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Young, dumb and large gaps in my resume

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Anybody have a similar experience to me?

Long story short, I was a drug addict, decided to get on with life and due to my past I have large gaps in my resume with only 1 'professional' reference, and even then I am unsure if they will give me a positive review though they have said they would. I have worked more jobs then that but unusable references (long story).

I'm 22 now, and I have gaps in my resume with no real references (I do have decent personal references for what it's worth) making life very difficult. I've been struggling finding work for over a year so I decided to go back to uni (ausfag) and am considering joining the military because of my (seeming) lack of options in terms of generating an income.

I have no criminal record, it is only my work history that is terrible for my age. How should I approach this? What do I do? I'm dying with boredom, I am fairly skilled (learning in my own time) but with a shit resume, I'm fucked, aren't I.

I'm trying to get volunteer work for something on my resume but it's a struggle even for that. Plz halp
learn how to make money without having a job
I've been trying that as well. Hopefully something will come out of it but I'm trying for a steady wage slave job for the short term
Reviving old thread.

How many jobs should someone have listed on there resume? I've been told keep it all on one page but what of you have more than a few jobs to list?
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>never had a job
I did some extracurricular shit in HS but that's it
I have no idea how I'm ever gonna get any work experience on my resume now.

Why don't you just lie on your resume?

Your resume and most everything you say in a job interview should be steaming piles of crap that have nothing but the vaguest semblance of truth to them

Did a job from November-February? 2 years' exeprience.

Had to type "img src =" for a forum signature one time? You know HTML.

And so on. It will be rare for someone to check your lies
You do what everyone else does at your age, lie. Use friends, family members, whoever. Get your story straight and the name of their 'company'.

I've done it more times than I can count when I was in my late teens/early 20's.

My resume definitely bends the fuck out of the truth but I don't have anyone to lie for me. I was thinking maybe there is some sort of service providing fake referees out there but haven't looked into it yet, is this my only option?

The employers always check references in my experience so far (even local business) and I've given fake info in the meantime while I'm trying to figure it out so it just rings out. Maybe I should learn an accent and have them call me..
Yeah honestly I was like that then I took some schooling and with some job placement at the end and I got all my jobs since then from word of mouth and reputation.
I was 26 before I ever got a job. how did I end up with one? one of my parents interacted with a manager at get work and hooked me up.

27 here and just got my first job in a lobbying firm for big banks. I do have 8 years worth of university but that could have been done in 6 easily and I've never even done an internship.
Some of my best friends i've met through frat club have bigshot fathers though. So my friends have cushy jobs and gave me free access to their firms.

Makes me feel bad when I see a guy struggling at 22. Jesus i had fuck all going for me at that age. Anglos have it pretty rough, even your highschool is a make-or-break moment for your future. Here in yurop you can be a complete fuck up until early 20's and still have a chance of making it
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