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Yui Hirasawa Thread CXXXIV

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Anon, your wish is our command

Thread Archive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0buMbOlom0fdDZubEpXRlJUUm8&usp=sharing

Thread 133: >>2536468
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Thank you for responding to me, Tenshiro.
New thread, same wonderful Yui, woo! Wouldn't want it any other way!
We going full cute in here!
>You reach for your favourite tea cup and mini-Yui pops out.
What do?
Morning Yui before I go to bed! Good morning Yui and goodnight to the rest of you!
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Archive updated (finally)
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I would hug and kiss her all day, If I could ;_;

>She isn't real.

Don't do this to me. I had these feelings in the last thread.
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First Yui Shrine.jpg
4MB, 5472x3648px
Here it is! It's not a lot but I put my heart into it! Sorry I couldn't make this earlier, but nevertheless Happy Late Birthday Yui! I also prepared a nice chocolate chip cookie and a piece of chocolate with peanut butter fudge to go along with it.

Thank you guys for loving Yui! Can't wait to see your beautiful shrines!
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Adorable. Nice job.
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My contribution to the Yui shrines. Fun fact, the image on my computer has been my wallpaper for like... about a year or so now. I never even think of changing it to something other than Yui. And if I ever do it'll probably be to another one of Yui. I love this girl so much!

Nice man. Yui is a wonder!
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Is there more of Yui with oranges?
Ahhh, lovely to see what you've made guys! I can really feel the cosiness and love!

I'm gonna go ahead with mine too; I feel bad I'm so slow with things. Today I overslept and I'm going to have to go to school now to pick up a book. In a hurry actually! But I'll be back later and start right away with my contribution! Hopefully I won't seem all too late and unsynched with you!
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nice ;)
At last the time has come! Regrettably late, but I'm really happy to have gone through it all; I wouldn't break a promise to my favourite girl!
It was more work than I had expected, especially since I've never made a cake before (and seldom bake), but apart from having something special for Yui, it was an important learning experience, so I couldn't be happier!

To Yui, a belated Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you for always being there and sharing your warmth; you never fail to put a smile on my face! Also, thank you for being an inspiration for me to start playing the guitar, and keeping me playing every day since! Love you so much, Yui!

And to everyone else, thanks for keeping /c/ and the Yui threads so wonderfully cosy and warm! It really feels special to be in this together with you all, and I hope everyone sticks around throughout the year until we can celebrate her birthday again next year!
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Damn anon, you really went the extra mile with that cake
Hahaha, thank you! Since it was for her birthday, I figured making a cake was a given, and to make it more personal I wanted to make everything myself from scratch as well. Really fun and I learned a lot! I was actually a little lucky regarding the fruit topping. I had only thought about using the strawberries for the interior of the cake (it's a strawberry cake) and have the tall strawberry in the middle at first, but when I started with the frosting I realised it would look quite sterile like that. So it was only by chance that I had the kiwi at home, and I think that's fortunate because it added a lot!
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Yui-Hirasawa 4.jpg
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Simply amazing! I can feel the love you guys put into these just by the pictures! If I was there, who knows what it would be like! Great works of art, I must say.
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yui is love
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Yui is life
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Many thanks! I'm really glad we all got together and were able to get something special done for Yui, even though her birthday had passed already. In a way, I think the spontaneity makes it special in its own right, so I'm not too concerned about us being late with it, actually!
Once again, great job you guys too! I'm sure this would've made Yui very happy!

By the way, here's the picture I used, in case anyone would like to have it! I put together this collage thing specifically for the shrine, and I thought it came out looking quite warm!
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Yui-Hirasawa 5.jpg
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You mean it does make her happy? :)

Also, thanks for the collage!

Hey, Kawaii Poster!
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Ahaha, yeah it's all in the wording! Yes I'm sure she *will* like it! It's all in the wording! Glad you liked the collage also and that it came to good use!

Anyone watching the Nobel lectures by any chance? Im here and Satoshi is speaking now.
>Satoshi-senpai please notice me!
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Yui-Hirasawa 6.jpg
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Hello there, anon! I'm very eager to know, but do I know you from another thread?

No, I didn't catch it. To tell you the truth, I haven't been expecting it.

I've been active in the last couple of Yui threads, but I don't think I've made much contact with you.
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Sorry, forgot my image.
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yui pikachu.jpg
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Can there ever be enough Yui?
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There's never enough Yui
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yui sparkles.gif
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Makin' sure.
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Was there ever any doubt?
>Here, anon, have a sip!
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Sad Yui.
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Is anyone else here?
But that's not my name.
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Anon who uploaded the K-On concert video.
Did any of you have trouble downloading it? If you couldn't I could possibly try uploading them as separate parts.
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205KB, 1266x1924px

I had a lot of trouble downloading it. I attempted to download it over the course of at least 3-4 days, maybe a bit more, and eventually gave up.
Starting the new upload right now. Disc one is 22 gb. Hopefully this will work for all of you. If this doens't work I could try having a torrent of it.
File: K-On! Excited Yui.gif (259KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
K-On! Excited Yui.gif
259KB, 500x375px

Looking forward to it. I might not be able to download it for a few days because I'm going to be very busy throughout this week and the next, but I'll see how I go.
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1MB, 1920x1080px
I don't know what mega's limit or the cache limit is for people's browsers, but the more you split it up the better. Seems like a lot of browsers give out between 2-4 GB's

Given the size, you're probably better off making a torrent.
Try jDownloader 2. Make sure to get the "2 beta" as the first one is rarely updated. It comes wrapped in an opencandy installer so make sure to decline any other shit it offers you.
I'll look into making a torrent. I'm just worried that very few people will seed it.
Well your other option would be to split it into like 1-1.5GB files and put those on mega.
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53759695_p0[1] (2).jpg
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I apologize for the anty-ness
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OC, I really wish this had more to work with so I could make it loop better though :/
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Where's everyone?
I just got the movie on Blu-ray, so hopefully tomorrow night I'll have some time to go through and make some gifs from bits that don't get enough attention.

Made this one a few days ago to test the quality.
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>make some gifs
Yes please
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Away in busy-town I'm afraid! Shameful that it's kept me from Yui though. This must be fixed!
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Yui (3).png
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Just trying to get the thread going a bit...
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Yui (4).png
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Yui looks sexier in here
Well that's just, like, your opinion man
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yui (1).jpg
198KB, 850x1275px
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Thread is dead
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Yui must go on
Of course!
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548erug (2).jpg
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3873676_p0[1] (2).jpg
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Yui gets killed by her son, Kylo Ren.
Does the vid has sub in? I can't find it anywhere. Downloaded the subless concert on kickass without any problem
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Kawaii desu
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File: 38try.jpg (335KB, 1169x826px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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213KB, 686x800px
File: 48uwert.jpg (186KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 700x700px
File: 56afgjh.jpg (518KB, 1181x1748px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
518KB, 1181x1748px
File: 64gfjgj.jpg (127KB, 500x647px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 66vdfg.jpg (246KB, 861x739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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762KB, 1417x3052px
File: 659casd (2).jpg (485KB, 1295x1217px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
659casd (2).jpg
485KB, 1295x1217px
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File: 732hdsf.jpg (161KB, 650x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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534KB, 2000x2100px
>>2554003 That... I don't think that is Yui.
Also, apart from the hairclips, >>2554002 doesn't look much like her either, desu. But now the image limit is reached, ah
do we need to put the girl's face on every milk carton in the world for you to get it right or

or what
sorry i know that doesn't make sense

i have special needs that aren't being met at the moment
New thread: >>2554325
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