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Is OPEC about to pull a fast one?

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OPEC recently announced that they will not curb oil production, resulting in short-orders on petroleum across the market. Now that the hooks are in, do you think that OPEC will suddenly reverse their decision as part of a clever ruse, perhaps putting a total moratorium on their oil exports in order to collapse the global market and reap huge profits off of some smartly-placed orders? It just seems like shorting oil right now is too good of a deal to be true, and I don't trust those turban-wearing goat-fuckers.
Their goal is to wipe out US shale producers. Unless our government foils their plan by subsidizing it(unlikely), they will inevitably succeed, though they will take a long time to recover
So you're saying that there is practically zero risk of OPEC suddenly stopping production in order to cause the price to go back up, leaving everyone who shorted holding the bag, before going back to producing again? Are you sure?
The Saudis cant do shit, they need to keep selling the oil, whereas the US shale companies will use new tech to lean up their operations or go bust.We can wait the Saudis out. It is the US who are bankrupting them. Then you have the Iranians supply coming online. We are trying to strangle the Ruskies too.
>The Saudis cant do shit, they need to keep selling the oil,
That's what this guy thought too.
Oil is probably going to hit a minimum again after the Fed finally raises rates, regardless. After those minimums it should stabilize at 40-50.

I don't see reasons for it going higher
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Oil will not recover, like ever again. The time is over, audi started producing already gas from fucking water and co2.

Middle East will be blown the fuck out and russia will be also struggling heavily. Basically, countries like saudi arabia will go bankrupt sooner than people even realize, only thing these mediocre countries ever had was oil. It will take only 2-4 years they are complete poorhouses / war zones.
Aim for a low of $35 per barrel. This will probably be achieved after the Fed raises rates in Q1 2016.

As the over leveraged shale oil fags go out of business, there is going to be a shortfall. It won't be immediate thanks to the stockpiles built up, but new production won't cover the demand, stockpiles will be worn down.

Demand for oil is not going down.

The Saudis want to shake the North Americans out of the market, and they can't do that at $40+. It needs to stay low for a period of two to three months, or four, or six.

As for stocks, forget the small companies. The big companies are going to be snapping up the best assets during this period, and even then their share price should touch 2008 lows or lower.
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I thought fed was supposed to raise rates in december
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>anyways, mfw 0.25 rate increase and all the hell breaks finally loose
>natural gas replacing oil anytime soon
This is just like IBM's problems.

Does natural gas work? Yes. Can you produce it properly? Yes. Do you have the lobbyists to get what you want through the governments? Almost.

Can the average consumer afford the "future" you're trying to push? No.

Natural gas is decades away from being the norm, people can't afford to buy some newly minted car/boiler/generator designed to use it.

i doubt it's decades a way lol, they just drove the cars with the produced diesel
>What is reading comprehension?

I already said it works and they can produce the products. The problem is the general consumers can't afford to make the switch. Over 50% of the consumerist population won't be getting a brand new car in the next decade, and those that do will more likely get one that uses oil rather than natural gas. Not to mention all the gas stations that would need to change.

It's decades away.
Cool. I'm sure they are a few only months away from producing the equivalent of 97 million barrels per day.

I had two fleet vehicles converted two years ago from gasoline/petrol to CNG (compressed natural gas). Mainly for an insane tax benefit where we operate but also for fuel savings. Anyhow, both were standard Ford F250's you'll see at any dealership. It was about $875 per kit on each vehicle, out the door installed with tax and labor.

You don't know what you're talking about.

>Can the average consumer afford the "future" you're trying to push? YES
LNG and CNG is the future of transportation economy. Oil is dying. The oil crash killed the market. No one is going to stop and the price will collapse further. Saudi Arabia is running out of oil. They're past peak production levels. This generation of Saudis is the last to enjoy the oil wealth. The next generation will see the mass lynching of the royal family. And mass rape fest on the women, given its a Muslim country. Iran was smart to build nuclear power plant even though their intentions say otherwise. Russia needs to diversify their economy because exporting resources is a bad economic model.
God I could only hope. But that's unlikely. Oil will become less necessary to the world economy overall but it will still have market share as other economies develop
China and India are pushing for Nuclear and Natural Gas. China colossus energy deal with Russia was mainly natural gas. Its technically cleaner than oil and coal, but not as clean as nuclear or solar. Burned methane produces low CO2 emissions. If India and China decide to adapt CNG/LNG for their transportation economy then investing natural gas companies will be a goldmine. Nuclear will become a vital part of the economy in the coming decades. So early investments in nuke companies will be great.
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>>98>fingers crossed for cold fusion soon
Wtf happened to my post
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