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Jobs General: Poorfags edition

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Let's put this board to use, post your Position, Location, Requirements, Pay, and Hours (if applicable) and hopefully we can employ some of you poorfags. I'll start.

Position: Security Guard
Location: Phoenix, Arizona. (Nice office building)
Requirements: Unarmed Guard Card (or willingness to get one) and two brain cells to rub together.
Pay: 9.50/Hr
Hours: Full-time with possibility of overtime.

This is a pretty fucking cushy job, it's not difficult and can lead to some interesting shit but you need some common sense. Pay is decent for the area.
I want a job as a server at a restaurant in Canada.

I don't even care which restaurant it is I just want a job that is usually quite decent with tips and has human interaction ;-;

How to find? They all seem to either want someone with experience OR a hot girl. Hot women seem to be able to get in even with downs and no experience at all.
Position: Mailman
Location: Edmonton, AB.
Requirements: Spatial awareness, reading maps, driving, being a packmule, ability to not shoot coworkers.
Pay: 19.90-22/h
Hours: 40h/wk, paid 40 even if you finish shifts early, daily OT: [email protected], [email protected] pay in busy seasons like now.

I can do a route however I want, but between job stress and meeting time requirements by management(even though I do a random route every day) the pay is sometimes hard to justify.
No you fucking don't.
Position: Part-Time Bank Teller
Location: Scottsdale AZ
Requirements: Customer service/cash handling exp or close enough
Pay: 11.50
Hours: 20 per week, the occasional Saturday

I had always wanted to work at a bank so since I work from home I decided to get a job at a bank during the day out of self-interest and the desire for human interaction, while also continuing to work from home at night for actual money. It's interesting seeing big checks and stacks of cash but to be honest it's nothing like I expected... but I guess I didn't know what to expect other than walking into big vaults and throwing money around like a little kid. That doesn't happen
>No you fucking don't.

Yes I do. It's easy as heck, helps with social skills and you get paid a lot more than any other job requiring as little skills/exp.

In case anyone is confused, I'm looking to hire someone for this position I posted in the OP. I feel like I should've made that clearer.
How easy/hard is it to get a job as mailman? Seems like a nice job. The 40hrs every week no matter what sounds pretty nice, plus the job security of always needing a mailman. State job too lol it seems like a decent gig
Everyone here is unemployable, why would you use 4chin as a job board?

Because CL ain't cutting it and not everyone here is a worthless sack of shit. Mostly.
Position: Amazon "Problem Solver"
Location: Los Angeles (Atwater Village) (Warehouse)
Requirements: Basic computer skills, process of elimination.
Pay: 12/Hr
Hours: Part-time with overtime only on holidays (not mandatory)

Basically what I did when I was doing logistics at Office Depot but it pays more for way less work, no one tells me what to do and can surf the web and listen to music while I work.
>$9.50 an hour
I worked a summer as a security guard at a retirement home and made $11.50 at 19. That being said, northeast
Position: Student
Location: Bellingham, WA
Requirements: military Veteran, B Average
Pay: Rougly 14/hr
Hours: 20ish in class, whatever it takes outside

GI Bill son. Its sweet.
I am at work now so maybe later I will be able to reply.
Any one have any good jobs in NYC. I need 2k like within a month and my toys r us job is not cutting it. (2k is a goal not requirement)
I am an EE undergrad so something close to my field would be great. It would be even better if it was in queens and didn't require to much driving.

But please anything that I could get really soon thanks
Does anyone here offer a job in Austria?


Didn't think so.
>Does anyone here offer a job in Austria?

I can offer you one in a crematory, fighting to restore Osterreich.
This is relevant to my interests. Elaborate!
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>How easy/hard is it to get a job as mailman? Seems like a nice job.
Half the year I deliver mail below 0C, some days I work in -40. Summer time I drink 3-5l of water just to stay hydrated and if I don't use enough sunscreen now I'll have leather face by 35. Everyone assumes you know where everything is(which is only half true), where their mail is, how long something takes to get somewhere, and that you think the weather is nice.

Mailmen are one of the most injured positions of any career, in my first year I was injured 5 times and lost a total of 2 months of work time, it was the first time I ever filed for workers comp, I've worked in refineries, breweries, warehouses, and scrapyards and as a driver, never once was I injured enough to not work.

In the case of Canada I, after over a year still don't have benefits or pension and am classified a temporary employee until 'positions open up' for permanent employees. This only happens when people retire now... On top of that Canada Post has been introducing community boxes and when routes get consolidated it can reduce a mail depot's labour pool by more than half. I'm still personally mixed on the matter because I make more on those routes from flyers AND as a crown corporation their losses get topped up by the taxpayers which I don't agree with. That said the only time in the last 3 decades Canada Post had a loss was when they locked everyone out in 2011(?).

I can be laid off for any reason, I'm expected to do a job in 8h no matter what even though I do random routes daily, I'm expected to work at the same speed as people who make $1000 more a month. That said, pay is decent, I've lost track to the number of times people let me cut in line just wearing my jacket in public, you can literally walk into a strangers house and they won't really think/care about it, and you have an aura of unwarranted respect around you at all times. It's also the one job the courts wont accept excuses from for jury duty.
Position: NEET
Location: Chicago area
Requirements: enough money to live
Pay: Depends on my investments, have ~340K in VOO, and 120K in random meme stocks i picked
Hours: 24/7/365

Will probably open a business soon, so hopefully I won't be NEET anymore and can work towards something more comfy.
I'd eat my right arm to get a job here in Edmonton AB.

I have 2 years retail experience and I've done security training. The one thing that's retarding me is that I've only got a class 7 [learner's] driver's licence.

If anyone here can hire/help a desperate 19 year old I'll forward you my two resumes [one for security, one for retail/misc] by e-mail.
Position:Heavy Duty Tyre Fitter.
Location:Queensland, Australia.
Requirements:Certified Heavy Fitter, HR truck licence, Coal board medical, Safety induction licence and common sense.
Pay:$50-$60 depending experience.
Hours:7 Days on, 7 Days off, 12 hour days.

Pros:Good money, work/life balance and scenic job locations.

Cons:One stupid mistake can cost you your life.
what's the point of posting jobs that anyone could look up? really we should focus more on getting the interview
Possibly, I work in the utility and there's always opening. Position is safety watcher for construction, pay is half decent for a student. Can't promise anything.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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