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ITT: Interesting money-making niches Did you know, that weapon

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ITT: Interesting money-making niches

Did you know, that weapon and knife skins for Counter Strike Global Offensive can be worth up to $15 000, real world cash?

There is a whole economy with skins and case keys as currency.

There is a pyramid starting with low tier traders that make next to nothing, followed by traders (like me) who make a substantial amount. I personally make 1500 dollars a month on average.

At the top of the pyramid, there are the owners of jackpot websites. Basically, they are completely unregulated gambling sites, where people put skins into a pot, and the % chance of winning the entire pot depends on the value of your deposit relative to the overall pot value.

The house takes 5% of each pot.

There are people literally making 10-15 million a year by owning these websites.
How do you take 5% of a pot of skins?
The way it works is, the people depositing into the pot send the skins from their accounts to a bot account used by the jackpot site. The bot then sends the winner the skins and keeps 5% of it.
Huh. I wonder how that 5% is determined. Is it 5% of number of skins deposited? Or 5% of the pot's monetary value?
5% of the monetary value. You'll have people depositing a single skin worth 1000+ dollars and others depositing 10 skins worth 1 dollar each, so they have to use monetary.
Is it illegal to host these sites in the US due to online gambling laws?
I have no clue how the legislation is for these sites. I'd imagine they would host it outside the US just to be safe and most owners are Europeans anyways
>tfw you lose lots of your skins betting on csgolounge
Betting is a bitch. I've won 8000 on jackpot and lost 3000 trying to get more
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>used to be a TF2 trader back in 2011-2012
>traded my way to a top-tier unusual hat
>sold the unusual for about $2000
>cashed out
>3 years later
>check the value of said unusual
>current owner paid a little less than $10,000 for it

Anyway I wanna start trading for profit in csgo now

How much money should i invest to start making a noticeable profit by just trading?
I've been thinking about getting into gold selling. I know for a fact that in one particular free to play game a single non-bot human account can make a minimum of about $5 an hour, up to significantly more. I'd imagine there are other games where you can make a lot more.
380-400 dollars

Buy a karambit fade on opskins and post trades on lounge looking for overpay in skins. Should be able to make 30 keys of profit (55 $) on each downgrade
How much did you invest in the game?
Seems retarded. Do people really buy cosmetic items for hundreds of dollars in an autistic game?
take a guess

many kiddies with upper middle class/rich parents don't have anything else to live for other than CS
I thought trading peaked in that game a few years ago
If I may ask, can you give a hint as to what game that is? Sounds profitable.
Really? If so, I'm sure that market will soon be saturated.
It did and I have never heard of hats being sold for that much... The first golden frying pan went for 5k if I remember correctly which I think was on o the biggest trades. Not sure where that anon is getting his prices from... But never did do unusual trading. Regardless tf2 trading is close to dead and isn't worth the time investment.

Source: ex mass tf2 idler
can you explain what 30 key of profit are and what a down grade is? I play csgo but never bother with skins but would like to get in to the market of trading them for dosh
If anyone else is down, i think we could really learn from daily threads about the csgo market, or is that too autistic?
New to /biz/, but I've had an idea running through my head for a little while now. It's a bit out there, but what do you guys think: selling used socks.

I know of a wholesaler that sells bins of clothing for about $0.60 a pound. There are significant amounts of socks in these bins. My idea would be to start out buying one or two of these at a time, sorting out the socks, and selling them online. I've browsed several websites that show individual pairs of socks going for $10-$40 each. The non-socks could be donated to thrift stores.

If I were able to make a profit from this initial effort, I could then pay models, say, $100 a week or two to wear new socks that could be sold.

Apparently PayPal is picky about this type of thing though, and I'm not sure if there would be much competition on the market. I would set up my own website to market them since ebay doesn't encourage this type of thing.

Team fortress 2

And its pretty much dead now
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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