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Richfags helping poorfags

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ITT richfags (actually subjective) help poorfags to get better (in a matter of money).

I'll start.

>working in state job
>earning 330euro a month
>car expenses, flat, food etc. are about 270-290 euros a month
>I am master of arts in pedagogics - resocialization with prevention
>desperatelly need to improve my life

Saved money:
>100 euro
>another 50-100 euro incoming next month

Really, help. What can I do?
move out of poland? like austria or germany?
But they have enough toilet cleaners there.
try going to r9k
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>master of arts in pedagogics - resocialization with prevention
Wtf is this? Some kind of cute way to say "I know how to handle kids with social problems"?
Find a second source of income, try to work your way up in the job you have right now.
UK will pay for tens of thousands of terrorist refugees, but they won't let op not starve

It's a very wordy way of saying kuckolding
follow ur passion OP, follow ur heart and do what u love and listen to that little voice inside you and the money will take care of itself.
I live in the Netherlands. I could use someone to clean around my house around once a week.

Seriously though
> Lives in EU
> Makes 330 a month

The average household income is like 40.000 euro a year over here. And you're free to travel in the EU, I mean with a master it shouldn't be too hard to settle in another country. Try something like UK since there is no language barrier.


I make around 1250 counting all benefits and it feels like I'm poor, even though I know I'm better off than most of my old school buddies.


>40k average

Do you mean before or after taxes?
If things are like that I may consider relocating in a few years.
That's more than twice what I'm making now, fuck.
How to be successful when you were born into a shit family? I was the first of my family's generation to go to and graduate university and no one in my family has money or connections.
Fix your resume, improve it every week, apply to 10-20 jobs per day even if you barely qualify, use the first few interviews as practice because you WILL fail those, accept the first good offer you get, lie to your family about your income, save up enough to move out, leave home and move into an apartment with a roommate to cut costs, in 2 years of work experience apply like crazy to better jobs and leave your company for a major salary bump.

And that's it, in a nutshell. With this done you have copied my life.
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>be poleshit
>2$/h and it's not even the lowest i could get paid

just annex us pls
>earning 330euro a month

you know that shitskins richer than you came to europe and make a living here ? why don't you just do the same ?

>>car expenses, flat, food etc. are about 270-290 euros a month

lol I have the tiniest apartment in town and my rent alone is twice that. I eat the cheapest food as well and I can't really get reasonably under €280 a week.

I can't even afford a car.

just because you move to a richer country doesn't mean you're gonna have a better life.
do you people like my website?
nask dot co

I'm trying to do some effort with this, but I'm still not sure if it's worth it ;_;
just because you move to a richer country doesn't mean you're gonna have a better life.

yeah sure, that's why millions of people want to move to europe/usa/ etc
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No, in fact if you would be a little bit more educated you would know that my specialization allows me to work with prisoners, young people with social/psycho problems, families in general who can't live normally, or just help to people who are wealthy but want to be more wealthy etc. A lot of this.

My yearly income is 24.000 gross, about 16.680 nett - zloties. It is about 3.971 euro a year. On hand.

Yes, and I can save a little, cause I live with parents...

This is very accurate. Plus I do not want to move out to wester europe cause niggers, gypsies, fucking social benefits to people who dont want to work. I want to work, very hard to earn my money, but cant...

As above. In poland I am safe with this.

Btw. I work in something like Municipal Police. Like shifts 8/12h, weekends, nights, everything is not stable... Really, I am not allowed to have a plan of anything really.

I wonder how can I start working fucking hard to earn decent money...
Yeah, more immigrants is exactly what we germans need right now.
The problem is not country or anything. The problem is you dont have much because you dont produce much. There are rich people in Poland too.

Produce something, create, sell it to 1000, 10k, 1 million people <- you're not doing this, you forever will be spinning someones wheel
Have you tried using your €100 buy undervalued things and selling them on ebay for a lot more? I personally buy and sell old coins and banknotes. At my peak I made around €1000/month off of this.

If you are willing to put in a couple hours of research, and go to auctions, I'm sure you could for example find something nice for €80 and sell it for €90. Rinse and repeat.
A few more suggestions:
- Buy clothes from charity shops and 2nd hand stores and sell them for a slight profit

- Buy damaged furniture and fix it yourself before selling it for a profit

- You've mentioned car payments as a monthly cost. If you live close to your workplace, consider selling your car, paying off your debt and buying a bycicle. It might not be as manly, but a €30 bike with a basket on it could very well be enough for someone as poor as you. Especially since it requires 0 insurance or gas.
Yes, especially now, when it's winter, the snow is about to fall... I have thought about going on my foot to work, cause I love to run, but it's too much too often sadly...

Buying clothes is already taken, plus we got marketplaces where clothes are weven cheaper than in 2nd hand shops... WUT

For furniture, I live in a flat on 8th floor, have only my small room.

Tried, of course, but failed cause I couldn't find a thing that wouldn't be already cheaper somewhere...

Produce something - what? I would really like, but as I now see, I was raised by family that think money are made only by work for someone - state/factory etc.

I would like to work on my own and only for myself, but I wasn;t simply tought that. Just do not tell me, that its easy or I do not want.

Umm, I wouldn't be better immigrant? I know english, would like to learn another, want work, I know western woirld, I am not a religious fanatic etc. Umm, maybe muslims are better for you, fact...

Guys, Shit. Second thing, I have no practical skills, I guess... But finally, when asked myself why I won't do something or just learn something, I have no idea how to do that and start...
>I have thought about going on my foot to work, cause I love to run, but it's too much too often sadly
Why not alternate? Run 1 day, walk 2 days. You're obviously not eating healthy at your budget, so some activity should help you in the long run. Plus exercise before work tends to increase your productivity.

>plus we got marketplaces where clothes are weven cheaper than in 2nd hand shops
Couldn't you buy clothes from the market and sell them online? Not that many westerners bother going to markets anymore, so selling it online could give you a nice advantage.

>Tried, of course, but failed cause I couldn't find a thing that wouldn't be already cheaper somewhere...
As long as your the cheapest 10%, you'll get sales. Not as fast, but you will.

>Umm, I wouldn't be better immigrant?
I was being sarcastic. In most countries, minimum wage is around €1200-€1900. If you can learn the language and find some job, I'm sure your living conditions would dramatically improve. Moving can cost quite a bit though, so you'll want to save up to at least €500 and already have a job lined up.

As hated as reddit is on here, try posting on /r/personalfinance
You'll get some good advice there as well.
what do you think is a better life? do you think someone has some secret they're hiding from you?
za granica...
At least your country isnt commiting suicide like us germans.
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shit son i work the same job in bulgaria

>Turned 19
>Time for a job
>Municipality's public order seems ok (300,000 population)
>Get connections for an interview with the director
>Start first job as Public Order
>Minimal country wage 200EUR, get paid 335EUR for doing jack shit, and patrolling all day doing my shit.

The only bad thing is having to fight with people because of their retarded parking and writing tickets. Meh if i was in the uk it would probably be better.
Suck massive amounts of dick for 1$
>Why not alternate? Run 1 day, walk 2 days
I don't think he meant it like that. He says that walking there by foot would be too hard since its probably too far or something. Its not about difference between running and walking.

>Couldn't you buy clothes from the market and sell them online? Not that many westerners bother going to markets anymore

its Poland, not western country (mentally). People here often go to those cheap markets because its cheap. Only rich people here ignore prices and buy stuff from expensive shops.

>As long as your the cheapest 10%, you'll get sales. Not as fast, but you will.

If you want to sell something on the internet you would have to find some really, really cheap stuff, find a niche since there are a lot of those resellers on the net, and sell a lot of those for profit. Not to mention that sending stuff is pretty expensive as far as I know and that you need to create a company for yourself if you want to sell this shit legally, which will cut your profit additionaly, bringing it near 0 if you don't sell enough.

Basically living in Poland and trying to earn some cash legally could be considered hard mode considering people poorness and legal fees/taxes. Unless you find a good niche or produce something that is often needed, then you have pretty hard time.
I do my job, give tickets, drive people to place when they sober, last time I had a guy with 4,38 promiles... Fucking homeless. Only vodka.

I do not say bad things on the job, but they salary... Damn... Only money.

You have the point, sir.
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Not a richfag, but I think that >95% of the board would benefit from reading this wiki.

OP, gdzie zarabiasz 1400 jako miejski?

>You've mentioned car payments as a monthly cost. If you live close to your workplace, consider selling your car, paying off your debt and buying a bycicle. It might not be as manly, but a €30 bike with a basket on it could very well be enough for someone as poor as you. Especially since it requires 0 insurance or gas.

Not OP.
My car broke down a couple days ago and I didn't have time to fix it (I always fix it myself when something breaks), so I had to rely on public transport the whole week.

>it took me over twice as long to get to work (65 minutes instead of 25)
>couldn't buy anything heavier than a few kilos because I didn't have a car to get it back home
>short distance trips (< 3km) take FOREVER because 90% of the time is spent waiting for the damn bus; the typical 2km trip took 15 minutes when with a car it's more like 90 seconds.
>froze my fucking ass off every morning at the bus stop
>had to stand on a crowded bus for at least half an hour each way every day

Overall my quality of life decreased more than if you cut my salary in half.

2/10 wouldn't do it again, I'd probably give up my damn house before I give up my car.
Graduate to sewage facility worker, one cannot stay toilet cleaner for life
Woj. Slaskie, praca wiadomo w terenie, nie na komendzie
It comes down to how much OP has to travel, but you're completely right. I have no clue how OP could get himself out of this situation without making major sacrifices or winning the lottery. Perhaps some people are just doomed to be poor.
I have already made a few major changes in my life since 2013/2014.

I have always been fat, so I decided to change that, started running and dropped from 122kg to 96kg now, going to gym, you wouldn't recognize me from old photos.

Second thig, I give up on my ex gf who was slowing me down and now I am engaged with a girl that I want to be forever.

Third thing, I want to do something with and in my lfie to be more wealthy ang get more money. I am fucking motivated!

So, basically, I can do a lot, I am motivated, but here... I just have no idea how to start or what to do...
Invest in bitcoin now you will be filthy rich in 20 years
Pff... I expected real answers, not r9k ones.
>32 years old
>46K+/year (before taxes)
>$50,000 in cash saved plus 10K spread across three mutual funds and 10K in a money market account
>Went to law school so still have net worth of -$30K

I've got my debt under control and it'll be paid off relatively soon, but like most people, I'd just really like to improve my station. Making $100K/year sounds like a fine initial goal. My main problem is that I'm so fucking risk averse and stupid that even if I were smart enough to recognize opportunity, I'd be too scared to pursue it. I don't even know why I'm posting here or what kind of help I'm even looking for. I've just been bothered by a lot of things lately.

I have been studying law for a year, sadly had to stop because I had several heath issues and needed to be operatet (surgery), so I wouldn't be able to pass exams. I have been studying two directions. Finished one.

But the problem is, I wopuld like to study again, but I have no money to afford that.

Second thing, I asm same, too scared I guess to take some risk. On the second hand, I would love to have 20% of your money to invest...

Every time I see someone posting here, on /biz/ I imagine I am in worst situation. Not cause I am poor now, but because I am not able to change that.
Law school here in the U.S. is a way different creature than it is anywhere else. I think going to law school might have been one of the worst decisions I ever made. If I had it all to do over again, I would not have even gone to college.

The thing about my money is that I don't even really consider it my money anymore. Sure, I use it. I do the things necessary to survive with it, and I occasionally spend a little bit of it on something that I actually want, but it's not mine because I'm so deep in debt. I can see the light, at least. If I incur no major expenses for the next 2.5 to 3 years, I'll be able to pay it off. There's also a federal program that I'm enrolled in that (so far) promises to pay off the balance if you make minimum payments scaled to your income for 10 years and stay in the public sector. Thing is, I don't know if I want to stay in the public sector, so if I have to bail on my current employment, I do want that 100 grand squirreled away so that I can run off and do something else without running the risk of default.
I work in public sector somehow, state job. And I must tell you stat state/public jobs are underpayed...

Plus, a lot of depotism. I would like to work in private sector, but be payed well and improve myself all over.

Damn, I envy you... USA...
I've worked for the state most of my life. Even before law school, I worked as a court clerk. My current salary isn't typical for a state employee, it's generally far lower. I get paid more than a lot of the people I work with who are doing the same thing because I'm a lawyer. I say law school was a mistake because, even though it got me the position I'm in now, there are ways to make $46K a year that don't involve going $100K in debt. I'm not going to lie and say I've got it rough, but like most people, I want to do better. I just am retarded and have no ideas.

Your problem seems to be that you're spending way too much of your earnings and can't save. I haven't read the whole thread, but I think you need to come up with ways to reduce your expenses so that you can save some capital to do things with. Hell, if you have any business ideas and your credit isn't in shambles from trying to get an education, you can probably borrow the capital to get that started.
100k debt
60k cash or equivalent
only 10k in 3 mutual funds

You better have a good reason for not paying denbts or investing that liquidity.
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>live in europe
>earn 330-340 euro a month
>buy food
>buy clothes (winter-summer)
>buy medicines, fucking toilet paper or soap
>pay for phone/gas to a car cause you have to go to work and for example be connected with your boss
>now parents want me to move out on my own

REMEMBER - 330euro a month

good luck with that, yeah, I definitely spend too much, I am so fucking rich that I spend every fucking thing

No matter sometimes I just do not eat good meals to save fucking 10-30 euro a month

>I was so stupid, it's all my fault and I earn well.
Holy fuck im sorry for you, im living in germany going still to school but i make 500 Euro/month with a shitty 40hours/month job lol
I'm skeptical about bitcoin. Transaction costs are rising and government regulations could thwart its development. I may be wrong, but I think as soon as miners realize how much mining costs them they'll stop doing it 4free.

Also there is going to be a witch hunt in the EU with all that terrorism thing. Mass media started scaremongering and already called BTC the "ISIS cyberterrorism currency" so things will get real tough for people who wants to buy them once regulations that are being written right now pass.
Can you help somehow?
>in debt
>can't pay because no job
>can't get a job because credit checks
>debt just keeps piling up

Should I just kill myself?

I talked the the collection agencies to buy some time, but that doesn't make my credit less shit or solve the problem at hand.
Kill yourself cause you owe other ppl money? Shouldn't they be doing it instead cause they can't collect their shekels? Top kek.
Kill myself because owing people money keeps me from getting a job.

I'll get them their shekels, I just need to earn them first.
>>earning 330euro a month

tfw I now make $350 a day passively
What do if you have a total of <50 job opportunities?
>tfw almost 70% unemployment
I feel worse and fucking wose while reading this.

How is this possible? Why there is so unequality in civilized countried...?
competition is at the heart of capitalism. unavoidable with the current system
Could you give me some sort of explanation on that competition? If I am going to play football, I know what competition is and how it works, so I know what to do to be better and win, succeed. Same with fucking every game, school, exams, job interviews etc.

But in life, in general? What competition is?


Why not declare bankruptcy? This is exactly what it exists for. Sounds like you have nothing to lose.
I don't really need much money to do away with the delinquencies, and I need a job in the very near future.

I keep getting really close to getting a job and then they do a credit check and they don't want me.

It'd only take one or two paychecks for me to stop being delinquent. I'm not sure if bankruptcy will improve my situation.
Just looked into it.

Chapter 7 wouldn't be too bad because I don't have any significant assets. But it'll stay on my credit for 10 years.

Chapter 13 looks really convenient, but I don't have a job. And it'll still stay on my credit.

Both of those seem like they'll make it harder to get a job.
Okay, so I'm outside pretending I'm waiting for a bus at the moment. No cash, no job, no housing, just this prepaid cellphone.

I need housing and a job asap. I assume the housing won't be free, so I actually need money and a job.

I have no family or friends I could stay with or borrow money from. I can do programming, web development, and computer engineering.

Current plan is to get a ride to a homeless shelter and see if I can stay the night.

What would you do in this position?
Hey man. I'm a scotbro, but I used to work with a few polandbros. I really like polish people. The women are cute and the guys work hard.

Anyway. I have a few projects in the works. In the future (within the next year) I will possibly have an opportunity for you. A simple one but it may help.

Just someone to organize distribution and storage. Like, one person in norway one person in poland, one in etc. Just working out of their hosue and storing products in their basement or spare room. With some small scale delivering.

What's your email address so I can keep it handy?

I hope you get a good paying job, or make something better soon. But if not, maybe some time next year I could help you with a little extra income on the side for not much work.
Create business, pay yourself a salary to pay off personal debt, declare bankruptcy on business, profit.

Then just reopen a new one and resume operations and you won't be a wageslave anymore.

Would have to be reasonably legit to avoid IRS dick tho.
The homeless shelters appeat hard to get into. I thought there could be some kind of free temp housing. Doesn't appear to exist in the dc Maryland and Virginia area.

Amyone know of a kind of program where I can quickly trade my labor for housing?

Next plan is to see if there's some day laborer stuff where I can get enough to stay at a hotel.
But where do I get the money to pay myself? Won't any loans I try to take out for the business rely on my shit credit?
File: 1416179169842.jpg (18KB, 399x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would really like to receive your offer! Haven't been even thinking of such a possibility...

[email protected]
This is really bad situation. First of all, you need shelter, food, drink, and some place to get rest/change clothes etc.

Second, you need actually to stay with people, connected to local community etc.

At third point you can start looking for a job.

Sadly, it is rarely seen and really really ahrd to do. Homelessness is not a fucking state or process. It is process and state at the same time. I have made my Master of Arts on homeless people problems, I could help you in some way maybe.
The homeless shelter didn't have enough beds. I'm at the library now.

I couldn't find any day laborer stuff. I'll try to sleep here until they kick me out.

Any tips are appreciated. I don't really know what to do.
>Australia/USA 40/60 split
>Work in higher education (2xUniversity) & a bank
>Current monthly expenses are about $2500usd pm
>I'm a PhD drop-out with a Masters degree
>Monthly income varies between $4,000usd - $8,000usd

Saved money:
$230,000aud / $170,000USD in bank acts
$55,000aud / $40,000USD in Vanguard funds

Money comes to those who work 12-16hrs per day and don't spent it, duh
Then what are you working for? So you can afford a gold plated walker when you can't work? You're not raising a kid or having a life affirming relationship with a wife on that schedule.
Why omit that strokes and heart attacks do too.
Nice meme, kek.
Do you have any way to contact you directly? E-mail at library? Internet cafe? Or even some public place with internet connection?

10/10 exactly that
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Thread images: 8

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