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>2nd interview for a job tomorrow >it's a 3-hour round

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>2nd interview for a job tomorrow
>it's a 3-hour round trip
>the job is tedious
>it probably pays like shit compared to past offers ("remember, this is an entry-level role!")
>the interviewer/line-manager didn't seem friendly
>"will there be a technical interview?"
>"oh no, if we find that you can't do the work then you'll just be swiftly dealt with"
>no choice because I've been unemployed for 5 months

Tell me your similar stories
>it's a 3-hour round trip
Why not just move? This would lead me to assume you live in the middle of shit-town.
For me, that would be a deal breaker.
I live 6km from the city centre
>Need to pay tuition this semester
>Need 2000$ (Should be easy if I got a part time job during the semester)
>Long story short sent out hundreds of applications to entry level jobs
>Get none of them until 2 weeks ago finally getting hired seasonally at a big box toy store
>Find out I am getting fired the second after Christmas day
>Worse they only 12 hours that week
>And the second day I was there they sent me home early because "There are too many people on the floor"
>So really it was only 10 hours total @8.75/hr
>Now this week they put me up for only 5 hours, thats right FIVE for the entire week
>On Thanksgiving an hour after they open
>The heaviest day, and an hour after they briefed everyone so the moment I walk in to the time I finally get to leave I will be under heavy load
They wouldn't even give me the decency of being there before the heavy flow sets in. I mean I don't know where half the stuff is in that toy store and these mangers expect me to know nearly every (every vague description the customers give) product customers want in the store.

How the ever living fuck am I suppose to get 2000$ by the end of this year. Because if I don't the school sends it to a collections agency and they tack on a crazy principle. Which will make a bill for 2000 go to 2700 or more. Seriously suggestions on jobs

There should be more companies desperate for temp hires. surely you have local warehouses offering shift differentials and other stuff? Seek the temp agencies.
i had three interviews, except the third was just with the office manager.

he walked in, kinda explained how he trusts the department folks who interviewed me, he doesnt have time to talk with me, hired me on the spot and told me to talk with the admin staff to look over the employment contract and fill out my I9. he ended up leaving the company two weeks later and started his own company.

i like that guy
>surely you have local warehouses
The nearest UPS warehouse was inaccessible without a car, which I don't have.

I tried a whole bunch of big box stores. Even the one I am working at now, they turned me down the first time at a store closer to my house. I have this crazy 2 hour commute everywhere, and some areas I will never make it reliably.

And I am already working for a temp agency, except they haven't called me in 3 weeks.

I am starting to think the economy is non existent in NYC.


Oh you poor sod.
Nigger, swallow your pride and become a damn dishwasher. It will suck but they'll hire anyone. Or become a fucking bus boy. Bottom of the totem pole.
I live here man, I can't up and move because its expensive

Already working at a big box store seasonal
How much lower can you go?
just go work at burger king or another fast food place. In my town they have 'now hiring' signs up all over the place.
>I am starting to think the economy is non existent in NYC.

Is it not obvious that non-skilled labor in NYC is becoming more and more saturated?
It's fucking NYC, the economy is fucking massive and always thirsty. They already have plenty of puerto ricans or indians to take care of the shit work.
I'm a student making $36 an hour at my internship in NYC. Get educated or move the fuck out of the city.
>I'm a student making $36 an hour at my internship in NYC
What major?
Are you in EE?

How did you get an internship making 36$/hr. I am on Indeed right now looking through "engineering internship" (Most I can't apply for because they want people ready to graduate by june 2016).
The only good one is IBM but they are all the way upstate NY. I'd have to get a car and rent a place up there. That all cost money.

I wish man. I started my job search on Craigslist and within the same week went to McDonald's, a movie theater, and checkers. All of them weren't hiring.
>3-hr round trip

What in the actual fuck. I can walk 6k in like an hour.
Good guess, i'm CPE which is just EE + CS. Software Engineering is what's big now (the CS part), EE is definitely not as lucrative or demanded in this area.

I do software engineering at a big bank.

Tech in NYC is fucking EXPLODING. right now. I'll assume you're a capable man, study programming hard as fuck and you will succeed.
If you don't have the passion though, forget it. You can't robotically do this shit like you can lifting stuff. Let me know if you want any more advice, I've worked in the area with 3 different big companies.
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Your point would be valid if the job were in the city centre. The workplace is across a river so the trip is more like this
Yeah, I've heard this post before. You said you're working in Toys 'R' Us, go figure.
What? No
Well I am EE
If you know the location of any internships for an undergraduate really close to a train station let me know.

>2 hour commute everywhere because of a bus just to get to the F,E, or J

I think that might have been me
I have been posting my frustration with finding an actual job for months now. Finally got it and well this >>973708
If you mean Penn station, you should still be applying to just about every tech/hardware company. NYC is fucking massive, you should be applying yesterday.
Consider software, actual EE work is way more rare and harder to break into.
I am in Queens so the closer here the better
idk all the EE professors and people I know are telling me EE is still a good major, and of course CS/CE/InfoSys people are telling me the opposite. I have very little experience programming besides in matlab, and that knowledge is rather shallow. Mostly working in circuits.
>graduate w/ bio bs
>send a few apps out
>one in 30 total interviews me and hires me
>2 years of random promotions later i get bored and quit
>send a few more apps out
>get a 4 hour interview and get hired within a week
>literally work 20 hours but paid for 40 at a nice salary for my level
>end up doing whatever i want all day because cso likes my independence (laziness and confidence)

i also got ez jobs at food places when i was young because of friends. my similar story is that i don't like work in general.
Your city hasn't yet researched the forbidden technology called "bridge", I take it.
I think the bridge is further south of him, so although in a straight line its 6km away. He has to go all the way to the bridge then back up to get to his place of work.
One in 30 places I just applied to is interviewing me. Here's to hoping my story goes the way yours did.
>tfw get paid so low that I will never be fired
What do you do and where?
I also have a bio degree in vancouver, graduated a year and a half ago and just been working manual labour since with nothing related to bio.
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>Turned 19
>Time for a job
>Municipality's public order seems ok (300,000 population)
>Get connections for an interview with the director
>Start first job as Public Order
>Minimal country wage 200EUR, get paid 335EUR for doing jack shit, and patrolling all day doing my shit.

The only bad thing is having to fight with people because of their retarded parking and writing tickets. Meh if i was in the uk it would probably be better.
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Thread images: 3

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