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Should I just give in and take this rocket for a ride?
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Or could this ponzi scheme come crashing down whenever you least expect it? Because if everyone and their mother, and grandmother know about the stock and buy the stock, who else is left to buy?
I have 3000 from 67 and 90.

Suddenly im rich what the hell...
>Or could this ponzi scheme come crashing down whenever you least expect it? Because if everyone and their mother, and grandmother know about the stock and buy the stock, who else is left to buy?
Its just a swedish company approaching an american valuation. If it was american market cap would be x4 already.
1100% growth YoY.

Expecting 400% growth next year.

Its actually cheap if you look at fundamentals and not TA.
Im gonna throw some money into it too.

Enough to make a nice profit but not enough to hurt me big time if it tanks.
sound idea, its not even as crazy as it looks. Forward P/E is a solid 25... It may have much more room to run. Fools have been calling overbought since it was at 60.
do you own it already?? what the hell do they even do? i don't know anything about some swede company and most here aren't tracking that market
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They make capacitive fingerprint sensors and their clients are almost every smartphone manufacturer except for Apple and Samsung. They specialize in making very small (5-10 millimeters squared) sensors which keeps manufacturing costs down.

I don't own it and the main thing that keeps me from buying it is that I already have my money invested in other stocks that are doing very well for me so I'm not too keen on selling them. And it feels kinda crazy to buy a 600+... But then again it felt crazy to buy at 500+ just like a week ago, 300+ before that and 200+ before that and so on...

A list of the 14 largest smartphone manufacturers and which fingerprint sensor maker they use:

Samsung SYNA (might change in H2 2016)
Apple Their own (acquired Authentec)
Huawei FPC
Xiaomi FPC
Lenovo FPC (SYNA on an earlier model)
TCL Unknown / will probably get known in Dec or Q1
Coolpad FPC
Gionee FPC
Oppo FPC
Meizu FPC
Sony FPC
Micromax Unknown / will probably get known in Dec

Another company to keep an eye on is NEXT Biometrics which is poised to take every other fingerprint market beside smartphones, and those markets are expected to be larger than smartphones. They use an entirely different technology (Active Thermal Principle) which enables them to produce low-cost sensors without compromising on size, and they are working on flexible sensors (based on the same tech that flexible displays are made out of) which will go on smartcards (payment cards and such). NEXT Biometrics' market cap is more than 20 times lower than FPC so imagine the possibilities if they can keep up with FPC. They might even get clients in the smartphone space too (25 minutes in):
>(5-10 millimeters squared)
Just to clarify, I don't mean 5-10 mm^2, I mean from 5.6*5.6 mm to 9.6*9.6 mm
Look at the graph you homos, does that look like a stock that is stable in any way?

If you were smart, you would have invested months ago. Getting in now is fool's money.

Wait for the stock to plummet, buy then and if the fundamentals are good they will pull through.
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Isn't a P/E ratio of 30 pushing it? Or is that normal in Burgerland? 15 would make more sense to me considering the risks and the many competitors that are setting up shop in the capacitive fingerprint sensor market segment.
private investors have sold massively out of the stock in november while institutions have picked up millions of shares though. What to think?
Well the competitors seem to be completely retarded. Even in the smartcard market FPC is leading. Swipe.no office is literrally next door to next biometrics yet they signed with a swedish company. Big deal with Danske Bank already. As johan put it "what competition?"
Imagine if next year we sell smartcards as well while the phone market grows from 30-50% inclusion of sensors. Share price will be 4 digit easily..
Well in burgerland everything has a pe of 100... even fast food chains... and their analysts are screaming strong buys still. I have stopped trying to understand.
Tomorrow 2 new phones with FPC sensors are released

Hauwei Enjoy 5s
TCL p590L
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And with TCL FPC has 99% market share in China

10/10 largest Chinese OEMS use FPC sensors in their phones.
Stop pumping please. Thanks.
>pumping a top 10 highest volume stock in europe
3 billion shares of 75$ each were traded today.

*6 million of 75$ each.
Can you at least condense your replies? You bump the thread with every post when you right one line. Most people here can't even trade it because we aren't euroshits. F U C K O F F
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>p/e ratio
you can call your broker and they can trade it for you with any bank.

Also wtf is this pleb broker anyways? I can trade shares from hong kong to canada if i like..
Which broker are you using?
I live in germany and have absolutely no clue which one to use.
I feel like the boat has sailed a bit with FPC and that while there is probably significant reward to come, there's also signficant risk.

What are your thoughts on NEXT biometrics?
Buy VRX today and thank me in a month
Im using degiro, but you have commerzbank and deutche if you live in germany right? Both are probably good. Degiro has a bad interface but its very cheap and has a very wide range of available shares.
Ugly clunky sensors that use too much power and aren't very smart. Probably won't see much success, dont believe the pumpers they literally sell nothing and have no money to spend on R&D.
Nej, nej, nej! För i helvete Oskar.
I don't think I'll buy FING so don't worry. Their 2016 revenue prognosis might be worth to take a look at on December 9th but I think the risk/reward ratio will be pretty bad regardless. I think the stock will probably do well in 2016 but any sign of significantly decreased growth like losing clients to competitors could cause the stock to fall a lot in price.

Carnegie isn't remotely trustworthy (they'll say anything to serve their own purposes) but for what it's worth they have their estimate at 6-7 billion crowns in revenue in 2016 and a target share price of 680 crowns. With the current price of 655 crowns their target price has pretty much already been reached.

CrowHater who's the sect's most influential person outside of the company itself says that he would interpret anything below 6.5 billion as a huge warning sign and an indication to sell unless it came with a very good excuse for such a number. So basically, if the prognosis is below expectations, then the share price might go down, but then it still might not be worth buying.

The prognosis may well be higher than 6.5 but really, everything is priced in up until at least 8 if you go by these numbers but with 20 P/E instead of 30: >>979990. I think P/E 30 is ludicrous because I think their growth will slow down a lot in 2017-2018. CrowHater's most recent expectation is 7-8 and others also have this kind of expectation so it should already be more or less reflected in the share price.
I think that smartphone makers will look into other alternatives than capacitive sensors whether it be iris scanners (http://www.planetbiometrics.com/article-details/i/3846/desc/report-south-koreas-lg-and-samsung-mulling-iris-solutions/) or other fingerprint sensor technologies because the tiny capacitive sensors are pretty terrible and you can't make them larger without increasing costs too much.

Reviewers and users of the Sony Xperia Z5 weren't pleased with the quality of the sensor because it's too small and unreliable, and capacitive sensors overall struggle a lot with humidity and moisture. Many people don't use the sensors because they just aren't good enough. NEXT's sensors don't have those problems and they're much larger than FPC's sensors which is actually a good thing when it comes to fingerprint sensors. They aren't even that big (12*12 mm or 12*17 mm) and they're ultra thin so they can easily fit on the back of a smartphone.

>Basically, the larger the sensor, the easier it is to pick up a more accurate representation of your full fingerprint because it’s working with more data. This makes it easier for recognition algorithms to confirm that your fingerprint actually belongs to you. But a larger sensor also introduces two problems: cost, in the case of a capacitive scanner like Apple’s, and thickness, in the case of another popular fingerprint technology, optical sensing.

The power consumption is next to nothing, hardly worth mentioning. Idle power consumption is in the microwatts and peak power consumption when scanning (which takes a split second) is a couple hundred milliwatts which is comparable to sending a text message.

>NEXT already has a deal with Dell to sell more than 1.2 million sensors in 2016
>Smartphone makers are in talks with NEXT
>NEXT is evaluating a ramp up in production capacity from 1.2 million sensors PER MONTH
We'll see...
>When you’re at the forefront of innovation, you get noticed. That’s why we can’t wait to show off our award-winning technology at the CES 2016 Innovation Awards in January. The winning streak continues. Stay tuned for our big reveal.
top kek
why they compare with fpc oldest sensor from 2013? In their presentation? Because the newest crush their playtoy technology.

theres no hope for this company... fing has 4 deals on smartcard market already...

++ u are retarded and bashed the stock instead of buying when it crashed to 330... if u had maybe u wouldn't be so bitter
what i want to say is, get out of next. and buy fing on next dip.
A friend of a friend suposedly became a millionare from buying this stock when it was first listed.
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 8

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