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Lain Thread Layer 34: Close The World

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Old Thread

It'll be nice to have a picture in the OP again.
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Rare spurdo Lain :DDDDD
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Who keeps bumping all the damn threads around here
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Thanks for helping keep this one afloat.
My new school schedule makes it a bit more difficult for me.
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Nothing to say anon?
Lain must feel lonely.
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Haven't felt anything lately.
Just love for Lain.
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I don't understand the purpose of life.
Is it just to reproduce? I don't want to.
Is it just to enjoy life? I don't.
Is it up to each person to find out? I don't know what it is or how I would go about finding out.

That's what I'm thinking about, and if the replies to suicide anon from the last thread are anything to go on, I'm probably not the only one.
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This goes for you too anon so make what alice is telling you
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I like Lain, but I hate emo thread
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spooky lain is best lain
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Sorry that threads about a girl who committed suicide after having everyone forget about her isn't as light hearted and frothy as you want.
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go easy anon, no need to perpetuate all that.

smile and wipe your tears, Lain.
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I ask from time to time, but does anyone know Japanese well enough to translate this manga I've had saved for awhile?
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Keeping it to yourself and keeping your friends, showing it and losing them.

Both ways are pretty lonely.
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But Lain is here so it's okay.
Find depressed friends ?
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I'm just saying that there isn't much subject matter in the show to attract a light hearted fun loving audience.
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I want visual experiments lain translated. There's interviews in there that I'd love to read.
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Looking good anon, I like the colors a lot.
It's rare we have any OC in here.
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Very beautiful.
Would Lain give good hugs?
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Poor Juri.png
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Lain hugs, best hugs!
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I need to brush up on my moonrune but here it goes:

Chisa: re. i. n.
Lain: Chisa-chan
Lain: Chisa-chan, let's talk?
fx in tiny panel: giggle / chuckle
Chisa: You should wear a uniform too.
Chisa: I bet it'd look good on you.
Lain: Eh? No way! / I'm good.

What is this from BTW?
Thank you!
I'll dump the whole thing, if you ever have time I'td be cool to get a translation of it.

I got it from Pixiv I believe, can't remember the artist though.
Page before this is >>12207
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It's pretty wordy, but I'm mostly curious about this page.
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thank you for the HD
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Pre experiment
"Ghost building"

"That mansion is really dangerous"
"Apparently (hearsay) many people have commited suicide here"
"Even though nobody lives here anymore there is still a presence of people"
"Apparently (hearsay) it doesn't have a single window"
"Apparently (hearsay) it's a stage for the occult."

"Apparently (hearsay) The high school kids who've snuck in here in the past have all commited suicide too"
"Every night the sounds of something hitting the ground can be heard"

"Even though it's in the middle of the city there is no phone of wifi signal inside."
"But still phones ring"

fx: *Panting*
"When you stand on the roof someone is pulling at your feet"
"You definitely shouldn't get close to it"
"Kitano makoto (??) also said I definitely shouldn't come here"

fx: *crumble*

Note: I got tired of saying "apparently" but almost every line has "rashii" in it which indicates hearsay. Translating literally often gets a bit clunky. I can do 1-2 pages a day in some moments of dead time. Now someone just needs to typeset it.
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2MB, 1485x2550px
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Lain Art (409).jpg
2MB, 6071x4299px
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Lain Art (1056).jpg
3MB, 2550x3486px
Forgot to actually type my reply.

Thanks so much! Take your time these threads normally hang around for awhile. I have a buddy who might be able to typeset it I'll see what he can do.
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Lain Art (216).jpg
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Page 2

"ha, ha (panting)"

More panting

"How hard is it to die?"

"All you have to do is take one more step"
"Why can't you just do that?"
"You know you don't need a physical body right?"
"Uh, uhm..."
"I kinda..."

"The pain is really for but a moment"
"It would be trivial compared to the pain of

living out a long life in agony"

"Well, I..."
"Yes, but, well..."

"Wouldn't you agree, Eiri?"
fx: "type type"
"Unforgivable! Absolutely Unforgivable!"
"Die! die! die!"
"I'm a god you know!?"
"You guys are all so ignorant!"

Note: This is actually kinda fun, I've never translated anything before. I decided to make the translation a bit less literal to make it flow better.
Page 3

"You don't have a single reason to live right?"
"Well then!"


fx: *Sniffle*
"...Sorry for saying such mean things. I

actually do understand you know."
"Even though it is ones own life, why does it

seem so hard to end it?"

"Argh! In order to end this misery we must

quickly connect this world and that world with

the wired and rewrite the bad memories!

"Miss. Yomoda"


"Please speak with Lain again today"

Note: I hope I'm not spamming up the thread.
File: Lain Art (119).png (3MB, 3541x5016px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (119).png
3MB, 3541x5016px
Don't worry about spamming the thread.

This is really interesting though glad you're having fun. My buddy says once he's done with some school projects he can work on typesetting it.
File: Lain Art (253).jpg (2MB, 1480x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (253).jpg
2MB, 1480x2100px
Also if you have a handle you want credited let me know.
Page 4

"Why didn't you jump?"
square panel(SQ): "I was first approached by them last summer"

"It's not that hard is it?"
"Many people have commited suicide here you know"
SQ: "The first time I came here..."
SQ: "I wasn't able to jump either. Then when I came back..."

"Since you won't die..."
"Could you do us a favor?"

fx: *type type*
"I'll stop you! I'll stop you! Absolutely unforgivable!"
"I'll make you regret this! (Mumbling I can't translate due to tiny kanji)"

"God is a program"
"We are having trouble with the interface design"
"We're making progress with the hardware but..."

"We want to nurture god's thoughts inside of you"


Note: I'll have to come back to that tough bit later.

You can credit me as Krithalith. I think I found the author here http://satoimokrkr.blog.fc2.com/blog-date-201405.html
If you scroll past the porn there's a blog post in which I think he describes his preparations for selling this doujin at comicon.
Also this blog only has the same 11 pages you posted, probably as a sample for the full doujin. The full doujin is 43 pages, and might be a bit hard to find.

Also do you have skype or something? It might be useful to have a better communication channel for typesetting etc.
File: Lain Art (529).jpg (2MB, 2032x2088px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (529).jpg
2MB, 2032x2088px
Oh it's not the full thing?
I've dig around a bit but I'm not sure if I can find it.

I have a discord but I don't really use skype so much anymore.
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Lain Art (192).jpg
64KB, 480x854px
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Lain Art (674).jpg
2MB, 1914x2085px
File: Lain Art (655).jpg (87KB, 369x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (655).jpg
87KB, 369x600px
What's your username? Mine's Krithalith. BTW are you OP?
Page 5

"I actually wanted to decline back there..."
"Human consciousness is born from

"Have you gotten used to the isolation tank?"

"An aqueous solution of epsom salt allows the

body to float."
"No sight, no hearing. No sense of touch."
"The lack of senses fascilitated by the suit and

tank allow for a state of unconsciousness that

will let you burrow into the inner space."

"In this state of separation from the physical

world please hypothesize and talk about regular

people to Lain."
"We will monitor her brain in the meantime"
"In your dream state you will develop and be

able to control an interactive character, a

quasi-personal interface."
"Our aim is to insert you into the living

machine next to you."

"The feeling of being touched but not feeling

"I'm still not used to it"

"In a sense you will be taking the friends from

your dream and bringing them here"
"I still don't understand the meaning behind

those words from Yasuo."
"Are you ready? I'm gonna close it now."

Note: This was a tough page. Very technical yet vague language. One of the unfortunate things about the Japanese language is that you can be extremely vague if you want to, because you don't need subjects or objects. You can literally just string some verbs and nouns together and make a word salad.
Page 6

"Take the hypnotism guidance pill"

"Thank you and good luck"

fx: "gagagaga" (Machine noises I presume)

"I just..."
"Liked the idea that Lain was a real friend, and

dreaming together.


Note: Much easier page.
File: Lain Art (132).jpg (1005KB, 765x1069px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (132).jpg
1005KB, 765x1069px
Okay I sent you a request over Skype.
Yeah I'm OP.
File: Lain Art (519).jpg (131KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (519).jpg
131KB, 800x600px
File: 1411350405742.png (612KB, 959x884px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612KB, 959x884px
File: Lain Art (135).jpg (92KB, 450x661px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lain Art (135).jpg
92KB, 450x661px
Page 8

"Hey Lain"
"What is it, Chisa?"
"We're friends arn't we?"
"Of course, we are friends"
"Why do you ask?"
"Well you're my dream-friend right?"

"Therefore if I don't regularly check I feel

like you might disappear"
"And it scares me"
"Oh is that it? Don't worry about that. I won't

dissapear. After all, we're friends."

"But whatever I ask you about you can only

answer with things I already know."
"That makes it a bit uncertain."
"The fact that you're not wearing a uniform is

also because I must be thinking "That's the kind

of girl you are""
"It kinda feels like you're just a doll...


"Why do you think that?"
"Why do you think there's a doll next to you?"
"I'm really by your side"

"Why do you say it's not real even though we're

talking like this?"
"We're friends so..."
"...So whether it be in reality, a dream, the

wired, or that world, it doesn't matter"

"I think so too but..."
"...but reality is..."
"Aaa c'mon! I'm tired of this tedious


"I've told you right!?"
Page 9
"Wherever you are"
"people are"

fx: *gasp / exhale*

Note: Easiest page yet.
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Lain Art (973).jpg
132KB, 2048x1536px
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Lain Art (87).png
2MB, 2000x2500px
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1MB, 1000x686px
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Lain Art (713).jpg
84KB, 900x800px
Page 10


"Thank you for your help Chisa."
"That will be all for today"
"You can go home now if you like, or you can go back to the roof if you want."


"The thing you encountered during your dive..."
"You must be thinking that it wasn't just a part of your imagination, that you were talking to the "real Lain"."
"However this can not be."

"There is no "brain" inside that body"
"The brain running on this server has only the minimum requirements for maintaining the body."
"A combination of artifical organs."
"In other words the hardware was insufficient for the creation of life right from the start"
"I'm gonna get you! I'll wreck you! I'll reduce you to a pulp!"
"You incompetent idiots! You maggots beneath my feet! I'll rip your arms to shreds..."
"I'll cut your dicks off and XXXX"

Note: Eiri is a bit of a spaz lol
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Page 11

"Your conversation with "The real Lain" was

nothing more than a psychedelic experience."
"All we're making here is a manipulatable

interactive interface."
"A machine fit for a sofisticated Turing test's

"It's not an artificial human, nor a demon."

"John C. Lily, The inventor of the isolation

tank, believed he was talking to some alien

force that controlled the world but..."
"...is that really the truth?"
"Your experience must have been something like


"So I wasn't really connected to anyone."


"There shouldn't be any regular people living

here though..."

fx: "pitter patter"


Notes: Thus concludes the last page we have ATM.
Manipulatable should of course be manipulable, also Lily should be Lilly.
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Some OC just finished to bump the thread.
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Lain Art (195).png
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Looks really good.
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I think we should explore different avenues for finding this doujin.
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Lain Art (990).jpg
2MB, 1600x1600px
I agree.
I still need to get Perfect Dark up and running but after that I'm out of ideas.
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There's always contacting the author but there are some considerations to make before doing that. For instance deciding whether or not to mention that we plan on translating it.
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a bit rude
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why is ddt still broken for me
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saving the thread...
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Thank you anon.
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Good thing I'm off today.
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New thread will be up in a bit.
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Thread images: 151

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