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What are your favorite things to do at anime cons?

I've been thinking of going because I'd like dressing up and meeting people with similar interests, but I'm not sure there'd be much for me:

>Not much of a buyfag since I'm not a weeb and I could get the non-weeb stuff cheaper online
>Video game room sounds cool though, but is it awesome enough to partly justify going?
>Not sure if I could find a panel I'd be interested in
>Do artists do commissions there? Might stealthily buy a PG-rated commission of my waifu if I'm not too embarrassed, the artist is good, and somewhat cheap
>What other stuff do people do?
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>Watch the cosplay contest and cheer on my friends
>Check out the artist alley and buy fanmerch relevant to my interests
>Commission artists
>Try all the fucking lotteries of the AA
>Check out in the game studios boothes and try unreleased games (and score more merch)
ex : last summer, went to a con that had a daily contest to try out Zelda Breath of the Wild
>Hang out with friends that came from afar
>Wander around and discover cool boothes
I mostly go to cons to see people I haven't seen in a while and hopefully meet some new ones too. Wandering around the dealers room and artists alley tends to be pretty cool even if you don't buy much just to see everything. If you're cosplaying too it's cool to get stopped for pictures once in a while (NGL its a pretty great ego boost). And the atmosphere tends to be pretty great, depending on con I guess, but just the air of excitement and being around people who like the same stuff you do. It's kinda hard to describe if you've never been to a con before. I've never really been a panel person, and they tend to be very hit or miss, but my general advice is to go to ones that seem like they'll be fun rather than 'informative' because chances are you're not gonna get a lot out of a panel except for maybe some laughs.
- Cosplaying
- Admiring everyone else's cosplay
- Gathering a group of three or more people in our sharpest and leaving the venue to dick around the city elsewhere. Bonus if the costumes complement each other.

I don't actually buy any merch at a con, that'd be silly.

Have you ever met a VA/Guest at a con that has been an utter asshole?
I think Vic is the poster boy for these types of threads.

Recently come back from a con that hosted Tara Strong (Voice of Harley Quinn) where she got upset because someone had a MAGA hat on. She refused to shake the guy's hand and got the volunteers to usher him away after quickly signing his shit.
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My brother goes to cons and sells indie video games with his friend who's a somewhat new VA. I was chatting with them at their table and Todd Haberkorn,one of the guests that year, shows up at the table. He was looking at the games and then saw my brothers VA friend and immediately started talking shit about the games and was giving himself ass-pats. I refuse to watch anything he's in now.
Are you implying Vic is an asshole guest?
What fucking rock do you live under? See >>9319742

File: cover-744x1024.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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>Do you make your own lolita items?
>Which craft do you practice? (sewing, knitting, crochet, decoden, etc)
>Do you have a certain thing you prefer to make?
>What is your opinion on others' handmade items?
>What are you working on at the moment?

Let's discuss handmade items in lolita fashion as well as share our projects and WIPs.
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I thought this handmade hat was very pretty. I wish I had the talent for millinery.
File: otomenosewing8.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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I'll be picking up Otome no Sewing 8 soon! Very excited to have a good collection of versatile patterns.
>Do you make your own lolita items?
>Which craft do you practice? (sewing, knitting, crochet, decoden, etc)
Sewing and knitting
>Do you have a certain thing you prefer to make?
Dresses and skirts mostly. I keep telling myself that I'll make myself a decent blouse, but I always get frustrated around buttons and collars and give up.
>What is your opinion on others' handmade items?
I love seeing things other people made! However the only other sewing lolita in my comm isn't very good and has not so great taste in fabric, so it's a little hard to keep enthusing about tube bodices and not-enough-volume skirts made out of Joann's quilting cotton. I kinda wish she's start accepting criticism.
>What are you working on at the moment?
I have a few projects in rotation so I can work on one when I get sick of the other, all dresses at the moment. Plus a lot that only exist in my head.

Couldn't find a hair thread in the catalog so I'm making a new one!

Use this for all your dying/styling/cutting questions and advice
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Question: I have faded pastel pink hair and I'm looking to make it more brownish. I like how this dye looks from Missha but I have never used a bubble dye before, and I'm having a hard time finding reviews from people who aren't asian or who don't have dark hair.

So my question is
-Are bubble dyes bad on non-asian hair?
-Will this give me the color I want? (My hair is lighter than the lightest shade pictured)
They aren't bad for non asian hair, but the results are not the same at all. You will likely get a strawberry color from the pic you posted if your hair is lighter than the lightest shade.

Just use henna if you want some brown.
My goal is a pink-brown color, not straight brown, nothing that would be too dark or hard to get out if I want to change colors. I heard henna can be tricky to remove. Pic related is a color I want to achieve.

Where do you land on the cosplay political spectrum? [OC]
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Center-bottom. People should cosplay for fun and look good while doing so. Don't really care if they make or buy the costume, though I do respect self-made costumes more.
Don't know where to place myself. I believe people should have fun and it doesn't matter where they get their costume (as long as they don't lie about it), but at the same time I strive for solid construction and extreme accuracy in my OWN costumes and I'd never live it down myself if I had to buy a costume.
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This kind of style seems to have fallen out of fashion. Make Lolita Gothic Again!
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>inb4 "Newfag do you even know what gothic is"

for every coord contested in this thread, God kills one of Mana's remaining friends
reminder: hybrid styles exist, especially gothic-flavored classic.
>God kills one of Mana's remaining friends
First of all, how dare you

File: Umbrella-Corp.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
You know what I'm talking about.

The "Umbrella Corps" Officers that are either really good and detailed to the movie/game or just some random half-assed group in cammo and airsoft rifles with the Umbrella patch over their helmet or shoulders.

What's your "that" cosplay, the one you see at your local cons all the time that's just generic as shit?
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Anything from Steven Universe, Homestuck, or Undertale.
Ehhhh let people do what the fuck they want.
Nobody wants to stop people, we just want to encourage originality

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Who else just emerged from the crucible that is Fanime con priority housing?
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>tfw you booked four rooms at a main hotel and only needed two
File: 1472080029530.png (1B, 486x500px)
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why must you remind me of Fanime 2016
didn't even bother this year. daytripping and only going to cosplay meetups so i didn't even bother with prereg. fanime's become such a bullshit con in the last 5 years.

Katsucon 2017 new thread-
Hows it going anons? Make any new friends? How did your cosplays turn out? Any one enter the masq? And post any good cosplay pics.
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we've still got another 36 hours to flood a room, damage some walls, or set a fire!

don't let us down, katsucongoers!
Wearing witch Mercy today! I've bumped into a lot thus far
Meetup today when?

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What was your first ever attempt at cosplay, and did you have any photos taken for it.

This was my first ever cosplay as Beetlegeuse, which I did for a Zombie walk in the middle of Sydney, Australia.

Did not look at all like Beetlegeuse, but everyone there loved it.
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My first cosplay that I attempted making was a halo 4 Spartan. This is the only picture I have of it I think. I later realized it wasn't good and I'm currently in the process of making another.
I wore the shirt and trousers from my old school uniform, ruffled my hair a bit and called it Shinji Ikari because the guy who was supposed to be getting me one of the main parts of my actual cosplay (Gary King from The World's End got put in a mental institution like a week before the con and I needed a new idea that was even more closet cosplay than the first one.
OP here, that's a pretty decent first attempt.

As the constant churn of "con horror story" threads demonstrate, personal safety is definitely an issue at cons, both on and off the immediate premises. Since the discussions never produce much usable info and the nature of conventions (i.e. interstate travel and the con environment) is fairly unique, I put together a guide to cover basic personal safety at conventions:


It could definitely use improvement, so if you have something to add, do weigh in.
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Step one: locate the testicles
Step two: apply direct force to testicles
i feel like the best defense against a dangerous situation is common sense. don't let things escalate, if you notice someone following you around or someone is stepping over your boundaries nip it in the bud. alert someone, be assertive and straight forward when you tell someone to leave you alone, tell the people you're with what's going on. use the buddy system and if you're in an uncomfortable situation find con staff and let them know whats going on.
a lot of stories i see the people involved were being too nice/passive or they didn't do anything about it. i'm sure i'll get shit of this, but don't put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. don't go walking around by yourself in places out of the way, make sure all your personals are secured on your person somewhere, keep your cellphone with you, let people know where you're going even if it's just one person. and try to go to cons with people you know/trust who have your best interests at heart.
File: tewi.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

My mother (longtime Girl Scout leader) also volunteers as a teacher for "My Best Defense" classes, a self-defense training program aimed at younger girls. At one event, one of the girl's mothers came up behind her and caught her in a bear hug and said "okay, what do you do for this situation?"

My mother simply turned around in the grip (fairly easy to do,) so she was facing her "attacker", lifted her knee, and said "ladies, don't forget your basics."

File: bst.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Old thread a kill >>9287760

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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Anyone interested in some items from this year's Swan kiss lucky pack? Thinking around $80 for the coat, $40 for the sweater, and maybe $30 for the lace top. Shipping included in US, combined shipping for multiple items, offers welcomed.
File: lolitaforsale.png (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Four dresses for sale, shipping is from Australia. Price in USD. Offers accepted.
Please message via LM if interested:
File: empire_sales.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px

happy to take offers and discount for multiple items, just PM me on LM!

Pluie - La Renaissance Set in wine x grey
RoseBud - Napoleon Jacket in black
AatP - Captain Hollow Jacket in black
MagicPotion - Magic Library OP in black
AP - Whip Showcase Set in yellow
BtssB - Harmonia Spica JSK in emerald
AP - Cotton Candy Shop Coat in lavender
L&SEars - Map to Buried Treasure JSK in navy

new listings -
Fox Feathers - Death Angel JSK in black
Inori - Maiden of Versaille JSK in black
AatP - Constellation Underbust JSK in black
AP - Holy Theatre JSK in navy
BtssB - Crown Embroidered Sailor JSK in navy
Knight Night - Secret of Kells Underbust JSK in wine
Meta - Dim Light (original) Pinafore JSK in wine
Anna's Secret - Herbal Compendium JSK in ivory
AatP - Last Note ~ Faint Spring Song JSK 1 in ivory
Meta - Hospitality Doll skirt, blouse and headdress set in black
IW - Grazia Crown long JSK in blue
Meta - Rose Leopard High Waist JSK in beige

(apologies if image is huge)

File: maxresdefault.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
What are your opinions on maid cafes, gulls? Which ones have you been to/loved/hated?
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The only maid cafes I have been to was a local con aid cafe and after entrance fee costs you about 40 dollars a visit with food for the hangout version. The actual con is is about the same price but for coffee store sandwiches and bottled pop because of how the contracting works and convention centers have ironclad clauses that prevents offsite catering

Another time was when I went to some weeb entrepeneur who opened up a maid cafe and had a disappointing experience.

I seriously wonder what is needed for maid cafes to do well here. I mean hypothetically I could open an afternoon tea salon where you can book sets with a maid for an hourly rate.
>I seriously wonder what is needed for maid cafes to do well here.

Maid cafes are part of the Japanese hostess culture. People go to talk and play games with a pretty girl. The cafe is just a normal hostess club with a maid theme.

We do not have a hostess culture so maid cafes don't work here.

I understand that maid cafes are fanservice-y in itself but it makes me really hate the ones that purposefully pander to certain crowds by ONLY being sexy. It ruins the idea that most try to go for by going the cutesy route because now anything with the word "maid" in it instantly turns it into something sexy.

Like this cafe is called Cloud 9 Cute Maid Cafe and even in the description says /idol/ maid cafe but they're nothing but sexy hostesses that seems to help host or run parties with alcohol and whatnot like >>9307917 which would be fine to me if they just didn't try to call themselves a maid cafe.

Would it kill for maid cafes in general to have matching outfits though?

Old thread saging. I went tag diving back to mid September.
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Where does /cgl/ stand on the growing trend of ahegao selfies?

Cute? Lewd? Harmless fun or totally idiotic?
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usually tacky as fuck and specifically made for men.
File: nolife.gif (59KB, 500x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had to look this shit up and immediately smacked my head into my desk when I did.

Like, I imagine the excuse for this stupid shit is something along the lines of
>what? no im not being a complete skank whos making an ass of herself, im just being silly and cheeky and random tehe
it's super fucking lewd
i find it really adorable though, but i just can't imagine publicly posting a picture alluding to getting the good dick

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