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Talk me out of Actuary.

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I'm currently a maths undergrad, first year. Considering actuary.

What are the pros/cons? I suppose I've heard so much good about it that I'm fearing that I'm being lied to. What does /biz/ think of it? Any actuaries on /biz/?
My company hires them, their services cost a lot.
>My company hires them
How do them seem? I hear mixed things about actuaries from people who work with them. I've even heard people from EY just say that they're the drones in the corner of the office.
- strong starting pay

- the unending wait for the sweet, swift release of death.

- wondering just how thick the glass in your office window is and how much force you'd need to thrust your bodyweight through it

- "can we have sex tonight, sweetheart? it's been 3 months."
"not tonight, anon. i'm going out with some friends from the office."
>proceeds to fuck the hot bartender her coworker brought along

- the dull, anxious ache of your body and mind withering away as they desperately scream and claw to tell you life wasn't meant to be lived this way, but you push through

day in, day out

you push through
Wow your life is horrible
I'm an actuary.

I get to do math without actually worrying about getting the answers right, because it's all a guess anyway.

I get to teach math to others without having to worry about all the shit that teachers go through (bad pay, bad parents, poorly behaved students).

If someone asks what I do, I can basically tailor my response however I want. 90% of people don't know what an actuary is so there are no preconceived notions (other than ZOMG boring)

I get to help people get health insurance. Or retire. Or have funeral expenses paid. Or protect their house from danger.

I (used to) get paid to take time off and study, rather than pay a college for the privilege.

I know that my professional training is a perfect stepping stone to anything analytical, should I choose to take a non traditional career move.

I know that my profession is one of integrity, intelligence, and honesty. I will never have to explain to my family or my children why I hate my job, why it doesn't pay enough, or why it resulted in harming other people.
Are you in the uk? Since qualifying how have you found progression, the high up actuaries at my company tend to have mba's, is this typical?
>Are you in the uk?
"I get to teach math"
i'm not in the UK. the exam system is entirely different in the US.
What did you do to become an actuary?
How hard is your job?
How full of shit is this guy
>>980850 ?
Any tips for getting into the profession?

What's your degree?
This posts actually worries me. The actuarial profession is too obscure for that post to be full of memes but the only alternative is that the poster has some, even if possibly second-hand knowledge of the profession, which is worrying.
That sounds more like software development anon. I don't believe you are actually an actuary. I think you are a programmer.
>I think you are a programmer.
Seems legit.
I went to a college that had an actuarial science major, so I could have 3-4 exams passed before graduation and professors who could help get me internships. I got a full time offer from one of those internships. You're really not an actuary in the technical sense until you pass enough exams to get your credentials, which took me about 6 years. Until then you're just called a student.

The job is challenging but it's the right type of challenge, one that I look forward to every day. The stress level is usually very low and with no more exams to pass I have a life outside of work.

This poster is not an actuary. He's probably someone who works with actuaries, thinks they are boring (many are, not gonna dispute that), but is jealous of their stable job and the great salary they pull in. Come to think of it, I think I saw the night janitor browsing /biz/ on his phone, maybe it's him
Thread posts: 15
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