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Cosplay card thread

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Can we get a cosplay card thread? I'm looking to get some more ordered in the next week and I want to redesign.
>Best supplier/printer
>Pros/cons of square/mini cards
>Design tips
>Post your card
>Dos and don'ts
Moo. Order from moo.

>Best supplier/printer
I've tried Vistaprint a LONG while back and their basic cards are cheap in price and quality. I heard they have been better lately so if you want something quick to test out, you can go with them. I keep going back to Moo and so have many friends. Their cards are so nice and thick and they're pretty easy to set up.

>Pros/cons of square/mini cards
I have both.

Pros of regular size/square : better for more scenic photos
Cons : Usually gets lost in the stack of many other coscards/edges fold over in wallet pockets

Pros of mini cards : they're small and cute. Friends have kept mine along with their other friends in their wallets or bags cause they like having it around and so do i. It's simple for anyone who doesn't have many links
Cons: It can get lost. If you have a stack of reg size cards and have a few minis, the minis stray from the pack while collecting them

>Design tips
It really depends on what you like. If you know design or know a friend who can help you out, ask them for advice or try to get some feedback on your ideas. Don't clutter your card with graphics and pictures though

>Dos and don't
DO ask for feedback from friends
DO look at other cosplayer cards for inspiration but DONT blatantly copy the same format
DONT make the colors neon or really bright
DO step back and think if people would want to keep your card with the design or pictures you chose
DO leave some room on the back of the cards and ask if the photographer you're giving it to want you to write the name and series of the character you're cosplaying they took a pic of so they can remember you when going through the photos

I'm sure theres more but iunno
>Best supplier/printer

I've gotten sample packs from a bunch of places trying to see if there's a place that offers comparable options to Moo at cheaper prices, but without infinite designs.

pros: cheap! ... that's pretty much it.
cons: you get what you pay for. stock choices are so-so, finishes (matte/gloss) look kind of sub-par compared to other suppliers.

use them if: you want a ton of cards and don't care about paper/printing quality

>Morning Print
pros: Uses plates instead of digital printing, so images are nice and crisp with good color. Large variety of stocks with both matte and gloss finishes. Decent prices for the quality. Their matte coated cards have a similar texture to moo's soft matte, but dull the colors a little.
cons: Print runs start at 200 of a single design... yikes.

Use them if: you need a lot of cards of a single design, and are willing to pay more than vista's prices for a higher quality product.

Anyone want me to keep going on these? I'm bedridden with a vicious cold right now but I can try and dig up the rest of my samples tomorrow. I think I have packs from Catprint, Moo, Gotprint, and Overnight Prints...
if you want one set of a bunch of designs:
Moo. hands down

if you need more volume and not a bunch of designs (maybe 2-4):
vistaprint, overnight prints, etc. buy in bulk and it'll be cheaper per card. you can get 500 for like $30. that's less than half a day of work for most people or maybe a few lunches or cups of coffee that you probably spend without a care anyway.

I have a set or two I have from moo when I want to show off or give to people I think might like it. If it's just randoms they get a cheaper card
I second moo, their quality blows vistaprint right out of the water
I love my moo cards to death
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tarejtas muestra.jpg
3MB, 4823x1520px
Spanish cosplayers here
We have 2 kind of card
The pink is only for companys and potential customers of original designs dress of our etsy shop

The cosplayer card is for another cosplayers and photographers

1.000 cards for 40€ in a local shop

Also we have lowcost flyers (normal a4 printed) for people how take pictures (not professional photographer) only with the fbpage/twitter account
My friends use moo and love them.
I am just about to make up my first cards but do not have a fb page for my cosplay. which will people be more inclined to follow- deviantart, cure, tumblr, instagram, other? what do people use these days
usually tumblr, ig and twitter as leaving a general contact email.
I got the Moo Minis and the quality is amaaaazing! I definitely recommend a cheap carrying case as well (3ish dollars).
moo is having a sale til the 10th btw
25% off
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 3

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