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Star Wars Cosplay General:
Post Star Wars cosplays, your ideas for future Star Wars cosplays, anything related as well.
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I'm wanting to cosplay ROTJ Luke and I've been on Arda for a while and I'm torn on a wig choice. I've been looking on Arda for a while and am stuck between the Benny, the Hansel, or the Derek in Sandy Brown
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The FX Black Series Saber is pretty good buy, nice hilt and has a nice glow and sound to it as well

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Old one is saging
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All these years and people still mistake lolita fashion (and Jfash in general too apparently) for cosplay. Do people have no concept of alternative fashion or?
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Dumping some things i got.

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It's starting to get cold in the northern hemisphere. How do you plan on working a coat into your Lolita?

I personally moved from a part of the country that it doesn't snow and don't know if I absolutely need a heavy wool jacket to wear in a Pennsylvania winter. Or am I safe with a caplet and gloves?
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>asking cgl questions that could literally solved by checking a single weather forecast site
One click tells me that average Penn. winter temp is below freezing so yes to heavy and pretty lolita coat (and maybe even a second style in jacket), gloves, a couple of pairs of lolita boots, warm tights.
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Hooo boy you are in for a rough time. I've lived in the Great Lakes area my whole life, and winters are rough (especially for people who aren't used to it). Suggestions so you don't freeze to death on the side of the road:

>buy at least one /heavy/ wool lolita coat, if possible two like >>9251114 said or get a coat with a detachable capelet for a second look
>buy heavy gloves with some cute details like bows or cable knit
>get a cute wool hat or earmuffs, depending on your style
>fleece. tights. man. in every color you wear. layer them under other cuter tights
or wear them on their own.
>get shoes that cover your whole feet. if possible get tall lolita boots, but that can be expensive. short lolita boots or booties will work fine too, just make sure that they go up high enough that snow and slush won't get on your feet when you are walking around
>underarmor/thermal shirts to put under blouses are a godsend, and make capelet-only outfits at least viable
>for shits sake don't touch snow with your bare hands. it hurts like fuck and you will regret it (I know this sounds obvious but I've seen multiple southerners try it and then whine about the pain)

Anyway, Winter EGL General?

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New Overwatch thread?
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the sombra makeup tests have begun on Overwatch cosplayers FB group.
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Well she went beyond the make up test
How did she does this so quickly

Who's going, previous experiences, what are you working on right now, etc.

Debating whether or not to get the Mega Party ticket for me & a mate... Is it worth it for £30 lads or is it shite?
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Someone started a Scottish cosplayer thread on lolcow and it's clearly one person kicking off but it's started a whole slew of "Cosplay is for fun. We're adults playing dress up. Drama is bad!" Posts on FB just fucking kill me.
for me mcm isn't worth it anymore.
The fences and overcrowding finally got to me. I'll save £50.
Aren't the UK anime con scenes just pure cancer?

I hear the cosplay girls are mostly slags and there is nothing there you can't get online cheaper without the hassle.

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Can we get a thread going for black friday deals?

>sellers have "black friday price" option for sales
>doorbuster deals, mostly in-store discounts
Dream Holic Wigs
>discount codes
Lolita Collective
>pic related
>still releasing info, usually pretty good deals
>coupons and deals, like 11/11 part 2 basically
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Honey Color lenses
>50% deals
Epic Cosplay Wigs
>week-long, doing a new deal every day sort of thing
$11 lenses? Thats a deal I can get on board with.

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Funny, weird or just stupid reviews, pictures or text, from amazon, storenvy, aliexpress or whatever
Share your finds or rate others!
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grandma ass.png
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Old one ---> >>9253168
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I really don't like this.

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Just letting everyone know AX is having a Black Friday sale for 24 hours I think that just started at midnight for tickets. 4 days for 55$ bucks.

First time I'll be soloing it since my hardcore con going awesome friend moved out of the state. What do I do with myself now? Maybe I'll just cosplay and enjoy being alone and doing whatever I want.
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Just bought tickets. This is probably the biggest con I've ever gone to, I hope it's good.
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>Anisong World Matsuri is returning
I'm confused on how AX shows and concerts work. So I buy a ticket to go, but then I have to dish out MORE money to go see the big shows that aren't small panels? That's some horseshit. I mean, I guess I understand it cause then you have 2,000 people waiting in a line for 2 hours to see the show, but isn't that the point. If you want to see something bad enough, you'll camp out. ComicCon doesn't do that, right? You want to get into the Marvel panel or whatever, you get your ass in line at 9 am and sit there until 6 pm.

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post entries, good or bad
discuss your favorites

theme is harajuku wonderland

entries can be found here:
>woobox com/gop3ez/gallery/
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Dolldelight is pure cringe, as per usual.
How could any one think this looks good enough to enter into a contest like this?
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What... happened to her face?

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Thoughts? Anything that looks interesting/worth checking on Friday?

I wish they'd just show the sale prices already.
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Just put up discounts for all my sales!

I think it's a fun way to get slow sales to move. And I like that we don't know til the day of, that would defeat the purpose of the one day discount thing.
out of curiosity, what's the range of the discounts you put up (if you don't mind saying)? is it like 10%? 30%? just wondering what sellers are willing to do
I thought of it more like "what's the bare minimum I would let this go for" so it ended up being more like 30% and in one case, 50%! Sales in general have been moving really slow lately based on other lolitas I've spoken to, so I think a lot of them will be willing to go pretty low

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I need more Shiro/Kuro in my life.
Both and/or welcome. I'll start with a small dump.
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Confess your sins gulls, and exonerate your soul
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i spend too much money on my hobby and have nowhere to store my supplies and take frequent breaks from cleaning to refresh /cgl/

i am a hoarder, a procrastinator, and i am terrible with money.
Sometimes when I post group photos on my instagram, I shoop the ugly ones to make them look nicer. I also make the fat ones look skinnier. Not by a lot since that would make it too obvious, but just enough to make them look better. I think it's only fair since they make me look better by comparison
I'm honestly terrified by my two friends dating. It's made them into annoying altered versions of themselves. Complete with going back on shit they were adamant about for years because they're 'truly together'. But mainly because the upcoming con room is in my name. I am really terrified the honeymoon period is going to end right before or during the con. I'd really rather not have what has been a decently drama free environment explode into bullshit. Resulting in me likely footing the bill. But I know if I even bring my concerns up, I'm the totally jealous single friend.

Jumping on the stupid sports anime bandwagon, I'm putting together a Urie Plystetsky cosplay for the winter. Problem is I have my white skates, and I dont want to dye them black, and I'm unsure about using boot covers (they're normally spandex) would boot.covers be fine? They're used professionally often enough, and with the black skating pants it might look fine. But I dont know. Thoughts ? Ideas?
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Go buy some opaque tights and pull them over the skates. Cut a slit on the blade, start small as you don't want the cut to be large enough to slip over the whole thing. Use Frey check or even clear nail polish along the slit. I used to do this with my hockey skates cause hockey skates are ugly.
Are you seriously considering walking around a convention in skates for a cosplay? This seems a bit overkill for a cosplay hardly anyone will recognize.
>Urie Plystetsky

It's just 5 days away!

>What panels are you looking forward to?
>Are you guys going to the tea party?
>Anyone VIP?
>Who got in the fashion show? Who didn't? I got rejected.
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I'm looking forward the tea party and the fashion swap!
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what is everyone wearing for the tea party? I'm so stuck on the menagerie theme!
VIP. Haven't packed or planned.

Fuckkkkkk, man.

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