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Feels Thread

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Last one is saging >>8694041

>gf really dislikes lolita
>I've wanted to get into the fashion for ages, just put together my first coord and feel super cute in it
>she confesses to me she thinks I look really nice and says she know feels differently about lolita

I'm so happy I could tear up a little. I wouldn't stop dressing how I like for a SO but it feels so nice to know she likes to see me in this.
Pic extremely unrelated to my kind of feels but eh, feels thread!
I really want to get into lolita but I'm 21, chubby, and a poorfag. I also am worried I might be wanting to get into it to spite a friend who thinks I would look awful in it.
>I'm 21
this is not an issue. lolita isn't ageplay.
>don't make a lot of money and due to rent/student loans/adult responsibilities can't really save any
>I like my job so I don't want to leave, can sometimes get extra income through commissions as well
>feel guilty when I buy lolita because I could have put money into savings or student loans or something responsible

Maybe I should get a second job.
I'm 20 and I'm a Lolita, try it out! Save up, it makes it even more memorable
>got a summer job solely for first lolita coord

My own feels
>start buying a dress once every couple of weeks
> usually just $70 taobao dresses
>stepdad loves me in Lolita
> thinks it's overpriced though
>always thought it was a waste of hard earned money
>he knows I sold some lolita
>has no clue I've been buying
>came into my room
>'anon, all 5 of these dresses are new'
>'what? I've just had them in my closet, not on display'
>'ah, sorry anon!'

I hate lying to him, but it's my own money. And Lolita makes me happy. He is constantly buying expensive toys for his son and new drone parts. I work overtime and I work closing shifts for my lolita.

I'll have to come clean and tell him one day, I just regret the day I'll have to tell him.
OP here, I'm 22, a little chubby and a poorfag as well.
Age is completely irrelevant, desu. As long as you take care of your looks, you're perfectly fine.
Being chubby just requires a bit of extra care in picking pieces that flatter you (that's with any fashion, really). Always check your measurements before buying, no "oh, I fit a 12, so this should fit" shit. Always ask for measurements and always measure yourself before commiting to buy.
As for being a poorfag, save up/set a little money aside that you can spare and make a monthly budget. Stalk your country's sales groups and lacemarket, many times you can get nice pieces for fairly cheap. Taobao brands are your friends. There are also nice Bodyline pieces, just look up reviews of the pieces you're interested in before buying. Thrift stores are also a good place to find blouses and accessories.
I just wouldn't advise you to get into a fashion just to spite someone, tho.
...forgot about the word swap thing. Ignore the desu
Thank you for the advice, gulls! I realised at an upcoming con a few comms in the larger area are putting together a bring and buy so I might go, try on some pieces and see how I feel. If I genuinely love it, I'll go for it!
>tfw everyone is moving on with their lives
>tfw everyone's becoming responsible adults with hectic but satisfying full days planned ahead
>tfw I just stay in my room all day unless I have class
>tfw never have anything planned, unless it uni deadlines
>tfw feeling left behind

I'm thinking of not celebrating my upcoming 21st birthday at all. I don't have any friends. I love my family but the ones that visit on my birthdays are those that I see often enough.

I just don't see any end to this cycle anons. I should give it a few more years, but if it's still the same the time I hit 25, I'll just end it.
>bf of three years mentions wanting to break up
>says we'll try to get it to work, though
>still working on cosplays for him even tho im pretty sure theres no point
>hes being dodgy about visiting
>a bunch of my stuff is still at his house and i know from past experiences its pretty hard to get him to ship stuff
>ill probably never see any of it if we break up

i really want this to work but im getting super frustrated about all of this lol.
>I'll have to come clean and tell him one day, I just regret the day I'll have to tell him.
Uh, why? You're an adult. You don't have to disclose your financial details with anyone.
If after 3 years you're more upset about whether or not you'll see your stuff again rather than the actual break up, it's time to end it. Go see him and pick it up. Or go see him and try and fix things up.
he lives a few days away so i really can't. its not that im more upset about my stuff its just that the fact if we do break up, i wont get it back, is bothering me. we're kinda poor so i cant exactly replace it.
Either make some friends, or go do something on your own for your birthday. Do whatever you want, or don't. From the sound of your post, you sound really down. Maybe consider getting some help, or somebody to talk to? In general, birthday plans or not, you should see about finding a hobby that makes you happy and gets you out of your room.

And trust me, 21 isn't old. Nor is 25. I was in your shoes once, and I regret wasting some of my 20s being depressed and going into hermit mode and not doing anything. Just make the most of it, the details will work out when its meant to work out. And I know how "it will work out" can sound cliche, but it eventually does. You just have to make some changes and decide what's worth it.

This. And if it's all your money you worked for, it's none of anyone's business what you spend it on.
I'm sorry, but if you're expecting him to come visit you and you won't visit him? That's not fair. Also, if he's not decent enough a person to ship stuff back to you if you explain how important it is, then that speaks for itself, really.
How much had he spent on his Icahn hobbies? There are gamers who easily drop 2K for a new gaming PC.

Unless you have shared finances and your hobby is making unnecessary risks to your survival (needing to eat ramen only, no emergency savings, credit cards aren't being paid off, you're behind on rent), I really don't see why you need share every detail of your hobby budget with your boyfriend.
im in school so i cant go. he gets 2 weeks off work in dec. im offering half the ticket cost also, lol.
I have a psychologist I can tell everything. But even then I can't bring up how down I feel sometimes. When I got tested for depression I couldn't even get myself to say I thought of killing myself often because those moments are infrequent so I figured it's not that bad.

I draw but it's all online so there's no reason for me to go outside. The only regular social thing around here is partying and I'm too sensitive to sound to handle those.

Sorry for being so negative, I do honestly appreciate your input. It's just hard to see light at the end of the road during moments like this.
Today I measured myself and found out I lost another 4cm. I can now fit into my dream dress.
I'm just afraid of him being like 'you have better things to spend your money on' and guilt tripping me to sell some stuff

I have no utilities besides putting gas in my car. He spends a few hundred on toys and other stuff
Didn't Anon say stepdad?
Yeah I understand. Just try to keep your head up and keep moving. Be sure to take care of yourself. It gets better. It's not ever perfect, but you'll eventually find some decent people to trust and call friends. It's all kind of a balance; you'll have good days and bad days, you just have to take it all in stride and live in the moment. (If you health is such that you need medication though, take it so you're chemically balanced.)

If you're artistic, have you considered visiting art museums? Sometimes they can be really uplifting or at least get your mind off shit for a little while. There has to be something other than just partying. Maybe try looking outside of your immediate peer group?

Your post speaks to me a lot because you remind me of me. I hope things turn around for you.
>Just moved away to start uni
>No money for lolita
>All my new friends are masc-presenting & there are no cute lolita friends to dress up with
>Why did I even choose this course it's terrible
What course? I'm an engineering student and I still have pretty ladies in my classes, though the proportions of girly girls to dudes/masculine women is really bad.
There's plenty of girls around, just not into lolita or alternative fashion
That sounds more like luck of the draw then, maybe you'll get some alt girl friends later on.
I'm super spaghetti all the time and I'm scared of coming off as clingy and awkward all the time so I'm scared to make new friends unless we have mutual friends. As a result, I'm only barely acquaintances with my entire comm. I wish I could open up and make real friends but I'm afraid I'll fuck up.
I'm 21, and wear it regularly. If teenagers were in charge, no meets would ever be organised. Just do it.
I've been on my "down time" for a while.

And like I want to maybe hang out with friends to help lift my spirits but I don't really have any.
>Had a guy who I thought was a really good friend.
>Tell boyfriend about really good friend
>Boyfriend and I invite good friend to our home to stay the night for some event
>All goes well
>Really good friend starts talking shit about boyfriend. Going to people behind our backs to call him horribly abusive, disgusting and unworthy. Wants people to break us up.
>Turns out, good friend was a nice guy in disguise. Only wanted me around because I'd write stuff for him and he felt entitled to a relationship.
>Boyfriend was suffering from a bad illness, so I cut friend off right away.
>Friend runs in all the same circles
>Forced to make peace
>Make peace
>Previous back and forth friend and I used to have gets hostile. Friend starts throwing hard punches so I toss em back.
>Friend bawws about how I am a meanie after throwing another hard punch that was based on my estranged (and abusive) mother's previous occupation.

>Fuck this guy. Blocked. Still have to hear about him and see him at events, can't tolerate him after the stress he's put my BF and I under.

>Find out he still bawws about how mean I am without acknowledging how he brought it on himself through constant antagonism, jealousy and trying to tarnish a sick person's reputation.
I've been questioning a lot about my life lately. I recently came across a youtuber that I think is really cute and it got me thinking about how the type of guys I like would probably never like lolita or would see me as a whole as too childish. I'm thinking about what do I really want more out of my life. Do I want a relationship at all or is being who I really am more important to me? In order to attract someone I would also like, I would have to radically change a lot about myself (these would be positive changes to be sure like dealing why my emotional issues a lot better) but what would really be worth it to me? I don't think I could ever be a good partner for anyone but sometimes I see other couples being happy and I feel quite alone. When Im old, what will I have? Just things to think about I guess.
he sounds like an ass, but what do you mean you "wrote stuff for him"?
meh, helped with a couple projects. I'd rather not go into it TBF.
>have to stop spending money for a while
>no new clothes for ILD
>have worn the same few items i own to events already

small wardrobe problems.
>girl I love goes here
>won't pick up her phone when I call anymore
>if she'd just talk more of buy her the AP shit she wants
But no, keep ignoring someone who'd buy you the brand shit you want. Keep with the faggot nip who uses daddy's money to buy you shit..
I honestly love helping other creatives with their work, I do it all the time, so that doesn't steam me nearly as much as the laundry list of other things he's done. I should never have tried to work it out to begin with, as I'm still salty as fuck about the whole thing.
Maybe just drop the idea that you can buy her
I remember when i felt similar to you, anon. I'm still single because i didn't make it work with someone for some reasons, not related to lolita. I like guys that are into darker fashion styles, slight metalheads, punk, goth, etc but i'm not edgy not that interesting looking except for my lolita/otome clothing, i never dress sexy (i'm going into Larme as well but isn't that sensual looking as western alt styles), i never have loads of makeup, no piercings, no tattoos, edgy haircut or other features that are found usually in girls that dress western alt fashion. Most guys would think i have too frilly/childish tastes, not compatible to them, ugh it's weird. What i can suggest to you is to never change for a guy, i know isn't the best when you feel the type of guys you want wouldn't not understand but believe me, if you change for someone and you don't feel happy to be yourself you will regret it badly. Being yourself is more important than having a relationship with someone that doesn't accept you as you are, one day when you least expect you can find someone, good luck anon.
Thank you anon. Sometimes its hard to NOT want to be a different person when you don't like yourself much anyway. It's hard to not see your own worth through the lense of other people. If a guy liked me, that would make me worth something. I've been through this before and made the mistake already, but that doesn't stop me from feeling the same way all over again. I also prefer "edgier" guys to me. Bigger, stronger and some facial hair. I've always felt this confusing mess of both big and small (I am short but I have very thick legs) and for once I just want to feel small in someones arms. I do not like sexier styles of dress (not that they flatter me anyway) so I am kind of stuck in this state of feeling like a perpetual child. I'm sick of seeing my body age but my mind stays put and I'm scared if this doesn't change I wont have anyone at all. Is it possible to have a quarter life crisis? I know it sounds silly but god I feel so old and useless. Thank you for your encouragement though anon. Sometimes I need to hear these things because hope dies otherwise.
>assembling necklaces for AA
>round nose pliers disappear
>search for days
>clean whole house
>nowhere to be found
>whatever, I'll buy a new pair
>craft store only has home brand available
>whatever, can't be that bad they're just pliers
>new pair are shitty and continually fall apart
>putting together one necklace now takes ten minutes instead of two because the shitty pliers keep coming apart

God. Fucking. Dammit. I do not have time for this shit. Going to go to another store today to see if they have non-shitty ones available.
This is so so cute anon

No. Bullshit. Go for it seriously anon. Just make sure things fit well and flatters you and that's it. Put money aside and lurk second hand things.

I was like that when i turned 18 last year. Am 19 now and seriously you might be depressed and in need of help. Please take care of yourself. Find something to be passionate about. There are so many things to look forward. And we are ALL going to get old and wrinkly. Even the kawaiiest of them all.

It's fine anon i know how you must feel somehow. Sometimes you just need to talk about negative things to get them out of your chest? Anyway please take care of yourself. I attempted suicide last year. Was not worth it at all.

Oh wow what a fucking jerk

For myself: I am so happy i came back to lolita and looked back at all the old forums and blogs i used to stalk in 2008-2010. I decided to say fuck to negative people in my life and drift away from them. Best decision ever. I finally got the courage to wear something pastel pink w
and felt so cute and happy again. I am also going through old kota and venus drama when i was passionate about their style and stufff. Bought something that reminded me of them in that era where they inspired my weeb self a lot (little cat shaped bag for Kota and polka dotted red teacup for Venus). I feel so happy. I am so weird tho.
I'm glad my words sounds with you and also happy to find someone that feels similar to me, even if right now i feel happier, i got rid of toxic people in my life, buying loads of cute stuff for clothing and my home, i'm doing a radical change and not settle for anything less. I tried to dress sexy, edgy makeup (looks ugly on me), i can't walk on high heels, i look bad on tight bodycon clothing, i'm not overweight but they are so unconfortable and my hips are violin shaped, a recipe for disaster. Poofy or mini skirts with pleats look perfect on my body. I understood it's better to not try too hard to being into changing myself to attract people and single is the current choice. I feel to not find anyone i would really fall in love anymore, my body well would age one day, i'm still young but i feel the time passing and what i attracted are people i'm not into, weirdos or fake nice guys. My legs are sorta thick too, barelegs i look odd in short skirts, idk why normie society insist to not wear any sock/tights other than boring or plain, i love cute socks. This fucking quarter life crisis we have (doing very good but...) is really awful, wish people would go further looks and see what we are for real. I see also people not for relationships mentally and they get amazing people, man... it's awful. While we can't get anyone, some says the secret is to be the full ourselves rather to change, it's true but a long road.
Awesome! I'm so happy that you're back (even though I have no idea who you are) as a previous lone lolita
Don't worry anons, as a lolita who has had many boyfriends, there will be a guy that comes along and accepts you. My current BF is a bara type muscular guy with giant shoulders, though he isn't attracted to me in Lolita, he does like how passionate I am about the hobby and will get me a dress for Christmas or Anniversary. They're out there, they can just take some searching for.
I'm the exact same at 22, started feeling this way when I was late 20/early 21. I don't consider the people I know as friends, acquantinces you see at school so they can get your notes but that's the extent of it. It's extremely hard to make them in the hick town I live in. I try my best, but Istill feel left behind and stuck. I was thinking of ending it by 25 or so if it was the same until I got on SSRI's for my depression. Now I don't cry everyday and shut myself in as much. The SSRI helps me get through the day. Try looking into them.

I'm still not happy, but now I know it's a product of my environment and not my brain's inability to regulate chemicals. You could just need a change of environment as well.
This is also a really common thing to feel at your age. Mental illness or chemical deficiencies can make it unbearable and very exaggerated. But around your early to mid 20s people start going at their own pace in life, which can make people feel separated and "left behind" from everyone else. You also can see your friends start moving on to do great/fun things with their lives and feel like your own doesn't match up. FB and the internet can make this WAY worse and some therapists will say that a break from your feed will do wonders to put you back in a realistic/better place. But if you're thinking of ending it over a stuck feeling, I can second on those SSRIs they do wonders.
Ah, that lovely feeling when you open a parcel worth US $550 only to find that the items are drenched in sweat and feel oily to the touch with dozens of marks all over them.

Why is it so hard to clean things before selling them? Now I have to waste 3 hours busing to the dry cleaner and I'm really sick right now. She'd better cover the costs...
Aw damn, I feel your pain. Hopefully they'll refund some of your money so you can get it cleaned!
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>mom and baby brother missing, likely dead
>stuck with dad, brings back bad memories of childhood abuse
>hes no longer abusive, but im very afraid still
>start noticing alot of regressing behaviours
>start using lolita almost as an escapeisim
>went from mature motherly woman to a girl who just cuddles plushies and cries all day
>spend all day eating candy and being either mad or sad
>luckily bf puts up with this knowing its likely temporary, and because he basically acts like an ageplayer anyway

i've became a child /cgl/
i feel weird wearing lolita now because i worry i've became some ageplayer or that i only wear it because of my trauma
I know a lot of trauma lolitas, I feel the fashion attracts girls that aren't really into age play but need a form of escape. I'm one of them too. Don't feel bad, this is how you need to use the fashion right now. There is going to be a time when you don't need it this way so keep your eye for it. Don't use it as a crutch when the time comes, but right now it's fine.
That is so cute anon!!This show how seemingly different people could get together well and with no issues. He is so cute to buy you a lolita dress and accept your style! I had someone that was into goth/metalhead, wearing makeup but very very different from me not about looks, it wasn't a bad match (there was attraction, love) but stuff happened and we are friends, he wasn't attracted to my lolita that much, for a lack of knowledge of the style. Also my case even if not successful show how different people could go together. After all, having a too similar partner is a tad boring similarties and oppositions work better if mixed!
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>want to move out
>don't know where to start
>rent would be too much since I work part-time (kinda)
>mom doesn't want me to move because it'd be a hassle and doesn't want me to waste my money
>still feel like a child because of it
Very true anon!
File: 1419300745572.jpg (67KB, 720x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tried to get with rare qt trap at con
>trap flirts with my /fit/ guy friend
>friend acts annoyingly intimate with me to scare the trap away
>trap avoids me for the rest of the weekend
>tfw no straight trap bf

Ngl, I grew confident and big-headed that day from having a bunch of con people compliment my cosplay and tell me I'm a kawaii azn gril, but it hits me hard in the feels knowing all of that will never appeal to my pretty boy senpai.
1. Save up so that you have enough to deal for a few months. Ideally a few k so that if shit happened you can pay for things.
2. If you havent already, start paying for your own stuff. Take on expenses so you can see how much money you have to play with and if you are able to take it all with your income. You may find that your kinda part time job isnt enough so start looking for a full time or pick up other part time jobs.
3. Budget it out to see what you could spend on rent and see if that is something possible with roommates. It is unlikely you will be able to afford all of the rent at first but that is why you live with others.
4. Dont listen to your mom, she can 'want' whatever but you need to do what you need.
> going to make a wardrobe album
> lolibrary is down....
you sound like a creep desu
>gonna start spending less
>'I'll only spend my tip money on Lolita!'
>found $30 on the ground at work
>turned it in
>felt good to do the right thing
>dad always says 'karma will reward you!'
>make $111 in tips tonight
>crisp $50 from one dude alone
>tomorrow is payday too
I typically make a nickel a night, so this was fucking huge for me

Might just celebrate with my first taobao order
He might have just not been into you.
But you could keep an eye out on the con tags and fb photos, if it turns out he has a page or tumblr you could drop him a "you looked great, sorry about my friend!". Just don't be creepy, traps already get a lot of that so they'll be able to see right through it.
I’m pretty sure he has a twitter, but I don’t have that. He added my guy friend on facebook with a personal account, but I'm not sure if I can add him out of no where? Idk, I'm awkward as fuck.

I have a feeling I didn’t make much of an impression on that trap at all since females were constantly following him and showering him with attention for being really cute. I was already afraid of being a creep after so many girls started acting creepy to him.
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Sorry, not very /cgl/ related I just love how putting on some stupid frilly clothes can change so much.

>have been slacking in school lately
>"okay class, you have to write a short novel based on this article about a house fire"
>100% ready to do this shit
>pull out the big guns. bible references, the ars goetia demons, numbers that mean stuff(the word have escaped my brain)
>overhear what some other students have been writing even though it's supposed to be a secret
>realise I have put way too much work into this
>maybe i should write something else?
>get home
>put on my most gothic of gothic lolita coords
>confidence recharged
>whatever imma keep writing this awesome thing I got going on

I almost deleted everything to start over but now I'm going strong. I just hope they don't get bored when we have to read them out loud since it sounds like some of them didn't take the assignment seriously.
>Be 26, known oldest, relatively close friend since 12
>Friend recently admits she has feelings for me, but knows I don't like girls
>Regardless, is very... clingier than usual
>Tells me she wants to go to a con I'll be going to next year
>I've been to 10 cons, worked at 8 of them, and all but 1 I've been with my con crew and that 1 I haven't, I worked full time as a vendor
>Would like to experience a con with a new group of people, as an attendee rather than staff
>Like I really, really just want to do my own thing and not be tied to other people
>Also know that without most of our main con crew going, she'll likely trail me like a lost puppy
>I fucking hate when people do that
>Can't tell her no, because she'll very likely take it personally and think it means I hate her/want nothing to do with her. She exhibits a lot of BPD traits
>Like recently she brought up something I said when we were FOURTEEN, asking what I meant by it
>And keeps asking me whether or not I like this guy she's interested in. I don't even talk to him.
>Is the "I'll go to all these cons and do all this cosplay!" type but usually has no money to do it
>Also doesn't drive, so no idea how she'd get there

I'm hoping either she won't have the money or transportation to go, or she'll be going with her ex so he'll be able to like... do stuff with her when I just want to go off on my own.
> con in 2013 fall
> me and gf at the time we're planning Hellsing cosplay together
> I'd be Walter and she'd be serás
> spend so much time working on it together
> felt I finally found the one
> even think about making next year's con the place to propose
> literally in love
> after dumb fights we break up 2 weeks prior to con
> week after I'm diagnosed with cancer in my liver
> don't tell her or anyone as is
> she's dating a new guy so quickly
> feelsbadman.jpg
> verge of suicide at that point
> day 1 of con
> she's serás and I'm walter
> have to be together for shoots
> can't even look at her without wanting to cry
> can see her new bf as her phones screen
> didn't even do that with me
> con is over and she keeps talking about the guy
> just leave without a word
> get home
> think about just putting a bullet into my head
> something didn't let me
> 2 years later and cancer free
> can't even touch walter or look at a seras
You will fuck up, and it will be fine.

Most people aren't thinking about all the weird things other people do. In fact, most people are self obsessed.
> really just want to cosplay swords even though making it and wearing that many layers is going to be suffering
> cosplay friends all hate swords fandom so I don't bother asking them to join me
> they humor me lowkey planning it anyways and offer suggestions which is nice
> I'll be the odd duck in the group if I do it since they like to coordinate
> they make fun of swords fandom all the time amongst themselves so they probably think I'm lame
> could split and do my own thing for a little bit
> fandom also dying
> probably won't find other swords to chill with by the time I get around to it

Me doing it anyways depends how dedicated I am to my swordbando but feels awkward man.
>group cosplay, matching costumes
>taobao order
>all fits, except belt/corset thing
>measurements I sent are correct
>no time to order, commission or make another
>not going to match my friends
>really bummed out about it
File: 1328796217874.jpg (326KB, 1000x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
326KB, 1000x667px
>drink too much
>smoke too much
>casual criminal
>never in one place longer than a month or two
>no job
>no home
>no life
>always stoned

>tfw too degenerate/free-spirited to land a qt lifestyler

I think I remember seeing someone in lolita halloween night but the memory is hazy. Any gulls at UNH?
That gives me hope anon. Congrats!
Didn't you post this before? You don't deserve a loving lolita gf, you degenerate.
File: st.monique.jpg (3MB, 2048x1365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ayyyy can't help being addicted to the road senpai

I feel you anon, I have a friend just like this. I wound up having a performance that she wanted to go to (it was out of state). I usually have a strict policy about shows. I don't spend time with friends or family before any performance, but if figured she'd be okay. She went but expected me to pay attention and entertain her while we were there. She showed up for call time with me, wouldn't let me rehearse, shake off jitters and wound up guilt tripping me minutes before the show about how I was ignoring her, started pushing my buttons before I had to get on stage. It drove me into a massive panic and made the whole performance odd. I threw her a nod during the improv portion of the show, thinking that getting to participate would make her feel better, and she straight up ignored it, looked her phone the whole time. She walled me during a show after complaining about attention, which is always awkward for performers but having it be a friend is worse. We moved to the person next to her, pretending she wasn't walling us. After the show she continued to shun me until we got around other friends, then she acted like nothing happened and kept asking me to introduce her to people and trailed like a puppy, calling me senpai and saying how I was a meanie before, but it's okay since she can have me all to herself now. Worst working convention I've ever had. Had to place the "no friends at cons" rule again. If you have needy friends do not convention with them, it's about 100x worse than saying no.
>meet cute metalbro online
>casual internet friends for over a year
>finally meet up at local con and spend all day together
>meet again here and there at parties but don't get to talk much
>con six months later
>meet up and hang out together all day again, with me in lolita
>thinks i'm cute in it, not weirded out
>start hanging out and going on dates
>invited me to room with him and some friends at a con in a couple months
>planning matching cosplays
>he's meeting my parents this weekend
>tfw my miwako/arashi fantasy is becoming reality

Don't give up on your dreams, gulls.
>Husband has been wanting a PS4 for a long time.
>Made an agreement, if he gets a PS4 I get a serger.
>He plans to get his PS4 during Black Friday.

Aww yeah, mama gettin her serger!

>He wants to cosplay from Destiny for a con in January.
>Told him to have what he wants to cosplay by the end of October, still hasn't picked.

Damn it, pick it already so we can gather the supplies! The sooner we get it picked, the sooner I can start sewing and we can make the props!
Your husband has shit taste in videogames.
Hey, at least his soul hasn't been consumed by fallout 4.
To be fair while the game is meh, the designs are kinda cool. Good concept bad execution...
The photographers I've seen talking on /cgl/ have got way more sand in their vaginas than any cosplayer or lolita I've seen. It's ridiculous. You can tell at least half of them are failed wedding or fashion photographers who couldn't give less of a shit about cosplay or cons. Makes me glad I have cosplaying friends who also take good photos.
>tfw your a tomboy, not too interested in make up.
>tfw theres this fat chick who comes in every day in a new cosplay
> face caked in make up
>doesn't know how to take care of wigs
>every fucking day she walks in like this
> meet qt.3.14, friend him on FB
> one night qt gets drunk and starts messaging me. We become close friends as we tell each other things we havnt told anyone else.
> next day see on FB qt is now in a relationship with gross hambeast
I don't know why I'm crying but I am.
>Tfw dream dress arrives and it fits in the waist but not the bust

This has never ever ever happened to me FML. Bye MM
so much no
too tight or loose?
File: cybersix.jpg (64KB, 747x561px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 747x561px
>Recently got extremely sick
>unable to work
>still able to afford lolita, but feels wrong
>not sure what to do
Way too small, which is weird. I have an 89 cm bust, I'm pretty average sized. I was just shocked the waist fit so well, but I guess on an appropriately skinny girl it would fit well with the laces tied tight.
>Tfw should probably just lose weight but no self control
>Always being so little
>My classroom girl mates always made jokes about how petite and child I look
>Now with 25 I look like 16 (I always have to show my ID...)
>Fit in lolita 1000% perfectly
>petite body, small bust, qt round face
>And feels awesome
I wouldn't worry about losing weight, anon, there's no guarantee it would even go from your bust. Only do it if you really want to.
>terrible mental illness
>see so many annoying lolitas with mental illnesses and they always talk about it
>decide not to tell anyone about problems

I don't want people to look at me and see illness and weakness. I'm not going to be annoying, and I'll tell people once they get to know me as myself.
Hopefully not the full miwako/arashi experience.
>cries forever about hiro
Mfw after 7+ years of use I just realized the 'initials' of my online username is racist as fuck.
>I'll tell people once they get to know me as myself.

That's really wise even without the other lolitas messing it up for you.
Mental illness shouldn't be something disclosed within the first 20 minutes someone is talking to you.

No one tells everyone else about every ailment they ever had as soon as they sit down next to you.

It's not weakness. It's the courtesy of not laying heavy shit on someone that barely knows you.
Birthdays are always a disappointment anon, hell I consider myself pretty tight-knit with the few friends I do have yet somehow they all forgot my birthday this year despite being invited to the party. Sage for ot
Oh shit anon
This in its entirety
is it weird that I kind of want to read this when you're done with it, anon?
I would like to read it too!
>She went but expected me to pay attention and entertain her while we were there. She showed up for call time with me, wouldn't let me rehearse, shake off jitters and wound up guilt tripping me minutes before the show about how I was ignoring her,
Oh god, I'm screaming.

Thankfully I haven't had to deal with any of that at a convention yet, and the friend I mentioned has gone to cons with me and has been fine, but she's also been with her boyfriend, and they broke up after the last con we were at.

She's now messaging me on FB grilling me about not "liking" her comments on my posts. I don't even smoke and I feel like I need a cigarette.
I can't wait for this year to be over, I feel like all I've done this year is fall apart.

> Hurt knee in February, it just gets worse and worse can't go to the gym
>Met cute boy, first time a boy has really shown my any interest. Is a total loser who forgets about me all the time. Crushes my very slowly recovering self esteem.
>Summer, knee is slowly getting better, doctor says I have to wait it out, might be able to go hiking next summer.
>Fall become lactose intolerant, loose a bunch of weight since I can't eat any of my favorite junk food.
>Everyone at work things I don't eat enough- and I plenty. It's really frustrating everyone else get to talk about watching what they eat, but I'm not allowed to or I get lectured.
> This week, get eczema on my face

I have a weird puffy droopy eye.
I just feel a little hopeless. I feel like I'm falling apart bit by bit and how could anyone want to be with a girl who's falling apart and really I just don't want to be alone.

At least I have a really cute wardrobe, and a amazing cat. I'm going to try really hard to not go on spending spree to try and cheer myself up.
>5'4 guy
>working on Stormtrooper armor but constantly worried about my height

Am I over reacting? Ive only been to one con before and not in gear
>be lolita in college
>small budget, barely purchase anything
>wardrobe is already tiny
>start feeling like it's not worth it to try and continue with lolita
>considering selling off all my items
>seagull santa thread happens
>sign up and get excited
>start dreaming of making cute jewelry sets for other lolitas
>draw up print-themed jewelry designs
>begin looking at lolita threads more often
>feeling the return of my original love for lolita coming back
Feels good, gulls. I hope this sentiment is here to stay. I'm hoping to go to a comm event soon, which I almost never go to out of shyness.
Damn, reading this whole thread makes me feel soooo good I decided to never do relationships again. They're such scams, when you're 'single and looking' you just feel shitty and ugly and worthless. When you finally get in a relationship it's nice for awhile but it always either ends painfully, or someone gets pregnant and the couple decides to grin and bear each other.

Now I can be ugly and happy in peace, I highly recommend it.
try hardware stores too.
since you can afford it do what makes you happy. You deserve it as much as anyone else.
Mark Hamill is 5'7.
But expect the famous 'aren't you a little short for a storm trooper' line and find a clever way to deal with it.
exactly. My route when it comes to discussing my mental illness is if it comes up I don't lie about it but I never outright broadcast it.
> country currently only requires import tax on overseas purchases over $500
> wants to make it mandatory on all overseas purchases
> "online shopping is hurting local industry!!!1"
> lifestyle lolita
> If I could buy it here I fucking would
Where to even fucking begin...

>Knees have been "creaking" for about three years now.
>Didn't go to hospital because I don't want to be in debt forever.
>Fast forward to a year ago
>Decide that I wanna be kawaii
>Work out
>Lose weight, damn I look better
>Sudden knee pain two weeks ago
>Go to massage therapist
>Says ligaments lost elasticity
>I'm forbidden from doing any exhertion
>Lost job yesterday just when I was gonna take advantage of 11/11
>I'll probably gain all my weight back
>Will never be kawaii

Also, I have terrible self esteem and don't want any friends because I don't want to burden anyone with being friends with a fatty. Same reason why I don't want a bf either. I was giving it my all to losing weight just to feel comfortable socializing, was beginning to even talk to people and now that I am not allowed to exercise anymore for a while... I feel like I'm not worth it if I'm not 100% perfect.
I am so overwhelmed and over stimulated. I am in a better place now than I have ever been before in my life. After becoming independent at 16 finally now, years later, does the word really fit. I've drifted from friend to friend, state to state. I should feel like my own person more than ever. I am talented enough to make a living off of it, or rather pretty enough. It's really exsausting. I have had such wonderful people support me through out everything but it's hard to build a life out of love. Honestly I never expected to get this far. I feel like I should have a plan but I've only ever been able to get from day to day. If you've never lived in one house for more than a year in your entire life maybe it's impossible to develop a stable mind. Even though I have my own place now, my entire order of existance requires me to continue as a traveling gypsy. I'm never home for more than two days at a time. In the last 2 months I've been to Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, Burning Man, and someone elses house every other week. And sometimes it's hard to tell whats work and whats play. It's all supposed to be fun. I wish I liked dressing up and looking cute as much as I used to. I'm finally good at it, I have a lot of cute clothes and high quality make up. I keep modeling because now I feel like I am obligated to make it all worth it, plus it pays the most and my new home is precious to me. I desperately want time to myself. I want to focus on what is important to me. I want to create again. I need solitude. I know that I just have to make time for myself and my home. But it is so hard to turn an opportunity down. And there are so many precious people that I want to appreciate especially when I only get a chance to see them once every year or two. I know I am on the right track and I have to be as strong as I can. But I have always been a transparent person. I can't hide how I feel. Things are better now than they have ever been, but the years have left their mark on me.
at least you wont bump your head on shit
are you me? when we're 40, we still look like 30, haha.
New Zealand
>had lovely and communicative buyers recently
>someone buys a listing
>i message and invoice them
>24 hours later, message read but no payment and no reply
don't know why i'm anxious about it, but at least tell me if you need a few days or what ever to pay, don't just ignore me fuck

>$70 worth of shit lost in the mail, not sure if i'll ever see it
>it was tracked, but the tracking number got thrown away
tfw everyone you've met through Lolita is super salty, and was trying to get close to you, just to try and have more ammunition to use against you. feels bad man.

Any exertion in general? Or specifically stress on your knees? Either way I'd get a second opinion if possible.

But, if it's your knees, there is always something. Swimming is low impact and one of the best cardio workouts around.

There is also the arm bikes, where it's a normal exercise bike you pedal with your arms. Those aren't super common.

Rowers are common in gyms any more and shouldn't stress knees much.

Or just barbell complexes focused on upper body/abs. Barbell complexes are basically what crossfit is based on, just not taken to stupid extremes.

Forgot to mention, weight loss/gain is mostly nutrition anyways. So you can focus hard on that and then do what you are able to with exercising.

If it's something you want to do, you can do it.
I'm 22, kinda chubby, poorfag and I rock it! A little chub makes you look younger. Lern2sew cuz then you can have unique pieces.
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933KB, 220x250px
Less "real" feels than most of this thread since my life is going pretty well for once, but

I keep buying shit from China because I'm a cheap-ass but the wait bums me the fuck out. Amongst other assorted random crap I've got some cheapo wigs meant to practice on coming in, the estimated time of arrival was a week ago and I'm just sitting here mad at myself for ordering from China when I'm too fucking impatient for this shit. Pic very related.
File: lNq3E.jpg (19KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I met a guy who is no kind of pervert, likes my frills, and it feels very comfortable even when we don't say a word to each other, but a girl (already in a relationship) who works with us gets to spend way more time around him than I do. My inferiority complex says that every girl is better at being a girl than me and I hate myself for being such a frumpy weirdo with anxiety instead of a normal well-adjusted basic bitch.

I used to think I wanted to be a man. I think I just feel like I have failed at being a woman. And... I don't really know why. I want to be mad at all the other circumstances in my life right now as well but instead I am just sad. I lost a lot of weight, my skin is getting better, I bought a bunch of nice clothes, I am getting back into the things I love after a several year period of depressed inactivity - but it's not going away, the hollow feeling. Like everything will fall apart, and it kind of always does, too.

I feel like, even if I join communities or make friends or get a boyfriend, I am just a pipe cleaner they can bend until they like my shape. I don't have any trauma I can remember, no life threatening hardships. I'm just broken for no reason. I think I might genuinely be at my best when I am left alone to do my own thing in life, but I've been doing it almost the whole time. Dammit, I didn't want to cry typing this stupid shit. I hate myself so much and I don't even know why. I don't deserve it, I'm not that bad, really. But even knowing that, I still do. This sucks.
I am a lolita and I've always dated goth/metalhead guys. There are some of them that like cute girls, espacially if you are petite.
See a psychiatrist, anon. Sounds like you have depression.
I went to a clinic where they sent me to a therapist lady that said I seemed like I had a "little bit of depression and a little bit of separation anxiety". She quizzed me about my life and taught me breathing exercises that I can't think clearly enough to use. I canceled my appointments. She would laugh and give me these looks sometimes, or say some things, I got so self-conscious that I didn't want to talk.

I think I might have been depressed my whole life. Is that possible? It has been this way for as long as I can remember.
Sounds like you got a shit therapist. I would recommend trying again. Often when you have depression you forget about when life was better or you filter it through your current state of mind so remember it as being crappier than it was. Sounds like you've always had a tendency to it but it's really not normal...
Agree with what >>8713603 suggested: try a different therapist. If it's been a life-long thing, you may have a chemical imbalance. Not every therapist or every drug will be the right one; you need to keep trying new ones until you find something that works for you. It's hard (I know, I've been there) but when you find a solution, it is so worth the effort.
>Why won't this girl let me literally buy her love
>She clearly doesn't like me and is dating someone else but I'll keep calling anyway
>Then she'll magically fall in love with me because buying clothes = she's obligated to date

Holy shit hahahahha
Non cgl related
>Has speech impediment
>Going to finally go see a specialist to help fix it
>Program makes it sound like it's only a common problem in young children and autism
>Feels so stupid for having impediment
>Keeps having anxiety about having to go
>Shouldn't feel this way but I feel so embarrassed going for help now at this age
>I just want a good career and my speech not to hold me back

Any other gulls has had/have speech impediments? How long did it take to correct it?
I dropped out of lolita a few years ago because I was starving myself to fit into the older fixed waist sizes and it was messing with my head. I'm trying to go the healthy route this time around, but it's frustrating having a wardrobe of brand you can't wear and probably won't be able to again. Feels bad, man.
Get them altered if you won't sell them. It makes no matter of difference.
>writing an essay on the Hero's Journey of a popular game
>turning it in later today, decide to see if other people have written about the Hero's Journey for the game
>their interpretations are all basically the same as each other and different from my interpretation
>oh god did I misunderstand
I don't mind other people altering their things, but I can't even repaint a figure or crease a book without getting anxious about it.
Gull you need an x-ray asap you could be suffering osteoarthritis
>In business class, see we can enter a contest to design an app and win cash to make it a reality
>get idea to make one for lolita, so people can track latest releases and have the news all in one place
>survey cgl for some data
>mfw 100 people respond
>mfw data suggests our app would have a giant target market
>get paired up in a group where I'm the only one who speaks english as a first language
>spend 40+ hours designing and implementing app
>group presents to professor
>its bad
>but our app is rad
>TA tells us to show up later that night to present in front of investors
>professor sees me walking in
>says "You can't present. They'll eat you alive."
>no money for lolita
>app prototype for nothing
That's when you grow a spine and say, "nah man, I got this"
With that attitude you'll never get anywhere in life
Get a minimizing bra! They can work wonders.

Think of it like Christmas! You're getting little presents from yourself.

Provided you back up your interpretation with examples from the text and your reasoning is sound, you've got nothing to worry about. Critical analysis is wonderful in that people can read (or play) the same text and get totally different things out of it. Provided your professor isn't terrible, a well reasoned essay with a different interpretation will still get a good grade.
>close friend with another fellow cosplayer
>both of us has very different approach in cosplay
>she does characters that are in trend or recognizable to the general's view, which sometimes leads to her picking up characters from series she never played/read/watched
>Genuinely a nice girl and has pretty face too, everyone loves her and quite a number of them wants to take advantage of her
>has always tried to warn her about people having ulterior motives, however she still puts up with people's unreasonable demands and seemingly putting her own feelings behind
>bitter that people still loves her dearly despite she's not into quite a few series that she cosplayed from, however still very much worried about her being taken advantage of
>feels bad for being a bitch

Literally blocked me from entering the room. I'm still working on the app, I'm just sad that particular opportunity to present to those angel investors was controlled by a jackass. There will be other opportunities, but that one would have been a fast track had any of them liked it. (Not that it was a guarantee that they'd like it.)
> officially broke
> really need some money right now
> can't get a job because college this year is really heavy, barely get four hours sleep a day as is.
> consider selling some of my geek stuff to get money
> read mail horror stories
> paranoid that I might fuck up the packaging
> afraid that post office might screw me over and demand more shipping costs than they did online
> terrified of being scammed through false paypal claims
I'm a big push over and I'm afraid people will try to take advantage of that. Doesn't help that I have zero experience shipping anything.

He kinda specializes in this, and well, I've always known that my knees are pretty bad. I actually have one of those! Like, a bike where you can also use your arms. But he said to wait at least 15 days and then I can start, slowly and not too hard just, taking it easy.


Funny thing:

He said that if I need to pop them I should just do these therapeutic excercises he taught me, because if I keep making them pop and creak to "test them" I will no doubt get arthritis. Just told me I was lucky to come in before it got worse.
I don't know why but an old friend of mine that stopped talking to me months ago started asking me today if I was going to the upcoming local con. I told her yes and she said she wanted to go with me, or at least see me there. We've been really busy so I didn't have time to talk to her for a while and after that, I felt awkward trying to send her messages so I didn't do it. I'm so relieved! I can't wait to see her again, I missed her a lot and didn't know how to keep in touch with her, even though I had the means to do so.

Less good feels now, I'm getting more and more sick these days. Last week my blood pressure was so low that I passed out in the middle of the street. Since then I won't stop being on the verge of passing out, either because of my blood pressure or because of hypoglycemia. I'm really worried because everytime I ask my doctors what's going on they just redirect me to other doctors. The last one I saw is checking my hormones to see if it doesn't have anything to do with a treatment I had as a kid, but she's taking so long. I hope I'll be ok during the con because I'm loosing more and more stamina.
File: hanksad.png (203KB, 500x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go to AWA
>chat with really good Panty cosplayer
>a month passes
>find out she died in a car crash

That's good news, you can be kawaii if you want it.

I'm somewhat in the same boat as you, not as bad, but my knees are pretty sucky. I am just going to deal with it until they explode though. I have to PT test for my job, so I can't just not work out.
>bf and I together for years
>in all my hobbies
>in all my photos
>superclose group of friends
>in all my hobbies and photos
>find out bf has been cheating for years with a friend in the group
>photos are shit
>hobbies are shit
>friends refuse "choose sides" and insist I need to learn to get along

My own Facebook timeline is like a bomb of fucking feels. Every group photo just reminds me of how much I hate every person in it. All my games have a character for him. Fuck.
>the type of guys I like would probably never like (...)
is your type of guy "assholes"? otherwise, anyone worth getting in a relationship with will probably not care what "weird" things you like, because they will have their own "weird' things too. you need someone who will respect you anon, no matter your type

>I would have to radically change a lot
the same again, I think your views on relationships are skewed because you harbor some self-hatred. change can be good, but no relationship needing you to "change" before getting into is worth your effort. if anything, changes about yourself can/should happen once you're in a relationship already so you can support each other and both change for the better (since being with someone gives you a new perspective)
File: 1395367031028.gif (499KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 500x281px

Heavy feels, anon. Very heavy feels.
File: angry_pepe.jpg (39KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is quite off topic but I just need it off my chest

>Have to start paying money towards family for rent etc
>its £15 every two weeks
>no job, Go to college and don't get funds from college
>pay for a while but eventually can't do it anymore so have to move out
>luckily my boyfriend is coming with me and has 100k or so inheritance
>we're both 18 and college students with no jobs
>no idea how to buy a house or how mortgages etc work
>every cheap house is super far away from college even if we take a bus or train
>no idea where to start or what to do
>feel like we're going to be treated like children since we're both so young and have no stable jobs
Oh, I know exactly who you're talking about, she was pretty well known in the Atlanta scene. Lots of people were mourning her; a GoFundMe got set up for her funeral costs. I knew a few people who were close to her, very sad.
Holy shit anon, that's awful. I know how you feel- all the photos of my old friends seem tainted by the fact that they cut me off. It was the same with me; they were in all my hobbies and went to all the same cons. If the photos make you unhappy, don't look at them. But the hobbies are still yours, as long as you're still passionate about them. Keep up your hobbies, if only out of spite. It'll fill your free hours and make you less susceptible to dwelling on it (that's what I did, anyway). I hope you know it's ridiculous for your friends to expect you to just "get over it". It's shitty to step all over someone's justifiable feelings for the sake of keeping an unstable peace. I hope things get better.
She's a real angel now.
And probably sucking dicks by the thousands in heaven
renting not an option?
Rent. Rent, try for a student house. Or get a job, even just on Sundays. Honestly I can't believe your family are kicking your out over £15. That would probably just about cover your food, I don't get the point of it? But just rent. It will save you a lot of trouble if things go tits up. Look for sharing with other young people on right move or something.
We're worried it'll make us spend too much money and then our savings will be gone as we don't know how long we'll be without jobs
Don't think like that. Once you get a job you'll be able to make back what you spent on rent. It's true that you should buy as soon as you settle but it sounds like things are too up in the air for you right now, especially if you haven't yet graduated and are going through a turbulent time.
File: 1410475164743.jpg (16KB, 320x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>boy rejecting a cute tomboy for some fat landwhale
You shouldn't date people with shit taste, anon
You wanna trade genders?
I have too anon! When I was younger I had a speech impediment and went to therapy for about a year to correct it. I still have problems occasionally, and even get a stutter unrelated to the first impediment, but I find that most people don't really bother me about it. Try recording yourself speaking and using it as a tool! you might even be able to find resources online to help you fix it yourself.
Nobody said the tomboy was cute.
It's also quite possible she's exaggerated the other girls flaws out of bitterness.
Or maybe the other girl just has a much better personality.
Tomboys are always cute
Not in 3D
I was doing really well with saving, I mean not that well, but a lot better for the past two or three weeks.
And in a few days I've destroyed all of that and ordered half of taobao.

If he's telling you popping your joints will give you arthritis, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I would definitely get a second opinion
60 bucks a month is too expensive for you?

I pay 300 a month to my mom (I love in California, so that's chump change for rent ).
>graduating next month
>now I don't want to go into the workforce in my career
>I'm a CS major
>this is going to take a hit on building my lolita wardrobe
>decided today to turn down an offer to go work for Google

What can I do here? It feels I'm going back to square one. :(
East coast? I feel.
>working on decent simple coord for ILD
> my first ILD with my comm
>very excited
>made over $100 in tips one night
>mega super excited
>start ordering
>car breaks down
>have a back up
>already shit out $1,100 on it though
>get letter from financial office
>finally, my financial aid check!
>'you still owe us $260'
> just want a reliable vehicle
>just want to be stable again
Fuck me, Fuck my car, Fuck my life
I'm already depressed because of other stuff, I don't need to deal with this fucking shit
Why did you turn down Google? I heard it's a very demanding workplace though, and about that guy that lived in a van because the local rent is so high.
If you can get a job now, it's better to work whilst you figure stuff out. It's easier to go from a job into something else than it is to explain a long period of nothing on your cv, try to find something with lower pay but less hours if you don't know what you want right now, that will give you more time to thing about what you really want.

That sucks anon! But these things happen. If you think the ILD date is just too close then try to accept that and just try to manage with what you already have, hand make some accessories to change up a past coord etc, and instead start working towards an awesome Christmas coord.
File: ink.png (819KB, 1383x639px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 19
>have gf of 2 years
>move in together
>I move out, we breakup
>she wants me back, I say yes, cycle starts again
>several nasty breakups later we split for good
>months later she calls me saying she wants to kill herself
>take her to the psych ward, visit her every day
>she gets out
>tell her I was offered a job on a farm in NorCal and I want her to come with me
>she says yes
>tells me "I'll always love you."
>literally a week later she tells me over a facebook message that she found someone new and I should forget about her
>send a really mean reply
>leave the next day without another word

>months later
>job is finished, back in civilization
>find out she killed herself a few weeks after I left
>steal a dirtbike
>ride east til tank is empty

And thats how I started thumbing/hopping/longboarding my way around the continent. That was 3 years ago today, hardly been sober since.
>I don't want to burden anyone with being friends with a fatty

This is so unreasonable.
Aren't you aware of all the fat people on this planet with friends, and yes, even friends with average weight people? Your weight is nobody else's burden unless you make it that way.

If anything, you shouldn't want to burden your friends with crippling self worth issues.
Actually by being unhealthy you burden everyone by driving up health insurance costs.

Being fat should just be made illegal

That's not how that works. If you're a fattie in Murrica, and you're paying your own health insurance premiums, you're already overpaying for your own healthcare. Better start blaming welfare queens, jobless drug addicts, and old folks who are actually the ones who aren't paying their own way, using the ER, and making healthcare expensive for everyone.
>sage for arguing b8 with a child
>fattie trying to call others child
>have BA and MA
>didn't have a job plan after college because I lived in an area with no job opportunities
>parents move away
>nothing left for me, so I move away too
>4 month job search
>finally found an entry level at a corporation for $10/hr
>provides perks and health benefits
>but after taxes I only make roughly $250 a week
>I actually work almost a whole week for free bc of taxes
>apartments around here are minimally $800 for 1 bed 1 bath
>state doesn't care about childless single people so I can't qualify for welfare not even food stamps even if I tried
>bf also makes pennies but he never finished his degree yet has about the same amount of debt as me from student loans
>hasn't even saved for a car yet
>wastes his money on costumes and Pop figures
>I have to cart him to his job constantly
>his immobility and lack of motivation are starting to scare me
>he doesn't seem keen on getting a second job, unlike me
>it's so dark
>feel stuck in my situation
>want to go do something adventurous like teach in Japan
>but it would be the end of our relationship
>also I'd feel like a failure if I couldn't at least have a nice time in Japan bc I'm horrible at languages

Idk gulls, I'm not asking for much. I just want to not have anxiety about just having a roof over my head and feeling like I'm not spinning my tires just to work for nothing.

I don't doubt you love the bf but the boat is sinking here. I'm in the same position you are at nearly 30 because I chained myself to an unmotivated person. You don't want that.

Follow the money, the boyfriend can either get in gear or find someone else. Being alone sucks ass but being trapped in poverty is worse.
>both minimum wage workers
>somehow only the man is at fault because women should apparently never be expected to support themselves
The woman finished her degree and isn't wasting her money. She's looking for a second job.

The boyfriend sounds like a typical "but my fibromyalgia!" while he plays WoW all day.
File: 1444785486209.gif (3MB, 250x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 250x255px
>be the token "plus size" lolita
>I can fit shirred brand, but I'm still fat
>try not to be a jerk about my weight
>don't bring up my weight, never had problems with my image
>never participate in those 'o woe is me' convos about ugliness/fatness
>"live and let live" mentality with no interest in making people feel bad about their appearance
>somehow I still attract mucho esteem issues people who seem really self-absorbed
>I've probably grown too passive and forgiving
>some use me as their punching bag to make themselves feel better

>befriend one of new comm's itas
>kinda spergy
>I dress better than her so I think she clung to me hoping to get as good
>constantly asks me for advice
>we have stuff in common
>but she always says things that, whether she intentionally means it or not, berates my appearance when I've certainly never asked for it

>example 1
>we go to a mall to hang out
>tell her I'm just casually window shopping and not serious about buying
>we go to stores that aren't really geared towards my size
>she asks me about how something would look on her
>tell her it would look really nice
>"LOL, well of course it would look good on me anon! Everything looks good on me! You know, I'm unfortunately that friend whose friends get so jealous of because I can wear anything."
>^ repeat that ad nauseam, word for word
>since we go to stores for her, consequently I find nothing that looks good on me
>feels disappointed but it's all for shits and giggles
>she insists on "finding something for me" like I'm some lost fattie who can't clothing

>example 2
>after asking me for advice on which dress to get she orders from F+F
>dress arrives
>messages me
>"Anon my dress came but it's so huge!"
>"Well, you could always take it in, right?"
>inner monologue: oh here it comes...
>"Haha well I could. It's just so funny, it's so big it could even fit you!!"

Bless her heart. She's not as hot as she thinks. I'm starting to see why my comm avoids her, I pity so hard.
Finished her degree and nothing with it but complain that her boyfriend should be making more money.
File: Rc9hobB.jpg (54KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 500x500px
>broke, foreveralone Pop collector detected
>can't deny anything
>break out attempts at personal insults

Typical woman.
>doesn't deny being a brokefag
Ease away from her, anon. You sound like a n ice person and you don't deserve to be treated that way. She may not intend it but she's seemingly just not a very nice person.
Well, gulls, I've gotten fat. I'm headed back to the gym next week and not really depressed or hating myself but gym and diet won't make much visible difference by ILD. I've got dresses I can wear and I rsvp'd yes...but right now I just feel reeeeallyyyy embarrassed and self conscious. Ugh! Throw me some encouraging words if you feel like it please, I sure could use them!
>I'm starting to see why my comm avoids her

This. They avoid her because she is a piece of shit. Ease away. Far, far away. Your comm will thank you too for not encouraging her. Consider it your civic duty
Well I'm not broke but I sure am confused.

I say that women only care about money, and you basically respond with "yeah well I bet you don't have money, which I assume a woman automatically dislike you for, so ha!"

Are you trying to help prove me right or are you just a moron that "argues" entirely off of emotional impulse?
File: 478.gif (478KB, 250x161px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
478KB, 250x161px
>Looking at old photos from first cosplay in 2011 again
>2 were from a professional photog who caught me 5 minutes into getting bombarded by other people, so my socks and gloves are sliding down and I look exhausted
>1 is from another professional photog, was cleaning up after drunk friend spilled her drink on me so I was stressing out and forgot to take off my cokebottle glasses

I feel so embarrassed that these imperfections are sitting in frequently viewed cosplay albums.
I'm not the same anon who replied to you, I just think you're being stupid. But hey, even you know you're being dumb or else you wouldn't be trying to form an argument from something that's unrelated to the greentext. \
We've heard this b8 before, it's old and boring.

What in the ever-loving fuck are you talking about?

A highly educated and motivated person is avoiding job opportunities while ferrying around a college dropout who has zero plans to ever be anything more. Like the haunted house with the bleeding walls says, "Get. Out."

Anon here that got help as a kid--my speech was almost unintelligible and I spoke with a garbled lisp. Four years of therapy in school and with intensive home participation--my parents rode my ass about it.

Half the problem was my mouth and jaw were fucked up. Years of orthodontia as a teenager really helped but I also backslid on some of my technique, so I still speak with a little bit of a weird sound.

I know it feels stressful and embarrassing--I still feel sick when anyone asks about the way I talk or tells me they can hear my speech problem. Lots of famous people have gone through therapy to modify accents and speech and language difficulties. If you commit to it you can sound a lot better--but it is a lifetime commitment to speak correctly ever. single. time.
Honestly, I'd be more worried that you don't have more to occupy yourself currently than fretting over 4 year old photos...
File: 65798504563.jpg (40KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 640x480px
One of my friends put a photo of our baby's first convention closet cosplay in our high school yearbook.
and yet when you constantly see women here talking about being sugar babies or how their boyfriend just bought them thousands of dollars worth of clothes and other stuff nobody bats an eye and instead just comments on how "that's so great for you!" or "how sweet of him!"

don't bother bringing up motivation or education. it's obvious that the only thing that matters in your eyes and all women's eyes is gender. if you're a man, you exist to work and earn money that you give to women. if you're a woman, you exist to receive free money and only have to work for fun if you feel like it, never to actually support yourself. that's how you think. and you lash out at anyone who disagrees.

Dude, go back to r9k or reddit or wherever it is you spawned from and stop shitting up the thread.
>tfw you get a little turned on at your breast exam and pap smear
Either make the kind of remarks she makes about you to her or constantly build yourself up in the ~casual~ way she takes you down.
"Oh you need extra poof petticoats? I'm so lucky I have such full hips I can get away with like no petti. I've bought a ton of accessories with the money I save on petticoats tee hee"

Either that or phase her out. She honestly sounds very insecure about herself and is putting you down in retaliation.
Sell them. New brand is so nice, I am not gonna buy any more older dresses for that reason. Also because of asshole sellers not disclosing all flaws, but that's a different story. I am so sick of buying things that are supposedly in good condition, then show up needing repairs
>if you're a woman, you exist to receive free money and only have to work for fun if you feel like it

...except in the case of the story which sparked your tantrum, the woman is the one thinking of her financial viability, hence her mention of needing a second job while she has increasing anxiety towards the bf who isn't motivated to get a second job, or a car, and blows his income on trinkets.
If this scenario hits too close to home for you then just say so, but you really shouldn't bring up irrelevant scenarios to justify your rage when they're clearly not applicable. Have some logic and compose yourself.
I only have a few older dresses left on my wish list to knock out and I've kept up with the new releases I like. I've been really lucky so far and never dealt with a rotten seller or gotten a used dress in bad condition yet either. Just a few more...*crosses fingers*
I've had a really shitty week
>personal issues shit
>laptop's LCD broke, friend thinks someone sat on it
>my phone cord(that I spent a lot of money on) fell apart
>writing script, have to constantly edit because the director keeps making changes

I needed something to cheer me up so when I got the delivery notice for my dream skirt, I cried.

Laptop LCD replacement is only like $50 + 15 minutes of work, lucky you.

There is speech impediment class for adult. I am not sure it just for my country but my mom used to take me to those classes because she didn't like the way I speak. I convinced her that I don't need the class. There were lot of classes like that and those are working adult or students. Don't feel shamed. After all, I was surprised that lot of people have speech problem. I got tested from lots of classes.
My tantrum? But dear foolish woman, it's your kind that was upset by the story, as well as all similar stories.

First and foremost in your mistakes, you seem to have conveniently missed the "that's how you think" that was immediately after the part of my post you quoted. It's not that that's how the world is (at least not 100% of the time), it's how you women THINK the world should be.

The reason the woman in the story and also all the women reading it are angry is because the man is spending money of useless stuff he wants while the woman (might) have to work extra to support them. You all believe it should only ever be the other way around.

Also it's hilarious how she's crying that "it's so dark" and she "feels trapped" because she might wind up having to actually support herself. You know who has to support themselves? Pretty much every guy. In fact most of you women have "100% financially independent" as one of your starting baseline requirements to even consider dating a guy. Yet you don't see them crying about how unfair the world is over it.
Are you retarded? If a woman is financially independent, why shouldn't the man pull his own weight and be independent too? Fucking pathetic, maybe you've been too coddled by mommy in your basement.
Why do none of you ever give a shit when the genders are reversed? Why do men always HAVE to be financially independent but if a woman doesn't work at all, or does work but spends money excursively on herself while the man foots all the actual bills for the both of them none of you ever care, or comment on how "great" of a relationship they have?
It's like having someone at your school die. Even if you didn't know them, it suuuuucks.
Except she already supports herself, and the problem is in that it becomes more difficult to support oneself when one is also supporting a manchild.

>you women
>waaah women waaah

Crying about having to be independent and how others expect you to take adult responsibilities is so unsightly no matter what gender is doing it. Feeling upset because you want to work a relationship with someone who has backwards priorities is a different ballgame. I've been there, and it does feel like you will never get anywhere when all your boyfriend wants to do is throw money at stupid shit, especially when people like you assume all the woman's money doesn't go to bills and shit and you just assume she must also spend frivolously because LOL WOMEN. You sound like one of those people who whines about how hard white male losers have it.

>you women
>none of you
Stop speaking for everyone in an entire gender with literally millions of people in it. Bait or not, you and "people like you" are aggravating. You do not know how everyone feels about anything and you don't even seem to know how that situation went down.

Cuz fuck off back to Reddit or wherever you came from, good god you're stupid.
Sorry not today anon, I might hate myself but I'd rather live forever if I could even if it were to be in misery.

I think I will try a different place in the next town over, and hope the first lobby waiting round does not deter me. I appreciate the concern despite me being a stranger, thank you very much.

If only we could then I would, even if just to stop feeling as if I owe others, especially guys, for not being appealing enough to them. I have tried to acquire the fake until you make it mentality and it just makes me feel even worse, like I am acting confident when I don't deserve to be. We could perform brain surgery on each other.
just letting you know there is a world outside of white upper middle class america
Jeez you miss the point so often I wonder if you're doing it on purpose.
I never said she isn't supporting herself. Or that anyone should or shouldn't have to. I'm just pointing out the blatant gender double standard you women (yes, ALL you women) have when it comes to it.
Lets think about that word you used. "Manchild". I'm sure you use that word a lot to try and discredit and dismiss any man who ever disagrees with you about anything ever. But I bet not once in your entire life (or any of you womens lives) have you used or even thought of the word "Womanchild". Because women have a double standard (well technically the have tons but lets just focus on this one for now). In your mind if a man isn't independent then he's a failure, and has to be mocked. But when a woman isn't independent you don't see her as a failure. You don't see anything wrong with her not being independent at all. This is your double standard. You believe that one group of people, because of how they were born, should be held to a different and much harsher standard than another group of people who were born a different way. And you somehow see nothing wrong with this and no reason to change, because you simply care much less about men than your own kind. It's why when stories like this are posted you all rush to tell the girl to dump her boyfriend, but if the reverse story happens and a girl talks about how her boyfriend makes all the money and pays for everything you all congratulate her, and would certainly never think to tell the boyfriend to dump her because she's a womanchild.

>you're stupid but I can't explain why so just go away!
Yeah alrighty toots.
Some woman are assholes, some men are assholes, is not a matter of gender is a matter of shity human beings taking advantage of another human being. And as far as we know green text anon could be a man
Her life wasn't your responsibility, even if there was a chance somewhere that you could have changed things. If she was in such a bad downward spiral, you probably couldn't have made a real difference in the end anyway.
File: ew.png (32KB, 128x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hate a guy from college who won't stop acting smug and condescending
>I'm paired up with him for an assignment and nobody can change the groups
>he's making my fear of men in general come back at full force all by himself
What do I do? Everytime he talks to me I start feeling nauseous, it's like an allergy. I already know the problem comes more from me than from him.
Lol, as if manchild is exclusive to men, you enormously idiotic fuck. Yes, we aaaall hold ourselfs to lofty standards and aaall women ever can be dependent and it's aaaaaall ok. Fucking hell mate.

10/10 made me reply
She's just a bitch and probably knows exactly what she's doing. Drop her, anon.

Don't do this. It would just make you look super insecure and chances are she won't see the irony and will just take it as more justification for doing the same to you. In the end nobody will care who started it, all they will see is two sad bitches trying to tear each other down.
I have a really short fuse with smug and condescending nerds. Working in IT, I gotta put up with them nonetheless. I've developed what I call a "work face". It's basically a way to compartmentalize between my job and my free time. Just convince yourself that the people you work with are not your friends and that what they say matters only in relation to whatever you're working on at the moment. Any more than that and their bullshit will get under your skin.

Now that I see this typed out, it makes me seem like a total psycho, but it's one way to deal with intolerable personalities at work while maintaining your own sanity.
How about no.

No I don't think it makes you seem like a psycho, but then again I totally agree with you and already do that so maybe I'm not the one who should be saying this. I still can't help but feel like I'll take everything he'll say personally. And when I'm nervous or terrified I can't really think rationally anymore so there's that too.
I had some anxiety problems that made it hard to deal with situations like that. What really helped was when my doctor prescribed me some beta blockers. They just deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety, like sweating and heartbeat, but I noticed that once my face didn't get red and my heart didn't explode, I just wasn't that nervous anymore.
Better to be consumed in the glorious flames of fallout than to be a destiny pleb
Ok I'll look into that. I understand what you mean, knowing that I'm visibly embarrassed or anxious makes me feel even worse.
Glad you understand and admit it now.

I know I can't make you change but at least you're aware of what you do.

Your wise words cut to the thick of the human soul. Your benevolent guidance has opened my eyes to your enlightenment of knowing the secret thoughts of 3.5 Billion people, who are all functionally identical.

Thank God you were here to set the record straight with those hot opinions.
Any time babe.
Don't give me too much credit though, women don't keep thoughts like that secret. You're quite open about them whenever the subject comes up. I'm not a mind reader.
For all your insight, it's a shock that you missed the fact that I'm male.
Women and whiteknights always have more or less the same brain.
File: 606f8ce3.jpg (65KB, 854x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 854x720px
Well that went much better than expected.
>mfw biggest applause
>mfw someone asked for a copy
stop posting this ffs
It's rather fortunate we aren't in the same category as you, seeing as you have none.
File: 1443894461536.jpg (48KB, 393x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 393x374px
>can't refute anything I've said
>instead throw baseless insults hoping it'll make some random girl on the internet have sex with you because you saved her from the big bad meanie misogynist

Trust me I'm not envious of your "category" of person in the slightest.
Don't flatter yourself, you're just an average retard who can't think for himself. You're practically the only one who threw erroneous generalisations around, that's why nobody tried refuting them. It's because they're dumb.
Anyone who's payed any attention to threads like this (or any conversations women have in general) can clearly see that I am 100% correct about the hypocritical double standard women have when it comes to criticizing and mocking men who can't or don't fully support themselves while giving other women a free pass or sometimes even praise for mooching money and resources off of a man.

Anyone, that is, who isn't biased towards women in every possible situation to the point of being blind to any flaw they might have or bad thing they might do. So women and whiteknights like you can't see it, unless you're willing to make even some tiny effort to look outside the "women are wonderful" mindset you've spent your entire life being indoctrinated to believe in. Though I find the likelihood of any of you doing that to be quite low.

Now go on, show me what incredibly clever and original personal insult you will avoid actual discussion with next.
File: AbeOik6.jpg (3KB, 160x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 160x160px
Bait images are bait in themselves.
4/10 apply yourself
>just got a new job last month
>only days off are thurs/fri and I'll probably get a worse bid in December when my training is done
>most of the lolitas who plan meets in my comm are near 30+ years old
>they have cushier jobs where they have weekends off
>I get out of work at 3pm so theoretically I could attend meets if they are evening
>but they always start meets at noon that only last a few hours
>feel really excluded
>know it'll sound whiny if I beg for a meetup that's in the evening
>feel like if I planned a meetup for Friday afternoon nobody would come

It isnt whiny in the slightest. Try seeing if dinner is an option, something where they can do whatever in the afternoons and you meet them later on.
Different anon but it's not a contest, perhaps they need to pay for something else which is more urgent or they simply get no funds.

Also nice math you got there
File: 34a.gif (2MB, 320x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x245px
You're nicer to her than I would be, I'd probably get a really nice brand and wait for her to ask what it is then reply with ' Oh I'm sorry it's only for larger chested ladies'
I'm in a similar place to you anon, I spent my 21st last year doing sweet fuck all, I have no friends and no social life, I only work with 2 people and we don't socialise or anything, but I think fuck em all. I'm trying to work on me, do things that make me happy. I go to out of town lolita meets on my own a few times a year, and Ive decided to quit my job and go to uni. I'll still be doing nothing on my 22nd birthday next month, but it's Ok, it's everyone else that's missing out, not me. Chin up anon, don't set a deadline for your happiness <3
Get over yourself.
>have no inspiration to cosplay
>can't be bothered to go 100% into a Jfashion
>instead make a different fashion for each convention day
>just waiting for someone to accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper or something like that

I feel like a fake going from one Jfashion to another in just a day but I wouldn't wear this stuff in my daily life and I just want to look cool and try out different styles while I can.
You sound like you're a self-centered sixteen year old. You admit that this girl had nothing to do with your sleeze of a boyfriend deciding to sleep around, so instead of holding him accountable you just decide to project all of your insecurities and anger onto her? Because omg HOW DARE SHE share the same interests as you HOW DARE. Also the winter ball somehow belongs to you? Are you delusional?
I've held him plenty accountable. I've gotten out everything I've had to towards him. But Ive never gotten to say a thing about this girl. Isn't that the point of my post? That I know it's not her fault, but I'm irrationally angry regardless? It's not about a HOW DARE SHE, it's more about how close to me she was all along without me even knowing it. I don't give a fuck what she's into, but it's the idea that this whole time we've gone to the same cons, and been in the same chatroom, but I had no idea who she was until now. What the fuck are you reading?

Also, I don't give two shits about the ball and I never fucking claimed it belonged to me anon. Jesus. Once again, it's about the fact that she was so close to me without me ever knowing it, and for something that I was only into because I was heads over heels for my boyfriend at the time.
>I don't give two shits about the ball

I believe that because if you honestly think that cgl x fa happened solely because of your fanart, you're terribly new and delusional. More known anons than you have been drawing that pairing for past winter balls and also "I loved my effay boyfriend and was self inserting us!" you do realize /fa/ and /cgl/ are SIBLINGS, right?
Yeah, they've been drawing them for years, and this year's everything was strongly in favor of other pairings up untIl the OC stared coming in. Okay, whatever. I made a self centered and delusional claim in the middle of being insanely distresses and whiny. But if I can't even have hatred for a girl that flirted with my taken man, while being in a four year long relationship of her own, then that's ridiculous.
Fuck I just want to get home and sleep it's 7:30am
>can't even have hatred for a girl that flirted with my taken man
If anyone you should hate, it's your taken man who developed feelings for her. Who's to say that he won't develop feelings for another girl that bats her eyelashes at him now?
Like I said, I've already taken out all my hatred at him. I have no trust in him anymore, and no faith in the relationship, and won't for a long long time. But I can talk to him; I can vent about him. I can't talk to her. That's why I'm posting exhausted rambling feelings on an anonymous messageboard instead.
>dear foolish woman
It's like I can literally HEAR your fedora.
Okay then why didn't you vent about THAT as opposed to "omg this girl my BF flirted with was in the SAME CHAT AS ME!!1! For the event ~I~ drew the art for!!" Your original rant sounds petty as fuck - the whole bit about the fanart is still pretty stupid but it would have been important to include details about how you hate her as a person as opposed to how you hate her for being an object your BF tried to chase. I get that you didn't mean for it to come off so childish but even for a vent it was pretty superficial.
File: KEKELI002-7.jpg (68KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 700x700px
>tfw i am 20
>people say i look younger than my age but i feel so so old and unkawaii
>want to buy pic related but i'm scared of looking retarded
I wish i was 14 again...
>20 isn't old anon
Yeah but for that kind of thing...I feel like i would look retarded, but it's so adorable though...
Because, as I've already explained, the main part that got me was how close she was to me. I really could have worded it better, but I meant it in a way like this was something I was involved in that I didn't know she was a part of, and something I was only involved in because of my feelings for my boyfriend, which I found ironic. That's all I meant by it. It's the same feeling when you find out someone you grew up around ended up on the news or something. Like "this whole time I knew them".
Like I said, I fucked up with the phrasing and wrote out some pieces of my thoughts but not the others, which made it focus in weird places, but I'm running off no sleep and I already deleted it once I reread it.
I just did a lazy "1 pound equals 2 USD" conversion.
It's more like 1 Quid to 1.5 USD now.
>tfw finishing off the year of lolita purchases with a dream dress.

>tfw no decent coord for said dream dress in the closet and no budget to buy anything for a couple of months.

The poor gorgeous dress will sit in my closet, except for when I wear it alone with a shitty coord.
It will still be there when you can afford accessories but I always think this is a little shortsighted not to buy just a couple of fewer dresses per year and properly finish out existing coords. You can have the loveliest Lolita dress ever but if the coord isn't finished (or good) then you don't ever look that nice in it so what's the point even?
>responding to trolls


Please don't. Report him for trying to start a flame war and move on
>wish i was shorter
>most of my friends are shorter than me and i feel giant
>want to look like a smol doll/fragile beauty/... type of girl?
I just want to feel cute for once dammit
why would you want to be shorter, anon? :(
I'm the same height as you and everyone's taller than me, haha. ;w;
Don't worry kiddo, I'm sure you'll be as tall as them once you're fully grown. When you're 15, you haven't fully developed, so I'm sure you'll get a growth spurt during the summer.
>saw a post on /cgl/ months ago about a congoer that's batshit insane
>noticed he's on my friend's list
>didn't heed warnings
>he has since tried to give me guns (I politely declined)
>found out he believes a "Jewish Nazi" is puppeteering the liberals

I should've listened. /cgl/ is sometimes pretty on point.
>same feels

shh it's fine anon, you can still be cute and tall, iktf though. iktf.
But fuck, you're going to be a goddamn princess or magical girl or whatever you want,i imagine i'm floating and that's why i ""tower"" over some people. I've seen moderrus looking like fragile dolls and being kawaii as fuck, you just have to adapt it so it fits your body nicely, especially if you are skinny that's a blessing!!
>tl;dr shut the fuck up you're fucking cute and can be a mahou shoujo purinsessu whatever your height you can still be a cutie
For example i think Chokelate is adorable, she suits elegant stuff better but the way she acts,it's totally qt to me. Also to maybe "look shorter" if you truly wish, try big things that will make you look smaller liker oversized sweater ands cardigans? a biiiig bed and fluffy sheets? shoes with rounded toe part are nice too and flats or "kitten" heels. Also:
>i knew a girl from the internet
>french,kawaii as fuck
>met her last summer at con
>she was taller than me
>she had platforms on top of that
>litterally fucking towered over me
>but she was still fucking cute
>she was litterally so adorable in her little outfit and platforms, it changed nothing
Hope i made you feel better and sorry for the wall of text
How tall is Chokelate? She doesn't seem that tall to me.
then how the hell do you wear lolita/cosplay?
She's something like 5'10" or 5'11".
The more you type the more of a petty fuck you sound like.
>earthquake in japan
>60+ people death by attacks in Paris

What the fuck is going on cgl?

Also I wish people just post information/condolences rather then me needing to see more "do not blame muslims and refugees" then actual condolences. This isn't the time to act all politically correct at all.
Thank god I live in Lyon and not in Paris but I'm still scared shitless. My little sister has a friend there though so I'll ask her if she's ok later. As if the beginning of the year wasn't shitty enough.

That said,I feel like most people who say things about muslims in these circumstances are total outsiders of tje situation. Whe don't even know who's behind this yet anyway. I'm a maghrebi girl and even I find these comments weird because right now is not the time, even though it's true we'll have an even shittier reputation because of this,mainly because of racism, rumors, etc. At least it's still better than what I've seen during the attack in January like people excusing the culprits because "they're oppressed algerian POC uwu" please fuck off that's basically implying that us muslim north africans are terrible human beings and that we shouldn't be held accountable what we do as if we were babies. Jesus fucking christ I'm still mad.

I'm scared that this kind of attacks will happen in my city some day. That's one of my biggest worries right now.
I hope your sister's friend is fine. I'm already trying to contact my own friend.

And yeah it's annoying because people are essentially instantly shutting down any discussion on the cause because "U CAN"T SAY BAD THINGS" and I'd rather wait for more information myself anyway.

>also people guilt tripping "I DIDN"T HEAR YOU PRAY OVER BEIRUT" what the fuck is wrong with some people

And yeah I heard racism against muslims is pretty bad in France so I hope it wont retaliate towards them but I hope the families of the victims will be able to grief properly.
Yeah it's pretty bad and it's also very different from what it seems like in the US, hence why people say wrong things about France. A bunch of maghrebi people are in France because of colonialism and historical reasons overall for example, which changes a lot of things. Not all Muslims are the same either, I bet some of them would call me too westernized to be on because I don't fast (medical problems) during ramadan and I don't wear a veil because it's not mandatory anyway, and if anything,it's more something that depends on generations and regions. Most people practice just because it's a habit and not necessarely because of their believes.

By the way, I didn't say why it made me so mad that the culprits of the attack in january were excused in tumblr was because they kept saying that they werent French even though they were. They had the both the French and Algerian nationalities and they're of Algerian descent. Does the notion of two nationalities at once exist in the US, because it felt like an american posted this back then.
I'm EU but I get what you mean. And yeah I've seen terrorist apologist from tumblr but also some muslim communities which is a really terrifying thought to be honest.

I mean I can't believe some people are so hard trying to be politically correct they're willing to say that killing dozens of innocent people is because evil white people said mean things.
Joke on them, most Muslims disagree with them because it's common sense that murder is wrong.
I'm completely with you on this, it pisses me off that the only time some people seem to show sympathy towards muslims is when there is a terrorist attack, as if that's the only situation in which you would ever encounter one. And then they act like they're saints for not being "prejudiced".

Thankfully my family are on the left bank and wouldn't be out late, but still, it's been a shitty night.
The guilt tripping is the fucking worst. Hundreds of people dying is not a time to get on your moral high horse.
>hurrrrrr how come you're concerned about france if you weren't concerned about beirut
So I should be ashamed of being more concerned of things happening in a country physically and culturally closer to mine. How dare I. Our ill advised 'compassion' is one of the factors that made us end up in this mess in the first place and it sure as hell won't prevent future attacks like this happening.
I realise I'm going full /pol/ but I don't want Europe to go down the shitter like this, hold me anons
It's okay to have some fear anon, and I hate I can't even express any of it without half of the people I know instantly hating my guts for it.

I mean they're all RTing shit like "don't blame all muslims!!" and "Don't attack refugees" way more then any actual news reports which is one thing.
But then I saw a tweet about how someone said they were annoyed by all the France tweets and while I do not deny that they were being a massive asshole, the person reposting the tweets decided this was white privilege. Because at a time like this it is most important to pull out your political agenda.
The quran lists multiple different reasons for when you should kill people
If liberals love Muslims so much why can't they all go live with them
File: c95.png (9KB, 270x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 270x250px
I know what you mean. But at this point it just makes me angry because that gets said during every terrorist attack and I don't see this 'don't blame all muslims' thing doing much, well then maybe it's time to take a stand on people who come here and are offered a better life while remaining completely ungrateful to the country that gave them those opportunities in the first place. The west of Europe still has a lot to work on of course, but it's almost like they're making us out to be the bad guys.
Sorry, I probably sound pretty callous, but the thing is, I'm Polish and I don't even have many ties to France and yet the whole event shook me up pretty badly. The thought of this happening in Warsaw fucking terrifies me.
>Thankfully we're not diverse enough to be relevant
Updating. He picked up his PS4 today and got Fallout 4 for free. That's it. My husband's soul is lost to me. At least I'll be getting my serger soon.
I'm 20 and plan on buying the hat, skirt, and shirt of the strawberry series

Don't let your dreams be dreams
I'm from west europe and honestly I don't think these people understand that yelling how you shouldn't blame muslims isn't doing shit. People who already think muslims are bad will not suddenly stop thinking it and people who don't will not suddenly start blaming random muslims.

I mean from today onwards there only has to be one incident at a refugee center caused by the native population and people will scream how everyone in europe is a racist again.

I'm just kind of amazed at this point that people don't understand that letting people in europe with fuckall control on who they are is a bad idea because there can and will be bad people between them.
Keep in mind that 3 days after 9/11, a muslim was killed by a racist-ass fucker in America because of 9/11. But to be real, I don't think the type of people who would attack any middle eastern person they see would be the type of person NOT to blame muslims for something.
Like I said in my other post, it isn't that the intent isn't there, it's that saying "don't blame them' is going to do fucking nothing. People who do those horrible things aren't going to change their mind over it.
Paris anon here, it's a total mess, i'm in tears. I'm so so scared of a war or something, i'm just so scared...the terrorists got neutralized but now there's like fire in a refugee camp bc some french dumbasses wanted "revenge" idk, idk what's going on anymore and i'm hiding, i heard the shootings it's like 5 minutes away from me i'm scared shitless
There has been WAY more than one incident, seriously?

But I agree completely regarding that attitude, it's not like the populace is going to rise and lynch muslims because of a terrorist attack. This is France ffs, they have pretty solid convictions compared to most of the west. What you will have is a minority of deluded extremist pricks who will use this to support their trash, and these fools will give them a platform and go on like they're the voice of fucking Europe, because it makes them look like the measured lot. Meanwhile back in reality those affected are too busy dealing with the tragedy of so many losing their lives for nothing to care about this ideological shit.

Sorry for the rant, but this has seriously messed me up. I wish I didn't feel affected.
>now there's like fire in a refugee camp

Pretty sure that got confirmed fake anon, but I'm glad to hear you're safe at least. Try to make sure everyone you know is safe as well and I'm hoping this will look better in the morning for you.
>Jewish Nazi
And a black Klan member runs the IRS
>There has been WAY more than one incident, seriously?

Oh I know and I do not condone that in any way since it's the stupidest thing ever. My wording is pretty bad, it's late and I'm still a bit stressed over all the news, sorry.

And yeah I'm mostly annoyed at how so many people seem focused on talking about being against muslims or not rather then, you know, the actual victims. Like we can deal with that later let's just hope the best for the families of the victims instead for now.
Yeah, that message would be better suited to be said over TV after this event.
Did a muslim do it this time btw?
As long he isn't leeching off you then it's nothing to worry about. It's not his problem how you spend your money though a long as you're smart about it
>it's late and I'm still a bit stressed over all the news
I think we all are, no worries.

I wonder if these people feel for what has happened, or if all they see are excuses to act enlightened...
History is unfolding as we speak. it may not be pleasant, but this simply isn't going to end until one side is wiped out. and I'd prefer it to not be my side
Yeah I don't think a lot of them are understanding how massive of an attack it was, 160 dead, in an european country.

That's easily the biggest attack in decades if not since the war.
But nobody is focusing on that.
The café shooter shouted AA. There are reports of maybe 3 suicide mombers, so that's indicates something. Also a recently arrested jihadist had been given specific orders to attack a concert venue.
American Airlines?
Allahu Akbar, sorry. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.
>tfw nowhere near the amount of cute Samsung s5 cases compared to iPhones

I should really just deco my own little case.
I'm 25 and i'm starting to plan wearing similar stuff next year, go for it anon!I love To Alice bunny and bear themed pastel OP dresses and my age won't stop me to wear them.
Right???? How is that even possible?
>Is it wrong that I want to buy an iphone just for the case?
If you want to wear this kinds of things, best to do it ASAP because later will just mean you'll be older and still wanting to do it but feeling like you miss your chances. There won't be any better time than right now. So just wear it and enjoy it!
You sound super cute and nice, anon. You should get away from her immediately, you dont deserve that kind of treat.
Most of the cute cases out there are for iphones. I recieved a LG GVista as a gift, and there's really zilch in the way of cute cases for it.
I have a LG F6, trust me I know your pain
>At least it's not the lamest reason for getting a phone, right?
I got a droid and Amazon has the cutest rhinestone studded cases, it was really cheap and actually looks cuter in person! My phone is so princessey
Apple knows it's customers are very stupid and shallow, hence why they pay more money for worse products just because they're "stylish and trendy". So of course more effort is put into the aesthetic design of cases for those kinds of people.
File: image.png (293KB, 500x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293KB, 500x323px
I used to wear darker/punk stuff when I was a teen but turned into boho/mori now in my 20s. I don't have the funds for an all-new wardrobe so my style changes day-do-day from looking like a super normie in lacey dresses to wearing pieces from Japanese punk brands.

yolo, anon.
>Best friend and husband used to be good friends for years, before I even knew either of them.
>Yesterday they got in a huge fight over a really small, stupid thing.
>Both are apparently too fucking prideful to makeup, both are the types to believe everyone is out to get them.
>They now hate each other.
>Both of them tell me how they can't really stand one another and are done and don't care.
>Best friend is now bitching about my husband on her twitter passive aggressively.
>Despite us all being over 25, here we are back in fucking kindergarten.
>mfw neither of them care about this position they are putting me in enough to at least make up to the point of not hating each other's guts.

I just... fuck.
What did you say to her? I am honestly curious, because it sounds more like that was her own issue, not your fault. I know I am just an anon but maybe I could help you get closure.
I know how you feel. Take it from me, building a life out of love is really unstable and you need to try to pave a road where you can rely on yourself first and foremost, because at the end of the day even if someone loves you, all you really have is yourself.

I recommend opening up to someone you trust who doesn't judge you and seems pretty grounded who can handle listening to you and really talk to them. It seems like you have a lot of self doubt which is causing these conflicts. Getting a new perspective and having that person to reach for when insecurities are popping up might help a lot, especially if they are close to you or not directly involved in the thick of things in regards to the tank you are struggling in. If I have felt what you have, it sounds like you need to heal and only two things can help that: that kind of person I described and also being able to honestly stand on your own two feet all by yourself while going in a direction you feel good about.
Almost nobody follows these rules word by word wtf are you talking about. And this applies to almost evey single religion that are still practiced nowadays.
How would you know that it's because of our "compassion"? Maybe I missed the news but the culprit(s) are unknown as of now. And I'msure it'll be like in January and a French person would actually be the culprit (regardless of race, ethnicity, religion etc.) So shut up and wait for more news before speaking.

I do agree that people trying to guilt trip you sucks, so fat it hasn't happened to me because I don't follow idiots on social media anymore. And if you're European, it's normal that the news focus on France right now anyway.
In France I'm pretty sure Maghrebi people are going to be targeted more than Middle Easterns, especially because we're the "stereotype"for violent Muslims there (thank you so fucking much colonialization /s)
ISIS just claimed the attacks but desu they'll claim anything if it'll start WWIII for them
It was said in the news that it was Daesh that was mostly likely responsible but I don't much about them so I won't add anything else. Also, a bunch of people that are looked after by the government were born and raised in France so them being in France doesnt have much to do with "compassion".
I can't bring myself to inform myself about the attacks anymore, it makes me feel sick like I'm gonna throw up or something.
You are off your rocker.

And the only solution is to move to a country where people are taller.
File: 1446998500442.jpg (10KB, 282x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 282x310px
>went to a small local cosplay contest once ages ago in a very small community
>one of the contestants that doesnt win starts making a huge fuss on social media
>relatively small community so word goes around and theres a lot of unneeded drama
>bitching about judges not understanding her great craft
>boyfriend white-knighting her
>asspatters asspatting
>everyone else extremely tired of her shit
>fast forward many months
>same contestant enters new contest
>she doesnt win, surprisingly, this time either
>starts whining on social media YET AGAIN
>mfw the tears being spilt as she makes a fool out of herself once again
Follow up to this: after repeatedly asking for a reliable source for his claims, I was accused of being a SJW for not blindly believing tabloids and blog posts. He unfriended me when I stopped being nice. Good fucking riddance.
File: 1382398032603.jpg (44KB, 384x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 384x640px
>admire lolita since I was 11
>poorfag my whole life, never got the money
>finally get job this year that pays enough that I can afford more than just rent
>slowly start building wardrobe
>never have bf before that I actually like
>get sort-of-bf this year
>like him a lot
>like him way too much
>been after him since high school
>finally kind of got him
>he hates lolita

I can either be alone again.
Or I can let my half life long dream die.
>itchy, red hands covered in flat warts, nothing helps
>want to suicide because so embarrassed
>google 'sore warts' whilst talking to a classmate on fb for a project
>fb posts screencap of my google search three times in the convo for no reason
>don't even fucking notice, she points it out
>have to admit to classmate that I'm not even friends with that it's something I'm worrying about
>asks that she tells nobody, she says 'lol goodnight'
She seems nice but also the kind who would probably make a big joke about it to everybody without trying to be mean because she's so outgoing

How do you know he hates lolita, have you actually talked about it? because lots of guys really hate OTT sweet but they don't even notice gothic or classic is lolita until somebody tells them. IMHO it's not your problem and if he doesn't want to stick around because of clothes then he's not worth it anyway. Make sure you show an interest in his things if he stays.
He used the ancient "It looks like kid clothes, I'm not a pedo" argument.
Despite the fact hat I wear ott sweet like it's 2011 forever, and children wear whore clothes now, now giant skirts.
We agree on most other things, and I never give him shit about his awful anime art, I pretend like it's good.
But he insists lolita is creepy.

Also kill that bitch if she tells anyone.
If he draws anime, you can probably argue he's a pedo some other way desu. It's surprising that a anime fan doesn't like it though.
Just wear it, if he's too simple to form a legit argument then he's probably too simple to leave you over it.

I'll cut this bitch I swear.
Ditch the guy. Got dumped this year after a 9 year relationship where the guy hated lolita and then met someone else who thinks I'm cute no matter what I wear and now really appreciates lolita because he finds me cute in it, there is so much better out there anon. Those high school feels are lying to you.
no, it happened! In Calais
A friend of mine who is a degenerate like me announced that he got a girlfriend yesterday. He is about three years younger than me, and we both love hentai and its ridiculous fetishes. Neither of us are bad looking and we're both relatively poor, doing what we can in order to move ahead in our lives.

I genuinely feel happy for him, but I also became green with envy. "Someone like me was able to find someone, so what's keeping me?" And after a few thoughts about self-worthlessness later, I jacked off for a few hours and cried myself to sleep.

That night, I had a dream. In it, I was an older man, handsome, wealthy, and I had a large, beautiful house. My mother was coming home after buying groceries and I told her to invite random people over on the way. Soon, my home became filled with strangers. We ate, drank, and everyone commented on how delicious the food was and how they'd like to come again. It really was delicious, but it quickly became insipid after a few bites. I began to realize that I was not happy, and that no matter how many people I surrounded myself with, I was still lonely inside. My happiness was like a bright spark, like how I feel after attending a cosplay gathering.

When I woke up, I also realized that no matter how much porn I collect, I will never be able to sate my sexual frustration like this. Now, I am here.

To keep it cosplay related, we're thinking about cosplaying to a con together, but I do not want to have to see his girlfriend.
Friend, you sound bitter as hell. I really recommend you get out more, look around for clubs and if you have the time then somewhere you can volunteer.

>tfw too busy to wear lolita or do anything nice
>stress causing me to buy things to feel better
>don't have time to wear the things I'm buying and it's making me more stressed
>can't really afford all these things either, so even more stressed
I'm trying to wear things more often but I'm just too tired in the mornings to make an effort.
I am, I have, but I am motivated to continue to insist. Thank you, anon. I will continue to try to find belonging in my new environment.
I wish I had read this earlier. I am pregnant. Boyfriend is super excited about having kids.
I am not.
>plans for twinning first time
>get everything ordered
>find out she can't because of sudden emergency needs for funds

I totally understand and if I was her I'd do the same. I just... wouldn't haven picked this dress for just me solo and I really had my hope set on going together. I guess this is frustration.
One of the few cons in my city most likely won't happen because of the terrorist attack in Paris. Fuck, that was one of the very few things I was looking forward, especially since I wanted to bring my little sister with me and let her choose a birthday present there.
I feel like I am that odd person in my comm that everyone secretly hates but is too nice to tell them to GTFO.
I'm pretty socially awkward. I mostly just nod my head and don't have much to say
>I feel like we are just dragging you along
Every meet one of the girls indirectly has something not so nice to say about my outfit, not directly to me but it will come up in conversation
>I hate (the color I am wearing) in lolita
>I hate pink in lolita, oh but it looks so nice on you I just don't like it on me!
Comments at the last meet hit me a bit closer to home and I just don't know if it is just my anxiety telling me that everyone hates me, or if I should just gtfo. I used to think that I was just taking general statements too personally but it keeps happening and I just don't know.
>Get an abortion? or have an adoption?
I havent really been hanging out with anyone but my fiance since distancing myself from my comm, but my best friend that lives out of state is coming to stay with me for a few days, and I am so excited for the good female company, I love being able to just chill and smoke and wear lolita with her and not have any worries.
>be ftm guy, mildly passing, on T, go by male name, etc
>start new job a few months back working with costumes at a theme park, mostly getting gendered correctly by coworkers, awesome
>one of my coworkers is a cosplayer but he's kinda cringey
>ignore the cringe, try to be friendly with everyone
>today talked about how I want to get back into cosplay but need to lose weight first
>he goes on a mini rant about how anyone can cosplay at any body type and weight and it doesn't matter
>told him I don't care if other people think I need to lose weight for cosplay, it's my own opinion that matters
>which is that I should lose weight before I cosplay again
>continues vaguely spouting sjw tier stuff
>two of the girls are discussing birth control stuff and he announces into the room "I forgot I was the only guy here"
>Coworker gestures towards me and says "anon is here"
>He responds with "I meant cis guys"
>the room is dead silent
Thanks for that, asshole. I'd have thought someone as social justice over weight in cosplay (this is not even the first time he's talked about it, the last time it came up there was also a sermon on racism in the cosplay community) would know not to fucking out someone as trans in front of a group of people.
I'm going to spend the rest of my night being disgruntled and angry.
>ask my sister to the con ball
>she wants to go with her bf instead
>me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIaFtAKnqBU
Like with stocks, ride the wave until you see the value begin to decrease. Then, you get rid of it, invest into another market, and start over.

That's what I would do, if I had a girlfriend. Both parties are better off this way, and we break off before we can't stand each other anymore.
I'm so sorry anon, how did they go missing and how long has it been? Maybe there's some hope. That situation sounds horrible.
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