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Feels Thread

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Last one is long into autosage >>8684367

>was going to halloween cosplay party today with classmates
>wake up with horror scenario in my underwear

Staying at home is fine too, I guess..
You know they make products for this, right?
Quit smoking. It's only half a day, but let's see how getting the shakes goes.
uh wear a tampon or change outfits?
I bleed profusely and have severe pains of the first day, pills take super long to take effect or just attenuate the pain on my worse days. It's better to stay home where I can at least be in bed and go to the toilet to change whenever I need, rather than be uncomfortable/in pain and scared of getting a stain in my pants, specially when the party's venue doesn't have a bathroom for attendees and my classmates were planning to hop around between it and a small halloween event that is happening nearby too.
It was just bad luck it was right today.
I feel you, I'm on the tail end of my period though thankfully, still not thrilled about it starting right before Halloween, especially since my tights are white and my dress is light colored (there is fake blood in my costume but not in my clothes)
>Being 23
>Having a decent payed job
>Studies finished
>Finally have the nuts to try my dream: lolita
>Have done a 1'5 year re-search
>Made a decent coord
>Finally find a lolita comm of my little city (the only one)
>first meet-up
>But everyone was so nice, they're a group of sweet peas. They're 11 members: 5 anime-loli desu girls, 5 itas, and the leader, that uses plain but cute and decent BL coords. It really doesn't bother me because none of them were annoying, they're so good people (plus I didn't expect to find any lolita on my little city)
>Keep attending to meetups, all perfect, dream accomplished
>I use to buy 1 dress every 1-2 months.
>Some of them are "burando" , you know
>Not specially interest on big brand, I just buy dresses I really like, I have taobao indie (4), BTSSB (1) , AP (1) and BL (1)
>But when I first appeared with my first "burando" dress...suddenly they started to look down at me. It was so drastic.
>I tried to ignore it and act like averytime...
>But suddenly the leader message me when I signed for the next meetup.
>"We don't want you here"
> ...wait... what...why?
> "We don't like brandwhores like you" "You're not better than us" "Go away brand-whore"
>I just fell in tears. She was so nice, I can't believe someone so nice can speak these rude words.
>Even I even think someone hacked her account or something
>So I tried to contact her by phone. 10 times in 1 week. Until she answer and told me the same as the FB messages
>my kokoro is brokoro
>And there aren't any other lolitas on this damn city
>So I only use my dresses into home. I lost passion, I feel stupid....
Lol shut up. This is so fake.
File: Runsit Woman.gif (1004KB, 499x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Runsit Woman.gif
1004KB, 499x359px
> rechecked my measurements
> mfw my waist has gone from a 25" to 29"
Please kill me, how could I have let this happen. I find it difficult to manage my time between exercise and studying, but jeez did I let myself go. I'm going to have to lose like 30lbs or something if I want to fit into my cosplay this summer.
This is me but I knew it had happened as my thighs have gotten so huge. Being sick/injured and depressed sucks. Have you had any lifestyle changes? For me it's that I haven't been able to work (doctor's orders) after an injury which has made me feel useless so I've been gorging myself. Plus my boyfriend's mum always buys junk food meaning to be nice but if chocolate is in the house, I have no self control. If you don't have fat legs like me you probably look fine though, but it feels so much better to be lighter.
File: 1441980665774.jpg (378KB, 899x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378KB, 899x1280px
>old friends in my hometown is hosting massive halloween party
>only time a year I get to see all my old friends at once
>Also There's a big con going on in my city right this weekend
>missing it all because I have to work

Feel your pain, OP. At least people actually invited us to stuff
Long ass rant about my realisations about being on antidepressants against my will as a kid and my mother and confusion as to how I should proceed:

I've been on antidepressants for 11 years aka half my life (off them now as of 2-3 months) due to my mother who I only realised last year has been very emotionally abusive my whole life. I'm really struggling to stay off them and after doing some research I learnt that she originally put me on the because of OCD which I never really had. I remember one of her reasons to the psychiatrists (she had to go to a few before she found one that would put me on Movox) was that I would always wash my hands after feeding the rabbits. Dirt gets on your hands and then they smell of grass. At least one doctor called her out on it. Before that she wanted to believe I had ADHD because I would get bored easily, especially in the holidays but apparently that's because I had nothing to do but read and draw in my bedroom as a kid and wanted someone to play with too. So all my life I've grown up thinking something was wrong with me when all it really was was self esteem issues because of my mum trying to diagnose me for no reason and being screamed at that she never did anything to deserve me ("OH GOD WHAT DID I POSSIBLY DO TO DESERVE YOU, WHAT DID I DO?!" was a common thing to be told amongst many others. I remember her saying it when I was as young as 4 after spilling a drink. So yeah, anyway, I discovered that Movox can only be legally prescribed to an under 18 year old in Australia if it's for OCD but not for depression which apparently is harmful. I had neither at the time (well I was sad and had a lot of self esteem problems but that was for many reasons). Which is probably why now I can't cope with my anxiety and I've even read in many studies that long term use of antidepressants in children is correlated with higher levels of anxiety in them as adults.
Now she's saying I have Aspergers because I am awkward sometimes but that's because I still have shit self esteem and so much baggage (she also told me lots of lies about my dead dad and his family, yadda yadda). I don't want to go back on antidepressants but visiting a psychologist isn't really helping with my anxiety and baggage. My boyfriend says I should cut her off but I don't think that would help. I am so mad after realising this, I've wasted the last couple of years of my life trying to cope with all of this. Today I had to skip the Halloween meet-up I was so looking forward to. Sorry, just needed to rant to someone.
My thighs have gotten fatter too. The only thing that didn't get bigger is my bust, so now I look like a potato probably. I'm pretty short (5'1) so any weight gain has a huge impact on my appearance.

> lifestyle changes
I tend to walk around a lot, but since I'm studying like crazy this semester, I'm always sitting down instead of moving around. Plus when I get stressed, I tend to want to eat things. School is a killer for my weight. Last semester, I exercised instead of ate to get rid of the stress, but exercising consumes so much time while eating can be done while studying...
cut her out. you need a break from the poison.

i hate people like her and i hope you can build a better self.
I feel you on putting weight on during high intensity study. It sucks but I tell myself that study is more important long term. It would be great to be able to to replace the vice with something better but food is so good. How long until you finish school? At least it's winter and you can rug up so it will be less noticeable. Good luck! I hope we can both get to where we want to be.
>decide to wear Halloween themed-burando even when staying at home since Halloween is not celebrated in my country
>Put it on
>Rather loose on the waist, way way too thight on the chest
>It didn't fit me like this when I first bought it! And my boobs haven't grown! And it has half-shirring! Come on, you must be imagining things!
>Wear it anyway, I'm cute as fuck
>Eventually pass out because I can barely breathe
CURSE YOUR SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL! Now I'll probably have to sell this dress ;-;
Try pacing while you study? I would always find a quiet part of the library where I could walk around the stacks while reading/studying.
The problems with that is that I still care about her and if I were to do so, I doubt much of my family would be happy with me. She's always liked to gossip on the phone about me to my aunties and either twist the truth very strongly about events or tell lies so I feel as though they might take her side. I suppose I could try only talking to her at family events but we live half an hour away from each other and she likes to message me to pry into my private life. If she didn't get hysterical so easily I would write a list/letter or confront her but I'm also too passive for that. Thank god for my boyfriend and his mum, they've been really good to me about all of this. Thank you, I'm hoping to go back to uni and finally finish soon which I think would be really good for me.

If anyone also has a history of being on antidepressants as a kid/long term, I'd love to hear if you're still on them/how you cope with it.
You passed out? How does that even happen and are you alright now? You'd think the dress would tear or pop rather than do that. If you really like it you could alter it but I suppose you probably have negative feelings towards it now.
>too loose on the waist, way way too tight on the chest
>still passing out
Y-you know you can breath into your stomach, right?
I was trying to breathe into my stomach but my chest still rose quite a bit, in the end I unconsciously started breathing less and less until I passed out.
I guess I'll try to trade the dress for the skirt version, since I don't know how to sew and the dress is gorgeous (Merry Making in the Ghost Town jsk I in case someone wanted to know)
>friend is selling dress for a far bit more than it's worth
>never really considered it before but like it
>she asks you to try it on but you can't afford it then
>later see it for sale for half that price
>can't buy it though or will offend friend who still hasn't sold it
>spent yesterday acing my Halloween makeup
>spent almost an hour putting on the makeup for today
>completely fucked up and washed everything off, eye makeup won't budge though
>wasted all my makeup to end up throwing on some bb cream and having borderline raccoon eyes
Anon, I'm so sorry. That sounds incredibly rough. Have you heard of Munchausen syndrome by proxy? It sounds like your mother is displaying some shades of this.
Trying on two AP OP's that I bought, look awkward as fuck in chest area, shirring isn't helping it's only making it ride up. Wtf, I'm only a 32B, 32C on a good day. They're in no way big at all, I just don't understand. Binder here I come :/

Also, one of the dresses came with a big orange/brown stain on the white organza overlay and I have no idea how to get it out. The description said it was like new, and it wasn't shown in the 7 pictures on the listing (except the last one in a full picture shot). I'm not confrontational at all. Thinking of just saying something along the lines of, what is this so I can get it out.
Buy it. If she gets upset, just tell her that you wanted it, but couldn't afford it at the price she's asking, that sounds perfectly reasonable.
>Have a Halloween party later tonight
>Couldn't request today off
>Have to work till 9:30
>Boyfriend is willing to pick me up from work
>Not willing to take me to the party
>Have to do my make up on the bus probably
>Don't have the skill for this

Ugh I have been dreading this for awhile now. And I definitely can't do anything detailed as I'll be on a bus. Fuck me.
>wordfiltering is back

breddy cool desu
>haven't seen friends in a while
> lolita meets
>always busy
>make plans for the night before Halloween
> in cosplay
>we all have new ones to show off
>friend A is out of town with fiance, so that's cool
> person B never responds
>person B posts on Facebook about how lonely they are
>bitch I invited you to brunch with my family, dinner with myself, and frozen yogurt on halloween
>start thinking person B secretly dislikes me and won't tell me
>spend halloween sad
>bought cute lolita stuff from taobao for halloween, package shiped EMS on the 23rd
>package didn't arrive in time
>guess I'll wear it next year
File: 1436648660646.jpg (82KB, 567x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 567x850px
I really want to make a cute fursuit like this, but the intense hatred for all things remotely furry is making me so self-conscious about doing it.. I know I should just do what I want to do and ignore other people's opinions, but it really does make me feel like a freak.

>inb4 banned for even posting anything furry outside of /b/
File: Untitled1.png (407KB, 610x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407KB, 610x550px
Nah Anon, a lot of gulls I've seen really love the fursuit you've posted, along with the cyclops girl. There's a pretty definite line between really cute Japanese-like stuff like your pic, and western cartoony neon-colored dogs. I think the eyes are very important, if you've seen suit/kigu threads, some people post suits of cats and rabbits with eyes that are way more realistic to the animal rather than human-ish and cartoony.

If you want some more reassurance, look up Khajiit cosplays (from The Elder Scrolls games). They're usually a good example of a more realistic animal costume rather than a fursuit.

>tfw I need to go to the party store for a last-minute accessory to my costume but I know it'll be crowded with retarded mexifamilies and their kids picking out last minute costumes and candy

Ugh. I just want some ears as a perfect touch for pic related without waiting in a big line. Maybe it won't be too bad...
It'll be really bad, I've seen queues out the door for mine today. Best get it over with.
I went to the halloween store last night and it was FULL of people screaming and there was barely anything left, good luck.
I really want to dress up nicely (mostly boystyles), but I'm stuck in Eastern Europe for next 1.5 year. I don't know how to; there are no cons here and from what I found and I was told they tend to be really low quality, no comms esp not for 'outsiders' like me and wearing anything fancy outside is out of question. I was ridiculed for wearing 'not feminine' outfits and not enough makeup already. I'm feeling lonely and my depression is getting worse. Help seagulls, please.

Sorry for post quality I'm on phone and for copy pasting my post from my other failed thread.
I've always wanted to do a Cerise Hood cosplay that bloody cloak is the one that's killing me
buy it, then if she asks, say "oh sorry I thought you'd sold it by now?"
I'm in the same boat, put on a skirt that I hadn't worn in a while, can no longer even zip it
>well there's my motivation I guess
File: 627627.jpg (25KB, 475x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 475x455px
Bless you both, I'm not even sure if it's worth it, but they have pic related and the inner fabric is such a good match to her dress. I made some brown ears (her accurate color) last year, but I can't find them at all. It's just Halloween though so not too big of a deal.

You could always do an alternate outfit, she doesn't have the cloak in her Hat-Tastic or Spring Unsprung outfits, just a hood attached to her dresses.
>i created a harajuku fashion walk for today
>did a simple creepy cute coord with Dream Fantasy salo
>today super shit weather, rain, wind and a bit cold
>i had to postpone it for the next saturday
>late halloween HFW
>i-it's ok
I felt a weird sense of maturity today realizing that unlike some of my friends of the same age, I'm not posting things like "omg I hate my family " "LMAO I WANT TO DIE" "Ugh family is so abusive because my mom wasn't being nice to me this morning".
Then again I've never been big on posting things about my family. It's private even for the internet.

As for the last one, I feel like every other person is convinced their parents are abusive and I'm at a point where I don't know if I should believe that everyone has a shitty family, or at least some of them are making out to be worse then it really is.
But at the same time I can't afford to question their claims because if it's true then I'm looking like a really fucking big asshole.

Just makes me feel bad to think that so many people live in shitty households.
It's a tumblr thing. I've seen so many posts about how a family is "SOOO ABUSIVE", or even other people going "Your dad is abusive because he took your phone away after you snuck out of the house to go have sex in the park one night!" and convincing the person of it. It's disgusting.

There was one post about a dad on a Yahoo! Parents thing posted about how he taught his daughter the meaning of a dollar after she ranked up a $500 phone bill. He took all her extra stuff away (her expensive clothes (only the most expensive ones, and only accessories), her phone, her laptop, her tv) and told her that to earn it back, she'd have to do chores that were worth a dollar amount. She had to get up everyday at 6.30am and start. After a few days, she wasn't complaining and was just doing it automatically. After she earned all her stuff back, she would still get up and do it because it freed her up for the rest of the day, and she felt more accomplished and disciplined. He basically told other group members of his and his wife's parenting success, and the daughter even responded and said how much better she felt afterwards, I think. But people on tumblr screencapped it and talked about how ABUSIVE her father was! How EVIL it was of him, and how he was truly being an awful and abusive person. It's so stupid, but that's the entitlement that this generations seems to be okay with fostering.
I hate hearing about parents taking away their kids' phones because I had an alcoholic mother who would frequently steal and hide my phone so I couldn't contact anyone, in particular my dad or friends, if she forgot to feed my brother and I, or threw me out on the street. If/when I have kids if I have to take their phone away because of a phone bill or something, I'd at least give them a shitty old Nokia or something. So if there is an emergency it's not a case of "I can't call 911 because I got a detention"

I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying, but I get that some people think some things are worse than they actually are, because it reminds them of their own fucked up shit.

It's hard to judge, for some people, having no laptop is normal, for some it's a mild inconvenience, for some it fucks up their obligations, for some it's really fucking annoying, and for some people the internet is massively important and fucks them up on a day-to-day basis. Parents should know what their kids can and cannot deal with though.
I"m the first anon who posted and while I understand your situation, I doubt that everyone has the same past (sorry to hear you went through that though!!)

I mean my parents used to take my laptop away at night because I'd stay on it until 3am while needing to wake up at 7 for school, and I never saw that as a bad thing. I mean obviously I was annoyed but I knew why they did it so it really was better for me.
I had a friend like that saying all the time her mom was a bitch for petty things. It ended she was the abusive one nor her mom, nor her (deceased) dad nor anyone. I know this because she did the same to me with her parents, her partners and friends. Ignore these posts, usually the ones who complain about their parents are "shitty", are just pieces of shit that never grow up. Now i'm glad the other friends i know never bitch or complain about their parents, bosses or anyone. If someone says everyone is a cunt to them, be sure they are abusive people and their parents are tired of their behaviour.
>Poorfag but want to celebrate Halloween
>Can budget $5 for a costume
>Sweater from the thrift store and some felt
>Spend afternoon making a Mabel sweater
>Turns out pretty good. No wig though but whatever
>Have no where to go though, so I'm sitting alone dressed like Mabel Pines lol
I'm pretty sure as a teenager, you can live without a laptop, tv in your bedroom, and phone. She most likely did any homework that needed to be typed on a family computer or at school, and god forbid she couldn't text during school. I think that's a very fitting and good punishment for racking up a $500 phone bill. When your parents set a limit for you because of a phone plan, then it's only fair to have repricussions if you go over it by like $500. How is having to do chores for a week while your grounded worst than as a parent, having to shell out $500 which you may or may not be able to afford?

Taking stuff away from kids for x amount of time is a standard thing people do when grounding their kids. I get that your situation was abusive, but one rich spoiled teenage girl can last a week without all of her lavish extras that aren't particularly necessary to live with. It's your situation that was abusive and wrong, not that guy grounding his kid.
File: sabagebu-gif2.gif (1MB, 848x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 848x480px
>be college freshmen
>trying to find job near campus
>only job experience is working at a summer camp and teaching music lessons
>apply to more then ten jobs over the course of two weeks
>one interview, no work
>lack of car means can't get nannying job
>finally hear back from someone
>get work housecleaning
>ends up being fun work in a cool house
>thinking it's only short term though, so still applying to other jobs
>boss emails me one day
>"Hey can you sew"
>all my training has led me to this moment
>Get even more work from her sewing and repairing stuff around the house
>Says she'd like me to work for her long term
>also recommends me to her friends
>tfw cosplay got me a job
>can now afford to cosplay this year
>good feel good day
File: guts.jpg (58KB, 283x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 283x343px
>been too self conscious to wear lolita outside since getting my first coord
>plan to wear it on halloween as a transition phase due to it being the one night in the year I won't get judged for it
>was going to take my little brothers trick or treating so I could use it as an excuse to dress up
>little brothers ditch me last minute for my younger sisters
>stuck inside on my own, can't even entertain other trick or treaters as I didn't buy any sweets since I was going out
>too much of a pussy to do something like watch a horror film so just browse 4chan all night
I couldn't go to a halloween party since I have no friends and I was far too scared of a drunk damaging my burando to go to a halloween event at a club. Theres always next year, right?
Yo, congrats anon!
That guy who shot his daughter laptop over a facebook was a legit psycho though
Argh I forgot about those outfits. Will I be classified as weebish if I go as her for a con?
>Board is back to normal colors

Oh thank god, that black background was murdering my eyes.
Well it flooded instead. Didn't get to do anything outside of going home.
go to the cons. make the most of it.
i was on mobile and it was never black for me. i liked the skeleton gifs at the top though
>working on prop gun
>decide to take it indoors to work on it in room
>hours after I started I notice a small part from the outside is missing
>no replacement for it

Just like, eat less.
File: dricon152.png (19KB, 100x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 100x100px
>lend friend a wig two years ago
>known her quite a while, ship it in two days in time for a con
>five months goes by, I ask for my wig back
>she ignores all messages for three months, removes me on fb
>resort to posting on her fanpage because that's all she responds to
>immediately messages me back
>calls me a bitch while I calmly ask for my belongings back
>says she was too 'busy' to ship it back to me and that I'm 'judgemental' and rude
>guest at two cons since I asked
>finally ships my shit and blocks me

>year later I ask to join friends group, not realizing she is a part of it obviously because blocked
MFW all these unrelated people probably hate me for something I didn't do depending on how much she felt like lying to keep me out of the group
This is so sad. I'd be your friend...
File: 14193676767jpg.jpg (32KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 400x400px
Finally found it
yeah this. I grew up in an actually abusive household (was put in foster care, charges against my parents, restraining orders, all that shit) and the level of idiotic things people cry abuse over is just... amazing. no, sorry, your mom being passive aggressive about your outfit is not emotional abuse.
>pulls out random ass shit from my closet
>Makeshift magician with fancy tailcoat jacket
>trick or treat alone
>end up getting more candy because i'm alone
>jacket impresses people when i tell them its handmade
>more fucking candy
>end up filling an entire canvas bag of candy
>meet some cool people chilling outside with a whole bbq setup
>end up drinking with them for a few hours
>guy's a contractor for major theme parks
>might be able to hook me up with a job in the wardrobe department

i'm still slightly tipsy so ignore misspellings but tonight was great 10/10 would halloween again
Congratulations anon! Keep us posted!
Uh... trick-or-treating is for children, anon. I bet the people giving you candy thought you were special needs and felt bad for you.
I'm a college student and still trick or treat, then again, I'm like 5' and have baby face

Only reason I couldn't go this year was because of work
you're on a message board where girls idolize looking young and where people post pictures of themselves dressing up on a daily basis. you're as special needs as i am. at least i got free candy and beer for it.
I'm not that anon but I had nearly the exact same thing happen and I eat pretty normally.
I was considering saving to go to a con in western Europe next year. I was on a WEU convention and Iloved it. I also did consider making new tumblr where I could self-post but I Idk how to use it to connect with others.
I feel like I'm getting isolated from my comm. It used to be a small group of friend that got larger and larger to welcome new people, and while I'm happy to meet them, I've always been incredibly uncomfortable with crows/larger number of people. I don't feel like hanging with them anymore because it makes me exhausted. I already pretty much stopped wearing lolita because of depression and chronic fatigue, and I feel like I don't really belong in the group. I would make my own meets, but if I try to narrow the invites down then everyone latches on me for not being inclusive enough when really I just wanna do fun things with my friends while being well dressed. I'm really picky about clothing and "elegance" (as elegant lolita might be at least), and I try my best to set my own meet ups in really small, secret places of interest, quality over quantity. Lately I've been thinking about organising a small tea party in a place I love, really elegant and historical but I don't know how I could set that up. While not limited room wise, the place is really really high end and though after in the luxury world, and as a regular customer I don't want to introduce guest that could make it weird. I'm so stressed out at the idea of making anyone uncomfortable or people not enjoying the meet in a way or an other that it works me up for days and wreck me. I wish I know how to handle all of this.

I feel like I'm being excessively picky about everything, but since my outings in lolita get rarer and rarer I just want them to be really memorable and good.
I don't have much to offer in terms of meetup organizing but I just wanted to say that you're well within your right to have a small get-together with your close friends if that's what you want. You don't have to open an event page and send out specific invites, just contact your friends and start making plans. They could offer their opinions about the location you had in mind and might be able to help you organize, too.
Yes, some people might be salty about it, but let them be salty. Not every meetup has to be a community meetup; people who think otherwise are immature and selfish and aren't worth your time.
Everything came in in time for my Halloween coord.....except my actual jsk which is currently lost in the post I guess. And I would have gotten it in time if I had the right address on my PayPal but I accidentally had it shipped to my parents and then they had to send it to me. Plus I spilled a drink on my new OTKs tonight. First coord off to a rocky start
My two cents: you have to take good care of yourself, nobody else is going to to that for you. If your family and relatives won't provide an environment where you can feel accepted or at least be treated fairly, it's time to move forward and surround yourself with people that are actually good for you, like friends, and your boyfriend's relatives.
Cutting off your mother doesn't have to be forever; but until you are better prepared to deal with her it is a legitimate option that might help you build your self esteem, come to terms with things and change how you interact with her and your family.

Maybe you could go to another psychologist; it usually takes a few tries to find the right one.

In any case I wish you best of luck; I hope you can move on and be happy instead of being trapped in the past.
>free candy and beer

Already so worth. Fuck the salty anons.
Wear it out yourself, you don't need a comm. Let them eat jelly.
Firstly, so sorry for you anon. I had a similar mother. Lies about dead father and all. 32 and still unpacking the baggage she left me with. Cut her off. You deserve better
File: 1425066566760.gif (2MB, 500x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x278px
>Be me.
>Wanted to do lolita for a long time
> been waiting to start for about a year
> Last week I sewed some bloomers for myself and they're perfect
>Lay around and sleep in bloomers all week feeling like a sleepy princess
>sew mom because she's skilled and has better machine
>She also doesn't live very far away
>Was showing her some lolita clothes on the internet awhile ago
>She loved it
>Tfw you have no idea how to coordinate it
>Could coordinate brand but you don't have the money to buy any as of now
>It will just sit in your closet and gain dust
>Too shy to wear lolita out
>Still really happy because your mom loves the 'victorian princess fashion'
>She wants to sew more for you
>tuesday she sewed a pretty tacky matching crop top but it's the thought that counts
I went trick or treating in college with my bros. Who the fuck cares, if you wear a mask they think you're a teenager.
Trick or Treating is for anyone that wants to celebrate that way.
Honestly, >>8695148 this. You don't need to "cut her out" if you still care about her but if you don't live at home, you're not obligated to contact her every day. You can get away with a quick phone call once a week, because that's life. You get busy with work and the bf and stuff. You don't need to tell her all of your business, just ignore her outside of the basic "hi i'm alive, i did this fun thing, bf is doing well."

You're not obligated to consider your blood family actual family. If your bf's mom feels like an actual mother, than look to her for that connection. Just tell your mom the bare minimum of your life and move on. The less you actually interact with her and your family, the happier you'll probably feel about your self and your life. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that because at the end of the day YOU matter more to yourself than the shit your mom put you through.

In my opinion though, she honestly sounds like one of those moms who wants their kids to have something wrong with them for pity points. That's all kinds of fucked up forcing your kid onto antidepressants and meds without even bothering to get them checked beforehand for whatever ailment. Having a shy kid who fucking washes their hands after playing with a rabbit or has problems focusing in school is pretty damn normal. You were a kid, if shit isn't interesting you're not going to pay attention.

But also yeah, look into getting another psychologist, it does take a while to find the right one. Also, check out a book called "The Emotionally Absent Mother" by Jasmin Lee Cori, I think reading it may help you come to terms with the feelings you hold for your mom.
yo...lied about your dead father? Kind of curious about that, you don't have to share if you don't want to though.
Oh hey I read that book. It was pretty good, not really a "self help" book but more that it helps you to think about a lot of things and understand shit and come to terms with it all. I guess self-help would be straight out telling you how to fix things, but emotional baggage isn't really something you can tell someone how to fix.
I read it because thinking about my childhood made me depressed when I thought of how lackluster and empty it felt compared to all of my friends'. It made me realize a lot of how my mom and dad handled me. Like, they obviously love me, but I was the youngest child with a big age gap between me and my siblings, and it was kind of like they just...stopped trying? I was left on my own a lot and my mom never had any interest in what I liked or what I wanted to do, and was just very dismissive about a lot of things regarding me to the point where it really messed with my self esteem. I wouldn't go as far as tumblr like "oh my mom was abusive!!" but emotionally absent really fits the bill and I wound up just sitting there for an evening in disbelief, because I was finally able to articulate my feelings on it all.
This anon. The real abusive parents are similar to yours not when they say "anon, your dress sucks...do your homework... dont be lazy", etc. Some people are so entitled and oversensitive that scream bawww abuse for such lame things. Also my mom that isn't abusive at all mocks my llolita sometimes, i get a bit pissed but it's all, i don't hate my mom or i call her a bitch for being "abusive".My brother that is way older than me does that instead, if he for example doesn't have his stuff as he wants he throws a tantrum and gets angry, ugh.
That's adorable, anon! Good to know your mother supports you. And don't worry about not having the guts to wear lolita outside, it might take some time but you just need to get used to it.
When I get anxious I tense random muscles in my body. Now I can't walk on my left leg because it hurts too much
Yeah, I get touchy when people say their parents are so abusive for a slightly harsh punishment when I have a restraining order against my mom because she tried to murder me.

Can't say anything though bc then people will say I'm making it a competition.
If you catch yourself doing it, you might want to try tensing specific muscles instead.

Like clenching your hands shut tight, and then slowly releasing and opening them.
you probably stretched out the seams, nobody wants to pay $300 for a dress with pulled out seams, it hurts the fabric and can't be repaired unless you sew it smaller
Did you miss the "I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying" part? I 100% agree with both of you, I just know that some people who have gone through shit will over-react to perfectly normal parenting because it reminds them of actually abusive stuff they've been through. Does that make sense? I'm not trying to start a fight, I think the guy was right to do what he did. I just understand why some people wouldn't think so. But most of those people will just be whiny bitches.
Wearing tight, heavy clothing makes me sore and really in pain to the point I have to take painkillers before going to meet-ups and can't walk without a cane/a friend helping me after a few hours. I've been skipping meets recently because of that. I know I can't enjoy them if I'm spending my time focusing on not crying or passing out. I'm trying to get help for that, but in the mean time I'm just staying home alone.
>finally bought first dress after years of lurking /cgl/ and joining the local comm
>get really excited about coording an outfit for meets
>realize that the only comm for miles hosts meets twice a year if they're lucky

The lone lolita life chose me, I-I guess.
You might need to make some adjustments to your wardrobe, if not completely overhaul it. I used to love having my dresses laced up tight but dealing with chronic pain made me realize that's just not the way to go. If your dresses are laced up tight as well, loosen the corset lacing or remove the ribbon completely, if possible. Try looking for pieces that fit you a bit loosely (but are still flattering on you), and avoid heavy fabrics and tight elastics as much as possible. It's not an easy change to make but it'll help you a lot.
Wearing lolita while dealing with chronic pain is a massive chore, and you'll need to get to know your pain and what triggers it to be able to work with it, but speaking from experience it's entirely possible.
As someone with multiple leg injuries that start throbbing after walking all day, I find it can help to start using the cane preemptively before I start hurting.

Plus, if it's nice and wooden and not plastic it somehow makes you appear classy even when you're dressed like crap.
Hey leg injury anon, I feel like you're a good person to ask. I've injured both of my knees a few times when i was younger because of sports. Nothing that required surgery though.
But like, whenever I walk all day my knees just give out and they throb and swell up. Even wearing jeans all day makes them hurt, the tight stiff material against them kind of aches, so I've switched to mostly wearing leggings when it's cold out. Do you think that's a normal getting older thing (early 20s here), or like...a knee injury side effect thing?
Given I'm in my 30s, had knee surgery, still have intermittent pain, and yet never had anything like you describe - I'd guess it's a side effect of injuries, unless similar issues run in your family.

Have a specialist check it out. It can't hurt. (Assuming you have insurance.) Your knees may be full of scar tissue that needs to be cleared out. Better to take care of it now then in 20 years when it's worse and you're older and don't heal up as well.
I'm happy for you anon, sounds awesome.
File: tfwtfwTFW.jpg (17KB, 396x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 396x384px
semi cgl related
>starts uni, doesn't expect to go out or make friends after a rather lonely year previously
>sudden new friends!
>oh wait, going out and drinking costs money
>unemployed, have to dip into lolita fund
>after 2 months of this, zero money
>basically feel like pic related
>happy because finally nice friends
>sad because where did my money go
File: 42416834_m.jpg (304KB, 453x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 453x600px
>Friday before Halloween:
>Hanging out with my crush. Doing homework when he mentions he has a party to go to.
>ff to party city. Helping him pick out a costume.
>In line when he asks if I'll go with him. Try to act cool and say yes.
>It's a house party with his co-workers. We pretend I'm his gf and my name for the night is a childhood nickname. (Using another name for reasons)
>I feel like I'm in middle school because all of my weaboo dreams are suddenly real?
>The party was okay but I didn't really know anyone.
>Crush was mad adorable in his costume.
>Kinda got caught up in drinking. Maybe kissed him once or twice.
>Pretty much wasted a little before the party ends. Have trouble walking out the door.
>I manage to hold it together until the party's over and we're on our way home but once we get there I threw up like hell.
>him and his friend saw
I'm still really embarassed holyshit.. I went to another party the day OF Halloween but I am really embarrassed about seeing him again because I am worried I ruined his reputation with his co-workers or something Idunno.
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who play the violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, piano, keyboard, harp, sax, trumpet, trombone, banjo, kazoo, ukelele, drums, or guitar
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who sing
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who can DJ
>mfw lolitas and cosplayers who may not be able to play music for any variety of reasons but I'm sure have good music taste anyway

You are the best. Just letting you know.
You were supposed to get him drunk and seduce him. Ya done goofed.
Easier said than done. He had double the amount of shots I had. I was only trying to keep up. I hate being such a light-weight.
>this faggot again
>>I was downtown with my fiancé in Lolita and he in ouji when he suddenly tells me some creepy pale chick is staring him down. I was like what and turn around and that's when I see my vendetta chan and her boyfriend at the same time. I had to keep my fiancé from straight calling her a cunt as we walked to our next event. It's interesting that my town is so small and shitty that we happen to run into the biggest bitchy Lolita. If your reading this, you are a fucking creep for how you were staring at my fiancé.
1 for 2 usually a good ratio for seduction, so I guess you really can't be faulted.

Hope you get another chance.

Whoa now, no bully!

>tfw genuinely do like Lolita's with musical talent and wish busking in lolita fashion was totally a thing.
>tfw if I had a million dollars I'd waste it all on assembling a lolita orchestra and send us all on a world tour
Your fetish is fucking weird.
File: Honey Stare.jpg (50KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Honey Stare.jpg
50KB, 640x480px
I love you too, anon.

Well, your 'normal' eating is too much then.

And/or your normal moving needs to be more.
Dude I was walking out of my car and you happened to be walking down the street simultaneously. I glanced at you for about 3 seconds and got excited to see another Lolita until I noticed it was you and stayed quiet to not make things awkward. I was surprised to see you with the timing. You were headed the same way as us but turned tail and ran away because of my presence. I felt horrible, like I had ruined your night. I wondered if you were going to the same bakery to spend Halloween with your fiancé. I would have never spoken to you yet you ran away for no particular reason.

You posted that you don't care, you've vented in the last two feels threads and have been told to be quiet each time. You very obviously do care if you feel the need to post these things. You are digging yourself in deeper and deeper and you need to stop.
Also, nobody gives a shit about your fiancé. Stop assuming people want to steal away your boyfriend. Its unhealthy.
I know who you are and your husband and you know very fucking well that he is a gentleman who would never dare insult a lady like that nor be rude unlike your salty bitch ass.

No, fuck that guy
File: Popcorn_Bowl_1[1].jpg (100KB, 511x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 511x405px
Everyone says that till it happens to them.
Ageplayers get out.
this sounds like fanfiction
Aww, did someone miss out on free candy?
The word you are looking for is subconsciously. Even if you eventually were passed out
bruh I don't give a fuck if you're a hundred years old if you come to my door in a cool costume you're getting some fucking candy. I fucking love Halloween and trick or treaters.
It's a like a giant all-night masquerade that comes to your door!
No, I bought it for dirt cheap today like any sane adult who doesn't want to take a child's holiday activity away from, you know, children. If you have to bank on deceiving people about your age in order to participate in something chances are pretty good you probably shouldn't be doing it.
I'm really surprised that you insult somebody and their relationship on public social media, call your boyfriend useless baggage and are blacklisted on lacemarket 4 times and you still feel like people are going to be on your side with this.
Nigga it's free candy
>tfw someone posted on cgl a while ago saying my comm was badly dressed but there wasn't a single ita at the meet I went to last night
I honestly don't know why this person doesn't like my comm. I love my comm. Everyone is always so nice and friendly too I'm a pretty shy person but I can always talk to everyone just fine. I really enjoyed the meet yesterday.
Why are you so salty over anons going trick or treating? Plenty of people do it just for the hell of it and half of the time they get turned down by parents at the door for being too old or whatever. It's something for them to do to kill time before going bar hopping or whatever shit. You sound like a real gem, and by that you sound like a misreable fuck. Live a little.
I'm honestly glad that Halloween is over. Its fun for like a day or two, but I guess I just don't really like dark spooky shit. And it dragged on forever, I felt like people started celebrating as soon as October started.
But soon, Christmas will be here, with all of it's warmth and joys of family, fur trees, fluffy jackets, wine and green and gold, hot drinks, sparkling lights, mass consumerism.
I am so excited.
>tfw don't own any christmas prints
>worst time to buy one is now
I dream of old holiday movies x AP prints

Nice job including more for more replies
>be me
>live in australia
>sweltering 40 degree+ heatwaves
>no snow, no QT pine trees, don't even have extended family for any large christmas day celebrations
>too hot for seasonal velvet dresses
This is me but replace halloween and the events you invited them to with:
>plans in general, big and small, despite you hauling ass to go visit them when they were SOOOO LONELY all the time and bitching about it
>they plan a big get together with other lolitas and don't even invite you
>my beloved bone next to kazoo
You had me until then anon

You two better not insult the kazoo!

File: 1446200104930.jpg (33KB, 278x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 278x424px
>Wear heels in my coord
>Take them off after a day of walking around
>Blood under my toenail
>Hah...uh...it looks like it's being pushed out to the edges so maybe it'll just go away
>4 months later
>Still there
>Still a reddish-black blotch on my big toe

Fug. I'm a dumbass.
File: 1442102530380.jpg (205KB, 1012x789px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205KB, 1012x789px
>everybody at dorm knows I'm a great seamstress
>get asked to make a few costumes
>sews them up as soon as they buy me the fabrics they want
>roommates obvious want to pull a lord of the flies on me for my sewing machine's noise
>nobody ever gives me credit for all three I worked on
>no parties cause I'm senior student age and hate drunk kids

All this dumb shit and yet I got to spend halloween streaming with my now official girlfriend

>Things aren't so bad! rose glasses
Shes already cosplayed before as well as go to the same cons as me, so I'm pretty stoked, she might even be a certain blonde gao to go with my own cosplay plans. She's the sweetest thing and always picks me up when I'm down and vise versa, and very excited as it's my first relationship.
File: 1375625618007.png (71KB, 250x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 250x187px
>Am dumb and paranoid.
>Feel like all my friends hate me.
>Feel like they talk shit behind my back.
>I know they don't and my brain is just stupid.
>Still can't stop thinking about it.
>Cry about it a lot.
>Shit sucks.
>Kinda hate myself.
Depending on where you live, could be that winter weight sneaking in.
File: asriel_dreemurr_.png (54KB, 167x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 167x279px
> At Comic con Gamex, baby's first con
> Went with my sister to help her watch over her booth when needed
> While I'm on the show floor I usually walk around alone
> My sister asks me to watch over the booth
> After an hour or so a girl dressed as Asriel comes by
> Seen her around, she has been looking kinda lonely
> Compliment her on her cosplay and have a pretty great convo jumping between a series of topics
> After a while she says "I should get going, just so I stop bothering you. But I can swing by later"
> I haven't had customer for a good while and I really enjoy the company
> goddammit.jpg
> My sister takes over the booth again and I go out to eat
> Don't see Asriel for the rest of the con
I deserve to be lonely

Halloween is such a better holiday than Christmas/Thanksgiving.

Halloween is just party and fun and not much work.

Christmas is a lot of shopping for pointless shit and hanging out with family that doesn't care to see you the other 364 days of the year.
>belly and thighs have been stubbornly doughy since pregnancy
>found a deal on Amazon Local for 9 laser lipo treatments
>usually costs $2k, deal is for $300, fucking incredible
>still can't bring myself to spend the money, going back to college and car insurance payment coming up soon
>will probably never have sexy flat abs again
>dream cosplay was A.B.A.
>will not attain
File: image.jpg (59KB, 723x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 723x587px
>tfw lobster claws for hands
>tfw everything creative I do looks like shit
>tfw went to occupational therapy and they said I can't change
>tfw will probably never make my own cosplay
professional help please
Me and my boyfriend went to our first meet yesterday.
At first I was afraid, I didn't really know what to expect so I was insecure.
But then just as we entered the place, other lolitas came to talk to us, and they took pictures of us and said they liked our clothes. I was so happy!
We didn't stay for long, but the short time we spent there was lots of fun. I'm kind of awkward so I have trouble interacting with new people, but they were so friendly to us that I even managed to hold a conversation for some time.

But thinking back now I feel really stupid, I was so distracted by all the people and frilly dresses that I didn't ask anyone their names. I hope that I didn't sound rude or anything. I'm really looking foward for the next meeting.
Was in a different feels thread that 404'd the other day about giving a girl on my bus a Halloween costume and some anons wanted an update. She loved the costume but after that day for whatever reason the bus became super packed so I couldn't manage to find a seat by her for a couple of days. I wasn't able to talk to her on the day before Halloween and up until then until today. Turns out she got mad that I didn't sit by her and now she no longer likes me but she told me she had a good Halloween and that the costume was a little small on her. Don't know why she doesn't like me anymore but it's whatever. At least she had a good Halloween
Girl, go for it! Treat yo' self
Give yourself a little gift before mommy life and irl duties blindside you.

My entire life I felt like there was something off in how my mother treated me. Everyone in the family blamed me, and I could never do anything right. I always "didn't love them," and everything was always about them. If I made a perfectly normal mistake, it was about them and how I was destroying them. It took years of therapy before it was finally spelled out for me: they were narcissists, the entire lot of them. This was why it was so normal. Only a few of us weren't, including my father. It fucked with my head, because to this day I still am trying to sort out what toxic behavior I picked up from them is just that, and what is actually normal. I would have shit taken away from me because I was asked to take something to the PO to mail, and I would accidentally send it airmail instead of priority; this would also get me a threat of being kicked out of the house.
Ugh, I don't know the whole story, but the way you say you felt "horrible," like you ruined >>8695827 's night… You sound so fucking creepy, passive-aggressive, and set off too many warning bells that now I'm gonna popcorn side with the other girl. You sound exactly like those toxic bitches that pretend to be so concerned for their victim, all just to prove how "reasonable" they are and fool people into believing shit like, "Oh, but they are so nice."
File: Help....gif (1MB, 300x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 300x200px
>be me
>having a good and productive day
>realize I can't go to meet for dumb reason
>frustration-sadness over life
>spend an hour and a half in bed on /cgl/
>don't see myself going back to housework any time soon
I'm so aware of how dumb it is, yet I just can't get up.
>be me

You should be aware of how big of a dumbass you are for ever opening a story with that too, anon.
While your situation absolutely sucked and I'm glad you realized it was, I think this strayed a bit too far from the original point.

Unfortunately people with a similar situation exist, but most kids that yell their parents are abusive for not giving them something are entitled fucks.
fuck you it's a time-honored greentext storytime tradition

other anon, you be you all you want. even if the you that you be is messed up and depressed or some shit
Feel however you like but it is extremely unnerving to see someone go from casually enjoying themselves to running off in a hurry at the sight of you. I really don't enjoy that kind of thing or the idea that me walking down the street literally made somebody feel like they needed to leave.
I just bought my first ever AA both and I'm so excited I want to scream. Yes it's going to be tough to get my car to drive 3hrs there, yes the person who was going to help me probably won't have time for it, yes I'm spending the money right before moving out which may not have been the wisest decision BUT I am still SO pumped.
>Go to con
>Meet up with really cute guy from Japan
>Spend all weekend together, cuddle and hold hands and shit
>we fuck a few times
>He flies back to Japan, we still talk frequently on line
>I really wish he were here right now

;-; gulls am I just lonely or confused? He barely spoke English but I enjoyed my time with him so much.
>Make a lolita friend
>we get along kinda well
>we go hang out together a few times
>get super awkward about having a crush on my taken lolita friend
>never hang out with her again, drop contact

Every time we hang out one on one it feels like a date

I've never felt this way for another girl before.. and I just noped out of the friendship hardcore since I couldn't deal.
Try to drink a glass or two of water between shots you will pee like mad but you don't get drunk so easily also eat something greasy before the party, and drink a big glass of water before going to sleep so the hangover don't kill you the next morning
Message her, apologize, and tell her why you vanished. If someone I had fun with just abandoned me I would completely freak out over it thinking I did something to hurt or offend them horribly.
File: blush.gif (202KB, 720x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202KB, 720x405px
>decide to try lolita
>go to tea party at con
>accidentally fart
>everyone complains of the smell
>they decide the hard boiled eggs are bad
>mfw I watch them pour out perfectly good eegs
>take 9yo sister to the rave
>start dancing with whores
>go to check on sissy-anon
>parents call the police
>still think about her sometimes
But strangly acceptable
Well where ever she is, you'll know she's better off without your dumbass

>10/10 Thanks for the late night chuckle
Maybe if you actually enjoy being patronized by giant sweeping "compliments" by a guy you know is jerking off on the other end.
Are you the one who was supposed to go to some anon's house to pick up a birthday present but then just never showed up?
File: mfw2.jpg (17KB, 184x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 184x184px
Is it weird that I find all these listings for dresses worn "just once for a photoshoot" kind of... depressing?
File: PyyAWEr.gif (2MB, 200x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 200x150px

I kek'd hard
I already mostly wear OPs, small heels/plateforms, stockings or otks instead of tights etc. I'm under the measurements of pretty much everything including most old school skirts too. It's just that I find anything more than just OP+hat+minimal petti incredibly heavy, and I feel like I'm gonna crumble down.

I have a folding cane I carry around for meets, I start using it as soon as I get tired or else I wouldn't lst the whole meet.
>buy dress in 'very good condition'
>loose threads everywhere, some small stains
>buy bag in 'like new condition'
>stratches on the front which weren't visible in photos
>buy hat in 'used, but overall good' condition
>misses clips, stains, loose threads, smells terrible

I might just give up on this hobby because people treat their stuff so badly, and I can't afford buying form brands directly. I don't want to keep buying shit that, well, looks like shit. Or am I just expecting too much? I know it's partly my fault for not asking sellers about damages, but still..
"Very good condition" Is completely dependant on how long the item has existed for and how many previous owners it's had. Stains and loose threads on an item less than a year old isn't great, but for two or three years it's pretty reasonable to call it very good condition. The older it is, the lower your standards should be. If you're not looking into the items age, it might be time to start so you can make sure you're not expecting too much.
Ah, that does sound like you're doing everything you can to not overload yourself, so in that case you might just need to manage your pain some other way. Are your painkillers effective enough? Are you getting some form of therapy, and does it help?
Yes you're right. after I typed this, I was thinking the same thing. Because the items I bought are indeed pretty old, I was thinking, actually, it's not that bad! I think I just worry too much. I don't mind about little damages myself, but I'm always afraid people at cons/meet ups will notice and think I look stupid. And yes in the future I will, thanks!
>few months ago
>pre-con crunch to finish cosplay
>suddenly mom is hospitalized
>too worried to work on cosplay, end up never finishing the costume
>mom is ok in the end though

>con is 2 months away, just starting on my costume, super excited
>suddenly sister is hospitalized
>too worried to work on cosplay

Which religion do I have to sell my soul to in order to keep my family healthy?
I want to, but I really can't bring myself to do it with so many expenses coming up. I'm just going to wait and hope that a similar deal comes out when I do have disposable income. It will be easier to get a babysitter while I go in for treatments when the baby is older, anyway.
I think the pain is just derivated from depression. I have very bad nervous reactions including tetany and fainting because of depression and anxiety, and I'm trying to get back into therapy (I moved far away during a time when I used to feel better, so I have no doctor recommendation or transfer of any sort). I use a lot of different relaxation methods as my former doctor taught me to avoid being too tense, but it's kind of hard.
That might be it. You shouldn't deal with depression and anxiety on your own, anon, especially if it's affecting you this badly. I know it's easier said than done but please seek help, take care of yourself.
File: 1302794632092.jpg (121KB, 662x807px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 662x807px
>regularly go to con with boyfriend
>almost every con some sort of incident with some creepy weeb harassing me, touching me, groping me
>boyfriend not the type to call security, just get physical
>if by some miracle police aren't called or kicked out by con by security, boyfriend in terrible mood
>another con ruined

Being a small azn grill is suffering, I can deal with harassing and creepy advances but why do they have to fucking touch me?

It use to be very endearing having someone protect me. My last boyfriend would just be beta about it and stutter something like "h--hey stop, I'm going to call security" but I can tell my boyfriend hates going to cons now and it's not like I can say "hey just be a kek and let them cop a feel"

Why can't people just keep their hands to themselves.
>always on the verge of crying
>anxiety so bad II shake and lose sleep
>has never seeked medical help
>dont know how to go on about telling someone
>major depression, ptsd, adhd and it all only does so well on meds
>Working 50 hours a week (emt)
>Full-time student
>Depression spiral, suicide attempt, leave old bad relationship, drop all classes and be single for the first time in nearly ten years
>Start doing better, buy more lolita including my dream dress
>Lose 35 lbs and buy some VM
>Major issues with new (abusive) roommates, stay away from home as often as possible
>Out at a party, drugged and raped
>Summer term now, grades start to slip
>More depression, fail one class
I've had to move twice since then and am on the verge of getting two Cs this term.
>Applying to nursing school so can't disclose psych history as reason for slump from 4.0 to 3.6ish GPA
>Still working 50 hours a week
>So ashamed to show my face in class
No-one gives a shit about hard times unless you're actively triumphing. The best parts of myself are wrapped up in my passion for my work and the thought that I'm probably not getting accepted to school is destroying me. Lolita is one of the only things in my life that brightens me up.
It doesn't look like it, but I'm trying so hard. Things are starting to look up - I'm back in the gym and I'm eating better foods... going to switch providers and get my meds managed by a real psychiatrist instead of my pcp. It just fucking kills me to think that this could destroy my career. Meeting some members of the local comm at a local con soonish - I'm thrilled since this is my first time meeting them.

Still. I've got one hell of a hole to somehow dig myself out of
>very excited as it's my first relationship.

Feels, anon. My new bf of 3 months still has me all swooney and we literally can't bear not to cuddle constantly. We're both high maintenance people, though, so that's probably why.

>start getting more and more into j-fash
>larme, nanchatte, sailor style
>don't have much of my own fashion sense
>bf helps me find nice colours and clothes despite him preferring me in yoga pants or body con dresses and high heels

I'm so happy he still approves of fluffy larme and cute skirts.
your boyfriend is a shy pussy you need a real asian samurai man likes me
fucking lolitas brandwhoresbitches salty nitpiko
Like I said my last boyfriend was the beta. My current doesn't call security he just deals with it himself, which doesn't always end well
Maybe let your boyfriend know him being an impulsive idiot who has to throttle anyone who comes near you is ruining the con for you just as much as any fat greasy weebs trying to touch you.
Well, it's not like he's some dumb troglodyte that bonks any guy over the head with a big wooden club

He loses his shit when guys rub me, grab my arm, touch my butt without notice. When they're making creepy advances and trying to ask me out we both laugh it off.

I'm not mad at him, I totally understand his reaction.

Idk what's up with the weird arm grabbing. creepers always grab my arm as I'm walking through a crowd as if they're trying to pull me away and then my boyfriend bonks them to the shadow realm

That sounds so rough, I believe that you can get through it though!

I want to let you know that if you've been on meds for a long time, that may be a part of why you crashed so bad. Meds only work in the short term, research is finding out that in the long term they actual cause worsening mental symptoms.

I encourage you to google 'medicine makes you worse in long term'.

Best of wishes to you!
Oh my god anon, that's terrible.
I'm happy to see that you didn't give up despite all the things that happened. It just proves how strong you are.

Don't be afraid to show up to class, focus on yourself and forget about other people's opinions, they don't matter at the moment. And you can always talk to your teachers or someone in a higher position, I'm sure they would be willing to help you, because you keep trying so hard. Good teachers notice when their students are having issues.

I hope you find good friends in the comm, good luck! You can do it!
Grats :-)
i received my MM antoinette op today and i was hit with $118 customs and my mom and I got into a fight about how high customs was. I said "fuck" out of frustration and now she's kicking me out of the house. I'm 18 and unemployed with no previous work experience and I have no where to go.
I never knew my mom was so unreasonable, if i knew I would've have been more careful with my words
I'm crying so hard right now and I don't know what to do. I'm so sacred.
i have a friend that went through a very similar situation. I hope it turns out ok anon.
fuck, i'm so stressed about exams, and i didn't do well in the assignment and midsem exams of this one subject. the final for it is 65%, and for the first 35% i've only secured 13.5% meaning i need to get 60% on my final fuck
i regret picking this subject, it's an elective so i don't even know why i'm doing it. i wish i'd picked something easier for my last semester, i don't want to have to come back because i failed fucking ELECTIVE courses
I hope that your mother becomes more reasonable, anon. Hopefully her head will cool off and she'll retract her rude response towards you...
You can do it anon! Just make it a habit to study some each day. Flash cards tend to really help, so if you can take the time to write them all out and really study them you should do okay.
if at school,check out school cousenling for starters. if not, look into sliding scale clinics. have close friends? bring up topic relating to psychological help and see if they have any friends who have same problem and ask what they did. Or just come out and ask for help.

Not sure if bullshit statistic but it seems like everybody has one mental issue or another, most commonly depression. But for me depression for just a syptom and all my quacks just want to drug me up.

I'm looking into a different counselor, some one who can help me deal long term. But thats just for me. Look for mutiple people to help you diagnose your issues. I for one, feel more comfortable divulging my insecuries to strangers because their judgment won't affect me.
I always feel like people who say that are lying. But I don't trust people in general
Flash cards or hop online and search "(subject) online quiz." I did this for my biology and A&P classes and it helped a lot. There are a ton of free things out there to use online.

>tfw no tiny GF to defend

Why do I even live/lift?

>bought my first cosplay, got my accessories and everything in order
>excited for first real con, going to stay at the hotel for the whole weekend
>work bones me, have to work all week, then the weekend of the con, then work out of town for a couple weeks immediately after

Well, I guess I'll be ready for the con in the summer. Hopefully don't get boned again.

Also, I kinda hate traveling for work. Like, I accept that it's part of my job and it's not going to change and I knew that when I got into this. I just, like the normal routine at home and the comfort of my own bed.
Your situation is pretty understandable and we know there are shitty narc parents, i remember i had a good friend with (not sure) a narc mom, she was terrible and also the girl was like her puppet, she would did nothing if her mom doesn't approve, not going out, no money, etc. More or less like Angelic Weenus mom... well her mom is worse than the example i did.
I'm sorry if you felt a bit offended by the previous post, the case i mentioned before was different from yours, also because the one who blamed was her not her mom, she always blamed everyone like your narc mom. I feel still a bit traumatised by this experience, but hopefully i don't have parents that are narcisistic. I just hope you can get away from your mom and other people, if i was traumatised by just a friend please go away for your sanity and safety. I feel concerned when i see this type of parents because they have no idea of the harm they can cause to their kids, it's very sad.

I mean, I'm not saying she can't kick you out for dumb reasons. But, that is pretty absurd.

Go over to your boyfriends for a night and come back when your mom is being a bit more rational.
File: 20130919-175226.jpg (104KB, 612x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 612x860px
>really stressed about midterms and nursing school in general
>almost forgot I need to wear ugly school-sanctioned scrubs for lab tomorrow so quickly put all the laundry in washing machine
>most favorite white cardigan in the world comes out of the dryer yellow, faded, and fubar
I think I'm slowly starting to lose my mind. I ended up listening a lot of videos that read posts from let's not meet. I'm a weenie so this scared me enough to refuse to be in rooms with closed doors and I haven't been able to sleep in my own bedroom. I've also started becoming increasingly paranoid that one day my ex is going to put videos or pictures of me on a revenge porn site. I'm wondering when the ball is going to drop. When is someone going to hurt me.

I'm sorry it's not lolita related but I have no one to talk to and I'm scared. I keep hearing things and one of my windows can't lock (I'm waiting on a new one) so I'm kinda stuck in my own ball of paranoia. Alone.
File: oUo omfg.gif (448KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oUo omfg.gif
448KB, 500x280px
I did badly on a exam, and went and talked about it with the teacher. I ended up crying due to a mix of stress and frustration, which was pretty embarrassing, but the prof just sent me a super sweet 'cheer up' message right now. I'm just... I'm really overwhelmed that there are teachers that care so much about their students? I feel like my insides are melting from the sweetness.

And for /cgl/ related, I went to a real comm meet for the first time and it was really nice? Some girls were rather cold and there was a handful of itas, but for the most part, it was really fun. It kind of wants me to not be a lone lolita anymore.
File: 1417907768749.jpg (145KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145KB, 1280x853px
>Bf is only person I know who will cosplay with me
>No female friends that share my interests
>tfw I will never get to cosplay my lesbian otps
> need a red bolero to finish coord
> buy cute one on Rakuten
> get email saying it's out of stock
> back to the drawing board
> find another bolero
> buy it
> another email saying 'sorry out of stock'
> okay bad luck
> find another bolero
> more pricey than the first 2
> but I'm getting desperate at this point
> yet another email 'sorry out of stock'
> wtf
> am I not meant to have a red bolero?
> is that what you're telling me universe!?
you need to seek psychological help, maybe look into counselling. What you're experiencing isn't normal and there are people who can help.
>need to sell off things
>almost never lose things in my room/house
>cant for the life of me find my stupid sailor fuku neck ribbons that match my sailor fuku.
>get dream dress
>super happy with it
>fits my aesthetic
>love how it looks on me
>overall happy
> It's gothic
>nervous to wear it out since Halloween is over with
>feel like I want to sell it
I'm so conflicted, I love it, but I don't know if I'd ever wear it again
Breaking news, you're only allowed to wear gothic on Halloween.
consult friend, explain that you cannot afford the dress she is selling. Mention that you have seen somebody online 'waay underselling' the same dress, probably reason why her sale isn't resolving quickly.

Ask if it's ok for you to buy the on-sale dress. This benefits her because people on the open market were going to buy the on sale dress anyway, before considering your friend's dress, increasing her chances of selling the item.

Optional: if your friend seems salty regardless, mention that it has a nondescript small stain somewhere after it arrives.
: <
this is why I don't own a dryer.

bless you guys
came down with some weird physically-crippling anxiety thing at the start of this year. can't eat much other than basic carbs, and generally only enough to not be hungry anymore
lost 4 off my bust and gained 1 on my waist.
my measurements haven't changed in 5-6 years. this hurt
>still a fuckin beanpole
>dying to cosplay this
>absolutely love video/songs
>actually okay at hand-stitching
>not unattractive; matches body type pretty closely, okay face

>not con-appropriate
>not really anywhere-appropriate
>terrified of ridicule
>there's enough ME!ME!ME! cosplay hate already
For one, if you're thinking of hand-sewing an entire cosplay you're likely going to have a shoddy looking cosplay. For two, this outfit is just... not very cosplay-appropriate, period. You put on a wig and lingerie. That's all it is. If that's your thing, then go for it, but it's really just not the type of cosplay that deserves stress.

i absolutely still would just for the sake of doing it honestly. like a passion project or something.
true about the handstitching though, i just don't have access to a machine that isn't over 100 years old and not a literal pain to use. hnng
red boleros are like unicorns for me, i swear
I did that with a cosplay and the toenail fell off. Pray yours doesnt.
If you've ever seen Vera baby at a con, you'll know this isn't going to be the worst offender.
Yeah, your nail is going to fall off. I dropped a laptop on my toe and the nail filled with blood. Took about 2 or 3 months but it came off eventually.
You could just make the outfit and wear it to bed. I know it doesn't get the exposure as it would if you wore it to a con but at least you'll have it and can say you made it.
It's not worth it. It only like nice because of the stellar visual effects. I can guarantee it won't live up to your expectations.

That being said, if you do decide to do it anyways, post it on here so we can see it.
I don't think there's anything wrong with commissioning (as long as you don't claim you made it, yadda yadda) but I really don't want to do it.
The problem here being that I want to do my dream cosplay before I get older or any uglier but it's outside of my skill range, but I know I won't get any better if I don't try.
Is this the ultimate catch 22 of cosplaying?
>tfw your mom tosses an entire box of made-from-scratch armor, clothes, accessories, and weapons patterns
>"oh I was wondering why you were keeping a box of paper"

IW has the M listed as few in stock on their site too
That's why you should store your patterns on the computer, aside from the other benefits that digital patterns have.
>The problem here being that I want to do my dream cosplay before I get older or any uglier but it's outside of my skill range, but I know I won't get any better if I don't try.

Why do you make it out like it takes multiple years to learn new skills? If you have trouble learning things, you should learn how to learn, because learning is a skill in itself. Focus on that first, then you'll discover that your lifespan isn't as short as it seemed.
File: 1349125462423.jpg (34KB, 291x327px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 291x327px
>cons aren't SO and I's thing
>going to Otakon next year
>planning to cosplay
>worried that we might get bored anyway and decide it's a huge waste of money

What can we really do there? At our local con, we just went from panel to panel, took some pictures, and wandered the vendors/arists' alley. Spent the rest of the weekend in our hotel room, which was better than walking around the cesspool of teenagers and manchildren. Will that be really it for Otakon too?

Thinking of just scheduling in some Baltimore exploration.
>Baltimore exploration
>voluntarily wanting to explore Baltimore
Try not to get shot.
Is it really that bad? I've heard that it was sketchy but there has to be some touristy stuff.
File: 1394332405364.jpg (305KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1920x1080px
>break phone
>completely unusable
>have to wait 5 days to get part in and fixed
>actually get a lot done
>study uninterrupted
>pay attention as I drive
>interact with people as I'm out
>get some sewing done
>get phone fixed
>have to reorganize everything because it reset during the repair
>continually check 4chan app even if I haven't replied to any current threads
>check my email constantly even though nothing new has come in
>have trouble studying because so concerned with organizing my photo albums

Really, breaking my phone was a blessing in disguise. I wish I knew how to restrain myself. I'm not constantly on it but I have the urge to check it every five minutes even though I get notifications when something new pops up.
>chronic illness
>constant pain
>estranged from family
>used to not talk about these things
>used to make shit up when people asked
>now don't bother
>join comm, evade questions for a bit but end up telling multiple people bits of my baggage
>hate myself for doing that
>can't fake it anymore though
>please stop asking me questions i can't give polite answers to
No, ignore that anon. It's only bad if you wander from the inner harbor when it's dark. During the daytime it's completely fine.
You guys should take the ferry to Fells Point one night and hit up some of the pubs or restaurants. There's also a great indie comic place if you take the light rail to Falls Road and then walk for about 10 minutes.
The music scene is pretty good too, and it's easy enough to take the Marc into DC for a day if you guys wanted to hit up a bunch of muesems.
From, an anon who lives in bmore.
>able to locate every pair of circle lenses I own except the ones I need for a con next weekend
>entering the costume contest for the first time in a while as well
>no money set aside to order a new pair and they wouldn't come in time anyway

What do I do? Do I just wear it without them? They were prescription too and my only other prescription contacts are in other colors (blue, green) and I'd need red eyes for the cosplay. Should I just bite the bullet and wear another color and hope the judges understand? I feel like it'd be really weird if I have lenses at all but they're a completely different color.

Honestly I just really hope they turn up somewhere in my apartment before next weekend but I'm terrified I left them at my last con hotel.
File: giphy.gif (946KB, 500x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
946KB, 500x253px
>tfw nauseous but haven't thrown up yet
>can't figure out why, it's not a migrane and I haven't eaten for 6 hours (but I did eat a huge hamburger whereas I usually eat raw vegetables and cold sandwiches)
>trying to distract myself with lolita stuff
>never notice how many fucking chocolate and sweets and food prints there are
>looking at cute strawberry tarts makes my stomach churn
for once, I wish my mom was here.
File: image.jpg (16KB, 297x297px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 297x297px
I'm trying to kick back and go to a meet next weekend, but idk. I've been so busy with work. I'm scared I'm gonna have a shit day because all I'm gonna do is think about work and how I could be at home, working.
I've experienced this too, it's kind of freaky how attached to my phone I am. Sort of makes me annoyed whenever I see those defensive posts about how "omg but we NEED our phones it's how we socialize and I have anxiety how dare you suggest we are too dependent on our phones!"
I'm glad this isn't a problem I've developed. I actually looked at my phone today and noticed I had unread texts from 3 days ago. Oops. I usually only look at it when it makes noise at me.
think about fruit, just fruit, kinds you like are best, watery ones like Watermelon are also good. I do this every time I fell nauseous and it works wonders for me.
don't give them polite answers then, maybe they genuinely want to be in the know and care.
>super sick with a viral infection
>have a paper and presentation worth 45% of my grade in one class
>have a test worth 20% of my grade in another class
>can't reschedule anything because professor's are assholes and "don't take doctor's notes"/no excused absences
I'm allowing myself 5 minutes of free time an hour and I spend all 5 on cgl.
>cgl related, just bought a cute brand bag for way less than it's worth because seller needed to get rid of it to move. feels good man.
Faking being well takes its toll on you, anon. Don't hate yourself for talking about what you're going through, you're suffering enough.
You don't have to broadcast your illness for everyone to hear or go into the nitty gritty details of your condition (it is, after all, a very personal thing), but I don't think you should completely avoid the subject if people ask.
If you're worried about being judged or your illness dismissed as "fake", don't. People who are quick to judge and dismiss aren't worth your time anyway so if that does happen you'll know to avoid them, but for the most part I find that people are quite understanding (or at least try to be). Chronically ill people who loudly broadcast their problems and act entitled based on their illness are the ones who face most major criticism, and for good reason, so you should be fine otherwise.
I can't physically be alone by myself right now, I'm having really bad obsessive thoughts and my anxiety is worse than it's been in years, but I don't have friends that would just sit with me while I did work or chores or any of the other boring things that I need to do but can't seem to finish because of how much of a mess I am.
I see a lot of acquaintances post about their mental problems online and I just can't do that, I can only talk to people that are close to me, but I just feel so isolated and desperate right now.
>don't accept Dr notes

Holy fuck that's beyond unreasonable
Go get some help
This is her policy. So basically you're screwed except for student athletes.
>asks guy friend out
>gets shot down
>"sorry anon there's this other girl i have my eye on"
>tfw there'll always be someone else better
Taking this all down, thanks for the tips! Now I'm even more excited.

>So basically you're screwed except for student athletes.

This is utter bullshit. If you're going to excuse athletes, you should be able to excuse someone who's fucking fevering and can't probably even take care of themselves. Even I get five days off work for sick days.
Keep up the effort anon its usually all you need to do for things to sort themselves out eventually.
So does she still lecture if she's severely sick and can barely talk? I know professors can do what they want but really, if a student has the flu or needs to go to an immediate family member's funeral they shouldn't be punished. Maybe talk to the department head and see if something can be brought up?
Yeah I don't really understand why anyone would *need* a cell phone save for a business person or something related. People got around just fine without cell phones, but they really are a nice convenience to have.

That's how my BF is. His parents call me when they need to get ahold of him (we live together so I just walk into the next room). I wouldn't be so attached if my family wasn't so paranoid about me missing a call. It's not that they need to know where I am 24/7, it's just that I usually answer my phone unless I'm in class so they get worried when I don't answer while I should be home.
Off-topic story but I think it's funny:
>taking math final in late afternoon
>forget to tell my mom
>mom doesn't know where I am
>she freaks out
>calls my BF and to find out where I am
>he doesn't know
>he calls two of our friends to see if they know
>finish final
>have numerous missed calls
>call my mom back
>so relieved I'm alive
It's silly but I appreciate their concern.

Vomit in class maybe that will change her mind
Take it to the Dean or student committee? That's really unreasonable.
Different anon but I had so many teachers back in college that would not let you miss class for anything. My grandmother died and I got penalized for missing class to go to her funeral. There was also this time where I got injured and my knee was so bad that I couldn't walk. And the student health center refused to give me crutches because "I wasn't bad enough and another student needed it." They gave them to some girl with a minor ankle injury that healed up in a day, meanwhile my knee was so swollen I couldn't wear pants. I had to have a friend carry me down from my dorm room to the first floor every morning since there were no elevators, and it would take me 45 minutes to drag my ass to a class that was not even a mile away. I got penalized in at least 2 classes for "being late" despite emailing my professors about the issue. So yeah, not surprised at all, fuck college professor egos.
what the fuck kind of colleges are you guys going to? my professors are unbelievably accommodating with my chronic illness, so that i have not even had to get a note or special university accommodation or anything. i just tell them what's going on, answer their questions, and they give me some leniency.

but this is a state school, so it's not like they're making big bucks. they're doing what they love.

>gonna need to give my profs gifts after reading about these inhuman "teachers" you gulls have to put up with
Was thinking the same thing, but then again my college's IT course doesn't give a fuck if you show up or not.
>every person ITT complaining about draconian professors and shit medical care are probably American

I feel sorry for you guys.
i am >>8702648 and American, it probably depends on the college/program. most professors i know are overworked, underpaid, and basically doing it for love while the administration screws them over.

health care is definitely shit though.
You can just tell the judges that your eyes are sensitive or that you couldn't find red lenses with prescription at all. I wouldn't wear a different colour, to be honest.
Good luck finding them and much success with your contest, though!
Thanks for replying, anon. Sadly I wouldn't be able to see at all since I don't have any clear prescription contacts and I don't want to walk around with glasses, especially since it's a complicated cosplay and don't want to deal with fixing it up each time I take off my glasses.
>trying to look for some information on aspergers and anxiety
>everything I find depresses me

I really fucking hate having aspergers. Nothing could make you feel more sad then reading studies and articles on how people with aspergers "can't feel empaty" or "will have serious issues getting into relationships" and other fun statistics telling you that you'll never be a normal human being.

While the overall idea of having a 'cure' for aspergers/autism is bullshit since it simply doesn't work that way, if by some magic way you could cure having it, I'd take it in a heartbeat.
Really I just don't understand why all the kids on tumblr think it's cool to have?
Unless the character has a distinctive eye feature ( like Sharigans or similar) the eye colour ends up being just a detail.
It's great if you can get all the detais right, but some people just can't use lenses and that does not make them lazy or bad cosplayers. Judges are more interested in your crafmanship anyway.
They either try to convince themselves that it isn't so bad in order to feel better about it, or they're lying about having asperger to have some oppression points on the internet.

Whenever I go look for info about health problems I have (not as terrible as asperger)
it scares me and I end up thinking too much about it too. Don't look for information n the first place, unless it's necessary. And while it might be more difficult to have friends and a SO, I'm sure it's not impossible: a friend of mine who also has asperger and who is asexual have a boyfriend since some years ago and they still love each other a lot. So there's always hope.
>administration screws them over
Good to see this is an international thing.
>Really I just don't understand why all the kids on tumblr think it's cool to have?
...you're on the site where people insist everyone here has it...
you'll be alright anon, I know it seems overwhelming but you'll get through this just focus on one task at a time and keep telling yourself it's not real. Whatever your feeling is just chemicals in your brain that aren't where they're supposed to be and none of it is real. You can do this.
They mostly seem to think that having aspergers means you're a quirky misunderstood teen. Or think they're edgy because "lol I can't feel emotions"
Otherwise, thanks for the comforting words, I tried finding communities back when I first got the diagnose but it's a futile attempt since they're all horrible. I'm okay with not thinking too much about it on a day to day basis.

While I agree that people armchair diagnosing anyone during drama as having aspergers because apparently if you're a cunt you're autistic, but otherwise it's just used as a general insult. Nothing to worry about.
Tumblr is the site where everyone is selfdiagnosing themselves with it.
that sort of thing doesn't make me feel sad, it makes me feel validated. That it's ok that I don't want friends and don't really understand emotions.
I'm glad it works for you but I do want friends, I do want a loving relationship and I've never had major issues with emotions.
Man, that sucks. Is there no way to get prescription contacts quickly?
I suppose you should wear the pair of contacts that looks less off or more natural perhaps? Again, good luck finding your red ones.
I can try to convince my parents to buy me some from Costco since they're a bit too expensive for me on my own, though I don't think I'll be seeing them until after the con for Thanksgiving. If anything I'll go with my blue ones since my natural color is blue and it'll just make them bigger.

And thanks, I really hope I can find them since I need them for my next cosplay too.
File: 1405610435688.png (19KB, 177x236px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 177x236px
Had a good con and I thought I looked cute but in most of the photos I find I'm making a fucking weird face and it just makes me a little sad...
I definitely have to work on my expressions for photos, any tips?
Practice with a mirror and keep angles in mind.
You can do it, anon! And as >>8702856 said, craftsmanship is far more important and valuable.
Just finished my first cosplay.

I admit, I didn't put much effort as I wanted to with it, I'm not happy with the result, there's some little things I want to change about it, but mostly, I hate myself. I'm pretty chunky, I've been losing weight really slowly, but mostly been stress eating and just not making the right decisions with food. I shouldn't make excuses about my weight because it's entirely my fault that I am this way. My tits are huge and I'm probably going to have to restrict them a bit on this cosplay so I at least look normal. I don't like my face either, my head is small compared to my body and I just look weird. I'm just really sad about it and there's not much I can do with days left until the convention. I already wear numerous sports bra's to flatten my chest, spanx to flatten my tummy, and restrictive tights to slim my legs but it's not enough. I don't want to cosplay anymore. I don't want pictures of my cosplay taken. I just feel so uncomfortable, so unconfident, and just so shitty. I don't think cosplay is for me.
Sometimes cosplay takes a few tries before you really feel like your outfit flatters you. The more you make, the more you learn ways around your body type so you can really make a garment that really looks great on you. Don't give up anon, society seems to have such high standards nowadays no matter who it what you are. Just enjoy yourself and be happy.
It just feels like every cosplay now. I've been cosplaying for about two years, mostly buying cosplays but this is the first time I've ever made one, and it's crushing me that I put so much work into this outfit just not to like it on me. I've never enjoyed wearing cosplay because I'm always very uncomfortable about how I look constantly. I want to enjoy conventions in cosplay but I just feel like I'm doing it wrong when I just worry about how I look the whole time. I don't know if I should give up, or stop caring about how I look and just have an enjoyable time.
Sorry anon, now I'm just talking too much, but it's always been on my mind if I'm just doing cosplay "wrong" if I'm not having fun.
you're an idiot, if you kissed he likes you two, he's probably embarrassed just as much as you are.

As regards to your drinking, its not how much you drink & need to keep up, its knowing your limits. The name of the game is to drink enough to have fun and keep the good times coming, not jumping off into hell.

Just talk to him, Go for it and have fun
More important than feeling good in cosplay is feeling good about yourself. It seems to me there are some self-esteem issues here that should be adressed. Don't fret too much about your body image, focus on other things that you like and aren't related with your appearance.
No one can make a perfect costume on their first attempt, you just have to keep trying. Improving your skills also boosts confidence, so feeling confortable in your new costume will come out naturally.
File: 1369690945771.jpg (62KB, 275x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 275x600px
Different anon, but there's nothing wrong about making a cosplay and altering the cut to suit your body type more. A few of my favorite cosplayers are thicker girls, and I absolutely adore their costumes because they always sit so well on their body. A skirt may need to be higher on your waist, etc. Look into flattering clothing for your body type, as well as silhouettes that work with your shape, and go from there. Incorporate it into how you dress daily and you'll understand better when you go to sew. First cosplay is more of a learning experience for sewing than anything if you're a seamstress noob. Take that frustration with yourself and try again with a different outfit. You won't feel confident in yourself cosplaying if you don't ever feel confident in how you dress or look daily.

Pic related, I like this girl's Chiaki a lot despite it not being 100% true to the character, because of how flattering I find her skirt to sit. idk I feel like where everything lies on her just balances shit out.
Thank you anon, I don't know if I can actually be alright, but I've screencapped your comment and I'll try to read it again when I'm next a giant mess.
I feel so unhappy and suicidal. I haven't felt this way for a long time but I'm sick of it happening and just want it to end already. If this keeps happening I probably will go through with it and kill myself.
I'm a massive supporter of making the cosplay fit and flatter you rather then attempting to go the other way around. People often forget how stylized something is, for example technically most skirts in DR1+2 are amazingly short, Junko's barely covering her crotch, when in realize a longer skirt is actually way more flattering on most people and safer to walk around with.

Which is why I agree that the cosplayer in your photo looks really good since they made the cosplay flatter them instead of trying to be as accurate as possible and the result shows.
Also all of them have shojo legs even the men
>always wanted to be more popular but kept destroying myself by deleting photos and deactivating accounts
>start posting more shit and stop with self-destruction
>finally! the attention I deserved!
>people starts talking shit about me & my cosplays
>no idea how to ignore it I wasn't prepared for this
Ask to take it early, then.
The tumblr style of asperger diagnosis need to end, i think to have it but it's so untrue they don't feel emotions. Not feeling emotions in my opinion it's more akin to being sociopath or NPD rather asperger. Or... they are just some entitled asses that slap the autism card to get rid of responsibility for their shitty behaviour. I knew someone like this, claimed to be asperger and bipolar but the oversexuality (trying to cover it as well), manipulation, passive agressive insulting for no reason, envy if you are "better" than her and appropriation of people's lives, friends and bf/gfs, entiltlement and feeling like the best creature on the universe was closer to being a covert narcissist rather someone that was asperger.
I'm getting sick of being asperger it's the trendy tumblr thing.
Anon, don't join these communities. It's better you are off, i'm too AS but i prefer to have as friends people not in the spectrum, but they aren't common as tumblr think.
This kinda shit pisses me off. If people are ill, they should be able to stay home. Encouraging people who are ill to come to school (or work) just gets more people sick.

You should totally come in with a bucket and vomit in class.
I don't get this stupid ass trend to have a mental illness. It sucks ass, and they play it as some sort of card to get out of trouble because "oh I'm mentally ill." That doesn't abolish you from taking responsibility for being a shitty person.

Being apathetic about stuff is not fun, it sucks and does not make you "quirky". It makes you wonder wtf is wrong with you when you don't feel shit when you get news like someone close in your family died. Tumblr needs to get the fuck over themselves already.
Seriously, my anxiety has become ever crippling and is preventing me from leaving the house right now and I can't even touch things that I haven't washed myself without having to wash my hands for 5+ minutes per item and I am so sick of it. Catching a bus is a nightmare and emotionally exhausting as well as painful (also have scoliosis that has been far less manageable after an injury). It's not fun and it's not cute. I hate people who think and say that so much. It affects everything, your self worth, relationship with others, productivity, etc.
I'm sick of my hips being 104 cm and not being able to fit larme kei or any asian pants/skirts. I'm not fat, just chubby and I can't ever get the cute skirts I want. Same for my foot size, being size 11.
Sure there's FEW things that I can wear but they're never even CLOSE to as cute as the things that I don't get to wear.
Finally lost enough weight to cosplay the characters that I want to cosplay (M/6'0"/~140lb) but at this point I feel like I'm almost too old for this shit. There's always a compromise I guess.
Shouldn't have wasted the best years of your life being a fatty then, anon.
And depression and anxiety is a "fun" combo too. I can't find the energy to drag myself out of bed to class, *and* I get to freak out that my professors are gonna call me out about it! Yay!
>feeling bad this morning after horrible nightmare and huge fit of depression these past few days
>sleep deprivation and slight paranoia
>home alone
>message a really close friend who knows about it all and make it really clear I need have someone to speak to/calm me down
>10min passes after he saw my message, that's ok, maybe he's coming, he only lives a uarter of an hour away (it's really early in the morning but he often comes around at night)
>20min passes, it's ok, maybe he dropped by his favourite bakery on the way and got some breakfast
>30min passes, maybe the bakery was crowded, who knows ?
>40min passes, I'm scared and alone and I just want him to message me back
>an hour later, I have no friend to help me, and I'm crying like the stupid thing I am because I though asking for help would work out and not make me feel even lonelier.
>why am I still trying ?
>tfw iktf
Sometimes I get so anxious about returning to class.
Holy shit have you tried not being so needy? Just because you have some special snowflake mental illness doesn't mean that your friend's life should revolve around accommodating to you.
it's the first time ever asked anything to him ? and he told me he would help anytime ? I only sent a message telling him I was feeling really down and I needed to change my mind
>tfw balding at 24
>Not jacked enough to rock a bald look

The dream is dead anon.
>quarter of an hour
Isn't that just fifteen minutes?

> I only sent a message telling him I was feeling really down
I think you gloss over how you're really feeling and people just don't take it as seriously. Maybe you should have made it sound more serious if you were gonna be that upset about it.
But that is pretty needy.
Have you considered: he's AFK, he's watching a movie fullscreen, he's asleep, etc. Chill, anon. Just watch something funny on youtube.
Just fucking text him, people are going to see that over a fb message. And writing "I'm feeling really down" is not urgent sounding at all. That can be interpreted in so many basic bitch problem ways like "I am sad because we are out of doughnuts" or "I wish it wasn't raining"

If you have an honest to god issue regarding your depression you need to write something more telling than that. Just text him or w/e and then put on a movie you like or watch cat videos or something.
I think I might like a guy for the first time, its weird. When other girls were getting crushes in their early teens I wasn't caring. I'm 23 near 24.

I guess I can't feel attraction towards someone until I've had enough physical contact to build up positive associations and feel attracted towards them, I was kind of going through the motions at the start.

Regardless I still seem to have the romantic attention span of a fish; I can be into him and then I have a really good meal or something and I'm not into him anymore. I'm kind of trying to force myself to go along with it to maintain attraction going when its snuffed out so easily.
Why do you need to force yourself into it? Do you want to be in a relationship?
File: 1393875368465.jpg (409KB, 1280x956px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
409KB, 1280x956px
>I can be into him and then I have a really good meal or something and I'm not into him anymore.
What in the literal fuck
No not really but at some point you feel like you're behind and people judge you. My mom and aunts keep trying to set me up with guys and my friends think I'm in the closet. I don't really know how to explain.

I think my hormones are fucked up anon, I know how it sounds. I said 'good meal' because I couldn't really think of a way to phrase it; as in I get distracted and really into something and it resets my sense of attraction. I have dull weirdo hobbies that I get really into but I don't think most people would relate to them, meanwhile everyone can relate to a good plate of food.
I can't zip up the skirt I recently bought because of some weight gain.
Luckily, it's a skirt for a spring/summery coord, so that's my push.
i think being more normal would be of benefit personally

Do you know what's causing those feelings?
>It makes you wonder wtf is wrong with you when you don't feel shit when you get news like someone close in your family died.

Seriously this.

And then I am sitting watching something even remotely emotional on TV and almost start crying in front of people. I was fighting back tears while watching WWE the other day.

wtf self?
You're not talking too much, please don't worry about it. Everybody is certainly going to have those moments with this hobby. Once I bought 150+ dollars worth of material only to frustratingly have to ditch my whole project and waste all of that money because I just couldn't execute the costume the way I wanted. Another time I showed up to a con only to have another cosplayer grab my skirt and ask me if I needed their mom's help with sewing. It was pretty discouraging, but when you push through and stick with it it really does help you improve and find what works with you. I'm sure your cosplay you made isn't even too bad, I'm sure you're just overally critical. Maybe make a cup of tea, watch a series and come back to it. You may like it better, and sometimes make up can also make a costume look 85% better.

Sorry for talking so much, just really wanted to tell you all of that. You're wonderful anon, just keep your head up and do what makes you happy okay?
So recently, my brother who has genuine schizophrenia stabbed his roommate through the throat with a pair of scissors because he thought he was a demon.

When these people tell me about their mental illness I have to stop myself from saying something about it, especially if these people think they have schizophrenia or PTSD when it's very obvious that they don't.
I worked abroad with my friend and his father, the moment his father would taste just a bit of alcohol his schizophrenia would kick in. It got worse and worse, he was getting paranoid everytime until when we were out, he attacked (punched ) the home owner we were staying at (he conjured up an idea that he was ripping us off), the other people in the home, beat his dad up. So when we returned it was a pretty fucking miserable sight. He apologised when he came to his senses, but seing somebodies family in such a struggle is heartbreaking.
Thank you anons, you're all too kind. I'm going to give it a shot and wear it to the con. I planned to wear it all of Saturday but I changed my mind to only wear it for a couple hours. Although I'm still not fully happy with it, I'll bring it and have fun. Thanks for all the advice. I guess I should have took more consideration about the outfit. I was mostly happy about how much coverage I would get, with my arms being covered and a skirt down to my knees, but now I see that the shirt type doesnt flatter me much, nor does the wig. I'll try to consider it more when choosing people to cosplay. Thank you anons, I'm not giving up yet! In the meanwhile, after this con I will start trying more to lose weight!

Seriously. Every time I see somebody bitching about "muh depression" and "muh anxiety" and "muh PTSD", I get really angry. The odds are WAY better that you just have a generic anxiety or sadness rather than a disorder, and they need to get over themselves. Sometimes having "so much anxiety I can't even" is just you being a whiny bitch.

But you can't say anything, you can't tell them to get over themselves and grow a pair, because the diagnosis for anxiety and depression is just "do you feel depressed or anxious?"

And of course there fucking answer the questions so they can claim they have a disorder, because they think it exempts them from trying to get better.

It gives then the cathartic release of responsibility for failure.

"It's okay that I stayed home from my responsibility like a spastic child, because I have /anxiety /. It's not my fault, I don't have to try. "

It's honestly the same thing as /pol/, except /pol/ blames The Jews for their failures instead of "anxiety "
Yes, because people can predict when they'll be sick the day before the exam. Ok.

I coughed/sneezed/wheezed my way through it, but I sat right in front of her desk. I hope she gets sick and cancels class.
Ah, sorry. It sounded like you had a few days in advance, but it was an issue that might last a week or two
Why are you so angry every single thread I swear to god you have more issues than the people with these disorders

Right? I see the same tripfag "Anonymous" posting in almost every single thread.

Does that loser ever go outside?
Lol I more mean any time people bring up personal problems related to mental health it seems like the same person or few people get pissy as fuck that... People are talking about feels in a feels thread.
>always wanted a salopette
>pretty small
>finally purchase one
>get it
>feel like an ageplayer
I'll try different shoes with it, but... I don't know. I was so excited, but now, I'm not sure
>been putting a cutsew on over the whole thing
>looks a million times better
>job was screwing me hard with too many hours when i go to uni full time
>whatever more money for me despite falling GPA
>family is in financial trouble, need to sell house and move to a cheaper area
>ill get left behind for school but thats fine
>lightly mention my coworkers have been slacking to manager and we are already short staffed
>check hours this week 75% of my hours cut and my other few coworkers are all at 39 hours
>job was the only thing that distracted me from life
>well okay more time to do homework and start packing to move
>go through closet to find out half my shit got moldy
>shoes are slightly moldy
>"whatever" toss them
>lolita seems to be okay
>infanta dress i dont really about has the glitter deo stains and now a few spots of whitish mold.
>luckily ive been storing it separately because i had planned to wash it soon
>incredibly depressed now
>didnt have time to attend meets but now i do
>wont have the money to play with because i practically dont even work now

You need to talk to them and see if they shorted you on hours purposefully. If they did, just realize that was them firing you and move on to another job.

How did your stuff get moldy though?
Managed to find a cute one on ebay and you have no idea how hyped I was to get it. Too bad that it look horrific, was made out of really cheap material, had all dents in it, bad stitching, the works.

Best to save up and not opt for the first bolero that you see from a Chinese seller...
Sorry for wall

> be me
> make separate FB account when I get into lolita; make lots of friends; this FB is full of frills and happiness
> fast-forward 2 years
> personal drama happens in real life; cut ties with two "best friends"
> personal FB is full of bullshit and passive aggressiveness and wall conversations I can't read because I blocked them; people message me saying "X told me this about you, I thought you'd like to know"
> make an "hey, I'm gonna delete this account, I'll give email/phone no. in PMs" and delete normie account
> feel much better; no more passive aggressiveness, no more fake friends, FB is a bubble of prettiness ; email and whatsapp with close normie friends ; great social life and no adding of non-lolitas on lolita account
> fast-forward another two years
> graduate and get job; meet a lot of great new people, especially A, who I used to know two years ago
> A and me get on super well
> I refresh FB/instagram (lolita only too) sometimes during breaks and don't talk about lolita
> A ends up confiding in me at work party a few days ago about a lot of stuff
> This feels great, I think I'm building a close friendship (we both have SOs and have made it clear there's nothing romantic/sexual), yay
> 3/4 days later, we go drinking with some others; A is acting weird; I ask him about the fb page of a band we talked about
> "It'd just be so much easier to have you on fb anon"
> ehm

I don't want people at work to know about my lolita, since I work in a very male-dominated field; I also don't want to make a normie account again since I have maybe 5~10 vey close normie friends left and have no interest in playing fake friends with college acquaintances again. Also, the two I blocked are still trying to peek into my life (one sent his mother to look at my LinkedIn account recently, wtf) and I really don't want to deal with them

Wat do, /cgl/? I could show some fashion show pics and say "it's my modelling account" but it doesn't feel right...
Bunny House has a really cute red one; also, IW millefeuille comes in red
>tfw you're getting too fucking excited for late december to get here already because of christmas shit including newer prints and lucky packs and such
can november hurry the fuck up
>I don't want people at work to know about my lolita

I don't really understand this. Who cares what clothes you wear outside of work?
Some people have more judgemental work places than others. I know if my employer found out I was associated with something called "lolita" my job would be in danger, because some shitty website or newspaper could write an article about x company hiring a "living doll sexual deviant", and their reputation is a big deal. Some places won't care, some will.
Just make a second account and only add the people who are very close to you on it. You don't even have to use it very often, it's just very unusual for a grown person to not have a facebook. It sucks, but it's true.
>have con coming up
>big, fluffy costume with petticoat, never packed a costume this big before
>only have a little weekend suitcase
>know dad has just bought a new suitcase for a work trip, apparently it is bigger than mine but not too heavy/big, I can borrow it, so that's my back up
>try packing today
>manage to fit in 2/3 costumes, but minus make-up, pyjamas, underwear, contacts, bathroom stuff, food, hairdryer/straighteners (need for one unruly wig), laptop, some more fragile cosplay accessories, some small props, camera, chargers, cosplay repair kit, etc.
>that's okay!
>clamber up into the attic to get dad's new suitcase
>it's smaller than mine
I technically have the money for a new suitcase, but it's not something I particularly want to drop money on, especially since I'm saving to move out. Maybe I'll just tie the two little ones together in a little train of bags, like a mother duck. I have the hotel room to myself so that's not an issue, and I do have sports bags I can fill up, it's just...annoying.
>SO and I's
is english not your first language or are you just one of those tryhards who never learned that "and me/my" is actually correct in certain contexts (like this one)

To elaborate on what you're sayin, the general case rule is that the second person always goes before yourself, and you know what form of pronoun to use for yourself by omitting their name.

>cons aren't SO's and I thing
>cons aren't I thing

>cons aren't SO's and my thing
>cons aren't my thing.

Also, it should probably be "or", not "and"
found out it was a computer error. the systems all been fucked up lately.

I live in a humid area but i think it may be because our toilet (bathroom wall is the back of my closet) was leaking through to the ceiling below. It looks like it was only my pleather and whatever material mooks are made of
>have been working on group cosplay slowly for past few months
>didn't realise the rest of the group seems to have little to no experience in sewing/anything other than trying to mold worbla until last week
>con is coming up fast, it's too late to pull out

This is going to be a disaster.
>found out it was a computer error. the systems all been fucked up lately.

Well, that's good news at least.

I'd look into the mold though. If it's something causing your clothes to get moldy, it could be something that seriously damages your home and/or mold that could get you sick.
yeah I've been told to shut up because you go on those thread and say it. I was in front of you and turned because we were meeting someone in the opposite direction. It had nothing to do with you, Although I will admit you staring down my fiance creeped me and him out to the extreme. I am not digging myself in anything? And telling me I need to stop is absolutely hilarious. I am not going to stop posting my opinions online. Sorry that obviously bothers you so much.
Yet the moderator and several other girls have commented on his appearance in a creepy way and made creepy insinuations. Just because no one wants to seal your boyfriend doesn't mean mine doesn't attract a certain creepy weeby audience. The moderator tried to turn him against me in several messages to him. Its really sad
You don't know a goddamn thing about me or my fiance. You ignorant swine. He thinks all of you are pathetic and sad human beings, I think its funny you spent all of like 4 hours around him and think you know him. The way all of you act towards him is so fucking creepy. He wanted to go and tell you what he really thought of you but I kept him from doing so, because I don't like public confrontation. It so obvious your the one posting all these hateful comments about me but I don't expect anyone to take my side over any of this. The thing is I don't really care if anyone agrees with me or not, I get to post my opinions. It seems like the only one really that bothered by it is you.
Plus you are no fucking lady so there woluld have been nothing insulting about it. just stating facts.
>So? I think its funny that you feel the need to bring up constantly irrelevant things about my life and try to hold them against me yet you claim I bullied you? That's fucking hilarious. The things you girls have said about me since are far more salty than anything I ever said about you. Like your just trying to make me look bad but the thing is only in your fucked up little world are these things important. You obviously have a personal issue with me that goes beyond the realms of this fashion, You have issues as well and I could write about them here to try and make you look bad as well, but I am not that kind of person. You say I have bad character? I say how you talk me on cgl like I am lesser than you, and call me names unnecessarily, and getting me kicked out of a comm over your personal vendetta with me. Its obvious you've disliked me and wanted me gone for a very long time. You even said I was the reason you didn't leave the house for a few weeks? Obsessive much.
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