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You know the drill.

In the UK, what's the best things a first year university maths student can do to get into the actuarial profession?
index fund or mutual fund as a beginner investor?
take all the probability/stats courses you can

get a summer job/internship at a relevant firm - actuarial consultancy, Big 4, insurance firm etc..
>Big 4
Isn't that basically impossible?
1) I've never seen them advertise actuarial internships (in particular, I've been to PwC and EY networking events where most of the people there didn't even know what an actuary was).
2) The Big 4 are advertising to people from ANY FUCKING DEGREE pretty much any good uni - the competition sounds impossible.
Suck a million dicks
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two questinos
-Any recommendations for a good book or other resource to brush up on valuation before an interview for an investment analyst position? I'm trying to get out of middle office to front, and need to step up my game.

-Any anons have luck learning another language? I've researched a few resources after googling, but am really looking for some anecdotal reviews/stories here.
Index funds for lower fees.The meme index of 2015 is Vanguard's S&P 500 tracker: VOO

On the second part: I learned Spanish by taking some after work classes and reading a instruction book. Got the basics down, then went to Central America for a while and went to a language school for two weeks. Classes were intense, it was all day every day but I was comfortably conversational by the end of two weeks.
A couple more months of just being in CA and I was speaking fluently.
My question is to anyone who runs an e-store here.
I'm starting up an e-store and am looking into General Liability insurance. Since I am teaching people how to use the products I am selling, I think I need Errors & Omissions and Professional Liability on my policy.

Does anyone else have a GL policy for their website? Why or why not? How much did it cost?
I had my local insurance agent look into it but haven't heard back.
to take an american CPA exam do you have to have 150 college credits?
How is that possible without going to grad school? My uni's rigorous engineering curriculum graduates people with 128 credits.
Are there even 150 credits worth of accounting related courses in any uni? certainly not mine.
What doni do?
I need money to start a solid business but I need to work for someone else to get the money. Do I wait until I have a lot saved up or just enough and work a lot harder at it
IMO, you could ask how to get the things you need for cheap, or even for free, instead of asking if you should start or not

Idk why you say it's a meme though. S&P 500 index funds are seriously one of, if not the single, best thing you can invest in
>2) The Big 4 are advertising to people from ANY FUCKING DEGREE pretty much any good uni - the competition sounds impossible.
*at pretty much any good uni
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I have two brokerage accounts for stock trading and both were set up improperly. I'm going to need to transfer their stock to a new account.

What is the process for this? Will it be taxed?
What brokerage firm should it be with? (also why is Robinhood funded by both Google Ventures and Snoop Dogg)
What are the differences between gearing and leverage?
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/biz/ is bmo harris a good bank ;_;
> set up improperly
explain pls

Share transfers are similar to funds transfers. Depending on the brokerage, you'll probably incur a fee of $20.

>Will it be taxed
Okay, this question makes me feel like you don't know what you're talking about. Which is why I think you should "explain". Or, ya know you could call customer support on both of the current accounts instead of consulting a vietnamese bingo club board
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>explain pls
an ameritrade account that's like custodial or something and linked to my family, and I called in to have this addressed but it partially failed
a computershare account that was ownership-transferred to me that has old lingering credentials and fields that weren't cleared right

either way, I'd gladly pay even a few hundred to have all the securities in one centralized place at a nice broker.
I'm about to begin my final semester in college with absolutely no experience in the finance field. How do I unfuck myself and get a decent job with my finance degree? I've worked for the passed 6 years at a small business mostly in sales. Are there good opportunities for post grad for internships?
>19 year old uni student
>just got first job, $11.50/hr starting
>~$5k in savings

Right now I have my mom holding onto the 5k so I don't wind up spending it, being a broke student and all. What's the best way for me to start up my own savings though? Is something like an online savings account a good idea? I really just want to start putting money away now that I'll have an income.
What job did you get?

And get a savings account at a good common bank, online saving accounts are a joke.

a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. not due to inflation, but due to the fact that if you put that dollar in a savings account, IT WOULD generate some fraction of a penny in interest bear minimum....

my advice, because i started in a similar situation. worked in a lab and made 8 grand over the summer making 12 bucks an hour. i kept 500 in my checking account and put the rest in a brokerage account. you need to put that shit in SOME KIND OF INVESTMENT VEHICLE that are willing to WORK AT TO UNDERSTAND. if you don't want to learn then put it into a savings account and make pennies, but atleast make something. I was willing to learn how to trade, and i did.

right now my brokerage account is sitting at $22,000 with no external asset addition. i invest on a monthly basis and deal only with small biotechnology and pharma companies. have never made a trade that was realized in the red. while risky, most biotechs are cyclical and sinusoidal, and will often bounce back due to some bullshit hype.

all i'm saying is put that money into somewhere where it's not rotting away. don't look at it from a point of view of inflation, look at it as opportunity cost. THE COST OF WAITING IS LOSING VALUE OF YOUR MONEY. every day youw ait to put tha tmoney to work is money that's floating away...

justmy opinion family
Is there a one stop shop for leaning about investing?
Or could you point me at some resources where I can get started?
i shouldn't be doing this but take a look at every company on this list and follow them on a daily basis:

this should get you started
/biz/nits, I want to get into law. Assuming I pass the LSAT and all that bullshit, I know someone who is a paralegal. She is my friend's boyfriend's sister. I keep seeing people say you need a connection for law more than anything, will this suffice?
I hadn't heard the term gearing before, so i looked it up. Apperently gearing is just leverage for companies.
>"The level of a company’s debt related to its equity capital, usually expressed in percentage form. Gearing is a measure of a company’s financial leverage and shows the extent to which its operations are funded by lenders versus shareholders."
I'll be in charge of a few of the computer labs on campus. It's only a student job, so I'm most likely limited to only 20hr/wk (which I don't mind while school is in session) but if it's like any of the other campus jobs I know of, I'll have the opportunity to work full time during the summer. And they said breaks are our busiest time and I'm fairly certain that's time and a half.

Initially I wasn't interested in having to manage any of it, just wanted to put it away and let it do it's thing. But learning something new sounds fun and if tending to it once a month is enough, I'm okay with it.

I'm lucky enough that my parents cover my tuition/rent and only make me pay for my own gas, so everything I make can, theoretically, all go to my savings.
Where do I go to begin my knowledge of investment, finance, business, and trade online?
>following stocks on a daily basis
literally pleb tier
I suppose pharma is a good place to look for opportunities.
Considering moving my savings to a local credit union. Do I have any recourse if the credit union goes under?
This website has articles on investing, trading, finance and various other things of that nature.

google/yahoo finance for stock prices.
finviz.com for a stockscreener.
There are a few recommended books here on /biz/, but i haven't read them and i can't remember their names.

The same level as you would get at a bank, but a savings book is a nothing investment that will produce a nothing return.
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Thread images: 5

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