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How did you do in College?

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I had motivational issues last year and didn't revise at all, it has caused me to have to repeat this year and feel depressed af. I am 18 but won't leave for university (if I go) until I'm almost 20.

Anyway how did you /biz/inessmen do in school/college?
I basically tried as hard as I could to fuck it all up over booze and parting and drugs.

Don't do that.

>freshman year
OMG this is so cool look at my gud grades
>sophomore year
I can drink as much as I want and still make it to class... usually...
>junior year
>senior year
Egg on face big time, tried to fix what I had done
>senior year 2 the electric Boogaloo
Ended up taking an extra semester to finish. All I needed was credits, from my past history of taking chump semesters or dropping classes .

I made it out whole but barely. I am who they are talking about when they say not everyone should go to college.
I'm sorry to hear what, may I ask what is your current line of employment or educational insitution?
Sound stupid.

I never got the booze / drugg crowd desu I always look at those type of students and wonder what kind of parents raised them.
Freshman year
>Easy work, don't need to do shit, r-right?
>Stayed on campus pretty much 12hrs/day because sister and commuting, YT vids in the library all day and helped out in a student organization (got Member of the Year, pham).
>Got a bunch of A-s, muhh GPA.
Sophomore year
>Get more involved in the organization
>start making friends with people in my major, outside the org.
Junior year
>Start taking classes in my Major, easier than I thought it would be, start making more friends.
>Become go to guy to explain concepts and learn from.
>Spend most time studying and fapping, no more org.
Senior year
>Muh senioritis, started doing Senior design and became lazy as fuck, still got it done (got 2nd place) but barely learned anything.
>Spent most time hanging with buds in the department all day talking shit.
>Graduated summa cum laude.

Throughout the whole thing, I would always get stressed out to the point of hating certain teachers for giving assignments because I spent much more time on them than other people due to a huge fear of failure and a slight egotistic tendency to getting better grades than everyone else.

>Now (~6 months after graduating)
Didn't want to start looking for a job after/during school and don't have one yet. Most people I know have shitty entry level or temp jobs, but they're getting paid. Spend most my days in my room barely seeing any of my friends, reading, watching YT, and browsing this shithole. I did start looking for a job but am probably aiming too high and don't feel like giving up basic comforts (not having to drive far, etc).

>I fucked up

Thanks for reading my blog goyims, be sure to subscribe, like, and share.

Don't bother going if you're not going to fail because you're unmotivated. It's just a waste of money. Just get a job and save some money for when you're ready.

>skipped a semester after high school
>went to community college for 1 semester. Perfect score on math placement exam. Was told not to come back because they didn't offer classes advanced enough.
>skipped another semester
>2 semesters at a uni. Got bored and quit going halfway through the second. Failed 2 classes.
>skipped 5 semesters
>1 semester at a different community college
>skipped a semester
>back at uni for the next 4 years, mostly part time because I was also working. Took math placement exam 9 years after last HS math class and still tested into pre-calc.

>Graduated at 27. Was older than 80% of the other people, but who gives a shit.
I am an investment advisor for a major financial company. Basically retail investment work. Nothing fancy.
what's your major?
Do not worry about your age OP.

I started at 20 studying Construction Management
Changed my degree to chemistry 2 years in at 22
Then changes back after 2 years

I am now 24 with 2 years to go with a job as a jr project manager at a building remediation company.

I work fulltime 50 hours a week while studying full time.

Age aint shit
>currently in second year of CC
>going to graduate this spring
>want to go to four year and get a completely different degree
I have taken two (2) classes toward my major. It won't have any effect right
Community College
>takes me 3.5 years
>no real motivation or desire
>end up with a 2 year degree and a 2.5 GPA

take 3 years off of school, working 3 shit jobs 60+ hours a week

Junior and Senior Year
>quit all my jobs, living off of savings
>actually give a fuck about grades
>end up with a 3.8 GPA
>accounting major
>graduated when i was 27, either the oldest or second oldest guy in all my classes

At my job I am older than all the Senior Staff, and the same age as Managers.

No fucks are given really, still in my 20's and fit in with everyone. You will also interview better (or should) since you are more mature. Use the fuck up as motivation to get your shit together and do well.

And if you are a lot older, like 30's - 40's, just go for jobs in your field that fit your age. A 40 year old working entry level staff at a public accounting firm would be a bit odd; but starting in a private company as a staff accountant would be fine.
You are fine, you classes should all transfer as electives / gen eds.

You might have a more difficult schedule with more "Major Specific" classes, but just limit your drinking to 6 days a week instead of errrday and you will make it.
Biomedical Engineering
Thanks guys, it feels good to hear that.
3 more classes till i graduate

lots of Cs that could have been Bs at least, shit attendance

my gpa sucks but we make our choices in life

>Comm College 1year

Got out, shit was boring af f-am.

Wish I would've found a scholarship to spend my freshman year at a 4year college so I could've gotten some booty big butt judy.
currently getting 100% in two classes, 98% in another, and 83% in another... yet I can't motivate myself to study. Also have a pass/fail course I haven't really attended to.

This is some sort of illness

Getting paid?
Currently a year deep into a two year degree that will end up taking me 3 1/2 years. My father and I run a hundred-acre apple/cherry orchard in North Central Washington; so I'm more concerned about work than I am schooling. I am being pushed through for a "backup" degree, but I plan on starting a firearms manufacturing LLC. with my best friend once I turn 21 in a year and two months. I'm making 15k a year in the orchard, but my real pot of gold will lay in the firearms biz, on thing my friend and I do well is guns. We have some phunky-phresh new ideas that are pretty much going to be the tits. But when it comes to school I fucking hate it, it's monotonous and slow (unlike the orchard.) Being stuck in a room for an hour is torture, let alone for several hours a day. I'm not sure what it is, but like several anons in here, I absolutely cannot motivate myself to study.
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Year two of a four year course. Shit-tier bachelor degree which would probably be called 'Commerce' in the US. I am gonna change it up a bit, go to a real university and do something that is worth my time.

It's what makes my college time fun. Especially compared to the life I lived before all this, which was basically play videogames all day and browse the internet.
B of Commerce? That's an Asian/Australian thing.
Was a community college -> University transfer so ill post about that

>Community college
3.8 GPA, got fugged on one english course because I was lazy.

>First year at university (Sophomore)
Not too bad, 3.6 GPA overall, was decently impressed with myself.

>Exchange program to Korea
Was an absolutely lazy fuck, drank every day went to clubs 3-4 times a week only tried in my language classes.

Got all of my Advanced language credits in 1 year and was able to place out of Beginner/intermediate Korean.

All courses transferred back despite being shit at class.

>Senior year (Back in the US)
Reverse culture shock, still in 'exchange student' mindset, make a D in Calculus C in some other course, another C in 2nd semester.

>Graduate with 2.97 GPA after having a 3.6 before my exchange program.

People told me 'being a transfer student from community college' was a good idea, but when most of your credits end up being transfer credits (Community college, AP credits, exchange student credits); if you fuck up just one or two courses at your main school you are FUCKED on your GPA since they only count the credits you earned there towards your GPA
This isnt true, all of your classes taken even ones you don't transfer from CC go into your overall GPA

There will also be your campus gpa + major gpa
Maybe it just wasn't true for my school then; mine only factored in courses taken at the university towards graduating GPA (the one on your transcript); while keeping other earned credits from CC/exchange programs as 'TR (Transfer) credits'
You'll be fine, just don't keep fucking up and stick it out. Come up with a believable excuse for your mistakes, then once you're in Uni it's home-free. Maintain a decent GPA and live a normal life.
>>Didn't want to start looking for a job after/during school and don't have one yet.

So, no. At least I graduated with a gain from fin aid :^)
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Thread images: 2

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