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Tech/Electronic/Mechanical cosplay

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I'm trying to make a costume for halloween that will challenge me to make something with some amount of mechanical/electronic design. By this I mean costumes that make use of programmable LEDs, motorized mechanisims, etc. I have very heavy background knowledge in electronics so I can whip up nearly anything.

I'm not sure how much of an audience there is for this on here, but could we get a inspo thread for "tech" costumes? While I can build a whole lot of electronic gear, I have no inspiration as to what costume to build. I'll contribute the best I can.
>fashion a portable smoke machine, hide it discretely in the costume
>pipe smoke out the mask
Similar concept to Subzero, throw in some programmable neopixels and LEDs
Rando wizard guy. Install a plasma globe for the staff's orb
Custom batman beyond costume. Install some motors to open/close mask, pop out gauntlets, retractable wings, etc.
No interest in this at all?
I was expecting to see Hajime everywhere after Gatchaman Crowds started airing, but not that many people went for her. Pity.

Some of the mecha cosplays/robots are incredible, but otherwise people generally stick to LEDs and EL wire. I always thought something using an ESP8266 pulling stuff from the con centre wifi would be cool, but you'd need some reason for it.
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maybe this is complicated but has anyone one put in voice boxes in their cosplay? I mean, sound effect things are so cheap you can find them in dollar store toys.

but I was wondering if there was a way to load up custom voices into a sound... chip thing.. then press buttons to have selected sounds to come out of a small speaker?

Some people I use my phone, but it's generally not loud enough and when you wear gloves the touch screen doesnt work?

anyone know what i'm talking about or is that not really something someone does
If you're going to go the route of using a smart phone, just buy a small portable speaker with a 3.5mm jack and try find a way so that pressing the volume buttons (or any physical buttons on your smartphone) in a certain way will play a preloaded audio file. I did this with my old ipod touch (pressing the volume buttons at the same time either pauses or plays music).

Otherwise, I'm sure there are loads of voice boxes out there with programmable recordings.


Just something I found off a quick google search. Or if you're an electronics autist, you could try building something with an arduino but it's honestly not worth the time and effort imho.
i dont know why I didn't think of the mini portable speaker! sometimes I just get tunnel vision about things.

now I just need to make an app with large enough buttons and sound files....
Alternatively you could also connect a small keyboard, gamepad, or a custom input device like Bluefruit EZ-Key to your phone using either USB OTG or Bluetooth. That way you can map each sound file to a keystroke in addition to an on-screen app, allowing you to use it even while wearing gloves.
That's /diy theme, check out /ohm general there. Ask about mechanisms at rc planes thread if any.
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I'm familiar with /ohm/. That's a thread for detailing on specifics of hobbiest devices. I made this thread for costume inspiration; characters and the like from different mediums in which have aspects to their costume/attire that require an element of engineering (lights, actuators, sensors, pneumatics, etc).

The specifics of how to build said engineering elements is not the goal of this thread. Simply, I'm looking for characters where I can make electronics/mechanisms to better portray the character irl.

Example: Android Kikaider would have plenty of potential of having programmable lights and other tech in order to make a potential cosplay more dynamic and "android" like. As to the specifics of how to program said lights? Up to the person making the costume, this is just merely inspiration.
Automatically turning gun turrets and radars on cosplays including ships etc.

Hardware: small servos connected to a PWM source, with the ship hull stuffed with batteries.
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Recreate one of the phones from SE Lain. It wouldn't even need to be part of a cosplay!

Hardware: Gut a cheap chinese phone and recreate the phone case. If you're hardcore, build a phone from scratch and style it like a Navi, but it's probably not worth the expense for a con gadget.
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I've never done any electronic work before but really want to do this cosplay so I figure this is as good as any place to post. I really want to cosplay as Wrench from Watch_Dogs 2. He has this headset/goggles with a display that switches between different smileys. Any suggestions on how I'd even start something like this? Even if it could only have one emote set displaying it would be really cool. Or alternatively, anywhere that would take a commission for something like this?
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I've only ever seen two Hajime gatchasuit cosplays ever, surprised no-one hopped on it more.

I'd love to do it as well but armour is a fucking bitch to do.
in what world is this a batman beyond costume

>my husbando deserves better
You can do what Volpin did with his DP helmet and create a matrix inside a pair of ski-goggles or something:

Though if you want it to be close to the pic, you'll need a fuckload of small LEDs. Not to mention you might have wires in your eyes...

I'd also recommend Neopixel martixes as they're easier to set up and program, but cost more in your pocket: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2612
i would recommend visiting >>>/diy/ for the technical help
your are probably gonna end up using an arduino (or a pic) to do the control & automation of what you might end up conjuring together, so maybe try to get an head start on that (get familiar with the programing ide, learn the programing syntax and the board capabilities)
here are a couple of tips that might help you get some ideas for costume/parts:
>arduino spi controlled led strips
>movement triggered sound effects with an arduino


Take a look at this kit.


All you need to do is purchase the parts he lists. It looks like they can easily be fit in most large goggles.

I purchased a Thomas Bangalter kit from this guy. He's super helpful and replies quickly to emails.

If you have experience soldering then this should be cake. He even has very detailed instructions for every kit he makes.
I've used these before
They also sell a 2MB version which holds a couple of min of sound effects for a little cheaper. It plugs into to a computer and acts like a USB drive to load the sound effects. You just need to name the sounds to associate them with a pin number and then use a switch or button on that pin. I use a battery powered speaker that plugs right into the board.
I have made it with my boyfriend, we even showed it to the director of the game, want us to help you out?
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 13

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