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enterpreneur checklist

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hey /biz/, sup?

need a little help about enterpreneurship..

i have a lot of good ideas
i've created a few business model canvas
i don't know how to execute them

i know that i'm supposed to create a business plan, a marketing plan, and etc...

i just think that i haven't found the exact order of creating, validating, planning and testing a business model..

> anyone know where i can find a good checklist about "steps to open a business"?

> ie:

1. get idea (create)
2. fill up BMC (validate)
3. create a marketing (planning)
4. design product (planning)
5. create list of fixed and variable costs (how can i define my initial capital?)
6. create budget
7. find NPV of the project
9. find possible sources of investment
10. test (executing)

profit ??????

i'm confused /biz/.. please, gimme a source for a good checklist or lets make a good one!

ps. i bet you haven't noticed that i've skipped the number 8, right m8?
I'll give you a bump. You're jargon is too sophisticated for me. I just build stuff and sell it. Hopefully some anon can help.
bump this also, aspiring millionaire looking to start a business so far i only know this much.

>start a business

plz make a sticky
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>I just build stuff and sell it.

see? that is what i'm talking about..

my uni only teached me how to use "sophsticated tools" to work for ppl like you... that dont think too much and make money using their bare hands... building empires out of nothing...

what do i need to make a sticky?
more green texts?
> like this one here?
or just keeps ppl interested and talking about it
or maybe creating a post model to ppl keeps reposting it..

fuck. i guess i'm a overthinker...
You should quit; you're too dumb for bussiness. And that's saying a lot.
based on what?


I see these threads all the time.

"I wanna entrepreneur"
"I wanna businessman"

Just narrow down a product or service that you are confident people will buy. Then go sell it. Web, flyers, ads, door to door, referral. Just fucking shill it in every direction possible.

If it's good it will hit. worry about the powerpoints and spreadsheets way fucking later. You guys are putting the cart before the horse.
I guess, and again I'm a simple dude, my questions would be: What's your idea along the lines of? Have you tested to see if folks will buy it?

Again, I doubt I can help much. I can preach platitudes about action being everything, and other shit, but I know some businesses are to complicated to just slam together a prototype and start selling e.g. software etc.

Dont listen to this guy, your on the right track. Think ahead before you leap otherwise its just wasted time you cant get back if you would have other wise planned ahead of time.
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in most cases, if you dont plan you will not succeed..

more than 95% of the startups fail in 2 years after their launch
do you know why? how long do you think is the horizon for a business plan? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? 10 years?


i have plenty of ideas... some already tested by concurrents, some are innovatives, some are app ideas that require validation..

thx bro
find a need.
Fill that need.
Can be super random or whatever.
Price appropriately and sell.
My friend was in your boat, so I helped him design his business from the ground up for 20% of it.
I have owned 3 different businesses. My current one is pulling $500 - $1000 a day.

But hey do what you want.
What type of business?
find a market
facilitate that market


Residential contractor.
you've got some pretty important advice in this thread op
screw legality and secondary stuff like names and logos and shit
focus on your product, try to pitch it a few times like it ready to sell and see where that goes
try to find market research for your type of product to see how it might/will behave in the real world (your business intuition is a lot different than real world behaviour)
If you've got the time do a research yourself.
etc etc
just focus on the essencials

spread love and knowledge, bro..
can u share a checklist of the principal points of your method?


what exactly you do? build and repair houses?


> screw legality and secondary stuff like names and logos and shit"

good advice... as an accountant, the legality issues were killing me...

> try to pitch it a few times like it ready to sell and see where that goes

good advice! thx

> just focus on the essencials

can you enumerate essential things that i've to focus my attention to develop a valid business model and let it ready to show to some investors?
Word brother. How do you generate leads? Phone book, word of mouth, or anything more fancy?
Actually I'm retarded. Your first post covered that...

lay tile

pitch every person i meet, 50 flyers per week into mailboxes (no postage, who gives a fuck I just put em in there), facebook, Nextdoor, Angies list, yelp, referral program (ie, ill give you 50 bucks if you refer a neighbor), chambers or commerce are decent, etc..

I've done sales before though. Once you have done sales you just get that mentality of working quickly, get a hold of something, and then fucking sell it to every man and woman you see.

No one is gonna slap the cuffs on you for not being picture perfect your first year in business.

Rule number one is go out and get sales. Everything follows from this.
im a jewelry artist. i have etsy/website shit, and have plans for craft show/flea market shit (items from $10 - $$diamond dollars)

what are some ways for me to pound the pavement? where can i wear a trenchcoat full of bling abd shill without getting kicked out/in trouble?

find a need, solve it.

most businesses fail because they provide a product/service that nobody needs
You're doing gods work anon.

Preach on brother.
You're wrong mate. A small amount of strategy is needed. Most important is to test your business in the real world. You need customers straight away.

Unless you are going to the bank for a loan a business plan is worse than pointless.

Most people don't really need all the shit they buy, and so it's more about convincing people they want your product, which is the art of marketing.
Don't get caught up in making grand plans and marketing plans etc. Just focus on how to get someones money. Why would they want to give you their hard earned?

Do they want to buy a product? Do they want a problem solved? Do they need some sort of service?

Once you're starting to see some interest then you can worry about planning the next step to make it more legit.

I used to to think up all these ideas for businesses and how they could make me a fortune, but it wasn't until I just started trying ideas on a small scale I had a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

My most successful business now I started in my bedroom with less than a $200 investment.
What was the $200 for?

You wanna launch a business or a startup? that's the first thing you should figure out.
Small bulk order of products from Alibaba. From basically trying to start as a small online retailer I'm now wholesaling to businesses around my state.
And from that I found another opportunity to provide another service to these businesses which is gaining momentum. Just start small and see where it goes.

Ramit's Earn 1k on the side is here. under 2k shekels

I started my business with a similar small investment in advertising.

It currently keeps 2 people in full time work.
That's awesome. I'm at the stage of needing to find staff. Just not enough hours in the day any more.
Bumping this, because it has the answers to half the threads on the board right now.
I agrwe with you for the most part. The 2 posters quoting you aren't wrong about planning but what they suggest quickly leads to analysis paralysis. I have a friend who plans and plans and plans but is too afraid to start doing. My business may be marginal but it's operational. I did some planning and research, which has helped me avoid and cope with pitfalls.

However, I don't know if I'd even go into business at all if given a chance to do it over again. The market is stupid and rewards stupidity. A rational person has to abandon their integrity or get lucky to succeed.
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People here probably call it a meme book, but Zero to One is actually pretty good for someone in your position. Don't start to small, big, just get a good idea that serves a specific (existing) purpose, idk there are a lot of buzzwords in there but it'll probably help you.
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I think it's a known joke, that people use
>come up with business idea
In their business related check list
Try using an existing business model (eg local pizza place)and think about everything that goes into it and how you'd improve
Zero to One is hypocritical
The moral is to enter fields with zero competition and features Elon Musk as an example. Elon started X.com with a goal to make online bank, effectively competing against the banking industry. He has companies currently competing against the aerospace and automotive industries

Elon Musk's own quasi biography is a better read. He encourages the Rive brothers to look into solar abd they spend 2 years attending every seminar they could, generally consuming all solar/greentech news available until they came up with the business model for SolarCity
In all of Elon's companies, he started with a general or separate intention and stuck with it until coming up with his future business models
I'd risk getting hit by a train to sniff that hole.
Check out this wonderful site I found to motivate and help you on your road to entrepreneurship.
Or you can just check the whole site itself cause it has great articles in it.
What product did you order in bulk from alibaba?
How come there's no entrepreneurship general on /biz/. It's all investing, cryptocoin shite and wage slave career planning.
Kids are programmed from birth to follow dead ends; consequently, talking about magical secrets that turn dead ends into lifestyles of the rich and famous is all kids can do in pursuit of a dream.
Get of your ass and start doing stuff, entrepreneurship is an evolution and you should grow it. When you start you'll find more opportunities as you go.
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You're good at creating the ideas but you need someone with tempo energy to help ground the idea and get it going. it's OK NOT TO HAVE THE FULL CAPACITY TO COMPLETE ALL THE ROLES BY YOURSELF. It takes a team.
It really depends on what you want to do. Chances are you're doing something that isn't market changing, so you'll want to focus on display of potential.

Focus less on what your product is, but what it could be. Be VERY pretentious and ostentatious regarding your product and how successful it is in "test markets." If you do this well enough, you can appeal to either A. small investors that'll kickstart your push into the real market (kickstarter, indiegogo, independent investors) or B. attract the attention of a medium/large company and have them buy you out for a moderate amount of money.
Tell me if this is retarded or if it has potential.

I'd go to the weekly parties at the big college near me and bring a little stand with a black background and a camera. I'd then take pics all around the customer's head to get each angle. From that I can make a 3D model and print a bust of the person's head by itself or ON pretty much anything (beerstein, cups, necklace, you name it).

I'd probably charge like 15$ to make the model (takes me like 20 minutes) and then X$ per item you order. You'd basically need somewhere between 40-60$ for an item the first time and then substract the head model fee. I'd bring the items the next week same place same hour. Also the items would be one color only.
9/10 you won't become a millionaire just by creating a business. The real money comes from selling out, as terrible as that sounds.

Ex, you design or invent some cool or futuristic shoes and Nike's interested in buying the rights.
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