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Fan Horror Stories

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ITT: worst shit you've had to deal with from a "fan" or yours, or a story that happened to someone you know

>be fairly popular lolita on the internet, but never went to meets
>decide to check out local comm
>first meet I go to is massive and a few girls recognize me
>one girl freaks the fuck out over me, calling me senpai, saying how I'm her Lolita idol
>flattered at first, but girl ends up not leaving my side the whole meet
>sends me a friend request on Facebook and makes a comment on the community page about how amazing it was to see me
>accept her friend request and see she also made a status about it on her own page, including a link to a YouTube video I did
>freaked out, but dismiss it as an overzealous and awkward girl who probably has no social skills
>fast forward a few months
>girl has been really annoying and won't leave me alone at meets, but nothing yet to suggest she wants to wear my skin
>notice her phone background for the first time
>its a picture of me
>one of my private FB ones, not the nice ones I post publicly on Intagram or Tumblr
>ask why she has that
>she says it's because its such a pretty picture
>tell her that her fangirlism has crossed the line into creeping me out
>she freaks out and says how there's nothing that great about me, anyway
>just got an essay long Facebook message from her about what great of friends we could have been, including how she fantasized about us going to Tokyo together, and how we could have worn each other's lolita
You sound like a bitch. You wanted e-fame, you got e-fame. Deal with it or get out. You don't seem like you deserve many fans.
And you sound petty. Being popular doesn't mean you "deserve" stalkers, or that you aren't allowed to untangle yourself from someone who's creeping you out. OP doesn't sound bitchy at all.

Excuse me? I find it creepy, too. Also, find this hilarious. I would try to avoid her much as possible.
and this is why i avoid e-fame at all costs. i don't even take photos of my coords because e-fame always seems to backfire
You're a little full of yourself, chances are you won't get noticed.
Caps or it didn't happen
You sound like the kind of person that stalks people online then applies this logic to make yourself the victim.
Yeah, it's creepy but not a big deal. You sound like one of those people that talks about how awful this thing that happened to them was but subtly enjoy the attention for it.

A girl followed you around and made you her phone background - get over yourself.
nice b8
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>be not efamous, but known online for Lolita in my area
>do lolita panel at con, great crowd, goes well
>20 mintues in
>notice one girl at the very front in a cat meido furiously taking notes
>really exaggerated scribbling, but actually writing
>continue through, sort of forget about her during questions at the end
>chat with friends from the crowd outside afterwards
>cat meido follows us, don't notice
>"Oh anon I love your blog!"
>Seems okay, just immature and young, eventually turns out she's 20
>Start chatting, she talks about how she wants to wear Lolita
>Shows me wishlist album on her phone
>All the exact same dresses, in the same cuts and colours from my wishlist
>Try to laugh it off "You have great taste [cat meido]!"
>Feeling deeply uncomfortable
>Cat meido sticks to me after friends leave, keeps screaming random stuff, fawns over me as I'm walking around, is even freaking out weebs.
>Tries to pass it off as being "excited to see a real Lolita!!"
>She'd been standing in a crowd of about 5 of us and sat through a panel but w/e
>keep trying to lose her, con venue is too small to lose shit
>Go to cosplay masquerade to watch
>Surely there won't be two seats next to one another and I can lose her
>"We're bringing out more seats!"
>shoot me
>End up stuck in a corner of the hall next to her shouting unfunny shit and occasionally asking me if she'd "hot" in Lolita
>Escape after a long ordeal and find bf.
>Come home to a facebook request from her.
>Fucking no.

I've never had to deal with anything like that before or since.
Honestly, one day I saw that a friend of mine of a couple years had put a picture of me up on his screensaver on his home computer, and it kind of freaked me out. That kind of thing is really fucking weird to some of us.
I've got a small cosplay following but have fortunately never had anything actual creepy or horror-story worthy happen. Most of my annoyances come from people who decide that they want to be my best friend. They'll find my friends at con, say hi and then just follow us around sometimes for hours before we can shake them. The worst one tagged along with us for a good five hours over two days.

However this one takes the cake:

>Receive messages from Fan for a while, sometimes sewing questions, sometimes requests to join her cosplay groups. Ignore some, answer others. Fan is friends with a girl I sometimes cosplay with.
>Suddenly one day receive a text message at 1AM.
>"Hi, anon, it's me, Fan! Mutal gave me your phone number!"
>"I'm just feeling really lonely and nobody is around, so I wanted to talk to you."
>Next day, get another text message, also around 1 or 2 am.
>"I'm feeling really depressed right now."
>This kid is a minor and I am not. If I show that I received the message I am potentially on the hook for her well being if she does anything.
>Receive more cries for attention over the next few weeks until they eventually stop. I never reply to any.
>Talk to mutual friend about it. Mutual insists she never gave her my number - she must have gone into her phone while she wasn't looking and copied it down.
Honestly this sounds kind of cute. You make yourself an untouchable e-celeb, people project a reality onto you. The Tokyo thing was her way of dreaming about being with a "celeb" she looked up to.

I hope you get out of the e-fame thing and cool it. You don't seem to get how it works. You also have to be good with people and you're clearly not.
Being popular online doesn't make that shit not creepy. I will never understand people who think someone having a few thousand Tumblr followers or whatever means they're obligated to take stranger's emotionally charged bestie fantasy projections as a compliment. No, just because someone is efamous doesn't mean they can't be weirded out by random people clearly being obsessed with them.
That person clearly had problems anon what is wrong with you?
Here is mine
>be kinda known, but not much at all i just have some notoriety on facebook but nothing else
>be at con
>i seem to see this small 16yo girl (short blonde hair,actually ok dressed) quite often
>tfw turns out she's following me
>super quietly follows me, she seems to have no friend, i laugh at her with my friends and we try to lose her
>think she eventually catch she's being a creep and go away
>two hours later i see her behind us looking sort of lost
>my friend turn and say hi to her, ask her about her coord
>she gets super uncomfrortable,looks at the floor and mumble something before going away
>haven't seen her since,don't have her as a friend and never got asked by her (but my facebook is set nearly public so..she probably stalks me there eh whatever)

I'm creeped out but maybe it wasn't her attention but still sheesh what was this girl doing? Someone told me maybe i was her role model or something.
>she must have gone into her phone while she wasn't looking and copied it down.

Christ almighty.

Sort of on topic story that mostly shows what I puss I am, but this kind of weirded me out.
>make a cosplay page on FB to keep people from tagging my personal account in con photo albums
>have barely over 50 likes and don't promote it
>some guy somehow finds it
>guy goes through any photos with my face in them (I put up lots of progress shots) and comments about how "beautiful" I am
>starts messaging me about how he doesn't like one of the characters in my Future Cosplay list
>"you're too innocent and pure to be that bitchy of a character"
>"you're such a kind and sweet girl"
>literally never talked to this person ever
>abandon cosplay fb page entirely

I know that's nothing compared to the weird stuff plenty of truly e-famous cosplayers/lolitas go through, but just that was enough to show me I don't have thick enough skin to deal with weird rando dudes on the internet.
File: Frogman.jpg (29KB, 300x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 300x200px
This isn't nearly as bad as anyone else's stories, but reading these reminded me of it.

>Post a new profile pic on facebook of myself in cosplay
>Check again fb a few hours later, the obvious likes are in my notifications and.. childhood friend of friend has invited me to like their page
>Page is dedicated to nerdy stuff, decide to look it over
>Around the time said friend had liked my photo, they posted a fanservice photo of the character I cosplayed
>They posted it knowing I would see it
>laugh at her with my friends
wow, you sound like a real cunt
Is there a better alternative for showing cosplay pics than a FB fanpage? It feels really e-fame seeking and I get enough weird normies trying to add me and commenting on my personal cosplay one.
I mean there's tumblr
I had a few people that followed me around a recent con due to recognizing me from either my tumblr blogs, or from my old as fuck fanfictions.

I had a girl ask if she could use me as a main character for a fanfiction and I'd be a male furry that would get pregnant and I just stared at her for a while, trying to process this.

She messaged me on Facebook apologizing and trying to give me stupid headcanons for one of the characters I feature on my blog basically forcing the fact that they're gay and trans and were raped as a child.

She's like 15 or something
>Have an Ouran High School Host Club groub
> We all look pretty decent, and we put on a few panels here and there, but we do other stuff besides cosplay Ouran.
>Have a Facebook page for the group, because why not
>Every other day we receive weird or oddly sexual messages from under aged fans asking us for fanservice pictures/videos or wanting us to immediately be their friends.

I mean, it's not terrible, but we're all 20+ years old and it seems like most of our fans are collectively 15 - 17 year olds. It gets awkward, especially since the twins in our group are actual twins and we keep getting persistant requests for 'twincest'.
Here is mine:
>Be in a Cosplay group who happen to be one of the first to Cosplay something.
>Pictures on the internet.
>Time passes, the fandom is getting out of control.
>Distance myself from said Cosplay.
>Be at the grocery store, you know, normal.
>Someone walks up to me "INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE!"
>I am baffled, I look nothing like I do when I cosplay, how'd they recognize me!?
>Anon I found your FB, talks to me for a while about the fandom that I now can't stand.
>Go home and make FB completely private.

Not as crazy as some other stories.
File: b.gif (406KB, 300x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meet fan
>she watches your videos
>she fb friends you
>she has pic of you as phone bg
>follows you around because excited to meet her idol

isn't that the whole point of being a fan?
>be ouji
>post pic online
>immediately hit on by thirsty lolitas
Wow calm down you idiot she didn't hear us we where making fun quietly of that creep girl
bitchy and illiterate, great combo
>be not popular online
>wear one costume pretty regularly for Halloween and zombie walks because it goes over so well
>be at a Halloween party this year wearing said costume
>a lady comes over by me
>asks if I had done the zombie walk a couple of years ago with that outfit
>I told her yes
>she gushes and fangirls over me about how no one else has done it better

I handle guest stuff for my local con and usually I'm the one restraining my fangirl. Having someone fangirl/fanboy all over me really put some things into perspective for me. I tried to be very polite and engaging with her. She told me her life story. I typically get compliments but I've never had someone just fangirl.
My husband was playing a gig the night this happened. A few weeks later my husband was playing a gig at the same bar and she fangirled on him about me, as I was not there. She hasn't stalked me or sent weird messages. I just found it enlightening.
Aw honey see you went too far, now it's too obvious you're baiting.
Have your autism checked plz
baiting? no but really, why else would this girl just follow me around the whole time and probably creep on me via facebook? Tell me.
Amusing we're talking about real situation where this might happen and not your fake as hell story? (seriously who in real life actually uses the words "ugly little thing") It's very feasible that she could have no other lolita friends. Even at some cons dressing in lolita is not that popular so she would be excited to see someone else in the fashion, want to talk, but be too awkward to approach them. Cons are full of socially awkward kids, I could see something like that happening.
I see the same people walking behind me at con's all the time, how do you know she was following you?
*Assuming, god dammit, mobile
The fact that several people in this thread think there's nothing creepy about OP's fan and she's just overreacting has shed a lot of light on how strong the autism in these communities is.
Someone just bitter.
yea that just sounds like you being bitchy, she doesnt sound creepy like many of these other stories
>twins cosplaying twins famous for giving fanservice of twincest
>getting butthurt over twincest fanservice requests
>you don't have to do it but they need to either stop complaining or cosplay something else.
Not OP here but:

>Twincest is a fandom invention not canon, so you can't argue that they were "asking for it" by picking that cosplay just because some fans ship it
>I'm guessing they mention that they're related on their fanpage
>Which means people are asking them to make out KNOWING that they're related.

If it were me I could give randos asking for fanservice in the halls a pass because they probably don't know the cosplayers are related. But if Weeby Jane goes to a sibling-shared cosplay account and still asks for makeouts, that's inappropriate at best, and an indication of people getting off on real sibling incest at worst.
g8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Different anon, but the twincest in Ouran is canon, not just a fan ship. That's the whole point of the twins in the series, they exist solely as twincest fanservice.
The "nerd" community has an always will be primarily socially awkward spergs. To the point where it's a normie stereotype of nerds.
File: 359h8g8.gif (477KB, 380x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry have to agree with >>8760334 it was canon and was even canon in the live action. That was their entire angle in the club, performing flirty acts between each other that suggested their relationship was more than just brothers.

>tfw I finally get to use this gif
Yeah, that's one stereotype of nerds that's very much based in reality as evidenced in not just this thread, but anytime creepy behavior is discussed.

I once had a girl ruin my cosplay because she jumped me and tore my ball gown. Her reaction? To tell me if I don't want people glomping me not to cosplay.
>being semi famous online (not so much in my country though
>there's this total weeab girl who always looks like sh...no improvement in nothing
>I recently decided to make a super sonico cosplay
>suddenly she got herself a super sonico cosplay too
>I posted that I bought me some brand makeup
>few days later she posted photos of the exact same stuff that I bought

On one hand I feel honored that she tries to be like me. But on the other hand it's a total waste of resources on her desu since, well, since she's not only older than me (in her mid 20) but also a total weeab as stated before. Not as creepy as some of your stories though worth to be mentioned
>To tell me if I don't want people glomping me not to cosplay.

victim blaming in this day and age? shaking my head

I agree it's a focal point of the series, that part they roll with pretty well without complaint. What's creepy to us is that most of our fans are fully aware they're actually brothers and are asking for them to full on make out /grind on each other, or generally do stuff that's over the line.
Ohhh. Yeah, I can see that being a bit gross for them.
Are they cute?
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I'm actually a little worried about being "that person". I just moved to a comm and there is a girl in it that I have never met, but have admired since I first became a lolita (I know she lurks here too). I can sometimes be awkward as hell and freeze the fuck up around actual celebrities, so I'm worried I might be super spaghetti around her the first time I actually meet her. I'm not sure how to avoid this because we are in the same comm now. I just think she seems cool.
Just prep for what you want to say the first time you talk to her one on one. A good ice breaker is to compliment her on her outfit. If you want to get it out there that you follow her online, follow it up by saying that you've seen her coords online and think they're great. From there you can usually gage if she wants to continue having a conversation with you or not.

I'm not a lolita but I've had people drop spaghetti around me at cons for a similar reason, and t.b.h. I think it's endearing and doesn't bother me. I actually met a good friend of mine this way. Your mileage will vary though depending on what type of person she is.

I'm almost a complete nobody for the exception of some notes like "you're the bff of the semi cosplay famous so-and-so, aren't you?"

Now, a few years ago I got a table at an artists' alley for the first time and since I don't have my name out and don't a lot of fanart, I wasn't expecting huge profits but you know, get the experience.
I did have a few Adventure Time and BBC Sherlock shit up (they were at their peak att) and they sold well and I met cool people.

But this one girl with a Dogs Luki cosplay finds my table, buys one of all of my stuff and says that though she hasn't seen my art anywhere before that I became her fave artist the moment she got to my table.
Flattered and glad she bought something, but she then stays blabbering nonsense about how I'm the most amazing and how HER cosplay is the most amazing ever and how she loves the character and OH did I already tell you how much I love you???
> nopethefuckout.jpg

She stays at my table for so long and talks so loudly and obnoxiously hiw she's now my art's biggest fan that she drives away all my other potential customers. I tell this to her politely and she goes away but promises to come back.
And she does, asking if I take art requests. I didn't have prices planned but ok fine, what do you want?
"A picture of you!"
> excuse me
Nahh, that's weird, how about something else?
"Okay, me then! In this cosplay!"

That I can do, finish the commission and she again stays to gush reeeally loudly how I'm the best artist at the alley. Again flattered but she's so obnoxious she's driving not only me but all my booth neighbours nuts.
After a while she bounces off with my business card and I think I'm finally rid of her as I leave my friend in charge if the table and go gor lunch and chat with my friends.

Now the con venue wasn't too big but there were a lot of people, and as I stopped to chat with a friend I hadn't seen in ages, Luki somehow finds me and pops up in the middle of our convo.


"Hi, I'm Luki, Anon's biggest fan!"
> ok
My friend is weirded out and I tell them that this girl found my stuff today and I try to pick up the convo where we left it.
Luki just stays there, nodding and saying uhhuh even if we're talking about the kind of shit she can't possibly know and be a part of, something just between me and my friend.

I ask Luki politely if I could have this moment with my friend since we haven't seen in a while and she goes:
"Oh don't mind me, I'll just listen to your awesomeness!"
Uhhhh this is private.
She finally agrees to leave me alone but asks for my contacts. My business card contains my tumblr and my DA but as I point that out she asks for my skype.
I tell her I rarely use skype and she then asks for my facebook and I politely decline.
"Your phone number then! We could call all the time!"
And talk about what exactly???
Again I decline by saying it would be weird and get out of her sight by saying I have to go pack the table soon for I want to go see a cosplay competition with my table sitting friend.

After the con Luki raids my tumblr AND DA with messages about my awesomeness and how I should draw more pictures of her in her cosplay.
Never reply.
Just because somebody is known online doesnt make them available for everybody, also the girl is very creepy.
I would really like to know who you are, just so I can avoid any form for potential association with you. What a way to treat a shy person who may or may not have admired you from afar for a few hours.
Yeah, but it's pretty creepy to ask RL twins to twincest
Not saying it isn't. I was just disagreeing with >>8760329 who said their twincest concept was fandom invented and not canon.
>Talk to mutual friend about it. Mutual insists she never gave her my number - she must have gone into her phone while she wasn't looking and copied it down.

Your friend probably did give it to them and later realized how bad they fucked up and just blamed it on the fan to save their own ass desu
>Have a small group of friends that are into J-fashion
>someone introduces a new girl to the group
>She is well dressed, has good make up and hair style. Clearly she knows what she is doing
>She wants to make our j-fashion group bigger and make it a community
>She is kinda irritating, but doesn't seem like a bad girl so we let her be
>She starts texting me, talking about music, j-fashion
>Already feel kinda unconfortable but try to be as nice as I can with her
>texting becomes something daily. and I'm starting to dislike it.
>Ask me my age. She is 15, I'm ten years older.
>her age explains her attitude a lot i guess
>She starts getting more and more clingy and seems she dislikes my best friend too.
>Stop going to group meetings for a while due to health issues
>keep contact with most people trought facebook
>She adds me on facebook
>whatever, accept her.
>She post a lot about herself, I never interact with her there.
>next week she adds me on facebook
>weird I was sure I already accepted her
>next week she adds me on facebook
>seems she makes a new account each week and deletes the previous one and adds me everytime
>I stopped accepting her requests after the fifth one.
I have a fan horror story about a friend no more.
She was OBSESSED with this crossdresser who did her fav male character.
Meet at a con and went to the formal as a cosplay couple. But the girl with her I felt just did it cause my friend was letting her stay in the hotel. When this girl I'll call A wasn't there my friend would gush about how in love she was. I did find it kinda worrying but I figured fangirling.
But when it got to the point A had given me her phone number to help her bring my friend down from her idealized life of them together that I got a taste of how bad e-fame fans treat people.
One such event was when A texted me that she was going through a friend's passing and my friend wouldn't leave her the fuck alone. Like how bonkers in the head do you have to be, to read "Hey I'm grieving right now can we talk later." And text said person 30 more times.
Why would someone make a new FB every week? Does she constantly get her ass blocked from other places?
Mutual was already in the process of trying to untangle herself from this girl because she was getting obsessive with her via messaging as well. I obviously can't say for sure what happened, but when I casually brought it up she was really annoyed because she was already at her wit's end with fan's behavior.
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