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How many chances should you give someone before firing them?

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I don't believe in second chances. If you screw up once, you're going to screw up again. So the best course of action would be to fire the guy then and there regardless of their circumstances. I'm not paying him to make mistakes after all.

Who agree?

I disagree with you and I think you're retarded. It should always be on a case by case basis; there's no point in assigning a fixed number to something like that.

because you know what will happen if you do that? people are gonna stop admitting mistakes and start burying flaws and lying to you.

My people love me so much that they're willing to work for free for me. Obviously I can't not pay them but they're definitely willing to go the extra mile even if they're not compensated for it monetarily.

And that is worth every screwup. Because no screwup is fatal. and if it is a fatal screwup you need to close shop anyways so so the question is irrelevant.

Of course, that doesn't mean you need to support incompetence, but those two things are two completely separate things.
I like your point of view anon. Who doesn't make a mistake once in a while

The most sensible course of action in most cases is to remain sensible ;)

It has to be case by case.
And i try to remedy the problem first.

It that means more training, peer mentors, RCA. fine.

If you are continually making mistakes because you dont care. Your gone.

Or if your mistake causes a OSHA reportable or injury/death to another worker. Your gone ( with in the limits of the law)

I work in a manufacturing enviroment.
>I'm not paying him to make mistakes after all.
Actually you are paying him to make mistakes. Then you are giving him away for free to your competition after he learns from his mistakes.
>tfw read this whole thread in Trump's voice
My gone?

Depends on the scale of the fuck-up

I'm not sweating petty shit.
>Zero chances.
>As soon as they get the job, fire them before they can screw anything up
Mistakes are a learning opportunity, and your organization can grow from the mistakes that are made. Once that mistake is made it likely isn't going to happen again.

Firing people for making mistakes leads to a toxic corporate culture, where people will sweep them under the rug any cost and one where workers are afraid to come to work.

If they fuck up constantly and don't learn from their mistakes or performed a malicious act then go ahead and fire them.
I think there are three major 'kinds' of mistakes that one of your employees can make, and they deserve different responses.

1) A willful Safety or OSHA violation

This one shouldn't get a second chance. Every time I've seen a worker make an OSHA mistake or cause an injury, it's been because they were too lazy or too ignorant to use common sense.

These guys are going to come back from Workman's Comp, or whatever other injury, and do it again. The law's on your side here if someone (Including the worker) was hurt because of their mistake. Get rid of them before they cause a major injury or a death that opens you up to civil liability.

2) A mistake with financial implications (High 4-figures+)

If one of your employees makes a mistake that costs you any kind of major account, you need to document it and PROBABLY fire them. I usually use $7,500+ as a benchmark - unless it was at least partially out of their control (like a product deficiency a salesman or engineer couldn't account for) I either get rid of them or put them on a One-Time documented PIP.

3) Unwillful damage to property or client relationships.

Good managers know when to let these slide, and when to come down hard. Bill Gates made mistakes. Warren Buffet made mistakes. And they both had financers or management willing to overlook them because they recognized the potential in these visionaries.

This is where a good manager shines. They know what people are worth those second chances. Sometimes it's a learned skill, sometimes it's intuition or your 'gut'. It's hard to know when this is the right or wrong decision.

I hope that makes sense. I voted '1' mistake because it's somewhere in the middle, but I go crazy when people act like there should be a hard "Yes" or "No" decision. This is business, you need to take risks with people just like you take risks with financial decisions.
Then how is finance and banking such a lucrative industry? People get fired left right and centre there.
In the finance sector, hopping from bank to bank is expected and mistakes get forgotten after management turns over.
In which kind of business are you guys?
If I'd fire people for their 2nd mistake my business would be a revolving door with quite some crowd going in and out.
It depends. If someone is unskilled or ignorant he just needs training. As long as he improves he's safe. But I do keep records to track his progress.

If someone has bad behaviour or a bad character he needs to get out asap. Depending on how severe it is you can get 0 to 3 chances. But I will keep records for legal reasons.
>i would fire all my employees with experience
>i would then hire newfags to replace them, and fire when when they learn something
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 1

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