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and I'm not sure what's going on with them now.

I've heard that they split the company or something but my stocks are not making sense now so I'm not sure what that means.

I had about 25,000 invested and now it's saying my stock is worth over 45,000.

It's not making sense because my stock should actually be worth less. When I search the new code HZOZF it's super low, however if I search HOU it's around 7.20.

Any insight as to what's going?
Please help guys
you rich nigga, sell
Call Your broker idiot. If its real fucking sell
I don't have a broker, I make all the trades myself.
I just don't get what's happening with the numbers.

There was no growth in the stock. The company has split and now two stocks are at different numbers.

If I search HZOZF which is what it says my stock is, it's at 2.58, which is significantly lower than I bought it. However if I search HOU it's at the value that's represented as my growth (around 7.20)

Worried that if I sell, it's a misrepresentation and that I'll be selling it at HZOZF price.
This is the day you find out none of us actually know anything about stocks.

Try Reddit
You fundamentally misunderstand the modern broker.
You are not legally allowed to do this without being on the exchange.
Since you do not have the stock certificates in hand.
You are giving the instructions to a broker who executes exactly as ordered.

Who is servicing your account?
Contact website owners if there is a mistake.
Yea I understand that a broker is buying and selling, but there's no way I could talk to them (it's likely different people all the time). I don't have a broker in the traditional sense in that there's no individual entity I communicate with.

I make the orders online through my bank, so I have no clue as to who does what, and I'm not sure if I could find out.
Ok, so when I try to place an order I'm unable.

Seems as though my stock is locked. But the value of the stock is still changing?
HOU isn't a company. Its an etf based on the next month crude oil contract. It just split so I think your platform just isn't recognizing that fact yet. That lag will clear itself up over the next week into end of month. HZOZF is what HOU trades on stateside on the pink sheets.
Another thing, if you don't know what HOU is or what it is based on you are absolutely asking for trouble. Those Horizon betapro etf's have a pile of leakage, you could be in a long term slight bull trend in crude oil and still end up down overall in your position. Good for trading (love HVU), not for investing.
Thanks for the info. That's what I assumed was happening.
I understand what HOU is, I was just referring to it as a company in reference to what is splitting. (which is what I didn't understand and made it all the more confusing)
What is splitting by the way?

I don't make long term investments, just quick trades with it, but I've been stuck waiting on it to go higher than I bought it for a little while
All the Horizon double leverage etf's have to split/consolidate as they would leak themselves to 0 eventually.

I'm not the smartest guy on the planet but I suspect oil isn't done dropping. It's weak as hell and the only thing propping it up is general mid east instability. We are sitting at 3 billion barrels in storage globally, Cushing is damn near full to the brim and December is the month the refineries start dumping crude into the market to book tax loss for end of year. This is worse than 98-99 and most of the oil will be back to $100 any day crowd are going to have to get took to the woodshed repeatedly in order to beat that out of their system.
Thread posts: 14
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