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>have one bank account all my life, for over 8 years >no

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>have one bank account all my life, for over 8 years
>no issues, overdrafts, or problems of any sort
>decide to open another checking account with Charles schwab because of their ATM fee reimbursement
>get denied the account because of an ,issue' with chexsystems

What the motherfucking cocksucking chode-licking bullshit is this? From what I've read online, chexsystems only denies people who are suspected of fraud or overdraft accounts and bounced checks. There's literally no reason why they should flag me. My regular bank says they are clueless as to why I'm being black-flagged and can't give me any explanation. I'm leaving in 8 days for a year abroad and don't have time to deal with their stupid ass automated customer service bullshit that takes 15-30 days to reply. Without this debit card, I'm completely fucked on my trip and no one can give even give me an explanation why it happened. A month and a half ago Charles schwab told me everything was good. And now, a week before I leave, there's suddenly an issue and they refuse to issue me the account I was relying on to get me through the trip.

Everything I've read about chexsystems online makes it sound like a bullshit fucking company that screws people left and right and gets away with it. Why the goddamn fuck does this company exist? If there's a problem of any sort, you can't call them to dispute it because they have no live customer support and they only reply by mail. Their 1800 number is just an automated waste of time that runs you in goddamn cocksucking circles and then hangs up after letting you know that a mail response will be issued within 30 business days. What is this shit?

Is there anything I can do? I'm fucking fuming right now and will literally do anything to retaliate against these cocksuckers. Is there a consumer complaint line I can call? A number I could call? This company's activity seems completely illegitimate and seems to exist for soley to screw people
You might have been a victim of identity theft.
ya this, have fun locking your shit down lol
Wouldn't someone notify you of id theft when it happens? Of do they just acknowledge that it happens and keep their mouth shit until you attempt to open new bank accounts?
You're finding out now. Check your credit report. You get one free check per year from the credit agencies or your bank might check it every month
no 1 will tell you shit from the bank. you just look like a bad custy, and they have alot of those
So today I went to Citibank where I have an account as asked them to run a chexsystems report on me. The guy did it and it came back with no issues. I told him that Charles Schwab is denying me because of a 'negative report' with chexsystems. The guy at Citibank said that what they're saying is a total load of crap and e doesn't know what they're smoking.

When I called Charles Schwab and informed them that I was holding in my hand a valid chexsystems report that clearly shows no issues whatsoever, the guy started rambling on about how they're not a typical bank and the reason why it failed might be because they hold a higher standard than other banks, and that regardless of my chexsystems status, they could not help me or allow me to sign up for an account
They might require someone with more money.

Shitty-low income-low savings-low balance banking customers are less profitable for the bank. Maybe you just didn't make the cut.
Charles Schwab is brokerage firm and I have a brokerage account with them. They want you to trade and have stock, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. The checking account comes second.

I have a checking account with them that is useful when it sweeps the brokerage account for money accrued from dividends. They issue me a debit card that allows zero foreign transaction fees and out-of-network ATM reimbursements. I have taken advantage of this a number of times at home and abroad which I have benefited.

There is a reason why Charles Schwab did not suffer much from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis. They do not want to take on major risks from shady customers who have not dedicated time and placed money into accounts in the brokerage company. I am glad they did not issue an account. Fuck you.
You don't need Chuck to travel mate. Get. Shitibank account and an amex for emergencies (literally don't leave home without it)
Source: atm machine are my card in Venice.
Pretty much this. Schwab offers retail banking accounts to attract and keep their investment clients happy and to consolidate their assets. They can offer good checking accounts because they make their money off the investment accounts.

You showing up at Schwab and asking only for a checking account is like showing up to a casino and asking to be comped a hotel room but not gambling any money.
I get what you guys are saying, but my GF and cousin signed up for accounts same time as me, and they were approved no problem. And I was going to be putting a significantly larger amount of money into my account than them combined
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 1

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