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Feels thread

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Feels thread? Feels thread.

>am 21
>still living with parents and studying til the end of this year
>cant get a part time job for various reasons that sucks ball
>they still give me lunch money (25$ a week)
>might as well profit since after this year,it'll be over and i have to find a job,pay bills and other annoying shit with prolly barely anything left for me at the end.
>keep said lunch money to buy my brand instead
But the thing is
>mother has access to my account and can see when i make a deposit
>she questionned me several times about where the money comes from
>even got angry when i told her i just "sell my japanese things as always" and said she wasnt dumb/that i couldnt have that much/...
>tells me how its not normal a student of my age has this much money blah blah blah
I can't make it so she doesnt have access to my account anymore or she'll got apeshit on me. What do?
You're 21, why the fuck does she still have access to your account?
My feel (suck at greentext, so no) is that I am moving home soon from my college dorm. This year is the first time I have ever had spending money, and damn did I spend it. I've tripled my wardrobe, and I don't want my parents to see how much new clothes I have. Especially since the majority of it doesn't fit (long story).
yeah anon, your mom shouldn't have access to your account at 21. You're an adult. My account has been my account since I was 18.

You can go open a new fucking bank account and not tell her is what you can do, and get a po box. also look for short term gigs you can do or medical research crap
Normal 21 year old students do have money, though. I understand that you may have some circumstances preventing you from working, but your mother's argument is completely insane.

Are you not working for disability reasons? Or are there other things getting in your way?
>see fullset of my dream dress up
>fullset is cheaper than the dress on its own
>oh my god I want it
>husband tells me he wants to spend a lot of money on treating his family to an expensive dinner- and any time we spend more than $100 we are both stingy about spending for a month
>suck it up and let him treat his family

>attend small meet with friends
>wear a hime bouffant
>get in car to drive to the meet
>tall as hell, hair gets destroyed on the ride

hopefully I get the dream dress someday, but its not like I wear lolita much anymore.
Yeah, normal 21 year olds definitely have their own money. That's a crazy argument. I was saving my money to travel abroad at 19.
Well that's nice of you! You'll get it some other time anon.
Would definitely just withdraw all, close the account and open a new one if that's possible; just be prepared for the loss of lunch money if that's a big deal. Tell mom that it's your money and to stop being nosy.
>have lolita enthusiast bff who has been extremely generous to me
>mother is noticing all of the new dresses i'm getting
>most recently saw new pink Holy Lantern OP hanging on my closet door
>she questions where i get the money for these things
>mfw i cannot explain this without sounding like a sugar baby

just fuck my shit up

i'm not actually worried about it, it's just that she probably thinks something super suspicious is going on and it's funny

bff in question will probably read this, ilu
Open a new account. Keep the old one so your folks don't get suspicious. Put spare money in said new account.
Have you mentioned how expensive it is? Just understate the cost a bit and say that you have a good friend who is generous and gifts you things. You don't have to go into much detail, just let mom know it's something your friend does out of their own will and not some weird sex trade-off thing, if she's that kind of parent.
Thank you for your responses gulls! I was affraid you would think I was entitled for "stealing" them for lolita. Well, I kinda am I guess.
Idk why she still has access actually. Also yes I cannot work for disability reasons, and maybe i wont be able to work right away either because of that...makes me really anxious about the future. I wish I functionned normally.
But anyway, i can't tell her to stop being nosey or open a new account she would probably make a huuuge fuss or something like that and i really REALLY don't want that to happen trust me.
But maybe that's my punishment for being so selfish and using that money. Sigh.
This is so so sweet anon i wish i had a bff that enthusiastic about lolita hahaha. You're living the dream. Just tell your mom the truth and understate the cost of dresses,say she got them super cheap second hand!
Just say you got lucky and got a bunch of clothes for cheap because someone was looking to just get rid of them quickly. I have gotten a bunch of brand clothes for super cheap like that, the only difference to your situation is that they were older and not as valuable.
I love lolita, especially am into sweet (more mature but still have two "childish" prints) and i begin to feel like i'm wearing a costume/not really at ease with wearing it. Or worse, feel like i'm looking like a little girl/too old to look good in it.
I'm only 20 yet i dread getting older and not being able to look good in the frills i love
Try coording in new ways, or maybe even try another substyle entirely. Ever since I joined the fashion I loved the typical old school look and more doll like looks (lots of frills and lace and giant headbows) and although it still suits me, I don't feel as comfortable wearing it now as I did when I was younger so these days I mostly stick to simple, old school-ish classic.
You don't have to quit lolita entirely, see if you can find another niche within it that suits you better than what you have right now.
Maybe say your friend has been hunting on the japan auction sites and found super good deals on second hand brand?
i dont have any money for outifts really and im too scared to try and talk to my very small local community without any, which makes me feel lonely since idont know anybody into fashion at all much less lolita stuff. and it doesnt really help im way too tall to fit into lolita dresses and so id have to wear ouji stuff and i dont even know if thats okay to wear to a meet
Ouji is definitely acceptable at meetups, I've never heard of a comm that didn't welcome oujis.
I don't know what your local comm is like and how they treat people who are interested in the fashion but don't actively wear it yet so I can't comment on that, but there are ways to wear lolita when you're tall (check out the tall girl thread >>9249581 as well as previous threads in the archive), don't rule everything out before you even started.
>buy a wig from lacemarket
>seller says the shipping usually takes 3-7 weeks
>after six weeks get a little impatient and message them asking if they got a tracking number
>no answer
>it's now been over 7 weeks
>message them again
>again, no answer
should I just try to get my money back trough paypal?
been saving for a dress, the day comes to make my purchase, discover the shop in question only ships domestically, im fucked I cant buy my first brand dress im literally fighting back the tears- oh shit they won im now lying in a dark room crying. Im so upset my boyfriend helped me save it was all I could think about. Why dont they ship internationally I dont understand why they only ship to usa its fucking stupid they are the top google result ffs
Can you use Tenso? It's a website that gives you a mailing address in Japan, and they forward it to you once they receive it. I used to use it for manga when I was retarded, and didn't realize amazon.jp ships internationally.
What's the dress, anon?
AP magical princess

The shop is us based im uk
I'm pretty sure I've been seeing that dress on lacemarket. AP isn't hard to get secondhand, you'll probably save money too.
holy shit are you 14? it's a dress, get over it and find another one.
>sell a skirt
>ship said skirt within 24 hours of receiving payment
>parcel delivery attempted the very next day
>postal service unable to deliver the parcel
>parcel is sent to buyers local sorting office
>I'm sure they'll collect the parcel soon
>a week later
>parcel is still stuck in the sorting office
>"Anon, can you please collect your parcel?"
>anon assures me that they will collect the parcel on Saturday
>Saturday comes and goes, and the parcel is still stuck in the sorting office
>three weeks and numerous messages later the parcel still hasn't been collected
>post-surgery depression
>"Retail therapy always helps!"
>retail therapy isn't helping

At least I have a bunch of cool stuff in the mail?
Ive put up with a lot of shit in my life but sometimes its the frivolous stuff that finally brings you down
anon, i've seen magical princess pop on lacemarket already i'm sure you can find it again and in the meantime,save more money!
i understand the frustration of not getting a dress you really wanted, i once missed out on one of my dreamies for only 30 bucks on mercari

wow chill, not even this anon but i understand getting upset about something you saved so much for. She sounds like she was really determined to have it, i would be really frustrated too
It's okay, it'll be back. I'd suggest looking at the Japanese auction sites for it, it goes cheaply there. You'll need to use a shopping service but everything's going to be alright.
Is there a rampant samefag in this thread or did the standard of posting suddenly drop on this board?
no really, open a new account. you don't need to move everything in there right away but throw lolita sales money in there. I don't understand this sort of attitude of 'oh no I can't do anything to fix my situation' - yes, you can.

calm down you walnut, you really seem underage based on this post. it's just a dumb chinese piece of clothing just like any other dress you'll ever buy. 'first brand dress' really isn't anything special either, my offbrand dresses tend to look as good as or better than my brand.
>top google result
why in the fuck are you buying lolita off somewhere you found on google?

wait for the skirt to get back to you then demand shipping again I guess? not your fault if she's too dumb to not collect her shit, but I can see the frustration
Confidence issues and jealousy
but everyone probably deals with it to varying degrees and it is hardly an unique issue but yeah it is still there
It does not make for a very interesting story other than possibly dragging people down by reminding them of it, aha.
I just feel awkward because I started going to college, but I'm nearing my mid-twenties and still live with my parents. After high school I worked multiple jobs and with the extra money I could afford stuff like anime figurines, videogames, manga, and now I'm stuck between wanting to get rid of a lot of it because it takes up a shitton of space in my (very small) room. I hate living in my childhood bedroom, but at the same time it's so convenient because of how close my parents are to the college and my main job. And I still fantasize about having my own place where there'd be a room for my book collection and a closet for j-fashion clothing.

I also probably look like a huge manchild to them but I do nothing but work, get home to sleep, wake up and go to work again, and then get on the computer to do homework before spending 9 hours at school the next day. And all my classes are on the same days so I get loaded with homework and just have no time to do anything else when I'm at home. It'd be more fitting for me to live in a dorm but my school doesn't have anything like that.
all great ideas, thanks anons! unfortunately she knows the value of something like HL, but i'll keep that in mind for the next time she asks. luckily she isn't too invasive! she's probably glad that she isn't the one paying for it after all
Some people from one of the previous feels thread expressed interest in a Discord server: discord.gg/8cZEBq3

If you're into j-fashion/lolita and want overall direction: discord.gg/zPaFE9T
You might not like the sound of this, but it might do you good to get rid of some of your non-essentials whether by giving it away or by selling them. My reasoning is that things really tie you down.The more you have, the less likely you are to budge. You can keep your essentials/sentimentals, but with the extra money you're not spending on buying figurines, video games, and manga, you can save towards the future. Like moving out. Staying with your folks is great since it saves you money. But if you spend it all, you won't feel much of the benefits. Money allows for wiggle room.
File: cri.jpg (4KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 225x225px
>have pretty good knowledge about prop building
>want to make youtube channel and post tutorial vids for cosplayers who want to venture outside of the basic worbla/foam prop
>not known as a cosplayer at all
>feel like my efforts would be a waste and no one would care about my tutorials since they're not familiar with my work
>tfw scared people will make fun of me or imply i think im "more important than i really am" for making the videos to begin with

i'm probably just being insecure, but still. i guess i'll just stick to making my own props and only giving 1on1 advice when asked.
Make the videos anyway. If only to help some random guy years later. I know when I Google my problems, it's always some random no name that helps a lot.
Yo, this is my same exact situation.
Except I can't maintain my grades for scholarship status when working, so i had to stop working. And I don't own weeb shit.
So, good on you being able to balance work and school.
I sold a few hundred dollars worth of stuff last year but I just dislike how long it can take to sell things sometimes. I could get a a few dollars at a used bookstore for manga or I could list them on ebay and wait anywhere from weeks to months for someone to buy it for 5x as much. I'll probably post in the bst here or on /toy/ to try getting more stuff out, or on MFC.
how do you deal with shipping eatin away at already low price items?
>This year is the first time I have ever had spending money, and damn did I spend it. I've tripled my wardrobe, and I don't want my parents to see how much new clothes I have.
I did exactly the same thing when I first moved away from home. I share photos with my family, but I don't actually photograph most of my coords so they think I have maybe 10 main pieces when I actually have 35.
I use media mail (since I live in the US) and I'm allowed to take extra boxes from work if they're just going to be thrown into our cardboard dumpster. The non-book stuff can be pricey to ship because of the box sizes but so far I haven't sold anything much bigger than a nendoroid box or an anime dvd set.

am poor student fag so i can't travel down to america for cons. there's only 2 cons near me and even those are a few hours away and i have to stay at a hotel. i wouldn't mind spending money on hotels if I could drive to them and not spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket and exchanging money into usd.

I just wish there were most opportunities for me to cosplay in my own province. My city has comiccon but that's about it honestly, why does the capital of Canada have to be so boring?

shit sorry for the you. meant to reply to you but then i wanted to let my feels out.

but to actually reply i think you should def make the videos! even if you're not well known anywhere else you could grow and im sure a lot of people would REALLY appreciate an easy to follow tutorial.
> I'm the only poster in the draw thread that hasn't received a drawing and it feels like shit. >I've drawn 11 other posters.
> I'm salty and feel bitchy for complaining bc that's just how draw threads go.
I finished a skirt today. What a wild fucking ride. To preface, I do have awareness of proper sewing techniques somewhat, but either I don't have the physical skills to do it properly or I derp out somewhere halfway and forget what the fuck to do.

>find some fabric during a thrift store run
>suspect it may have been drapery but it's like a very thick cotton sateen and appeals to my classic lolita couch lookalike tastes
>working at a snail's pace and finally determined to finish
>first thing I do is sew the waistband on backwards
>I'm too lazy to rip out everything so I have to topstitch the front
>apparently this gives me bad karma with the sewing gods
>next sessions, I try the skirt on and it's too big and too long
>measured a billion fucking times I swear, so wtf??
>jam a pin deep enough into my index finger for it to make the sound of a popping grape and leave a bruise on my finger
>recover and continue
>second pin jams into my thumb and I feel it scrape the back of my nail
>trying not to bleed and cry on this godforsaken project
>next session, shorten it a bit and sew on the ruffle
>finish that seam with pinking shears because who gives a fuck anymore
>complain to husband about how badly I derped and that it's too much effort to fix and I'll probably give it away
>"Awww, anon, but even if it's really hard you can still do it right? I believe in you! Go on, I wanna see you wear it!"
>end up ripping out all of the waistband except the shirring
>the skirt is half elastic so making it smaller to fit my waist also makes it harder to get on but whatever
>resew the waistband, this time properly doing the stitch in the ditch
>somehow it's still so fucking long, wtf man
>it's barely passable, but I can manage a casual country-ish coord

Welp, at least I fucking did it, and have the practice under my belt. Can't wait until the next project, because like most people here I'm apparently a fucking masochist.

Thanks for reading.
I hope someone finds your post and draws you!
>dad just texts me about going to NYC with the whole family over my winter break
>been a few times but never got a chance to visit the btssb store
>nows my chance
holy shit why dont u just open another bank account noob : ]
File: 1464515186252.jpg (2MB, 2048x1275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2048x1275px
>Period non stop for the last 6 weeks due to change in pill medication
>Haven't worn lolita for over a year and really unsure about keeping it or selling off most of my wardrobe
>Looking at larme kei and missing my rockabilly days
>Can't decide if I could actually pull off Larme (28yrs) and if I like it purely because if gives me the chance to start sewing again and make little projects to work on.
>This is a repeating pattern of mine with ita bags and otome which have had a heavy toll on my finances.
>Smashed out this semester but want to change degrees which means another 4 years university
>10kg heavier than I want to be
>Tired but sleep and improving diet ain't helping
>Not working enough hours to justify starting a new j-fash wardrobe or holiday.
>I'm 28 I should have a better idea of who the fuck I am
>Falling back into binge/purge eating habits and picking at my skin

I think I need to go back to see my therapist so I can get an outside view on what the fuck I'm doing with my life.
Sounds like you need patience
It's all part of the learning curve, anon! Keep practising at it.

You are a braver person than I am for being able to stand a pin going all the way through to your nail desu, I would have been fighting the urge to call 911.
Make the videos and don't underestimate the importance of good audio. Get a decent microphone and check the levels to make sure your voice and background music is not a lot louder or softer than each other and than other videos.
>be goth
>love kawaii aesthetic on others
>browse /cgl/, so much kawaii love from other anons makes me want to experience kawaii "lifestyle" stuff first hand
>appreciate taobao haul posts that have random cute shit, appreciate cute magical girl wands in resin thread, love sweet lolita coord threads
>wonder if i would be happy having cute shit in my house instead of just dark shit
>need to clean house anyway, blast a classic goth music playlist for a while to stay motivated
>imagine myself as a sweet/kawaii lolita and wonder how i would change my house to be cuter
>in this fantasy/roleplay state, the gothic songs all feel kind of depressing
>take a break, read /cgl/
>odottemita thread is bumped to top of catalog
>check it out
>decide maybe i need kawaii dancing music while i clean
>it motivates nerds to get up and dance, surely it can motivate me
>find a jpop/odottemita playlist
>put it on and prepare to feel magical kawaii energy
>feel like a "bicurious" girl confronted with the reality of eating pussy
>this does nothing for me
>the songs actually annoy me and the dance movements seem weird
>the whole vibe is incomprehensible
>try several videos, find nothing i like
>my fantasy of being kawaii is dashed as i realize there is no room for cuteness in the dark pitch of my soul
>put on goth playlist and resume cleaning to the reassuring refrain of Bela Lugosi's Dead
The image of a goth girl watching kawaii youtube videos with anime girls/idols, while her face slowly turns to disgust is making me laugh really hard right now.
>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf
Why not be goth lolita instead and be super cute/sexy in that way.

Goth lolita is best lolita, anyways.
bruh I really do. Every project starts out nice and proper before I give up and go into fuck-it-all mode. I'm getting better. Not by much, but a little bit better.

Bahaha, thank you. But don't worry, the thumb thing really wasn't that bad. It just poked me at the top of the thumb and nicked the skin. It didn't pierce through my nail or anything like that lol. I might've cried if it did.
Progress is good. Always strive for some progress, but really the patience should come out when handling the needle.
File: 1439785351360.jpg (156KB, 464x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 464x437px
You don't have to go full lifestyle bullshit to appreciate an aesthetic, anon.

I wear ott sweet lolita to folk metal gigs.
I'm a sweet lolita who primarily likes metal. You're not alone.
File: image.png (111KB, 417x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 417x234px
>Finally start to lose interest in cosplay
>rejoice in all the money I've been saving
>slowly find muse shift over into lolita instead of cosplay
>check cgls threads that cater more to fashion than cosplay
>find somebody selling dream dress I wanted when I first found out about lolita years ago
>gut wrenching regret at pas me for never buying dress
>buy first dress, super happy
>week passes by
>mfw slowly realize as days pass by that Im leaving my expensive hobby for another even more expensive hobby


>have been busy with work/school/home etc not paying much attention to things around me
>buy dress to destress.jpg
>buy dress the night trump gets elected president without realizing
>will forever see this dress as "trump won" dress
I'm a sweet/classic lolita and I mostly listen to 1950-1960s rock and roll, and 1970s-1980s punk rock. You don't gotta listen to weebshit to be kawaii.
>become friends with someone some years ago
>she basically had same hobbies and attitude as me and lives relatively close
>have fun times together going to cons and anime events
>also getting into lolita together
>always thought she was big into it because lots of new burando so she must really love it right
>some years later I'm not so into con-going anymore because it's getting boring to me
>I'm getting more into lolita so attend more meet-ups, meet more friends etc. have lots of fun.
>miss my friend because I never see her or chat with her anymore
>ask to meet up someday so we can hang out in lolita, personally without any special event
>day comes closer, she asks if I'm going to wear lolita. Hell yes ofcourse
>"no sorry I'd rather not wear lolita for normal stuff, it's so much hassle"
> Be a bit disappointed, thought it was going to be a lolita-friend-date. But say it's fine nonetheless, because we're friends and that is what it's all about after all.
> Have a nice afternoon with her
>afterwards still feel bad because, I thought she was into lolita like a fashion, and not a con-lolita.
>luckily still met her on a lolita event, felt good to see her and be buddy-buddy again
>in the meantime I'm befriending lots of other girls who are actually more communicative with me and more like friends than older friend is now
>older friend doesn't ever just casually chat with me anymore

It feels like I was just more of an event-friend to her. Like not a friend you just go and have a chat or tea with. Like not a real friendship.
but that is probably what frienship is to her. I feel like I've grown out of that and am more into deeper friendships where you talk about more personal stuff and not just about recent anime or something. She hasn't asked to meet or chat for months. I'm feeling like giving up 'investing' in her, other people feel more genuine, but I still sort of miss her but feel bad it's just not same sort of friendship.
File: callthecops.jpg (43KB, 500x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 500x347px
I think I found a new cosplay buddy, but she keeps screaming "Get 'er done!" and it's really un-kawaii.
>that feel when I grew up so poor that I feel guilty about spending money on frivolous/useless things even now that I can afford it
>that feel when payday today and I was going to order a wig and shoes for upcoming cosplay but I feel stressed out about it because I could be using that money to help out my still broke family instead
>that feel when I constantly borrow them money and they owe me like 300e. I don't actually even earn that much more money than they do but I'm just more sensible about spending/ I have a plan for saving and I stick to it, but I still feel like this
>why can't I just enjoy buying things I like
And you keep never being able to solve a crossword puzzle to save your life.
ouch, sweet burn!
sweet comeback
ITT: Poorfag gets triggered by a girl whose friend buys her burando and tries to hide it under the guise of distaste for a commonly used adjective.

Post feels that aren't related to your lexicon-related autism.
>I constantly borrow them money
This should say "I constantly lend them money"
sweet image, friend, thanks :^)
File: 1442633945011.gif (580KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
580KB, 480x360px
> I don't actually even earn that much more money than they do but I'm just more sensible about spending/ I have a plan for saving and I stick to it, but I still feel like this

What? How stupid are they with money? Don't feel guilty for having money to buy what you want just because they can't budget worth shit. I still live with my parents, but pay rent and even though my step dad has access to twice my yearly income because he owns farmland, he still gets on my case if I'm even a day late paying rent because 'he's poor and can't work'. It's bullshit, he doesn't budget and ends up spending hundreds of dollars on junk food and knickknacks but I'm the heartless bitch when I won't pay more in rent. Don't loan them money anymore and instead try to teach them your budgeting skills
>Best friend completely cut all contact with me one month ago because tldr their personal life went to shit and they don't want me to be involved cause I deserve better
>Been able to keep myself togetether just barely since then, generally on constant guard and very tense because of it
>Election time! I didn't say fuck all except "exhausted, don't wanna hear about it"
>Friend I was working on doing a group cosplay with cut all contact right after complaining that they were cutting people out of their lives because of politics
>Now, another friend has removed themselves from my life without a word, but still stays in contact with friends they've gotten to know through me

When you can count the amount of friends you have on two hands, this kind of shit is painful. I'm not even sure if I'm angry or sad, I just feel insulted when this happens out of the blue when I personally let people know if I feel something bad has happened between us.
I just received parts for the group cosplay today, to add insult to injury. Don't want to go to another con ever again.
File: 1478930405848.png (112KB, 350x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 350x396px
>about to end my first semester at college
>on financial aid
>apply for workstudy
>just get a call today asking me to come in for an interview
>cue freak out

I only have one on campus class next semester so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity and even though I'm super nervous I'm excited to start earning those college bucks for my 2017 cosplay lineup and having the position means I can drop some cash on a casual Lolita wardrobe to wear to work. It's in the Arts & Sciences building so hurray maybe secretary job with art kids?
Thanks, english isn't my first language. I actually wrote "lend" but ended up second guessing myself and changing it.

>How stupid are they with money?
Pretty stupid. My mom especially, she used to be in gigantic debt because she'd take one of those quick loans and then take another loan to pay off the first one and then take a third loan to pay off the second etc.... She's not in debt anymore but I know she regularly buys expensive home-decorating stuff and then complains about not affording rent/food/bills.
>Don't loan them money anymore and instead try to teach them your budgeting skills
I've tried explaining how I budget and I keep telling my mom she should move in with her long-term boyfriend to cut down living costs but I guess she just doesn't listen to me. And I would rather loan her the money myself than have her end up in debt again. So yeah idk. I know I shouldn't enable her like this but every time I try to refuse her I feel like a selfish asshole.
>haven't gotten my period in 4 months
>not pregnant
>hair texture is changing
>breaking out really bad
>anxiety through the roof
>no motivation to do anything, I don't even want to raid on WoW any more.

Pretty sure something's wrong with me but I don't want to go to the doctor. Don't even know why. My copay is only $20.

I just want to buy a shit ton of seen shit but even when I do it doesn't make me feel better.
Don't play around with your health, anon. Please see a doctor.
I can count the amount of friends I have on one hand.
In fact, I can do it without using my hands at all.

I think that....casual interaction can sometimes be enough to stave off the feeling of loneliness or lost friendship, as I take great comfort in seeing moments of sweetness from strangers (not necessarily to me, sometimes just to each other). I think that sometimes we put too much weight into social interaction and relationships with people that we're only really promised to as long as we hold each other's attention (friends).

I don't know. Sometimes, when I'm sitting in absolute silence for hours on end, staring at nothing, I wonder how the loneliness hasn't led to my suicide.

How come in every silent room, I can hear a clock ticking far away? It's maddening. Why do people still use ticking, analog clocks?
>but I'm nearing my mid-twenties and still live with my parents
Don't worry, America is the only country that encourages the 'move out of the house when you get to 18' shit. It's perfectkly okay to stay with your parents until you get on your feet. ESPECIALLY if you're still at school/college.

And get this: at least you're not a worthless NEET that lives off your parent's money, you have your own job, be proud.
Turn on the TV or get into watching Let's Plays like I do, anon. I've got 2-3 close friends (the number is dwindling down currently) and the only social interaction I get is weekly college classes. Otherwise I come home and I'm by myself aside from the pets.

I talk more on /cgl/ and lolcow than I do to actual people and for the most part it suits me just fine but I've got no ambitions for the future and don't really see myself having a future. I just want to go to as many conventions as possible and enjoy cosplay while I can. Traveling would be nice too even if I have to get into the habit of traveling alone but even then I can share my adventures on social media which is just as nice I guess.
My mom used to be the same when she still lived with us. She would "borrow" my and my little brother's savings, sometimes like 100€ and promised everytime she would pay back. When we asked she was the one who was buying food and stuff so she didn't have to pay back. We were super young so we couldn't basically say no to her. When I was 16 she moved away and stopped asking for our money but instead never paid a penny for our needs. She and my father had a deal about that but it still made me feel super bad when I asked f.e a new shirt and the answer would always be ask you father I don't have to pay for anything. She left two dogs she took for our father and paid nothing when the other one got sick and my father asked for her help. Still cried for days when the poor dog was put down. And still I receive sometimes hundreds worth of barely used cosmetics because she buys them even though she knows she can't use them. I love her but god her finances makes me so disgusted and hurt. Best thing to do is just ignore it. I would personally just stop lending money to them, it's their own fault at this point if they can't help themselves. You deserve better and have worked for that so enjoy it!
anxiety can do a lot of things to ones body, please look for help <3 take care of yourself, you're worth it!
at a certain point you will have to cut the cord. the thing about growing up and still living with parents is sometimes they think you're still a little kid & they have to take care of you as such but this is a lesson for them too. you're an adult. adults have their own bank accounts, she's not entitled to access. don't feel guilty for wanting to have that boundary. it's important to be able to tell where the line is with your parents when it comes to what's really important, and what is too much to ask of you. just because she's your mom, doesn't mean she gets everything she wants.
hope u heal quickly anon
File: CvD-eEWWAAAKTsn.jpg (134KB, 1125x770px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 1125x770px
>Applying for an exchange year in Japan
>Financial situation is very secure, could buy tons of brand while there
>Heavily procrastinated with all the application papers and now they might not make it in time to Japan
>It's my own damn fault, why can't I ever do anything on time
>And I would rather loan her the money myself than have her end up in debt again.

Then stop complaining. You are in control of this situation entirely, you chose to have this happen to you.

She doesn't listen because she doesn't have to. People will always do what's easiest and without a real incentive, she will never learn. The only incentive is for you to take away your funds.

I fucking hate enablers man. Stop whining about a situation you created and you have the power to stop if you actually want.
File: 1479015900797.jpg (49KB, 500x689px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 500x689px
That's not very sweet of you :^)
>wimminz are soulless materialistic creatures reee
/r9k/ is this way
can you do it next year?
you forgot illiterate, sweet anon
File: ramensasha.jpg (499KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 1000x1000px
At least they don't happen as much as fart stories. Every other thread, someloli shares a tale about how a lolita (possibly her) farted or sharted at a tea.
Couldn't you have sperged about this word instead, sweet-chan... everyone would have agreed with you.

Is this a copy paste from another thread or are you really that bitter about gift giving. Last time it was dudes giving girls gifts but at least now you're just extending it to gift giving in general I'll give you that.

You sound like you might have hypothyroidism. Please see a doctor. It's treatable and you will feel loads better. Even it isn't hypothyroidism they may be able to get you on a better path.

>tfw fucked up and dad retired earlier than everyone expected so no insurance
>tfw my right breast keeps hurting
>like a lot more than usual
>also there's a lump there

I know it's most likely benign but damn I'm trying to push my insurance through my work and it's taking forever. Take advantage of that sweet copay anon.
>buy Baby boots
>boots arrive
>they are so cute, a lot cuter than in the pics, get super excited
>memories of the trouble finding a fitting pair of riding boots creep into my mind
>remember my oddly shaped calf which is super thick at the bottom compared to rest of it
>become sad because those cute boots won't probably fit
>decide to try
A bit silly looking from the front but fuck it, they are so lovely.
that's really sweet, anon. glad they fit!
Totally misunderstood the situation. I thought anon was aggravated because people keep using the word "sweet", not because she thought the action wasn't sweet.

I almost agreed.
I'm tired of people using the word "sweet" so often, myself, but only because it feels oversaturated in daily language. It's like back when we were in elementary school and were taught the usage of various synonyms so that we would stop reusing the words "nice", "bad", "said", etc.
I found out last night that I am pregnant. I'm really excited for the kid but I wanted to wear lolita to my wedding and really plan out a nice coord for it but now I think me and my fiance are probably going to either have the wedding really soon or have it later when I'm going to be all big because of the baby. I'm mad. This really puts a damper on planning my coord because if we do it soon then there's only so much time I have to get everything and if we do it later I probably won't fit into muh brand.
>boyfriend pays me back a huge chunk of the money he owes me
>can afford to put a bunch in savings and still have enough to buy gifts for secret Santa AND spoil myself (might be able to afford misty sky soon!!!!)
>And he's finally applying for jobs so my monthly money struggles may be ending soon as well and he'll maybe make friends and not stay inside depressed all day
>Tfw when having a big fight and almost breaking up actually has a good ending for both of us
>Best friend completely cut all contact with me
>cause I deserve better

this makes no sense, doesn't sound like a best friend to me.
If people are cutting contact with you, are you sure it isn't just because you're a dick?
File: 1419884258567.gif (258KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 320x240px
>always been a chubby-chan.
>gain 20 lbs due to medication.
>gain another 25 lbs from sitting doing school work and not exercising.
>develop a habit of bingeing too.
>realize this
>buy a bunch of low calorie veggies and fruit to snack on instead of trash.
>lose a bit of weight.
>trouble is I've started compulsively skipping meals and lying about it.

On top of it all, my mom makes huge portions of food, I feel obligated to eat an entire portion. I feel like I'm just setting self up for failure, but I can't remove myself from this environment soon.
can you at least ask her to serve you a smaller amount or just not finish it and hope she gets the hint?
It's possible that said best friend is in a downwards spiral and constantly bitter/depressed. I wouldn't want my friends to have to suffer my negativity, either.

Luckily I have no friends to suffer it :^)
sounds mean, but just stop with the binge snacking my dude. it's easy once you start. think: "what's the point of this? am i actually hungry?"

eat at least 2 full meals a day--if it's giant portions, just ask for less of a portion or eat less. she's not force feeding you. leftovers are a thing. what's all that extra food going to do for you? do you really lack the self control to stop stuffing your face?

that's sweet
If three friends cut you for for completely separate reasons within a short space of time, you're probably being obnoxious in some way, but anon doesn't seem to have considered that.
Again, that's just the tl;dr. Neither of us wanted to break off the friendship, nothing bad happened between us, some circumstances just showed up in their life that forced them to make the decision to cut me out.
They have told me multiple times that they're a piece of shit and how I deserve better, and up until the last time we spoke, they still didn't understand why I enjoyed their company. I'm not gonna go into it any further as it's got barely nothing to do with cosplay besides losing a convention buddy.
>hop on /cgl/
>feel thread
Sounds like bs to me. People go into the army and keep their friends, people lose their home and keep their friends, people move country and keep friends- maybe you just pissed this guy off with whatever that same thing was that pissed the other two off. If three friends drop you just like that, you've gotta be doing something wrong.
Sure anon.
>friend rejects insane teen that wants him to be her sugar daddy
>she starts harassing him, claiming he's a rapist and attempted murderer on top of other things
>Girlfriend hears about the rape claims and freaks
>Friend is on brick of losing gf and kid now and asks me to step in, take the blame by pretending to be that insane teen, explain that it was a lie I made up because I was angry at him in attempts at calming his girlfriend down instead of sending her towards the teen who will likely proceed to lie and worsen things
That's the jist of it, and I really will not go into it any further. I will say though, when you're on the brink of losing everything you live for, you have a right to not think about anything and anyone but that, and I'm a fuckton more worried about him than I am sad that our friendship is over. (Over because his family knows my name now, will raise massive questionmarks if he ever interacts with me again since my name is quite special and rare).

One of the other friends that has cut me out has recently become besties with said teen again, after the teen threw rape claims and other things her way too. My guess is that she's picked the teen over me. Only big thing I've posted lately is weight loss progress and considering that she either shittalks one of my good friends or whines about being fat, that probably plays into her decision to break contact too. One day later, I'm honestly okay with it. Multiple friends have high-fived me for not having her in my life anymore.

Third friend contacted me late last night to apologise for doing this so suddenly, we talked things out and it came down to them thinking I was fairly happy with the election result because of my relaxed "I don't want to talk about it" stance.

The end.
>Start new job recently.
>Friend is a manager there.
>Boss/owner wanted me to go to this national sales training with the others today.
>Email last night, asked to go in-store to do merchandising instead.
>I really want to do merchandising over sales.
>Friend comes up and says "Don't take this the wrong way, but I fought to get you back in here." (Merchandising.)

I don't know if he meant that I was going to get fired from sales until he fought for me to keep the job, but got relegated to merch, or if he did it deliberately because he knew I wanted merch and it was a struggle because there's no actual job opening in merch right now..

Feels really fuckin' bad, because I thought that I was doing alright and everybody was pretty enthusiastic about me doing an okay job.
I don't even have a number to enter sales, so I've been putting them all on another guy's and he is 15k above everybody else in profits this month.
>Wow, I wonder why!

To make this /cgl/ related:
I signed up for like five Secret Santa matches and am trying to save for a trip to Japan next year and keeping this job is important for that.

Also they haven't paid me yet in the 5 weeks I've been working there, so I dunno how late my gifts will be. Fuck.
File: ohnoes.jpg (14KB, 365x312px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 365x312px
I'm feeling so disgusting right now
>be 5'3 (161cm)
>usually weighs 118lbs (54kg) and looks slim
>have a thin face
>lately my face look a tiny bit chubbier and cuter, hell yeah
>but i find my body bigger, and fit just right in my old school skirts with a 66cm/25inches waist
>weighs myself
Thankfully i'm well proportionate and my weight is evenly reparted on my body but fuck, i wish my face was a bit rounder and shorter
> be me a couple years ago, used to like going to conventions and cosplay with (now ex) wife
> Joined the military to have at least some financial security and get shipped off to basic training for a while
> Come back and find out that wife was cheating on me with one of my friends while I was away
> Even used MY money to buy her Jodie shit like concert and con tickets, clothes, etc. and had the audacity to say that to my face
> Started acting like the victim ('oh he was there for me, you weren't!')
> Divorced the shit out of her because she was also a narcissistic, selfish, psycho bitch the entire time we were together
> Left me bitter and now hate going to cons because of her
I know that feel
no face or proportions to really speak of
I just wanna die already. I want friends but i'm too much of an autist to socialize correctly

I feel like what i say is just not important or annoying sometimes, every time i talk in an online discord group i always feel like i talk too much then slowly stop to talk or delete/edit my posts when i talk because i feel insecure.

also today
>talking about weight with best friend
>she's pretty salty lately,even she says so. better try and not upset her
>say i was at my fatest at 125lbs last month
>joke "haha i was so fat"
>"...that's my weight shut up."
>Oh god what have i done
>"i-i was just overreacting about it, it's not even fat!! come on!"
>no answer
Kill me already
Don't be down on yourself because people don't talk as much as you do. Talking a lot in Discord is great. Your autism though, lol.
nah i don't even talk much but i always feel like i'm talking too much/too little or being uninteresting. Especially since they're all dudes and i don't wanna look like some attention whore, i just want to be part of their kool kidz klub and be treated just like another bro.
I already regret saying casually i wear nihonese fashun when we were talking about /fa/shion, now they tend to mock me "u wear gothica lolicon uwu pedo fashun"' even though it's probably banter so i don't care much. What have I done.
I'm an assburger actually though, it's really annoying at times.
Which discord are you in?
Gothic lolita is best lolita
just a /vg/ one.
I'm more into sweet but not the new one or the super pastel rainbow one either. More 2010-era Baby
But yes, gothic lolita is pretty bomb i must admit
File: 1473440087369.jpg (19KB, 282x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 282x300px
kind of a long vent because i don't want to bother my friends with any of this crap, bear with me.
>high school dropout because violently harassed/bullied and even now i'm still very uncomfortable when i have to go into a school (to pick up lil bro for example)
>not going to school, not working but government help for muh depression/anxiety
>still studying
not at an actual school,just doing these programs where you study by yourself/can ask questions/do exercices/send homework online and take your exam when you want to and then get a diploma.
>study like 2 hours a day away from home at a library to be concentrated and do whatever i want for the rest of the day
>already got a first diploma with 75% and compliments from the teacher
>will have two more diplomas by 2017 and then maybe search for a job
>sold some clothing from my teenage identity crisis phase to afford a small lolita wardrobe and start wearing it again
>feels good,makes lolita friends,...
>parents are major side eyeing me for having some money like that without moving my ass >and on top of it all, buy "chinese princess costumes" instead of normal clothes with it
>father doesn't miss an occasion to mock me about it and tell me how it's ridiculous/everyone will stare/i'll get attacked and it'll be part of my fault/...
I feel super guilty,like i am such an "easy" life and everyone is working their ass off and i shouldn't be relaxing so much.
I feel like i won't ever go anywhere in life because i didn't have my high school diploma (nor will i ever have it) and maybe end up a sad wageslave with a job i hate and then sell all my lolita because i'm too miserable to even wear it and too poor to buy more.
I'm super easily tired making "waking up early" a pain even if i go to bed early and being assburger doesn't help socially either.
*like i am living such
You should join the /cgl/ Discords. Your autism can help people with their Secret Santa stuff.
>suck my dad's dick
>he buys me lots of lolita

This is your "bff"

Suck my cock already, you ungrateful slut.
/r9k/ pls go and stay go
So you pretended to be someone you aren't to cover your best friends ass to save his relationship with gf, who wouldn't believe some insane person was well....insane and obsessed?
and the effect of that is that you're not longer best friends when neither of you wanted to end your friendship?

that seems really weird and more like you're covering their ass because they actually did something, what's wrong with just telling the truth in that situation? surely then you could still be friends?

>recently become besties with said teen again, after the teen threw rape claims and other things her way too

also why would someone befriend someone that's accusing them of rape as well and then cut you out rather than them?
it's good that your 3rd friend you got to sort stuff out with but the other things don't really make any sense, why you covering for weirdos Anon?
ohhhh my god i was like soooooooooo fat when I was like 125lb can you believe itttttt??
Send a mail to my throwaway gmail account if you want the full story so badly, cause this is a massive shitshow that I can't be bothered to keep arguing about on here, especially as it has very little to do with /cgl/ at this point. I was upset the moment this happened, made a post on here expressing my frustrations cause I don't have anywhere else to anonymously vent, and I woke up this morning feeling a lot more relieved than anything else. So I'm over it.
fuck my life, throwaway is [email protected], abandoning this thread now.

>see it as a Trump won dress

Is that a good thing or bad thing?
>Also they haven't paid me yet in the 5 weeks I've been working there, so I dunno how late my gifts will be. Fuck.
let your giftees know in the thread. initials and state or country works.
>will forever see this dress as "trump won" dress
Two girls in my comm wore Make America Great Again hats to tea on Friday, and no, I don't think it was ironic.
Have some happy feels
>Year ago meet friend of a friend at a small concert (lets call him T).
>oh no he's cute.
>T wants to get into cosplay, end up befriending him while friend and I help with cosplay.
>Spend convention with T because usual group ditched me, have a great time.
>T agrees to help me construct dream cosplay (to construct, not to wear)
>T is fine with me dressing in Lolita
>Turns out T has thought I'm cute this whole time too.
>If all goes well by next convention I'll be couples cosplaying my OTP with my friend wearing our creation.
File: eva5.jpg (38KB, 479x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not super on topic but man is this a feel

>Be in a master's level developmental psychopathology course
>Last and largest assignment is to pick a fictional character, either a child or adolescent, at risk for developing psychopathology and explain their risk/protective factors, what disorders they may develop and why, etc in a research paper
>Tell myself that no, I am not going to do an anime character and out myself as a weeb (especially since I doubt the professor would be familiar with any of that source material)
>At the same time: Damn, Shinji would be a perfect case study

Help me gulls, I am weak
Do it.
dont do it anon
>be 21
>at uni, still on 2nd year out of three because reasons
>absolutely no motivation to study and falling late into exam schedule
>studying japanese but somehow not motivated enough
>few friends from uni are all succeeding
>no job either because I live in a shithole village and can't fit a job in my timetable
>love clothing but own very little lolita
>no lolitas in my country anyway...
>super guilty because I'm living on my single mother's back
>recently started a sewing course, my only hope
>met a girl from a cosplay group, she's so nice and lucky
>what do with life?
File: 1471295106335.png (247KB, 500x411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247KB, 500x411px
>mid-20s and living in a small town in the middle of nowhere
>no job, no money, no friends, nothing to do ever
>tfw love cosplay and ouji fashion but have no place to wear any of it and no ability to travel
>tfw have to content self with living vicariously through other people online
>am fat at 200+ pounds
>hate fat people
>first, i hate myself
>second, want to tell other fatties to lose weight like me because i can't comprehend how people can be content at a large size
>i'm a huge hypocrite
Be weak and do it.

I would have worn a pin, not the fucking hat. I apologize liby-chan.
....are you future me?
>Buy a cute, old school JSK a few months ago
>It's the final piece I need to make a simple coord
>Want more than anything to wear it for a nice day out on my birthday this week
>Everyone in my current life is judgmental and harsh, too afraid of what they'd all say

I don't understand why I care so much. When I was younger and had horrible fashion taste I very much had the mindset of "It's my life, who cares what others think if it doesnt hurt them?" but now so much of my self worth is invested in other peoples opinions of me and I am terrified to enjoy the things I do.
I'm also 21!
My father is the same way, he is very controlling. I secretly opened up my own bank account and got a new debit card. I still have the account that he has access to, since he will transfer me money occasionally because I live in an apartment right now and have many bills to pay.
Also, I make about $300-$400 a month working part-time, and I am also a full-time student. It's not outlandish for students to make money while at school!!
It will also become much easier when you start working, because it will be YOUR money, not hers.
Keep your chin up, it will get easier. TRY TO MOVE OUT SOON LOL your relationship with your parents will become much better.

I hope you have a speedy recovery!!! Hell yeah, cool stuff is the best.

You are working and going to school, so you're going a great job! You could also store them away somewhere in your home that isn't your room if that's possible, then take them with you when you move out?

I hope you did well! Congrats on getting an interview your first semester, that's impressive.

You can always do it next year!

Maybe you can find a coord that helps "hide" the bump? Also, congrats!

It might be a good idea to ask your mom if you can reduce your portion sizes. If you feel like you are developing disordered eating, see a doctor. Try to eat 2-3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between, myfitnesspal is my go-to for staying in shape.

You're currently getting your diploma and working towards making yourself a better person, right?. Personally, your dad sounds toxic. You are moving your ass, getting a job may help change his mind.
Also, so what if people stare or if he thinks it's ridiculous? You're doing what you like and you have friends! Try your best to ignore him. You're succeeding in life and you will get better!

Yay! That's great!
Do it if you don't have to present it, don't if you have to.
Anon, it sounds like you might have depression. Can you speak to a doctor or therapist about it? Or talk to your mother? Whenever I am struggling with a class, I try to study with a friend who is doing well in the class. Or just study with a friend who's highly motivated, they bring good mojo. Can you ask your friends to study with you? I'm sure they would agree to.

While being severely overweight and/or obese is bad, hating people because of it, or yourself, will only bring you misfortune and negative feelings. You shouldn't hate yourself, why not take the first steps to lose weight? I have a myfitnesspal, do you want to be friends on it and work towards losing weight? If not, can you find people to lose weight with?

Can you get a job, or go to school? Try to find a way to escape?


I'm currently having some body issues.. I'm at the lowest weight I have EVER been and I fit into smalls and mediums. But, I'm an apple shape and I don't have nice hips or a butt. I have started doing an intensive squat program, but I feel like it's not going to do much because I am unable to do it daily. (I had EDNOS for four years, and because I ate almost nothing and then would binge , and I purged by working out every day, and I literally mean every day, for more than an hour, my knees are in fucking shambles and once every few weeks I can barely walk because they burn so much.)
Just feeling kinda blah. At least my therapist was right. It doesn't matter how much weight I lose, I'll never be happy unless I change my mindset lol.
I have almost no self-esteem, and I end up getting upset at people for having the body shape that I desperately want. It's so bad that in the cosplay suggestion thread I looked at everyone's measurements and compared them to mine (they're all better than mine btw) I just don't know how to stop doing this, like I don't know how to start accepting my body for what it is.
Not a sad feel but kind of funny.

>have an old friend who lives in another state
>asks about lolita and where to buy it
>send links to ap usa, bodyline, lace market etc.
>asks about the style I like to wear
>about a week passes
>sell one of my dresses on lacemarket
>Super happy since it wouldn't sell
>been trying to sell it for over a year
>working 6 days that week so my boyfriend takes care of the sale and shipping
>fast forward to my birthday
>friend is super excited about the present she got me
>open it......its the stupid dress that wouldn't sell

Now I am stuck with it since my friend spent a lot of money on it and was super proud of herself.
You still got the money though so though so it's just processing fees. That's not much for the sentiment and laughs. Tell her about it.
>been depressed
>keep getting people complimenting my cosplays
>even my ex has been texting me lately just to say how nice I look (we're still friends, I'm the one that broke it off because I'm me)
>can't feel anything but self-loathing I want to cry whenever I look at myself
>started working out again but still feel awful
This happens every damn year around this time and I hate it. I have so much fun during the summer and I went to more cons this year than I ever do so the pain is even worse this time around. I've been forcing myself to focus on classwork and my job but it's tough. My art helps but I can't stop thinking about how I have no friends here and I've lived here for two years now. I really hate myself.
Did she not see your address and name on the pp...
Not a doctor but you might have seasonal depression. There are things that can help you deal with it.
I'm honestly not sure how she didn't notice that or the information on the package. I didn't send or pack up the dress but I am guessing my boyfriend put my my name and address on the package too.
I've struggled with depression my whole life and these past few years I've finally been able to go about my days without wanting to die. I'm hoping its not rearing its ugly head again (I'm always terrified of a relapse/another breakdown since I actually have a lot at stake now).
Relapses are expected like gravity. The hope is that you're strong enough to weather each relapse that comes at you. So don't go breaking your shins or anything like that unless you know you have support waiting for you.
I'm moving to Japan to teach English.
Does anyone know of a place to find anime conventions in Japan? Comiket is all I can find, otherwise there isn't much English information about the others...
If you don't mind, are you on a contract and for how long? I recently got an offer and honestly cannot decide whether it would be worth it or not.

I'm on a one year contract making about 30K USD per year. I can't say if it is yet since I haven't left, but imo, why not? Assuming you don't have a better job currently that is. Go for the experience and leave after a year if it isn't what you like.
Yeah, it's not something that's a career. Get in and get out. Unless you go out of your way to do something, your experience isn't going to carry over much.
File: amygun.jpg (17KB, 316x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In lolita circles, farting is called "dropping a rose." My ott sweet friends told me.
File: 1475036672308.gif (756KB, 195x228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
756KB, 195x228px
>be super excited for the seagull SS
>signed up for more matches than I probably should have
>"it's fine I've got the money"
>unexpected expense comes up that can't be put off
>matches had already gone out
>people had already started buying
>still have enough money to buy some stuff, but not enough to go as all out as I wanted
>"at least I can pad the gifts out with some nice handmade stuff, r-right?"
>tfw almost all of my matches put no handmade

Guess what? They're gonna get some handmade shit and they're gonna like it, damnit!
Just send nudes. Photographs are like 10 cents each.
>Done with school but not enough experience for full time job in field
>Friends are all gone
>Forced to return to job at a restaurant that while good is something i grew tired of two years ago but need the money
>Nothing to do on days off besides exercise, play video games, anime/manga, or work on costumes
>Weather getting cold stiffles my motivation
>Nobody to go to cons with anyway

It sucks
Hey friend, if you're not trying to impress lolitas, start introducing your frills into your everyday wardrobe one piece at a time. Wear a cutsew with a normal skirt or pants, where a jsk with a sweater and no blouse, etc. That way it won't be as weird when start wearing full coords.
Fucking DO IT
Make the tutorials. It's always good to have more tutorials from different people available for beginners. Also you will probably will get better known quicker if you make them, if thats a thing you want.
In the past 2 years I've gone from about 48KG to 68. Except I'm too depressed to do anything about it. How do I get the motivation to stop eating crap all the time? Fortunately my waist hasn't gotten much bigger but my bust is way too big for at least half of my dresses now as I don't tend to get ones with shirring. At least lolita hides how big my butt and thighs have gotten.
This might sound bad but you know those bullshit "do you want cake or a thigh gap" posts? Whenever I'm tempted to eat something I shouldn't I think "do I want this or brand?", and whenever I exercise I keep "do it for the brand" and similar thoughts on my mind. It's stupid but oddly effective, at least for me.
How do you find motivation. Well YOU find it. Not us. We can't do shit to change your mind for you. And external change is going to be much less effective and short lived than anything that you yourself use to drive yourself.
That being said I could type till my fingers bleed if you want actual advice on losing weight.
But the motivation. That's on you.
smaller plates, buy em.
Bleeding fingers are very stylish.
Sorry for being whiny, I am just mad at myself for being so apathetic. Even at the maximum dosage of antidepressants I still just want to give up and curl into a ball forever. It's not fair to my boyfriend especially, he is so good to me. I guess I'm just selfish. Once I have eaten the M&Ms I stupidly bought yesterday, I will try to snack on fruit instead. It's so easy to lose weight when I don't eat so much sugar everyday.
Fruits have sugar too.
True, but it's not from corn syrup. Natural sugars are fine if not in excess.
Do it. Eva is pretty popular even outside anime circles.
They also have fucktons of fibre which is incredibly good for you.
>waist staying the same size
>thighs, butt, and bust get bigger
Sorry, but
Better than nail Polish!
Increase your levels of general activity. Walk more, take the stairs, take your pet for longer walks. There is a lot you can do to improve with little effort applied.
Make a plan with your bf that you will go for short walks together after every large meal ( if that is feasible) even for just 30minutes. Walking after meals can really kickstart your metabolism into work ( the calories burned are negligible at best from most activity) and try and get into more healthy habits.
Make things a thing you do with your bf and it should help since it will no longer be just you but something that he can help motivate you with.
File: Hamondo.jpg (138KB, 540x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 540x592px
>grandma passed away recently, was really close to her
>loved seeing me in lolita and cosplay, always excited when i got a new dress in the mail or finished a costume
>dream dress i ordered weeks ago finally arrives
>don't even feel happy, just ashamed i spent so much on a dress

I feel so lost.
You would be doing her memory justice by loving and enjoying the dress, anon. She loved the style and your joy while she was alive, that love doesn't disappear unless you let it. Rejoice and be at ease. Your grandmother smiles from above when you wear that dress.
>be female cosplayer
>have average face but good makeup skills and body from exercising
>have cosplay friend who is very pretty and slim
>"anon, we're both cute! Let's be cosplay partners!"
>she is more attractive than me and clearly knows she'll be the prettier one
>idgaf, excited to cosplay with my friend and have good costumes/photos together
>fast forward a couple years to now
>cosplay partner has put on a ton of weight
>like, going to be obese soon if she keeps this up
>meanwhile I've gotten slimmer and better skilled
>she starts rejecting all my cosplay duo suggestions while still happily cosplaying with other people
>rarely will even be in pictures with me even with a group unless they're selfie from the tits up
>finally said "sorry, anon, I just really don't want to be the fat, ugly one, you know?"
>feelings hurt
>no cosplay partner anymore

I know she probably didn't mean her comment to sound like she used to consider me to be the fat, ugly one (which would have been ridiculous as while I'm much taller than her, I've always been in good shape), but it still sort of smarts that she's basically done cosplaying with me specifically. I just want my cosplay friend back, I don't care what she looks like.
>in two months already 30 years old (feels old but I look so young...)
>losing interest in cosplay
>still visit conventions and wear costumes just for fun
>cosplay is no more the ultimate hobby for me
>want to be a drawing/doujin artist
>want to be good at drawing
>realizes you waste too many years with cosplay projects
>It would be better to draw all the years instead of cosplay
Cosplay was a mistake!
>I just want my cosplay friend back, I don't care what she looks like.

Do you care what YOU look like? If not, meet your friend halfway and become a fatty so she won't feel threatened.
File: 1377050229651.jpg (76KB, 480x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 480x300px
>cosplaying was a group project I did with 3 friends of mine
>it was our first big cosplay project together and we were all excited
>we worked on it together when not at work or school
>fast forward half a year
>the job we worked at together shut down and my friends moved
>one of their grandmothers died
>they stopped contacting me
>start working on project alone
>they still have 60% of the supplies and all of our progress
>I'm now working on the cosplay alone and will be going to cons alone
>work went down the shitter
>social life is dead
>tfw cousin recently showed off his beautiful fiance, plenty of money, and happy, social lifestyle and now I want to blow my brains out.

It's sort of like...
I just...
>I know she probably didn't mean her comment to sound like she used to consider me to be the fat, ugly one

How could she have meant anything else? If there's only two of you, and there's a fat ugly one, it has to be one of you.

This just proves she would never have been your friend in the first place if you were more attractive than her.
Unfortunately, I do not want to become a fatty. Maybe I can bash my face in and just be the ugly one to her fat one?

I know she (rightfully) considered herself prettier and wanted a partner who was a pretty girl but not TOO pretty. I think he comment was more along the lines of she doesn't want other people to think of her that way, not that she genuinely thinks I'm fat or ugly, because I'm not, I'm slim and average-looking. And knowing her personality, she'd never outright call someone those things to their face, let alone one of her closest friends, so I don't think she meant it to sound the way it did.

But you're right at least about the fact that she'd never have wanted to be partners if I were more attractive. I knew that and was fine with it from the start. I'd just figured she'd have thought of me as the less cute one, not flat out the fat ugly one.
Find a bf that will cosplay with you.

I'm so good at solving problems.
>lose all friends due to drama from an ex friend that emotionally abusive to me and my girlfriend and spread rumours saying my gf was abusing me
>she tells my best friend
>best friend starts to believe it without talking to me, asking if it's true etc
>call them out on it
>drama unfolds in our friend circle
>best friend deletes everything for about 3 months
>everyone asks if she's okay through me
>have no idea but worried
>to afraid to see her in person
>find her new tumblr, she's doing great, hanging out with friends and socializing
>guess its my turn
>do the same, delete everything except tumblr
>no contact from anybody, didnt know what i expected
>trying to cope with the fact that i'm friendless and nobody else cares about me
>2 weeks later
>severely depressed, losing weight and hair, with no one to talk to
>a-at least now i can fit into kawaii clothing and go to cons looking cute!
Get better friends to cosplay with. You deserve better than this.
Make a new account you fucking idiot
>love current job but bad boss ruins it
>not enough money anyway
>apply for receptionist gig
>perfect opportunity, would get me out of the retail game, could wear cute clothes to work, steady income for burando
>get a call back from girl who took my resume
>"anon you were the only one to drop off a resume in person"
>feels good.jpg
>book an interview
>interview ends up being with a different, older lady
>only asks about my experience, recommends i learn excel before even bothering to apply
>says she likes me but is more likely to choose another candidate who knows excel
>makes up some shit about there being over 70 applicants
>feels bad.jpg

she didnt ask me anything about myself, only about my experience and how she was concerned that i didn't already know microsoft excel (despite the fact i have been using office since i was 9, am a millennial and know how to google). i was pretty excited about the opportunity & rly wanted to wear cute otome clothes to work instead of my ugly apron and polos but now just have a bad taste in my mouth from this nasty lady.
Oh man, I Excel for a living so i know firsthand that it's not that complicated. That said, during my interview, what helped me was that my interviewers knew Excel at a fairly basic level so I got away with talking about pivot tables, macros, VBA, etc... I knew beforehand that they might ask me about Excel so I brushed up on the lingo. With Google, I now know more about Excel than anyone at the company. Just keep trying, you can do it, anon. If you ever want to talk Excel, it's all I know now! (Still can't VBA worth shit.)
>Tfw used to have time but no money and would have to make all my cosplays in high school. Hated the people who could just buy a ton of cosplays.

>Flash forward to college, making bank for research but no time to make cosplays so just buy some each con

I have become exactly the type of cosplayer I hated when I was younger...
There's free online courses you can take to brush up your skills with Excel and pretty much anything else that's commonly needed. I know it probably won't help for this job but you never know, the knowledge will come in handy and save you time later and even give you a step up in your next application. Old lady sounds a butt tho

Best of luck in future interviews!
>find carpet beetle larvae in my house
>screech into the void

I'm scared to check my wardrobe.
this reeks of samefag
you chose the weirdest posts to yell samefag at

more than one seagull will tsk tsk the use of "someloli," even when it's used jokingly
Someloli once told me 4chan is gonna troll me. I'm not the sharpest gull in the thread...
tsk tsk
Sweet/classic lolita who lives in a fancy bedroom and listens to industrial and power metal here

What's stopping you from being a kawaii cutie who listens to goth? I just don't like the tempo of goth music, but I'll listen to the occasional black metal/ death metal type goth band and attend whatever kind of cheap metal shows I can find
I'll be the BF lul
The longer you wait the greater the chance they eat all of your shit.
>Decided to have a nice "girls day out" with the niece this past weekend
>She loves it when I wear lolita, so I decide, hey, why not surprise her with a little mini-coord of her and twin with her (not actually brand or anything, just cute ruffle-y kids clothes that kind of resemble my own outfit)
>She goes nuts when I show her
>Awww yiss, best auntie award goes to me
>Days going pretty nice, no hassle. She's a calm kid, not fussy or anything, we're just enjoying a day out
>I decide to end things off by taking her to a fancy-pants candy store in the more high end part of downtown
>She picks out some of that sour candy with the tangy sugar coating on it
>She's a pretty good kid, but I tell her to be a bit mindful with the way she eats the candy for fear of messing up her clothes
>Drop her off at my sister's place and she gives me a hug right before I head back home
>Winding down back at my place, kind of just lazing around a bit before I change into something comfier
>My eye is a little itchy, so I rub it with the back of my hand
>Feel grainy, sand-like sensation as I'm rubbing my eye
>What manner of fuckery is this
>Rather than wash my eye out like a resonable person, I continue rubbing my eye thinking it's just a bit of eye crust or something
>Huh, my eye kind of feels like it's burning
>Continue to rub
>Then the realization hits me
>Oh my shit
>It's the sugar from my niece's candy
>And it's in my eye
>What the fuck
>I look down and there's candy sugar from my elbow to my wrist
I hope my English isn't too weird, but God's balls that was byfar one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had with candy. At least my niece had a nice time.
>>9257193 Listen to >>9258673 and get one or two special plates for yourself. It is a huge help for maintaining consistent portion control and controlling weight gain.

Did she even tell you what they do with excel? The arithmetic/grouping formulas are pretty easy to master once you understand the A1:B2 range notation and special characters like $. SUMPRODUCT is handy to do filtering. Most "database" things people use Excel for are usually done more efficiently through true databases like Access.

You might try asking for an example case, then using that to go through online tutorials and send back an elegant solution.
Why... But... Why would you continue to rub your eye after something is clearly wrong. Anon pls.
Also if you ever have doubts about your eye in future for the love of God always use water to cleanse and not just rub your eye into oblivion.
You can a take free, short online course and get "Microsoft certified" in excel. I did it in high school with word and power point in my computer class. I'll bet that would look pretty nice for future interviews! I'm sure you can find other nice jobs to apply for!
File: 1474837642648.jpg (108KB, 443x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 443x441px
>Visit lolita sewing FB page after a while
>Clashing colours, ita
>"I want to make this polo shirt lolita"
>Almost ita
>OK but could be better
>Close the site

Maybe I try again after few moths
File: giphy.gif (456KB, 600x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456KB, 600x573px
>planning a trap cosplay
>need to get twinky so I'm not Ironically Swole™
>got a job with free food
>now have to choose between cosplay and fuarking sick gains
Always go for sick gains.
Feel better, look better, know better.
Anon, if it makes you feel better, my boyfriend went through the exact situation But he started going to cons solo and enjoyed himself. Didnt have to worry about someone dragging him down, and just partied with friends. Eventually he met me, his current girlfriend, and now we couple cosplay and go to cons together and it makes up for all the bad experiences he had. And it's a long distance relationship too because of the military but ours is stronger for it. One day you'll find someone soon, a person who will make up for all your bad experiences and will ve loyal to you. I'm cheering you on! Just don't focus on the past, instead focus on new memories!

If you do a search for "intermedite" or "advanced" you can at least filter out the cluesless noobs. At least it'll be less ita stuff to look at.

Eh, why is ottermode entirely out of the question? You'll still be skinny, but you'll have muscles. Although it does require more homework, you'll have to change up your routine, cross train and maybe go off board for advice since /fit/ usually isn't helpful for anything other than lifting.

Do watch what you eat though. Free food and gainz would be horrible way to gain diabetes even if you don't turn into a fat tub o' lard
File: angry_pepe.jpg (65KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 900x900px
I am fucking pissed beyond words.
>a month later, still no sign from my taobao order
>orders a dream dress on mercari by FJ, they mark down the package
>get a letter today, it's from the carrier
>oh god, could it be my taobao order?
>surprise motherfucker it's the customs here to fuck you in the ass
>have to include the REAL price i paid for the JSK (120 bucks)
>which means they're going to pound my ass so bad
Fuck living in Europe.

tl;dr my first taobao order is maybe lost and the only letter i got from my local post service is to tell me my JSK is in customs and they'll probably pound me in the ass with overpriced fees
*no sign from my taobao order tracking
>Eu customs forced you to pay stupid tax on worthless items

At least where I live the value of the thing has to be over $500 before they start asking for tax and most of the time they just charge you whatever paltry gst charge would go with the item and it still end up 3x cheaper than buying from an importer.

The European experiment is in some ways a huge joke in other ways very useful, Schengen is kinda neat.
You've just uncovered her true nature. If she was an actual friend and truly enjoyed cosplaying with you she could still cosplay to body type, but the fact that she's cosplaying with others suggests that she only cares about herself and not even your friendship.
Yeah, I send gifts to a friend in Portugal and they charge her Customs fees if it's worth more than a pack of Saltines.
Why don't you do a fake PP invoice or something. Atleast it has never failed me.
This is why I am super autistic about washing my hands as soon as I get home after going out anywhere. EVERY. TIME.
If you live in Ottawa, have you considered going to Gatineau for g-anime? Otakuthon isn't too far from you either and if you don't want the expenses to be too high, airbnb can save your life
File: IMG_2116.jpg (70KB, 293x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 293x450px
Good feels:
-seeing that your package was finally delivered
-eating some cute dessert in a pretty outfit
- uni dining hall staff tell you they love your outfits every day
thanks everybody. i'l def look into getting some excel on my resume. this lady straight up acted like i was wasting her time by even applying.
Been sewing for almost 15 years, commissioned to make a wedding dress right now so I think I'm pretty good, still get into a groove and stab my fingers senseless all the time
Just trying to not bleed all over the yards of very expensive white fabric lol
SFE's event tickets go on sale this weekend and I won't be able to buy any because poor ;^;
File: 1478994204031m.jpg (148KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148KB, 1024x768px

>not leaving the EU
>haven't gone to cons in years
>want to
>no friends to go with, don't want to walk around alone again
>cons in this country aren't big enough and have enough fun events to make going solo worthwhile
>guess I won't be going to cons anytime soon

unrelated feel
>bad anxiety issues
>mention it to psychologist
>'oh anon it's just your aspergers probably!"

Sometimes I just want scream because I feel like nobody will ever take me seriously again because of that shitty ass label.
Ever since I got diagnosed I have felt so dehumanized. Even reading up on anything about it just makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.
It sounds like you need a boyfriend, anon-kun! You would have someone to go to cons with and to comfort you when you feel overwhelmed by the world.

I'm sure you'll find that special someone soon!
Special partners for special people.
File: modernart.png (140KB, 854x859px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140KB, 854x859px
i want to start up my own lolita lifestyle blog, vlog, anything, but the idea of being noticed and watched by people scares the hell out of me. not to mention a lot of lolita vloggers seem kind of vapid (unboxing flavor of the month prints, hauls, etc.) and i'm afraid that my content wouldn't be up to snuff

i want all the fun that comes with blogging and starting a community and sharing a fun lifestyle without all of the attention it comes with. it doesn't make sense but sometimes feelers don't make sense. social anxiety is a bitch

somebody start making quality lolita content out of passion instead of a desire for minor e-fame so i can live my dreams vicariously through you

But don't worry too much - I feel as though most people are diagnosable with SOMEthing now a days and it'll get easier with the years.
Also, if you milk it you could possibly get disability which could mean time off from work whenever you feel like it lol
Just start small. Instead of having tons of people watch you, start at one. I'll gladly watch your every move, Anon.
File: 456346.png (492KB, 713x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
492KB, 713x356px
that's... strangely comforting. thanks, anon.
No problem. Just give me a name and place and I'll find you. (:
A lifestyle blog doesn't have to be super focused on your personal appearance. You can post coords laid out rather than when wearing them, and images of the cute things you are eating or doing e.g. embroidery, reading old books etc. If you write well and your photos are nicely taken then you will probably gain followers anyway.
holy shit, the same EXACT thing happened to my S/O too. apparently "please look after my wife while i'm at basic training" meant "yeah you can fuck my wife while i'm gone" to the guy. he'd also tell me absolute horror stories about how she was also a narcissistic, selfish cunt the entire time too.

i think she's a gull here too kek
tfw getting the "everything that could go pear-shaped went pear-shaped" pre-convention cocktail:
>can't tell if my stomach is hurting because of stress, period cramps, or I forgot to eat
>paralyzed with indecision over what my first cosplay should be
>body type is nothing like any characters i want to cosplay anyway
Use a good damn thimble. Shit its like you somehow haven't kept up with the last few thousand years of seamstress history.
Likely all three. solve with a bucket of chocolate ice cream. Nothing could possibly go wrong..........................
Just pick one and do it. You'll learn in the process of doing and figure out more than you would if you sat on your ass and even if it looks bad people won't care.

Said the person who has 5 unfinished cosplays sitting in a lonely box under the stairs.

>if it looks bad people won't care.

Yeah but people on this board are fucking ruthless cunts. People in real life are much nicer. Also most bad cosplays don't get tons of pictures taken and thus have less chance of being seen.
Can confirm. Cons are hugboxes and I think that's a big reason gulls are extra salty
File: 1474840291713.jpg (184KB, 586x577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 586x577px
>Have really big sewing inspiration, but...
>School assigments are piling up
>Few crafting events coming up where I'm having a table and need to restock
>Have other things that have to be done
>Spend all day on the internet because no motivation and I don't want to begin sewing before I get the other things done

Well, it gets easier when the year changes, maybe then I can sew my dress
File: cryinspanish.jpg (100KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 480x360px
A tumblr i'm following is posting really nice content,she seemed nice and was against dd/lg like me, even talked to her once but then i went to her about section and learned she's
>fiction kin,otherkin
>"i'm mentally ill" in her bio.
>please don't call me "lady,woman,person,.. it makes me uncomfortable :((("
>"my gender is a roller coaster!"
>"my new kin is Chara from Undertale"
Fucking fuck no, tumblr why
>not a cesspool of disorders
Thank you anon, your words really comforted me. I just miss her so much.
File: lolifeels.png (164KB, 500x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 500x461px
I wanted to wear my new schoolgirl uniform to a con, but I'm worried. The skirt is extremely short, which wouldn't be a problem.... but it would be extremely revealing if I got a boner.
OP here, I wish! Unfortunately one of the cosplays I'm wearing is skin-tight pleather; gotta keep that bloat down.

>that post-con gluttony though
i feel you anon. I recently joined a skype group hoping to make friends with tumblr people of similar interest. All of them seem to identify themselves with their mental illnesses, have a full page of triggers, do the whole gender/kin thing. I've been in the chat only a few days and they've already said some weird shit to begin with, but a few have bragged about mentally/emotionally abusive things they've done to other people and the others defend them and just... god what a headache. Makes wonder what kind of shit councilors/therapists they have that they still act this way and think it's fine.
Just put on some safe shorts
>tfw feel trapped in room being perfectly silent because terrified other people will notice my existence

so much to do for ILD, so little courage to open my bedroom door
>Do a skin care routine
>Skin doesn't look too bad after 4 weeks
>Too bad my face is literally shaped like a block
>I am hideous

I cannot wait until I can get surgery for my face. Does any one know the best place to get v-line surgery apart from Korea?
(((I'd add u on Skype)))
Weekend job offers me full time gig.
I'm super excited, because it's a dream job for me and everyone is so nice. I wore an axes femme skirt and dear celine jacket (which look like they were made to go together) to an evening event last week and one of the girls who couldn't go said she saw the pictures and was super jealous of my suit.
Have a great first week, other than the cleaner being really highly strung because she's worried about her hours being too low over Christmas and having to go back to the food bank... I'm plotting with volunteers to buy her a hamper.

I'm currently still covering my old weekend job too so 6 day weeks. Super busy day today - meeting room booked for one event until 4pm, another starting at 4.30pm with different set up including catering and bar. Only me and 2 volunteers in by 4pm.
Get everything out for the bar, including a bag of ice from the freezer. Then realised we have no mixers so just serve wine and beer. Don't need the ice... Rush around for 3 hours, lock up and go home.
Fuck I never put the ice back in the freezer - going to be a huge puddle in the morning. The cleaner is going to be so upset with me. I feel like a monster.
Guess I'll go in extra early, buy new ice and clean up before she gets in...
I love my job and I get to wear casual jfash every day, but I swear to god that 6 day weeks are going to make me old before my time. My brain feels like it dribbled out of my ear. Also I did a 10 hour shift, and I'll get paid for 7 hours...
>I did a 10 hour shift, and I'll get paid for 7 hours...
sounds super illegal
Meanwhile, I feel awful because I go out all the time and no one seems to notice I exist unless I deliberately draw attention to myself.
Those sort of people don't go to therapists. They self-diagnose and then do whatever they want to do under the excuse of self-care.
I get lieu time instead of overtime pay. Which is nice, but I won't be able to take that time off until after December 18th, so right now I'd rather have the money for Xmas shopping.
File: Earth Maiden Arjuna.jpg (180KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Earth Maiden Arjuna.jpg
180KB, 1920x1080px
>watch anime
>see cool design
>start thinking about cosplaying it
>can't because male
every time.
there is nothing to cosplay but so much I want to cosplay.
Why not just quit the weekend job anon?

Also I'm currently working 15 hour days so I feel you. Though I'm quitting because this shit is giving me migraines.
Thats everyone. Welcome to having a distorted view of reality. We're all here with you.
File: 4524525.jpg (100KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 1280x720px
>be me
>went out in lolita today
>qt boy stops me on the street and says "i bet you'll be hearing this all day, but you look fuckin beautiful"

also an older feel
>be me
>eating brunch in lolita
>old man and his wife stop by my table
>they fawn over me for a few minutes in the cutest and most genuine way

he said something really cute like "well look at that! you just have the full ensemble!" and i'm smiling so hard thinking about it

there are good people
You sound cute. Reported.
My lolita comm is so dead now. Got excited planning a meet but not many people are coming. I even thought about preparing gifts for people but I'm so unmotivated now.

The turn out used to be so much better for meets a year or two ago. It makes me miss it.
File: happylaugh.jpg (44KB, 500x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 500x486px
This actually happened a few months ago but it made me smile to think about.

>Be at local con with friend, both of us cosplaying
>Elderly man asks to take a photo with the both of us.
>Afterwards, just as he turns to walk away he says in the most wistful voice "I wish... I was young again"
>Something about how he says it makes me laugh.

That old man was so cute. I hope he's doing well.
>Afterwards, just as he turns to walk away he says in the most wistful voice "I wish... I was young again"

Sounds sad desu.
I've posted about the feels here before, but I get to expand a little bit.

old feels:
>be 23, transferred colleges, new town, etc
>no friends, no job
>Had been craving sewing.
>used a little bit of my savings to make a Halloween costume that didn't turn out too good, but eh.
>Was disappointed in myself.
>Time passes, get really lonely.
>People only want to spend time with me to tutor them.

New feels:
>Finally get a job offer.
>Then another, then another.
>Decide to pick the lower paying one because surrounded by nerd shit.
>will still finally have money to spend on fabric
>Get really lonely still, broke down crying to my neighbor's cat.
>find one of my old high school friends who was interested in cosplaying at school
>She was really excited to see me and wants to hang out.
>I'm still very lonely because we're in different fields and she's really busy.
>Says we'll be animu trash during winter break, though.

I'm still really lonely, but I'm starting to feel a little bit better. I'm even going to fix up my Halloween costume for an event next month!
File: 1037623.png (32KB, 270x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 270x281px
>Be mediocre at most things
>Average at best in appearance
>Lack confidence
>Desperate for a friend
>But keep fucking up friendships because of one reason or another
>A year of this miserable bullshit goes by
>Miracle happens and befriend a girl who's five years younger than me (16) but is really mature
>Originally put off by her age, but she acts older than I do
>We have a lot in common
>Same anime taste, both like lolita, share other hobbies like writing, cosplay, etc.
>Want to consider her best friend tier already
>That desperate for a friend
>She's very pretty though
>Also has great fashion sense
>Skilled with make-up
>Learns very, very quickly
>Better than me at everything
>She aspires to have a wardrobe the size of mine
>Lolita is the only thing I have that she doesn't have
>Would be so cool to be a senpai!
>But know full well as soon as she gets a job when she's done with college that she's going to get fully into lolita
>Her taste is incredible
>She's definitely done her research
>Needs no help from me
>Probably going to be an OTT Classic goddess
>Going to be out-shadowed again
>To top of off, she lives in the next city over and is in my comm's area so if she joined a comm, she'd be in mine
>Lolita friends are probably going to fawn all over her

I'm so painfully jealous anons, I just want time to stop. I feel pathetic. I lie to her about my achievements and personal life, telling her how I have plans for things because she always seems busy too. Nothing too major, usually it's just stretching the truth. I'm just tired of being mediocre in every aspect of my life, it's humiliating.
Things are looking up, anon!
>But keep fucking up friendships because of one reason or another
It's probably because you keep getting jealous over your friends. But deeper than that, because your self-esteem is so shit. Get yourself in order, and then make relationships with others.
*it off

I've been clingy in the past, which is what made my longest friendship of eight years collapse because I tried to convince her to spend more time with me instead of newer friends. I was a dick.

I thought I would have learned my lesson by now, but clearly not. Some of my other collapsed friendships were due to disagreements that got out of hand though.
Because I used to have a different job in the week (slightly less hours though) and I gave it up for this job. I have already been doing 6 day weeks fairly often since July but the other job had shorter shifts and was only a 20 minute commute.
We are hiring someone new to do my weekend job but they won't start til January because the weekend job gets 6 days annual leave a year and we close for 3 weeks at Christmas so they'd either have to use all their holiday right at the start of the contract or go unpaid for some/all of the festive period after working for like 1 week first.

Also I have rent and bills to pay - can't do that on 14 hours a week.
>tfw in your 20s and high schoolers are still cooler than you

You need to work on your self esteem, Anon. And stop comparing yourself to others!

>I lie to her about my achievements and personal life
You should act on these lies then. Be the person that you want to be.
>Get yourself in order, and then make relationships with others.

You make it sound so easy!
Anon, there's bunch of them on maidenclothing rn
File: dude.gif (2MB, 400x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 400x218px
>finally get over crush on roommate
>we get super drunk and he comes onto me
>I didnt ask for this and I only just moved on
I know it was just a drunk mistake but shits weird man.
Bettering yourself is always a work in progress, but at least be minimally not shitty so you don't strain the other person through your relationship with them lel.
File: IMG_2280.png (487KB, 752x414px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
487KB, 752x414px
>tfw it's been almost 2 months since the con and my photographer still hasn't uploaded the photos
>he hasn't gone to any other cons in the meantime
>claims he's edited them but just hasn't gotten around to uploading
>has promised at least 3 times in the past 2 months that a "huge upload is coming soon"
>mentioned something about a 'hiatus' (???)
I've been checking his site every day since October. Just upload the damn photos, man. You can take a hiatus when you've finished what people paid you good money for.
I bet it's the overwatch update
File: 290.png (7KB, 429x283px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 429x283px
>finally finish school for the semester
>score whole week off work
>am struck down by disgusting summer flu
>lose all motivation to do anything
>stuck in bed, full of snot, sweating like a mf
>no costume progress for this sucker

kill me.
Checking back on this;
>Payroll has been sorted!
>Go into system tomorrow, get paid next Monday.
>because the overall pay is being divided weekly, I'm JUST under the minimum tax bracket.
>Almost $1800 tax-free dollerydoos.
>For a free Instax camera pack as an apology.

Now I'm about to buy my Santa's gifts, because I know that I can dip into my savings without worry now~
You sound like you love in my country... Or even City.
Also summer flus are shit blame it on exam stress and gross people in exams.
File: 1475778077291.jpg (165KB, 934x795px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 934x795px
>lolita (possibly her) farted or sharted at a tea
>staining your precious frills with shit


U fug? Dirty anon.
File: 1450557806598.jpg (94KB, 1731x969px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 1731x969px
>Trying to finish school
>Stress not only halts costume time but also causes me to put on weight.
>Bf works for a Papa Johns a block down from where we live
>Every weekend brings back a pizza or two for when he plays video games with our friends two floors down
>Smells so good even though its crappy chain pizza
>End up eating half a pan pizza in desperation after a long night studying.
>Bf notices something is off?
>Open pizza box this morning to find a card saying no more pizza for a while, a copy of Pokemon Moon, and that he'll make some vegetable soup for us tonight plus he'll help me sew
Could be be more specific? Cause none of my exs ever could/would when they broke up with me.
Honestly that's kinda of shitty? Maybe I just think so because I'm a recovering ana-chan, if my bf insinuated I was eating too much of anything it'd trigger me and make me go back to starving myself. Also because I usually buy a cheap pizza every weekend and eat half of it so I don't see the problem unless you're fat
i think that he has your best interests in mind

you know you're putting on weight and it seems like it bothers you, and he just wants to help. i can see how >>9261595 thinks that way as a prior ana-chan, but as another former skelly myself i think it comes from a good place. sounds thoughtful as hell.
This. Keep the old one just active enough to appease mummy dearest.

Keep the real money in YOUR account.
We don't know what type of person you are to figure out your flaws.

The other thing is, people aren't meant to be flawless. Humans are naturally always meant to be working on their flaws and progressing forward as a species.
Your boyfriend sounds like a good guy, anon. I'm happy for you.
He won't bring back any more pizza from work period for the foreseeable future. I'm not bloated as a whale, but i've developed a gut which while not mega noticeable drives me insane. We do use the fitness area in our building when we can't make it to the Uni gym, and it's pretty nice. It's just a time thing and me being hard on myself.
File: brb killing myslef.png (88KB, 310x464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
brb killing myslef.png
88KB, 310x464px
>trying to get a master degree, have shit grades for reasons I can't control (being ill during tests, a bunch of personal problems, schedule that changes every week so I can't plan ahead, assignment supposed to be completed in 3 weeks but the date changed because of the teacher and I had only 3 days to prepare it, etc)
>people tell me to hang in there just like they're doing even though they're in way better situations than me and don't know what the fuck they're talking about, since they're supported by their wealthy families and live by themselves
>starting tomorrow, I have 2 weeks of tests, only 1 week with no class to study for finals, and only one week full of tests because finals
>the only thing that keep me going these days is a shitty anime con in my city in 3 weeks
>want to go with friends but one of them will most likely bring her whole family (for good reasons but too personal to say) so I probably won't see her a lot and I don't know if all my other friends will come in the first place

I feel horrible, I want to see someone for this in case it's something like anxiety or depression but at the same time I'm almost used to it and if my family knew I did something like that I could get in trouble. I just hope I won't become a borderline hikikkomori because of this shit semester.

I can't watch too many things these days because of college, but I'm into yuri on ice and god, the western fanbase is shit. I thought I was safe on twitter since I deleted my tumblr account some months ago, but I keep seeing people complain about the show being queerbaiting and racist because they're so entitled they think the writers and directors want specifically American trans hambeasts to watch their show.
Did you pay or are they freebies?
"...what people paid you good money for"

I know 4chan users aren't known for their literacy, but come the fuck on.

What are you studying anon?
Foreign languages. Which is why I mentioned that people in my university are rich, because they can afford to go abroad in special programs in prestigious colleges to study these languages in their everyday lives for at least one year. I can't even afford to go to another city and nobody wants to hire me so I'm not as fluent.
The people telling you to hang in there want you to stay well and they don't need to understand you to do that much.

Just don't get bitter at those people, it's not that easy to give advice, the wealthy have it easier on them, but getting motivated is mostly on you and that goes for everyone.

I wish I could sincerely tell you everything will be fine, you'll need to work for that, I hope you plow through your problems in amazing fashion.

And don't let tumblr turn your shows into shit, Yuri on ice is great and I never watch bishounen stuff.
good luck anon! i don't know what you're going through but i think i can relate. i got through college during cancer treatment and trying to get out of a bad home so it was always a gamble.

hopefully you won't be upset by my telling you to "hang in there," but hang in there
I'm in a similar situation, anon. Taking Chinese (along with another unrelated subject). I'm in my final year of my Bachelor's Degree. My grades are good atm but are likely to get worse as I've got a pretty difficult event coming up within my family in a few months.

Most of my class went to China this year as they're either wealthy or getting enough welfare from the government to go for really cheap. The ones who're stuck here are kinda looked down upon by the Department (even tho going abroad isn't a requirement). I can't say I blame them though...knowing that I'm gonna graduate with a degree in a language but not really be fluent is a pretty shitty feeling.

Have you considered looking into traveling after graduation? That's what most of the people in my class are looking at doing. Most countries will hire teachers if you have a TEFL certificate, so that's a good way to get abroad and have a year or more's worth of experience speaking the language, while being paid.
>realizes I'm a lesbian after self-help and work
>wants to date a cute girl who's more ouji than lolita
>too shy to actually look or ask
It sounds like you need a boyfriend, anon.
I know that, but it makes me feel more like shit when people I know who have it better than me try to give me advice, especially when I know they have good intentions but their advice aren't useful at all. I need to stop comparing myself to others but I can't help it.

Thanks, it's fine when anons say it for some reason. I'm glad you were successful despite everything that happened to you, it's encouraging. I feel like my biggest problem is that if I fail this year I'll have to retake it and I'll feel like wasting a lot of time on one degree.

That's very similar indeed, except in my case I get a one of the biggest scholarship in my country and it's barely enough to live alone so I have to stay at home in my city. I'll definitely go abroad as soon as I can after graduation (if it happens in the first place), I really want to improve but it has been years since I went outside my country and there are so many places I want to visit, especially Japan since I'm studying it.
I've had boyfriends. But I wasn't happy like I was when I dated a girl. I like boobs, can't help it.
File: 1477050341307.gif (974KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
974KB, 500x281px
>Had a great time at ANT
>Still mentally debate myself into thinking I had a shit time because I didn't ask for social media of friends I made/didn't hold any conversations with cute girls/was nervous during karaoke/other people were having fun with their numerous friends
Why does this always happen after a great weekend at these things? Thank fuck I actually planned in a unwind day before going back to work.
maybe stop acting like friendship is some kind of competition. no one is 'better' than you and you are 'better' than no one.
if you're tired of pretending to be interesting, maybe actually try doing interesting things. once you step outside your comfort zone, you'll realize it wasn't really comfortable at all.
Dance belt. Wear it.
Yeah, my country gives a lot of very generous grants to people who don't necessarily need them, or at least don't need all of that money. Seeing as you can't afford to live alone in your home country, never mind a foreign one, your grant seems a lot less generous.

I'm sure that once you graduate, you can get accepted to the JET Program or similar (they definitely seem hungry for recruits lately, they've been advertising everywhere here), and then your Japanese should be about as good as the rich people in your class.

This post really struck a nerve with me, so I'm really rooting for you Anon. I sincerely hope you can graduate on time, and that everything will get better in the near future.
I do man I do!
Still doesn't stop me from stabbing my other fingers and/or ramming the needle inside the thimble and under my skin!
Last week I actually stabbed my entire arm while feeding some pinned fabric through the machine. I'm just not a smooth cat - 's why I still have a day job lol
>Supanova Brisbane
been diagnosed with aspergers for well over a decade now, iktf
I seem 95% normal to most people now though, as a result of a lot of work
>tfw back pain makes me feel like I need to eat and or/use the restroom
I feel these problems belong in the same depressing category
>I get lieu time instead of overtime pay
>but I won't be able to take that time off until after December 18th
that's like them handing you a paycheck and saying "lol u can't spend it till we do our quarterlies" in my opinion
>tfw just got a few jobs to start paying off student loans in advance and probably will end up blowing all of the money on burando
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