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Company Time

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Hey /biz/,

How much company time do you waste? Are you wasting it right now on /biz/?

If i went to jerk off in the bathroom for 30 minutes is that an acceptable amount of time to waste considering it will make me more productive for the rest of the work day?
about 90%

jerking off only takes me like 5min each day at work. that's where I draw the line though

only one JO per day is allowed. Im a moral person
I work a shit labor job with painful 12 hour shifts. I go to the bathroom about every hour just to sit on the toilet and play solitaire for 5-15 minutes. Half of the employees are Mexican and don't give a shit. I've seen people literally take naps and somebody would kick him to wake up when a boss comes around. 1 more semester of CC and then I transfer to Uni upstate and leave this backwoods shithole.
>come in 30 minutes late
>30 minutes tending to personal affairs on the internet
>two hours where I do shit
>hour for lunch
>f5 4chan for the rest of the day
I waste a lot of time. I am on salary so it is my performance that matters most. Plus, I occasionally do work when I am at home.

I will go walk around, go shopping, play ping pong with coworkers and so on. I have never jerked off although I have been tempted at times. Just feels weird in a public bathroom especially if there is some dude taking a shit in the stall next to you.
I used to care about my job and thought it made any kind of difference. 6 years in, I now realize most of my hard work just gets stuffed into a filing cabinet to never be looked at again once it serves its purpose.

So now I mostly just browse 4chan, read news articles, and stare out the window. I'd say about 85% of my company time is useless.
Do you guys browse 4chan on your work computer? I only read articles, personal emails/things or do online shopping from my computer, especially since we have an open floor plan and my manager is behind me. I only look at 4chan on my phone. Plus I don't want my work to see that my traffic is going to 4chan.
Yeah but my firm is small (roughly 20 people) and I know for a fact none of the higher-ups are tech savvy enough to install monitoring software or analyze my traffic. Plus it's a laptop that I take home everyday.
Just curious what do you anons do for work that you can just waste all of your time?
i use plebbit at work mostly.
like you, i only use 4chan on my phone, but there's been a few times i browsed without knowing i was on their wifi and not LTE, but nothing happened.
I always browse 4chan on my company guest wifi. No issues with that. Not sure if they monitor that at all, but it's not like they could link it to me, so it's probably safe to look at pron.
Still in uni, but I interned in management in a unionized company, nobody did shit
I do

4chan uses SSL so I don't give a fuck

Plus I'm IT so I can just erase the logs if I need to...

I'm a secretary/personal assistant at a solo practice law firm.

The boss man is always in meetings and just needed someone to screen his calls, open mail and do filing. He doesn't even care if I'm playing peggle or sit on 4chan when he gets in the office, as long as I have a list of calls for him.

It's an incredibly chill job, and I'm sure there are thousands of these positions available if you ask, because many sole proprietorships have administrative duties that are a HUGE time sink for the owners. The downside is that I only make $35k.

>If i went to jerk off in the bathroom for 30 minutes is that an acceptable amount of time to waste

An "acceptable amount" is whatever you can get away with. If nobody is going to notice you gone for that period then why wouldn't you?

But I'm guessing someone would notice because half an hour is a long time. So yeah, up to you.
If its busy, I have no time to even think about fucking around. When its slow though, I usually find a wiki and read entire articles and click another link that interests me. Sometimes I watch videos of other people in my profession fucking up and thats always great.
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>MFW I setup a VPN on my dedi, and sold access to people at work so they could bypass the shitty webfilters.
>MFW the people I gave the info to were the most productive employees the company had.
>MFW an HR drone found out that we were only working 4-5 hours per and tried to cut myself and 13 other peoples salaries despite being 3 times as productive as anyone else in the company.
>MFW this was a breach of our contracts and voided non compete clauses
>MFW we got low paystubs and walked out in the middle of a Tuesday with a major deadline next week.
>MFW they tanked a 14 million dollar contract, and got sued.

I long ago became convinced that all corporate nanny policies do is frustrate your top workers. So your management has to actually do work and fire some people now and then. What of it? Hire some actual managers who are well versed in the fields of the people they are managing instead of just assuming that someone with an MBA is automatically capable of creating deadlines for projects that he has no capacity to comprehend.
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>mfw have to bill hours so have to have naer 100% efficiency at work
>mfw no free time at work at all because constantly billing hours
>mfw 60 hours a week at work and I can usually only bill 50

The pay is pretty damn good, and I do enjoy my job so I can't really complain
I'm at work right now browsing 4chan on Clover.
I'm a ship's deckhand, our work hours vary between 8 and 12 hour days. Perversely, 12 hour days are actually far easier when you have 12 hours of solid labour to do, the problem is that many captains think they'll make employee of the month by making their crews work 12's even if there isn't enough work to warrant it. Those days drag on for eternity so you can bet that during work hours we all shit, take long coffee breaks, gasbag, pull ourselves, do laundry, call home and browse 4chan if we're within phone data range.
8 Hour days are actually pretty productive as most of the crew work two 4 hour split shifts, those shifts are so short you have to put in a concerted effort to get some work done and don't end up dawdling or taking breaks.

>half an hour is a long time

I'm sure the average person working in an office wastes a lot more time than this. I waste thirty minutes nearly every day waiting for it to be lunch time.
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