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Am I being spoilt? (Starting out)

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>Be a NEET for a few months (already graduated)
>Get sick of it, want to start life
>Entrepreneurship is the only way
>Ask parents for starting loan to get me on my way, legit have things I plan to invest in and use it for
>"No anon, you do not know the value of money"
>Worked multiple jobs, even while studying, but just because I did nothing once I graduated while trying to figure things out I get this speil
>"Fuck you anyway, I'll make my own money"

So now I'm trying to find a part time job in a relevant field.

Do I have a right to be a little peeved? I appreciate they want me to know the grind, but it's annoying still. I feel like it's wasting their hard work by not giving me any (I've never asked for a loan from them in my life), and wasting my time trying to teach me things I know.

I'm not shying away from the challenge however. Just want some opinions on it.
Try getting a loan from the bank.

Then just never pay it off and live in apartment and shit.

Become like the rest of millennials
Try /r9k/.

Entitled faggot
>Just want some opinions on it.

sounds like you haven't gotten over puberty yet
They're a different type of mind. This is relevant to entrepreneurs, business owners, grafters, people who actually work and have ambitions.

The fact that NEETs populate /r9k/ does not equate me to them.
The universe doesnt owe you shit bro
youre like donald duck complaining that his made for better things than the jobs dagobert gives him

>says is NEET
>says is not like NEET
>is unwilling to live like an ENTREPRENEUR

Ok buddy, I was an entrepreneur once.

Your parents probably love you very much, more than any other people on the entire planet. Now, as an entrepreneur, you're gonna have to convince people that dont like you at all to believe in you.

if you can't even convince your parents to believe in you you're gonna have a very bad time. If you can't convince yourself to make sacrifices and put your last hard earned penny into your own projects, you're gonna have a very bad time.

work on your sales buddy.


unkraut detected
Half a year to a year of working for "the man" won't kill you OP. Just have a clear date when youre gonna exit and start your own business.
>faggot begs mummy for tendy monies
>mummy tells fag kun to fuck off
>fag acts like a fag and shitpoats on /biz
Fuck off normie reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
when you asked them for a loan was it
>just trust me i know what im doing
>here is a very well thought out plan of how i am going to make money and pay you back, with interest
By the sound of your story, it seems like you're in the late stages of early adulthood. From a psychological perspective, (psychology minor here) your twenties are some of your roughest and most depressing times. With you being a laggard, don't feel overwhelmed in figuring out that it may take another ten to fifteen years to reach true financial independence.

First and foremost, remember that you are not alone. Many young adults in America are forced out of the nest after college and receive little to no help from their parents. This is mainly due to the fact that raising a child to an adult is one of the shittiest points of a marriage, and that many parents are ready to move on with their lives after their children are off to college. Duh, right?

Just remember that there are tons of young adults in a similar situation as you, so I really don't think you should feel peeved about this situation at all. The best thing you can do, and what has helped me out the most, is sticking to a rigorous schedule. From there you should bust your ass to find any sort of job possible. This job doesn't have to be related to your career field if you are truly striving to become an entrepreneur; the job just has to pay for your living expenses. You should then create a strict budget and stick to it-- all while building up your credit. Spend the rest of your time reading what interests you, so that you one day have a basis to create a business.

tl;dr you're not alone, pull yourself up by your boot straps, create a budget, find any job that pays for your living expenses, stick to a strict schedule, spend your free-time reading and learning about what interests you most--so that one day you have the skills to start some sort of business.
You are a selfish self entitled lazy sack of shit. That's the reality.
If you want a justification, try r9k.
Thanks. Given me a better perspective on this. Taking it on board.

It was the latter but I'm well aware of why it still didn't work.
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 1

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