. If you're wearing armor or anything bulky, it's nice to have a comfy layer that won't turn you into a sweat-ridden sponge. If you're wearing a simple outfit and/or going to be outside in cool weather, having a warmer base layer can save you from having to lug around a jacket.

Uniqlo is my favorite for either case: their Airism line for when you're expecting to get toasty, and Heattech for when you need to ward off obnoxious AC or a fall breeze. They also usually have a line of easily packable jackets, which can be nice for commuting to the con.

My other tip is to never overlook the importance of good socks. If you're wearing fancy shoes all day, you're going to want to protect your toes. Hobbling around with bandaged feet on Sunday is never fun.
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This whole thread has a severe lack of braies, and other truely sexy lingerie.
My biggest mistake is trying out stuff without wearing my body altering whatevers... binders etc especially, but if I wear platforms to alter height I tend to forget that while trying on for height etc...
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Thread images: 3

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