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I work for a temp agency. I have worked there for four years.

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I work for a temp agency. I have worked there for four years. Part time September-May and full time from the end of May until the the end of August. This year I'm in between studies, so I have been working full time since May. I'll keep working there for some time, if things go my way.

When I work, it's 8 hours a day, and the salary is the same as if I were an actual employee in the business I'm sent to. It ranges between $16,5 and $19,5 per hour, depending on where I'm working.

I tell them every month when I can work, and they always provide work. There is no pressure to work - they never bother me if I've said I can't. A lot of the workers are students. There is a higher demand for temps than my agency can meet.

The thing is, the temp agency bills the businesses where I'm sent to work over twice my salary. I don't have a problem with that, but I want to push for a bigger wage.

Their expenses and recourse use directly associated with me are very low.

First of all, they don't pay taxes or VAT on any of their billings. Second, their only expenses are a low employer's fee and a cheap health insurance to cover occupational hazards, which are essentially none. Full coverage not needed, living in a welfare state. If I work 4 days, all their expenses for a year is covered. Every day I work after that they essentially have my salary in profit.

Third, they rarely actually need to find work for me - I get it myself. They have allowed me to make appointments with businesses on my own (usually, all appointments must go through their call center first), as long as I just report it to them so they can bill them and pay me.

I have a very good relationship with several of the businesses where I work. They ask for me specifically and have given my firm very good feedback. On several occasions I have been offered permanent positions at different places.

I've been at this one place for three months now, one of the better paying places.

either start working for the companies directly, and cut the temp group out of the loop.

OR tell the temp group you are not okay with them taking such a large cut, and arrange it where you get paid more from your labor.

sounds like the temp group is raping you. Their usual cut is 10% to 25% of the wage.
...and they want to offer me an extended stay from mid January until June, which I am inclined to say yes to. The temp agency don't offer any discounts even if temps stay for a long time - the billings are flat.

I'm thinking that my good relationship with customers, low costs and the piles of money I reel in for them should entitle me to a better wage and a few perks. But I'm not entirely sure how to approach it.

There are two ways I think it can be done:

1. approach the agency individually and try my best to get better terms
2. approach them with 3 or 4 other employees who feel the same as me

I meet a lot of temps from the same agency when I am out working, and I have gotten to know some of the more lucrative ones outside of work too. They have been thinking the same as me. We've been discussing if we should try to show up together. We've been toying with the idea of threatening to make a competing agency if they won't renegotiate our terms, or making the other employees aware of how much the agency makes on them. I myself don't mind them making money on me, but it could demotivate A LOT of people if they knew.

We could quite easily snatch some of their better employees. If we are to play that card, we need to show them we stand together.

What we really want, though, is to maintain our jobs but make more money from it. I don't want to spark an employee outrage or be a dick, but I could do it as a last resort. We won't be staying at the agency for more than a couple of years and it's not really a path to the career any of us wants in the long term.

What would you do /biz/?
Also, I should have mentioned that most employees at the temp agency are not aware of the high billings at all, and I'm pretty sure they ask their customers to keep it on the low. One of the other temps told me he was subtly asked to not speak of salary or billings with others.


I make the same amount of money as if I was a permanent employee in the businesses I work. I don't mind them making money on me. They offer a lot of flexibility while also giving me the opportunity to work a lot when I want or need to. I want to work there when I go back to university studies too because of that, so I don't want to quit, but I sure want to make more.

See, my labor is not really worth the bill, the agency can bill a lot because there is an extreme need for temps and too few temps.

Temp agencies and other labor market intermediats are scum.

Avoid them at all costs.
You could try contacting the businesses directly, offer to work for 75% of what the temp agency is paying.
you are still netting 25%+
I am working for a temp agency in Toronto, Canada and I can add to how you feel. They bill their clients almost 70% of our wage PLUS the wage itself...And check this out..If you ask for a raise they are NOT going to decrease their spread and give you more money...NAHHHHHHHHH SON they are going to jeopardize your contract and request to bill the client more so they can pay you more. In other terms they are not sharing their piece of the pie instead they are just going to increase the size of the pie where their size increases more than worker.
If you're coworkers don't know how temp agencies work (bill far higher than what you get actually paid), then they're complete fucking idiots. It's not a secret. It's the business model. A lot of the points you make are exactly what the temp agency knows, and why temp agencies exist. By going in there and telling them, "I know that you know that I know about the billing," is not a strategy, and it is idiotic. You do this as a group, and under a threatening manner (especially if you come in with the kek-worthy "we'll start a competing business"), then you're going to get laughed at and told to go ahead. People think it's so easy to just "start a business." It's possible, sure, but it's not likely (everyone getting along) and it's not easy (putting in the work, compliance, agreements, etc.).

You receive a W-2 from the temp agency, right? Part of the reason they bill over what you make, is they automatically pay 7.65% employers taxes on your wage, and then they pay state unemployment, and then they pay federal unemployment. So that's probably 10% or so right there. There's worker's comp., other taxes, fees, and costs associated with your employment. Then they're paying their own employees, paying for a location, and a host of other things. It seems like a rip, and honestly it really is. They do bill ridiculous amounts over your wage, and then spend a lot of that on taxes and their own business expenses. There's only a very small handful of people in a temp agency that earn the big bucks out of it, and even then, it's not huge. So start an independent company and enjoy building your business and reputation with a bunch of people who's #1 is just to "get paid more." It's not going to happen.

If you do anything, I say go at it alone. A group here is only going to sabotage you. Negotiate over the long-term employment deal. But don't act indignant over the obvious, it actually puts you at a disadvantage.
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