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So how do your parents feel about your cosplaying/lolita ways?

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So how do your parents feel about your cosplaying/lolita ways?
They don't. Not their money, not their problem.
They think it's cool, but too expensive. My mom sometimes buys me fugly €1 blouses from the thrift store that she insists look just like brand. Fortunately she has the memory of a goldfish so she doesn't notice when that blouse is then never seen again.
"You guys are weirdos lol"
"i have no son"
My dad used to hate it, but I showed him pictures of a guy dressed as Prehistoric SpongeBob. Now he loves it.
But they're cool, my mom's hording shoes and handbags, so she doesn't get to judge. My dad doesn't care.
I'm mostly into classic, so they even really like most of my simpler coords.
My parents/relatives/friends love my lolita stuff. I think I only ever had one "relative" shit talk about my clothes but that's bc she is a mentally deficient drughead who was all pissy with me and looking for a button to push. I think my parents like lolita better because they're actual clothes, so there's a tangible value to them even if it's a bit unusual.

On the other hand, they always thought cosplay costumes were ridiculous and conventions huge money sinks. I can't blame them on that one. I remember sinking hundreds into outfits that I could barely repurpose or sell, and they were basically worn to shit after a few conventions.
My skills were also never going to be professional tier, so it's not like I could make any money doing it. And I'm not hot enough or have fake tittums to be a successful coswhore, so.
Mom doesn't care much but is really nosy about how much i pay/look at my account/... and scold me.
Dad is a real dick about it, calls it a costume/chinese doll costume just to spite me on purpose, always say "are you really going to get out like that???" Or "oh my god look at how you're dressed...". Or simply look at me from head to toe with big eyes. And when i bring lolita friends home he becomes a hypocritical smiley asshole and talks way too much. I'm staying calm but have to hold myself from telling him to fuck off.
Mom thinks it's a waste of time/money that I could be putting into my studies and tries to get me to stop every once in a while. Usually ridicules me when I mention cosplay/going to conventions, saying that I look stupid and only freaks and the socially inept do stuff like that.

Dad doesn't give a shit.
Basically this, as long as I'm saving responsibly and not blowing it on frills they don't give a shit.
My parents are fine with me making/selling porn fetish art.

Can't imagine they'd have anything againts the cosplay part.

Nope, sorry
they think it's great

they like all my CoF posts and reblog/regram my tumblr/insta posts

they buy me NWT brand for my birthday, half-birthday (6 months after/before my birthday), and Christmas

they even offered to ride into the Automatic Honey bloodbath for me recently (i declined bc AH's quality has gone down desu)

we have framed pics of my best coords on the mantle and it's so lovely to reflect together on how much i've grown over the last ~9 years as a lolita
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That's adorable.
My loved ones like lolita too but they have terrible taste. Whenever my mother browses CoF with me, she loves the itas and thinks the well-dressed girls are either boring or overdressed. When they buy you brand, do you point them to the release/cut/colourway you want or do they understand your style well enough to get it right by themselves? My bf has shown interest in buying me surprise lolita for birthdays etc. but his idea of cute dresses is Bodyline maid stuff so I had to politely decline for both our sakes lol
I'm deadly jealous of you anon.
I wish my parents weren't such cunts about it and supported me like that instead
Doesn't care at all. Actually likes to see cosplays and how much work goes into it. My mom has always been supportive of what I do
My mom likes it and supports cosplay fully; my dad wanted to cosplay at some point, but he just thought he would look cringey. Instead he always tried to take over my projects so he can get credit and share to everyone that he made my cosplay. My dad is a big narcissist and just asshole all around and tried to always make me be competitive against my friends with cosplay. When I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago I could finally enjoy making cosplay without him breathing down my neck how I need to be better than my friends at cosplay. The only times he was of use is with prop making since he had a bunch of tools.
When I first started as a teen, they thought it was weird and strange. It was disappointing, as my father worked in the sewing industry and my mother was an amateur seamstress.

Now that I'm older, they're much more receptive to it. My father semi-retired, so he's grateful to know someone who's still into sewing. He's also grateful for my growing collection of tools that I'll share in exchange for notions. (Despite my parent's influence, I turned out to be better at props than sewing.) My mother also insists on giving me help and advice, though despite her great technical skills, she firmly believes any costume should be made out of felt and broadcloth.

Though no matter what, any cosplay I do gets called Lady Gaga.
Dad thinks the crafting part is cool and helps me with some stuff from time to time. Mum doesn't get it (or sewing/making stuff in general), but she sometimes gives me gifts that are "Kawaii" or from Korean/Japanese clothing companies because that's what she thinks I'm into and I guess that works to.
They don't know about it. I moved abroad six years ago and don't have much contact, haven't seen them in about four years. I sent a coord photo for Christmas 2015 and my dad said I looked nice. Although I have to admit he was supportive when I was cosplaying ten years ago, offering to pay for materials. I guess he liked that I was creative and actually making things. I think my mother just thought I was weird.

If I were to make a visit I would wear Lolita and if they were to give me shit about it I would tell them in no uncertain terms to keep it to themselves since I'm an adult who can wear what she likes, and I don't need that kind of crap.
>was always a weird kid with weird interests
>parents always confused by me but supportive
>let me tell their fortune that month I was into tarot at 12 years old, wore the crappy hats I knitted them at 15, etc
>now 25, married, independent since 18
>showing mom new lolita dress I bought
>"anon, you need to stop spending all this time and money on your dresses. They're immature."
>"anon I don't think <husband> likes your dresses"
>husband buys me lolita every year for Christmas/birthday and is very supportive
Wtf is with this sudden shift?
it's possible that they assumed your weird interests were typical phases that kids go through but now that you're older and married they see it as time for you to give those up and see it as weirder.

i'm not saying that they are right, but that might be where they are coming from
My mom at first hated me cosplaying but after a few years grew really supportive.
Unfortunately this support comes in the form of her buying hair extensions, shitty frazzled wigs, god awful ugly boots and more under the pretense that they "look anime. "
She tries and that's what matters, but I have a 50 gal storage tub of stuff she's given me that is just garbage.
My dad loved it from day one and is always trying to convince me to paint my face like KISS.
They obviously want grandkids
My mom doesn't give a shit and would rather I didn't unless I call it vintage styled, but my dad always texts me after I post coord photos to tell me how lovely I look. I think he's mostly just happy I have a hobby because having hobbies is super important to him. my mother in law loves it and has done some research on it. Father in law doesn't get it and still supports it, but he's one of those old bearded mechanic dad types that's super nice but kind of bad at expressing things not related to cars or hunting.

All in all, I got really lucky that only my mom is kind of a bitch about it, but she's kind of a bitch anyway so it's to be expected.
My mom doesn't mind it, and insisit I send her selfies before a shoot. Sometimes she looks for things to let me borrow like accessories to add on if I don't have anything. It's cute that she's into it.

My dad is iffy. It stems from my first convention when a creep gave me (under age cosplayer at the time) a hug and ended up grabbing and squeezing my ass right infront of my dad. Dad threw a much deserved shit-fit and got the dude blacklisted from future cons. Now he's always in 'daddy mode' when I go to conventions, and wants me to wear paper bags instead of cosplay. He probably wants me to never go to cons, but he doesn't actively try to discourage me.
My mom doesn't care much about cosplay, but sometimes she gets snippy about it and during arguments she tries to use it against me. Sometimes she asks if she can help, but she also had a tendency of discouraging me from working on stuff. ("Who cares anon? It's just a costume, it doesn't have to look good")

My dad hates it and actively throughout the years have tried to stunt me from cosplaying, by taking away tools when I was younger, attempting to demand to my mom to not let me do it (im an adult tho? lol), ect. He tries to blame it for the fact I have anxiety despite it being one of the only things that doesn't give me anxiety and also a small, extra way of income for me. He likes seeing the finished props because he also makes things for a living, but in general he hates that I do it. He also tells everyone we meet that I do it in a clear "I'm trying to shame you" type of way. He also doesn't think that sewing is a skill nor a way to get a job, despite the fact that he used to live next to a full-time seamstress. He gives me advice when I'm unsure how to do something, but it always comes with a lecture.

Neither really like lolita. They both think it's a waste of money, but when I was younger my dad bought me a few dresses as christmas/birthday presents.
My mother used to make costumes for school plays and stuff so whenever I have trouble I ask her. I also use all of her expensive equipment which is cool. Father doesn't know or care.
I'm a lolita. My mom loves it and will buy me whatever I want if I show her something and she likes it.

My dad doesn't really care and just forks over cash when I need it. He's really into the social side of it though and encourages me to go to meets/flies me out to events when I want to go.
Neither of my parents are very supportive. My mom would always tell me if she thought I wouldn't be able to make a cosplay because she thought it was too difficult. They both give me looks now when I head to conventions.

They're probably worse about lolita. Dad sees it as me trying to "regress" and gets weird anytime I wear something too cutesy. My mom actively tries to get me to buy and wear different kinds of clothes (I don't own jeans anymore and she's always commenting how limited my wardrobe is.)
My parents get excited when I wear otome or lolita coords since I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses. They take pictures.
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Ad I've grown older, my dad has been becoming more and more supportive. The first year I started cosplaying (God I hope no one ever finds those pictures) he was confused and made a bunch of cringe jokes about how much of a dork I was. This year he actually help build part of my armour and told me he was proud of all my hard work. Feels good man.
My mom loves it, she loves seeing my coords to different events. She was very excited to see a coord irl on Christmas. She kept going on about the quality and how beautiful it was.

My dad doesn't care, I've been a weeaboo and into lolita for the majority of my life so I don't think it's abnormal for them to see my dressed like that.

They also have a framed picture of me/one of my coords in the living room.

I think as long as they don't know exactly how much I spend on it, it's fine. Kek.

Cosplay they think is cool but more of a waste of money than lolita. They like cosplay once in a while. My mom once showed off my Chidori from Persona 3 cosplay to all her friends and coworkers (in a positive way, too!)
>Slew of parental problems
>Emotionally abusive and controlling mother
>parents completely are in their own little world
>in 2015 around thanksgiving and into christmas, both bitched about how stupid my brother was
>dealt with this since 2010, brother was caught in a sex sting, had sex with my sister for 5 years, and had knocked up his g/f earlier that year only to get an abortion and help pay for it while telling neither parent
>mother bailed him out of jail that year and had no job
>father was forced to pay for half the bail and they had to borrow the rest of it
>sister and I were at counseling at the time he was bailed out
>i drop my sister off only to receive a phone call from her about him being in the house after i dropped her off
>I was just beyond mad
>parents start neglecting other family members for reasons that they feel are relevant
>allow my brother to live at home with my sister
>mother tells my sister and i "You've all lied to me, I dont know who to believe"
>2015, Thanksgiving and table turns into fucking Maury Povich
>brother is pregnant with current on and off again g/f
>she's pregnant with what might be his child
>parents "Well we won't accept the baby until he gets a paternity test"
>I'm just beyond livid,
>2015 christmas, parents refusing to invite two people over for xmas but will invite my brother and his now newborn baby.
>refuse to make any effort to visit my place and get mad that i was even trying to host an event at it
>Tell them I'm taking their christmas presents back and to "grow the fuck up"

Fast forward to now:
>parents haven't called or spoken with me in almost a year
>They wanted to get together around the holidays because "family"
>call me around mid november last year
Mom hates sweet (even toned down) and gives me mean looks and never says anything nice about it. She doesn't mind classic. Dad hates both.
>they want my husband and i to come over for thanksgiving
>right after election where my own father has placed things like 'Trump will make america great again" on my facebook wall
>Really don't want to deal with this
>tell them that and they essentially make me feel bad
>try to convince them to come over on christmas eve to the party I'm hosting
>they make every excuse of why they can't come
>I explained that facebook makes you have a start and end time to an event but that they could come over at any time
>they actually showed up christmas eve
>try to explain how busy I was with convention stuff and was super proud of the work i've done
>Mother and father both: Well, i wouldnt do any of that if i wasn't getting paid. Wouldn't it be nice if you got paid?
>me: That's not how non profits work..
>parents: But wouldn't it be nice?
>me: Ugh..nevermind.
>they proceeded to tell me how they could never keep track of what i was doing or which con i was at
>havent heard from them since

I refuse to reach out just on the principal that all I hear is negativity. It pains me but I need to do what's healthy for me. Everyone's behaviors seem different to me and my own parents have had the balls to say "But we've never hurt you." They clearly don't see it and I can't force them to change. The holidays are absolutely hard.
My dad used to be pretty proud of what I did but he's changed too since his sister passed away at 49 from lymphoma in 2015 right before christmas. I just don't involve them anymore and they wonder why they can't get a hold of me. I've explained many times and tried taking the time to show them what I do but was only met with "Well I wouldn't do that." I just can't be around that anymore. It's not worth my time.
My mom calls it my lolita phase but she still thinks it's pretty and has even gotten me some brando for Birthday/Christmas. My dad gets grumpy when he sees that I got a new box in the mail so I have to swipe them and run them to my room, my mom sometimes helps.
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>>dealt with this since 2010, brother was caught in a sex sting, had sex with my sister for 5 years, and had knocked up his g/f earlier that year only to get an abortion and help pay for it while telling neither parent

This board has the weirdest greentexts.
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As with everything else my mother shits on it since she's a bitter hate-filled cunt, and as with everything else my daddy is supportive and encouraging since he's dreamy and wonderful like that.
Mom thinks I'm doing it to attract older men, dad thinks it's cool that I like something
They probably think it's time for you to start popping out babies.
My dad thinks men will hit on me or try to assault me while i'm in lolita. My mom ranges from indifference to very very passive interest.
>my first convention when a creep gave me (under age cosplayer at the time) a hug and ended up grabbing and squeezing my ass right infront of my dad.
shit that sucks. what were you dressed as if you don't mind my asking?
My mom thinks it's all some sort of fetish shit and calls them hooker dresses. She kept telling me that the whole thing was to cater to creepy old men who liked their women to look like children and maids, and that I was being naive to think that it was just for the girls to feel cute.
She just side-eyed cosplay, but I had to stick to the tamer stuff and wear pants at all times or I wasn't allowed out of the house.

My dad sort of thought the prop making was cool, and he got really excited about it if the con made the news. He couldn't really tell the difference between a regular cocktail dress and lolita, so he never gave a shit about my fashion sense.
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I was depressed for s good while and was kind of a neet most of highschool so once I became serious about cosplaying and started to make my own costumes they thought it was super neat. I was finally doing something creative that didn't involve the computer so they even fund my materials (unless it gets too pricey but they help cover some as I never really asked for craft supplies or clothes for the past 4-5 years). It's really nice to have someone praise me and be amazed at what I made. They probably think it's a bit odd. It I don't think they tell anyone. I think my mom is okay with it as long as I look decent but my dad was surprised when I showed him a con pic and said "wow I can't even recognize you".

Which is a good thing because I actually look good in cosplay compared to my toned down boring usual self. I'm glad I have my parents support though.
My Mom was pretty iffy on the whole cosplay thing when I was first getting into it ("Anon why do you need a wig? You're already blonde!"/"This is the ONLY wig you're allowed to own.") but when I started doing a lot of magical girl and idol costumes she got really into it, and was more sad than I was when I decided it was time to sell most of my costumes off.

As for Lolita, she's always adored it and was really excited for me when I bought my first dress. Maybe because directly before discovering the fashion I dressed like an edgy emo tomboy all the time. She helps me with coords and deciding on dresses, she knows how much it's worth, and she tells me about times she sees lolitas out and about in public. At Christmas lunch last year she was telling me about a girl she saw on the train and that she was wearing a cute rabbit backpack, I pulled up an image of an Usakumya rucksack and she got all excited like "Yes that's it! That's the exact bag she was wearing!" so I'm hoping I'll be able to get my hands on one of the small Usakumya keychains or pouches for her while I'm in Japan this year.
Don't let that junkie try and sell your burando for drugs
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my mom is very supportive and helps me buy materials for my cosplays. i would've dropped it all without her help .the rest of my family doesn't really understand what this hobbie is all about
Inb4 smashing dad
Dad doesn't care. He don't live with us, anyways.
Mom is of the artist type, so of course she'd like my works. Now I'm a propmaker and mom doesn't complain because she see me happy and I help pay the bills.
My mother was 100% for it.
She does a lot of crafty stuff and loved it as she taught me how to work a machine/pattern. I got really into it as my sister left for college so I think I was also filling the role of my sister.

My Dad was...disapproving? He doesn't really like most the shit I do, he wanted sports sons and my brother and I both turned out anime/videogame/tabletop fans. I think the only reason he let it happen was that I still played hockey/football.
They used to kind of frown at it but now that they've seen that my costumes have gotten pretty kick ass they don't mind anymore. But they've never berated me for cosplaying or been condemning or anything like that, just kind of rolling their eyes. I'm a working adult and earn my own money to make my costumes so it's not their problem.
The incestuous undertone of this post is quite astonishing
My parents are semi-conservative Indian folks and they seem to not mind and even get a good kick out of it.

I'm a guy so my costumes aren't really that ridiculous or revealing so maybe that's why it's not an issue.
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Look all I'm saying is that if she slipped in the shower and cracked her skull open on the floor tiles, with him coming to me for comfort shortly afterwards, I wouldn't mind one bit

lol I wish
>I'm a guy so my costumes aren't really that ridiculous or revealing
you're cosplaying the wrong characters, pajeet
"At least he's not on drugs"
"At least he's not in a gang"
"At least he's not in jail"
"If you're gonna have those anime girls over, warn me first"
My mum thinks it's interesting and is always asking what I'm making next while my dad doesn't care until I ask if I can borrow/use some tools for props in which case he suddenly becomes super helpful.

What can they even say, I have a full-time job, checking, savings, and retirement accounts, my own vehicle, and am a homeowner. I'm not spending a shitton of money on it, budget carefully for materials/supplies and travel expenses, and have not bothered them for spending money or loans for things so it really does not effect them.
Christ almighty
I was Sango from Inuyasha. When my dad basically clotheslined the dude, he used 'but that's what happens in the anime!' as an excuse.
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My whole family is very supportive of everything I do, and they love my clothes, my grandma insists that I wear my dresses when I visit her, we have a family gathering, or even memorials (we don't really do funerals, we try celebrate their life) because it makes her happy, so I do.

Granted, I do mostly toned down sweet (like Princess Cat) and gothic. When I first started Lolita I was full blown sweet, but they were still pretty supportive then. I've recently made a shift to more burgundies/navies, and what I have left of my super sweet stuff is the pastel on black prints.
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>toned down sweet (like Princess Cat)
>Princess Cat
>toned down
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Freud was right about kids wanting to fuck their parents.
My parents just did their first cosplay as Carol and Negan from TWD. They went to Walker Stalker con in Atlanta and had a blast
I'd post pics but remembered I am a Good Daughterâ„¢ who doesn't post her parents on 4chan
I think of sweet prints and associate dresses like Milky Dream and Sugary Carnival to it - Princess Cat seems "toned down" in the sweet department compared to traditionally sweet dresses to me.

Yes, it's more dressy, but not in your face with pastels and cookies.
Now that I got a job from my connection from the weeb side of life, they let me do as I please.

Well at least until my full status of neet is revoked, I'm still living at home.
feel like this is just some guy roleplaying a fetish on this board
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Mom likes my classic coords but hates my more "unusual" ones. Dad still thinks it's Victorian larping. Grandma thinks it's some sort of weird cult. Ultimately, it's my money though, so they don't care too much.
You always say that when something weird happens
One time my fat alcoholic bitch of an aunt was coming at me over my hobbies and my mother actually yelled "well at least she's educated and didn't get knocked up at 15!". Coincidentally that aunt's daughter got knocked up at 15 and is now an overweight wellfare queen with three kids from different babydaddies. That was an interesting birthday.

>Grandma thinks it's some sort of weird cult
Well, she's not completely wrong.
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my little angel.jpg
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>My dad doesn't care.
>Dad is a real dick about it,
>Dad doesn't give a shit.
>My dad hates it
>Father doesn't know or care.
>My dad doesn't really care
>My dad doesn't care
>Dad hates both.
>Dad doesn't care
>My Dad was...disapproving?
>dad doesn't care
Well at least your dad is still alive. Guys/Galls.
My mom used to think I'd end up as a weird NEET and really disliked my lolita stuff. But then I got a pretty stable job and a boyfriend and she now tells me of all her friends' kids who are also into Jfashion, which is pretty weird but cool.

My dad will sometimes comment on its impracticality but otherwise doesn't seem to actually care one way or another. We're on good terms so I think he just doesn't mind at all.
Mom thinks it's kinda silly. Doesn't matter because I'm an adult and I don't live with her.
Lolita here. My mother hates it, my dad accepts it's part of me being weird. Neither seem to really understand what it is.
My mum actually loves it and sometimes helps me find pieces for my coords.
My dad knows I wear it and thinks it's just overly expensive silly costumes, but he doesn't mind since it makes me happy.
Was raised by my grandmother instead of parents.
She isn't really a fanatic about my cosplaying but she takes interest in it, helps me sew sometimes, occasionally says she's proud of my skill (which is a lot coming from her)
She thinks cons are a waste of money but old people think everything youngins enjoy is anyways.
I was into cosplay before I started wearing lolita and my mom didn't really like cosplay that much, but my dad was really supportive with cosplay he would even help me build props if I needed help. Even now when I cosplay on occasion he likes it when I send him photos.
But now that I'm more into lolita my mom really enjoys she thinks it's modest and really adorable, she even makes jokes if she'd look good in it. My dad on the other hand says he likes cosplay more but he's told me multiple times that "I don't quite understand it, but if it makes you happy it makes me happy." he also drives me to meets sometimes which is really thoughtful.
My mum was pretty bad with it when I got into Lolita and often would pry. Say I looked awful, tell me to stop buying it and the usual. Then I got into fairy kei and she blew through the roof, called me a child and would often say I looked like an oversized child. After that, the rare times I wore Lolita she was still wierded out but seemed more welcoming with it. Currently having a style change and getting into classic Lolita more so maybe she'll be more on board.
My dad doesn't care, I have a hobby. His brother was a goth and his family is geeky and he was the normie. Always brings up a planet of the apes cosplay he saw with me when he took me to a con as he was so amazed by it so he gets it in one way or another. Siblings find it wierd but are used to me now. Rest of family know of me dressing wierd from afar.
I've had it better than some but for a year when I was an ita with new friends, my mum was super cuntish about it all. I think after your family realises it's not for attention, they leave you be.
My parents love the fact that I cosplay and go to cons, because I started bringing my little brother along to cons a few years ago. He's on the spectrum and never really had a social life, but he made lots of friends on the con scene and even goes to some without me now. I started off giving him a ride and sorting out our room and stuff, but now he's gotten really independent and he started cosplaying himself, too. So my parents are really positive about the whole thing.
My parents are the reason I first got into J-fashion, they bought the Fruits book when I was like 10. They're both old punks so they are very accepting and helped my buy stuff online before I got 18, my mother always wants pictures/wants to see my outfits before I go out too. My dad just likes to see that I'm happy, he thinks lolita looks kinda weird but cute, when he was in New York he bought some accessories and some Gothic & Lolita bibles for me, so at lest he's trying to learn about it.
my dad hates any package I get in.
He ask how much it cost and I lie sometimes.
I like showing my stuff to my mom any grandma.
They both told me it's not the weirdest thing they've seen me do since joining the military.
I mostly wear lolita but sometimes cosplay. Either way, my parents think it's a waste of money and wondering when I'll grow out of it. I guess the only thing they like about it is that allows me to make friends and be part of a community.

/cgl/ is probably not the best board to grieve on to be honest. I can't imagine what you're going through though and I wish you the best of luck.
>Victorian larping
pretty accurate desu
My mother mostly just thinks it's weird and too expensive. My dad, on the other hand, LOVES it and keeps coming up with these godawful print ideas. It's adorable but no, dad, nobody would want to wear that. Except him. He'd probably wear it.
He also wonders why I won't incorporate the Mary Jane-style crocs he bought me into a coord, because he believes crocs are super fashionable.
>well at least i don't have a disappoint my dead parents.
Majority of you literal cunts have killed your parents already.
Cosplayer, my parents love it.

They have always been supportive of my hobbies.
My mother sewed a lot when she was younger so when I started to sew she helped me a lot.
Now I'm getting an education in theatrical costuming so Im actually making this my career.

Biggest moment was when I competed in a really big national cosplay contest, and my dad travelled there just to see me compete and he actually cried when I came in 2nd place because he was so proud of me.
They both think the cosplays I make are creative, but they also assume all the female ones I make are commissioned by other people, not for me.
>mostly laugh at me
>actually developed inside jokes over the years with our postman since I get stuff from many different countries
>mom specifically seems embarrassed. asks me not to be "Little Bo Peep" if we're going out.
>dad thinks I'm going to get assaulted whenever I wear AP, even with bloomers, because I'm tall.
>recently asked me why the fashion is called "lolita"
>my mom does like some of my classic and gothic coords
>dad is a complex misogynist:
>prefers me in bright colored sweet (young and hyperfeminine is the way to go I guess) because it brings him great pride when I look pretty and available
>but does not want me to actually get any male attention whatsoever at all.

I buy everything I own with my own money so I happily disregard them.
...except I get kind of bummed that my mom doesn't always want to be seen with me. I've been dealing with my dad my whole life so I don't really care about his opinions on my appearance lol
Your dad wants you for himself m8
And they say women aren't crazy
Everyone in my family is supportive. My side of the family is always saying how lolita is cute and "very me". They are happy I have friends that I've met through my hobby. I know my mom brags to her friends about our tea parties and meet ups (a little embarrassing, but I'm glad she like it so much). Even my younger brother says "it's cool".

My mother and father in-law have never really talked about it at length with me, but they are always liking my posts and sharing little things like macaron recipes or articles that they find about lolita. They are wealthier than my folks, so they have bought me brand for Christmas and birthdays.

I'm very fortunate.
File: IMG_9583.jpg (24KB, 273x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Started around 17 and I often crossplayed, so my parents thought I wanted to be male. A lot of the time they thought it was silly and a waste, but they often showed interest in my projects and often requested for me to hem their clothes or make things.
Now that I don't live with them and am a working adult doing my own thing, they don't really bring it up when we talk. Nowadays they regard cons as a mini-vacation (like Disney parks/travel) and geeky conferences since there are lecture style panels.
(I think it would be cute to do a family cosplay, but we live in different states. And adults. No youngins.)
As for the relatives, it's probably a mix of attitudes, but I do keep them separated from that hobby anyways.
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