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Make up a street style that you'd like to see, that is completely ridiculous, funny, etc.

>clothing tones from pure white to very dark grey
>floaty/poofy dresses, puffy jackets, anything goes
>as long as you look like a cloud.
>rain motifs/splashes of blue or sunshine could work too.

Do your worst, cgl

>tacky glasses
>floral moomoos
>garish make up
>realistic cat shaped purses
>short curly wigs, especially blonde or grey
Honestly I think it'd be kinda cute in its own way?
>My grandma-kei
>Only wear clothes from Ashley Steward and black wool socks with Birkenstocks
Double points if the glasses are the old-fashioned cat-eye ones to match the bag?
Grandma-kei was already mentioned.

Found a purse for you, anon.
Ooh yes definitely!
Especially glasses with those tacky pearl straps that go around the head.
I'm in love.
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In a similar vein as Cloud-kei I would say Fuwa-kei or Fluffy-kei. Everything is made of fluffy or faux fur fabric.
clothing style similar to mori/natural/dolly/cpk so accessories that capture a witchy magical aesthetic would be the most important part. Their would be alot of room for variety depending on what kind of witch you're going for like a swamp witch, sweets witch, even a ghibli style witch. Also crazy hats.
I think cloud-kei sounds amazing honestly.

I also love this idea!! Swamp witch sounds really cute.
>realistic animal prints as motifs
>pet toys worn as accessories
>could be a subcategory of mori girl, dressing like an animal living in the wild, bird girls would wear outfits consiting of tons of feathers and wear bird's next with eggs on the head, wolf girls wear fur, bones and skeletons of their prays
>nothing furry
So Strega? Or more accurately what Strega wishes it were?
Pretty sure that site is knocking off the actual Pico. She only sells on YJA and doesn't ship overseas that I'm aware of, and her bags tend to go for three times that or more.

I'm really familiar with the brand so I didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
She says she doesn't sell to people outside of Japan so the etsy one is probably a knockoff then.
The funny thing is that Pico's works are actually knockoffs of http://hideaway-of-pigu.boo.jp/
She tweeted about Taobao knock-offs, so that's probably where that Etsy is sourcing them:

It's the same photos in her screencap on the shop, sadly.
Huh. I had no idea.

Also: omg that giant meat bag. LOL

All the cute shit little sisters and the under 12s in anime wear. Colorful simple graphics, room wear, striped otk/thigh highs, playful, childish, hair in twintails/pony tail/kotori bun thing.
More otaku-core than fairy kei.

>Inb4 age play
I just really like the aesthetic.

>wear eye makeup that makes your eyes look smaller instead of bigger
>red, pink, grey, green, or black eye makeup colors
>fill eyebrows in closer together to add to squinty look
>pale, thin lipstick
>loose bedhead hair with nothing that will pull against scalp
>soft, cushiony shoulder accessories: fluffy collars that attach at shoulders rather than neck, like stuffed animals you can rest your head on
>lots of deep blue, a universally calming tone, or black
>absolutely nothing "loud" (bright, clashing colors or busy patterns)
>nothing form-fitting
>cushioned earmuffs and sunglasses
>handbags, no shoulder bags

t. anon with chronic headaches
Already exists, that was what Yukapon called her style, the brand Pinkly Ever After used that term too.
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Meme Kei:
>buy every single meme piece of clothing off taobao
>wear it.
Aww, but yukapee is gross..

>everything has a school uniform-y feel
>loose skirts, either ones that reach the ground or paired with simple tights
>button ups
>slight religious motifs (like crosses, lambs, etc.)
>bags would either be cute backpacks or bigger purses
>comfortable, flat shoes
>long hair, pulled back or in some kind of updo

Comes with two main spinoff styles: 'pure' and 'dark'
>pure is all whites and light colors with more angel/wing motifs
>dark is all dark colors and more cross motifs, possibly anti-religion themed

I think it could be cute if done right
Forgot pic, but pic related (with a ponytail and tights) is the kind of look I'd be talking about
how is that Mormon kei?
Not to mention, Mormons don't wear crosses... Maybe you just mean some kinda general Christian-kei?
Yeah, I called it Mormon-kei based around how I thought Mormon girls are expected to dress, but with a spin on it.

Obviously there's already an actual Mormon way of dressing so I was trying to come up with my own thing, I guess Christian-kei would be a better name
That swamp witch suggestion is hilarious, and now I really want to see it. I'd love to see some gull rocking a Meg Mucklebones coord.

Ocean-kei, or mermaid-kei? The catch is
that every outfit must use actual objects from the ocean: sea shells, dead and dried starfish, sea-glass, and so on. Extra snaps for the use of netting.
How did you get strega out of that?
File: CLEdfuYUMAA35Hx.jpg (72KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tbh there is almost realistic cat shaped everything in Japan.
Because Strega is suppoesed to be witch themed Dark Mori/Cult Party/Dolly Kei.
How dare you, my grandma has better taste than moomoos
I read that as Clown kei and now I'm terrified of the thought.
minimum wage food service worker-kei
>themed badges (macdonalds etc)
>shabby shoes
>sloppy hair
>dirty backpack
>overall atmosphere of sadness and pain
You forgot

>burns from grease/hot trays/ovens/etc
File: 60512492[1].jpg (34KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>overall atmosphere of sadness and pain
>>burns from grease/hot trays/ovens/etc

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>Named after Danish folklore creature (pic related)
>Can be seen as a variant of mori
>Chunky, textured knits all over (sweathers, socks, scarves)
>Huge focus on contrasting different kinds of knits (two kinds of socks, sweathers with a poncho etc)
>Color palette: Reds, beiges, browns, muted green, greys
>Less ethereal&floaty and more earthy&solid than mori.
>Sillouette: Huge sweather, miniskirt/shorts, skinny legs in tights and knee highs
... I pretty much just went ahead and described my day to day style.
holy shit I need that Taiyaki purse
I already wear this...
I thought Strega was just all blacks and greys I've never seen anything witchy about it?
>Clown kei
I think something like circus-kei would be awesome, I love the sentimental circus collab outfits and prints like twilight circus. Now I'm kind of sad Asumiko Nakamura didn't make a circus-themed dress...
hello finfag
Botany-kei, same idea as steampunk (since it looks like Japan actually wears steampunk) but taking the gears out.

>Layers of long loose skirts in soft colors like milk tea or sage or with calico florals.
>Audubon plant screenprints.
>Pressed and preserved-flower jewelry.
>Crochet lace.
>Sturdy lace-up boots in brown and tan with scuffs.
>Low swept back buns.
>Round glasses as needed.
>Adventuring gear optional: oversized safari jackets or satchels.
It's said to be witch based is, hence why anon said what it wishes to be.
Wow I never knew that. No wonder everyone hates strega it's the biggest fail of fashion I've ever heard of especially since it's such a cool idea.
File: youbrokestevie.gif (968KB, 465x261px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
968KB, 465x261px
You mean like Misty Day from AHS? I can get behind that.
I wanna wear those kindergartener shirts with tulips on them.....
So, hick belgian auntie-kei...
I love the kindergarten "uniforms" with the little yellow hat, comfy shorts, and a t shirt.
Strega = Italian for witch

Tumblr got its hands on it and shouted "NO RULES! NO RULES!" so it tanked into nothing but messy, sloppy, not-goth clothes.

They tried and failed, basically.
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post apocalyptic kei
everyone dresses as if the worl ended and they need to go on a journey to find water and food.

>water canteen like purses ad vintage utility belts
>worn out work boots
>clothes made from heavy fabrics, looks like something made out of the same material of war uniforms, and leather
>it would work with colors like dark green, brown, worn black, gray, navy blue, and some red or mustard for accents
>lots of texture
More like: how every white 16 yr old girl dresses for school - kei
That upsets me because I really love the boho/gothic/dark mori look and I wish it had a name.
just "goth" is fine. even "boho goth" is fine. "strega" is tryhard and tainted.
This sounds like it would be cool in groups of people

>nothing made in countries without ethical laws governing the textile industry
>never shop at a store unles workers are confirmed to have a living wage
>lots of indie brands and DIY
>semi-professional look so people take you seriously
>flaunt beauty and gender stereotypes without looking like a pig, basically
>avoid wearing plastics or anything that would have trouble decomposing
>use natural or repurposed materials when possible
>if you're obese don't bother trying this fashion; check your over-consumption privilege


>"I went to the thrift store and asked what they were planning to throw away because it wasn't selling. I bought a bag of their unwanted clothes, took them apart with my seam ripper, and made a few quilted/patchwork vests and coats. It didn't look right, so then I went to my local tailor to have this ugly mess tailored to fit me, and tipped that local business generously."

basically i would love to see these fucking SJWs put their money where their mouths are and come up with a sustainable, ethical fashion. getting sassy slogans mass-printed on flimsy fast-fashion shit doesn't make me take you seriously, i want to see you sacrifice convenience and cuteness for true conscientous fashion.

fucking Fundamentalist Christians are better at sustainable living than tumblr SJWs are.
with sub-styles like:
>high elf-kei
>dark elf-kei
>forest elf-kei
>Santa's elf-kei
Imagine the possibilities.
So Stevie Nicks?
вeштицa is much better
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Making a cosplay/coord so bad that people burst into laughter when they see it. I don't mean wear mis-matching clothing or put on a box that says "Cosplay". No. Put time and effort into making a god-awful horrendous abomination.
>Make a dress/wig out of duct tape
>Make a dorito-face bad fan art mask.
> Use staples and masking tape to put clothing together
> Draw your eyeline down to your cheeks
>Duct tape a shoe to your forhead.
This may work if you hate a j-fash style or fandom. Make a disgusting charactiture of it and come to the meet up.
Pic related. Trorru-Kei Alucard
and you can be the equivalent to an elitist brand whore by getting elf ear plastic surgery

is this actually possible because it seems like something people would want, but also please no why don't

been saying this for a long fucking time.
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I dream for the day RPG-kei becomes a thing
It's more popular than you'd expect. One of our very own /cgl/ lolcows got this surgery, actually.
I would definitely dress like this, but what would the rules for it be? Like the most basic staples?

Obviously outfits like your picture would have to be toned down just for practical purposes so what would the most basic staples be?
This. If you took etsy, removed the pretentious hipster bullshit it's steeped in, and got rid of the 'Everyone's a winner and deserves asspats!!!!! If you hurt my feelings go kill yourself!!!!' mentality of the common sjw, it would be really interesting to see what happened to the fashion industry. It'd be like make do and mend mentality without the war.
Some sort of parody of cosplay and jfash in general. Like a jfash normcore. Dress sarcastically. Irony-kei
this is really cute, I guess it will look kinda cosplayish but with better fabric and sense of color coordination. I guess that the split wigs could find a home in this style
Holy fuck it's terrifying and I want it
I found these on Aliexpress for the half the price.
To be honest this is kind of a great idea. I want to get into Mori so I should just have a look for some cute long skirts / tablecloths and maybe make some layered skirts out of them.

>poofy dresses/pants
>over sized jewelry
>tiny crowns
>large belts
Tribal-kei / Forest-Warrior kei (It can probably be considered a rebellious sister style to mori)

General Wear:
>ripped Crops
>Short shorts
>flowing skirts
>flowing blouses
>flower clips or headbands
>feathers (fake or not)
>bracelets, anklets
>barefooted or boots
>Messy hair
>little to no noticeable makeup
>a little dirty OT a bit scruffy
>body paint
>animal prints
>The Comms making tribal like signs would be lovely

>lake protector/Water tribe
(incorporating sea or water related styles. More in the pale/cool/icey spectrum of Colors, flowy shirts, sea side cabins or hut, arrows and fishing spears, fishing nets are an extra. The Korean shiny/dewy make up is ideal.)

>Deep forest
(Tighter fitting clothes, warmer colors, fur, vines, machetes, treehouses, campfire, scruffy, body paint, flowers)

>Mountain girl/boy
(More modern wear is accepted, white, beige, dark grey, fur, coats, bird themes, round glasses, arrows, has a more uniformed look. )

(Humanity's wars have gone too far, and wiped out civilization! Mother nature has taken over, and humans are forced to either live in their technological rubble or in nature's growing embrace. Incorporate silver, black, rusted colors or brown. Spears, old time guns, and arrows are accepted. Body paint, ripped clothing are ideal. Fake scars, leather books, and broken technology can also be incorporated. Now just mix this with the general weat and viola!)
This is basically my goal desu
>loud floral prints to subtle brown palm tree prints. either or
>crocs or hiking sandals with tube socks
>over sized shorts with TONS of pockets. Usually khaki or subtle plain colors, but a smart cord could pull off a print shirt AND print shorts.
>Bucket hat! as decorated or plain as you'd like but it can make or break a cord.
> make up would be various configurations of heavy white zinc sunscreen on the nose or cheeks, or both. some might even put it on the chin.
>fanny packs are a great accessory for a good silhouette; shows of your figure under the baggy clothes and can hold your camera and sunscreen.
> bonus points for woven strands of hair, puka shell necklace and other tourist swag.
Someone always brings up Katamari-kei in these threads and I'm desperate to see it done.
I'm from kansas and I always see this ... like fucking everywhere ...


>Large shiny colorful christian cross purse will be the center piece of these outfits, the bigger the better. The more blinged out metal pieces the better.
> Lace on denim will be common and expected. Denim pants are NEVER skinny. boot cut is the norm.
> Cammies with large lace trim at the bottom will be about as mandatory as a nice blouse with jsk.
> tons of huge cheap jewelry, kinda like gal but with major christian over tones.
>Heels with boot cut jeans are a good plus but colorful cowboy boots with tons of rhinestones is also good.
> cross necklace ... obvi
> animal print is a nono (makes you look like a stripper heathen) but modern hunter camo is a must in any cord.
> short hair is the norm, preferably the slightly longer in the front, short in the back, obviously had highlights just done "let me speak to your manager" hair cut.
> nails are long and fake, but never too long.
> common colors are orange, pink, and turquoise.

Like gal ... except fucking awful.
do it and post results.

tag it with social activism shit on tumblr to see the pearl-clutching defensiveness of internet warriors who would rather literally be raped by Hitler than sacrifice comfort and convenience for an honest cause.

>no, i'm not bitter, why do you ask?
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