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Any gulls plan on going?
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yes probably not cosplaying tho cuz i 100% forgot about it
I just moved to MN in the summer and have been eyeing this con ever since I was further east.

I've been going to Colossal ever since before it became popular and overcrowded, how does this con feel compared to pre-2012 Colossal? Is it pretty laid back and fun?
I went last year and it was super chill. The waterpark seems bigger too.

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This might just be a meme only for people in or around Alabama, but this guy, Alexander Shunnarah, has billboards EVERYWHERE in Alabama and has become a meme with how his billboards are everywhere. Well, Alabama's biggest anime convention decided to invite him as a guest because ???????

This is the weirdest guest line up I have ever seen.
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It's weird but pretty funny, can't wait for the cosplays.
I think it's great. I wish I could go just to see his reaction to the whole thing, plus I fully expect lots of cosplays of his billboard.
Saw this in the facebook comments

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What's the worst guess you've ever received about a costume of yours?
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I haven't had it happen yet, but in reverse I always ask first when I don't know or am not sure what someone is from. Is this guessing wrong thing something common?
Court judge

I was dressed as a Hogwarts student. I guess the tie and house robe looks judge like.

Bonus: the guesser was the guy who plays Grima Wormtongue in the LOTR movies. We just happened to be talking on the showfloor and he said it.
I was cosplaying Spider-Gwen (who was a fairly new character at the time, she'd only appeared about 4 months previously) and someone asked me, "Who are you supposed to be?" When I told him who she was and what comic she'd appeared him, he stared at me and said, "Who?" He seemed like he wanted to pick a fight over my Spider-Man OC or something.

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Okay, so we have 3 upcoming shit-stained cons upcoming(-ish).

NärCon Gävle
Comic Con Stockholm (R.I.P Gamex)
NärCon Vinter 2017

I've probably forgotten some. Hopefully one that's less shitty than these.

What are you looking forward to etc.
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Sweden yes
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captain sweden.jpg
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>What are you looking forward to etc.

[Insert Captain Sweden joke here]
Hey this is a real question, please don't judge
But why everytime there's an specific country thread, everyone uses characters from hetalia? I thought everyone hated that show

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Previous Thread

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

To discuss:
>if you were going to cast a full group (betas + trolls + whoever else) using any homestuck cosplayers, past or present, who's in your dream group?
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Continuing the tag dump where I left off.

Monochrome Coors thread??? Good bad and ugly.
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So let's revel in some nostalgia!
Post old street snaps/ones that first inspired you. I love looking at early 2000s streetsnaps, it's just so free and doesn't really care what anyone thinks, decora wearers especially. Even old snaps of western jfash are welcome.
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So... What happened to the whole /fa/ x /cgl/ thing? It was cool and spawned some good artwork.

Can we just have a comfy thread about the subject and post more art?
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... Ignoring the current winter ball pairing of course.
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dumping artwork
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So CGL, I just came back from what might be the worst convention ever. I feel a bit like a soccer mom leaving a bad Yelp review, but this goes beyond bad planning, beyond pathetic and is overwhelmingly bad. Gonna break it down because it’s impossible to describe in one post. I’ll detail each one in another post.

1- Drinking, by not only attendees but staff and guests throughout the con.
2- Charging extra for half of panels, up to 45$ to see a panel. Schedule doesn’t mention this at all.
3- The main special guest didn’t even have his own panel. Charges 5$ just for autographs.
4- Even up to the day of the con there was TBA, aka “Nothing planned” spots throughout the schedule.
5- The schedule itself had to have been made by a 12 year old.
6- Game room smell. Bear with me on this one.
7- The amount of bad cosplay. (Not the cons fault but damn.)
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1- Drinking, by not only attendees but staff and guests throughout the con.

>Through out the con I and friends I was with saw people drinking, even with thirteen year olds running about.
>The air had a constant smell of booze.
>Two broken bottles, one right out front of the central elevator. (One bad haku cosplay was allowed to run around bare foot all weekend.
>Guy sits beside me and takes out minatures an fills up his soda cup.
>Girl spills rum and coke on my guy friend while drunkenly trying to flirt with him.
>Special guests sitting behind their tables pouring beer into soda cups.

Those were incidents seen by me alone, the other two attending with me let's call the R for the guy and J for the girl had experiences of their own.

> R goes into the bathroom only to run out a few seconds later, guy in the stalls throwing up.
> J is helping some special guests friends of hers and the table next to them is constantly downing booze.
> R who is under aged (18) was offered booze not once but twice.

I wish I could make that up, but I really couldn't. I went to con staff and they cleared out the hallways, sending people back to the bar. But within ten minutes it had resumed and no one gave two shits.
A link to the schedule -

Note nothing says any panels will cost extra however;
>All two hour panels were considered guests panels and cost extra.
> Several other panels as well - “Black Eyed Kids” Josh Plock -“Haunted Doll Collector" just to name a few.
> Two had "con rates" meaning non-con attendees could come and view.
>I counted six panels I wanted to attend that cost extra.
>Gave up counting after that, still don't feel like finding the pay to free ration of panels there.

I am looking to buy a tea party ticket and I will pay double for it.
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Keep an eye on the event page. People always sell their tickets over the months, and the best bargains usually come the week/ days before, if you don't mind taking the risk.

How quickly did stuff sell out? I got VIP no problemo and didn't check if it was sold out after my purchase went through. I assume they went within minutes, if not seconds.
it was less than a minute. There was a few general tickets left 30 minutes after going up but that's it. It's frustrating that they did not have the same amount of saturday and sunday tickets. I'm going to becoming from the midwest so I'm kind of freaking out i only have a ticket for saturday.
I wanted to buy a GA ticket but when I refreshed the page there were still VIP tickets so I thought "why not?". I'm pretty excited for the weekend, I guess I will spend a week in Barcelona with my boyfriend, I haven't had a real vacation in years.

For the people who didn't get a ticket: I'm sure tickets will pop up on the page soon, so just keep your eyes open. Good luck!

Kinda new to 4chan so be gentle :D Or not, whatever!
So I was at the MCM Comic Con in London and here's one of my videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sj42p_WCS0
Would love to see your cosplay!!
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>New to 4chan

And so it begins. The great shitstorm of our time.
Also don't post identifying shit to 4 chan. You will get assblasted in half a second since while most people are reasonable there are enough creeps to noticeably fuck your audience.
lol sherlawck
"be gentle" gtfu 4chan, this place ain't no gentle shit

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Last one is auto sage >>9244634
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Cover photos are all just Splatoon Hentai
That's not hentai?

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"Good evening Everyone!
While Anime California had a good run the last couple of years, there have been some major issues that we have been unable to overcome.

We all know that Southern California is an extremely expensive place to start up and run an event, especially without any capital.

While we would love to continue to host this wonderful con, 2017 has already started to present challenges that would make it impossible to host, and as such, the CEO and executive team has respectfully resigned.

We would love nothing more than to see Anime California be successful, and flourish, but as it is evident that it is not,and as of now, Anime California will not be returning in 2017

To all the staff- attendees, and wonderful guests across the years- thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for giving it all you had and then some- these past three cons have only been amazing because of all of you.

If you have any questions, please make sure to email: [email protected] before the end of the year

We hope that we’ll be able to see all of you at the other wonderful cons in So Cal."

I... I'm sad guys. This was my first con.
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Not surprised. 2016 was forgettable and it seems they never really got their unique identity.

also, This could be sign for SoCal convention scene's bubble beginnig to burst
Anyone got that pic of their first con poster with absolutely no 'anime' content advertised?
I thought pmx would die first. Too bad i really enjoyed AC i think its run by the hanadoki people so maybe more will be put into that.

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Post random cosplays you've found and enjoy
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Oh, damn, I forgot all about this movie.
That's a great cosplay.
Wtf is going on with Tarzan's left calf (thigh???)

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Old thread is super saging. We are officially going with /u/. Post your gays here.

Booru: http://shimmie.4chanhouse.org/index.php?q=/post/list
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Some art from the old thread
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