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Great lakes thread

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Post anything related to upcoming MN, WI, IL, MI or OH cons.

Pic related, I haven't been to AMKE since I fell out of the loop a few years back. A friend and I plan on going this year, what should we expect?
id like to know as well- im attending amke for the first time and would love to know what to expect/places to go or avoid/etc
Im from the NE OH area, and there is a new con taking place in July in NW PA. Is it worth going to a brand new con nearly 2 hours away, or are first year cons a waste of money?
I've been reading/watching reviews for 2016, they're overall positive. The quality of different programs wavers from year to year but i'd still say it's really good for beginners.
The Kalahari is getting an outdoor waterpark expansion. I am hyped af, but if it drives the cost of everything there up for next year, I won't be able to go to Colossalcon anymore. Still, I'm ready to slide.
if a price increase weeds out some of the competition for rooms I'm all for it. The line up last year was awful
I hope they don't start charging for parking if they also raise room rates. One or the other please.
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2MB, 1880x1048px
I'm going for the speed dating, and the cosplay foam fighting. There's more people in those panels than the rave. lol
Last year they had problems with the scheduling of programs, I assume they got it fixed this year
Going to Anime Detour for the first time, what are some reasonable expectations?

In my experience its an alright con, way better than the other anime cons in the area (that's not saying much though).

Dealer's room is average. Can't really speak to Gamers Room or rave. If panels are your thing you can actually see what's being submitted on their panel signup page online - almost all of them will be accepted.

Nightlife I found to be chill if you find the right people, this con skews younger so it's not as big of a party con as other places I don't think.
Amke is pretty decent. The hotel won't let them use Polaris anymore so unfortunately last year was their last time doing the maid cafe. A good thing to remember is that the con is connected to the mall so the food court is another option for food that won't force you to brave the cold weather
I heard about that, some kind of debacle with only having panel locations and times available on their app. I hope they've learned some kind of lesson from that.
I'm actually kinda upset about the maid cafe! I had great memories of it from my early teenhood, and it was so popular every year, too.
I'm really going to miss the maid cafe too, it gave amke such a unique charm. I have a few Valentine's Day memories in that cafe that I'll never forget though.
Completely unrelated to AMKE, I work for another con and received a warning email about this Youtuber named Desolator Magic. According to the email the youtuber "does not seem like a mentally sound individual and has stated he will threaten and/or shoot anyone at the con that has a conflight with him. He is known to send personal threats to minor as well as brandish guns on social media telling people to 'respect' him." Anyone have any details? I dont watch youtubers but I've dug up some concerning things about him. I just want to be sure to scout shit out before just assuming something will happen.
Why has he not been reported to police? What good is an email supposed to do?
Maid cafe co-owner and co-manager coming out of lurkerdom here. It's true: the cafe is no more. Sorry, folks, but we've had some good memories.

If anyone wants to eat some more of those cupcakes look for Crazy Girl Cupcakes in Cathedral Square, a short bus ride away from amke.

The food court provides good eating options and there's always George Webb's.

A hidden gem of AMKE is where you'll find me - the tabletop gaming room. Come on down! I'll be cosplaying as Hitoka from Haikyuu. Feel free to say hi.

I like the gaming room, too. And the foam fighting's fun to watch although it can get sweaty.

It's true that the crowd runs younger. The rave, though, is all right. I like the DJs, I know a couple of them. They're really good people.

Invite me to room parties! I want to get to know a lot more people. Will there be a CGL meetup? (I do plan to wear lolita too.)
Nice! I'll try to find you while i'm there! I'd also really like to have a meetup for CGL, but don't have a single clue about how to organize one.
Anon you were responding to, we don't have any specific screen caps of him saying anything about us or our event yet. We also don't have an actual name. I've tried looking everywhere and can only find him being called by his YouTube name. I contacted our security head who works with several other cons along with someone in that group, and both will be paying attention and digging up any possible info. I even have my own staff scouring. I spent hours looking and continue to search when I'm able to during the day.
Did anyone go to Anime Zap last weekend? Thoughts?

Small party con. Every was nice.
Thread posts: 21
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