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>be 25 >got my bs.c. in finance & accouting in january

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>be 25
>got my bs.c. in finance & accouting in january
>been working as a hotel clerk from then to september
>went into the army reserves to try it out, dropped out due to multiple factors in november
>now looking for jobs that are relevant to my degree

I started last week monday and since I've been sending out 15 what I think is well-written applications

how fucked am I? master's programmes start in september, if I don't magically get a good entry position job by then I'm considering applying, should I get a master's?

I know I've only been job hunting for a week and so far only got three rejections, but shit do I feel worthless already
Did you do any internships? Did you network?
I'm guessing the answer is no. You sound pretty unambitious and lazy.

But yeah go ahead, get a masters. What's 2 years more of no relevant experience? You'll be almost 30 without any, maybe you'll get an entry level job and be able to move out by 35.
I had friends ofcourse but I didn't rub shoulders with those guys who came to school in suits and left parties before midnight in order to just show their faces for the right people
>unambitious and lazy
pretty much, I went into it with an interest of the political aspect of economics but lost interest halfway through. mostly because of disappointment in the lack of scientific rigor in economics (which is why I went accounting & finance instead) and the low level of interest displayed by both the institution and the general student population, despite it being a top 100 university

it might be worth mentioning that I'm not from the US and internships for instance is not as common here as they might be in the US. Out of the people I started the program with maybe 25 % had internships or relevant summer/extra jobs during their studies

but absolutely, I totally regret not doing some ECs
>only 25%
The fuck country is that where so few had internships yet still top 100 university?
internships in general are not as common as in the US I guess
What country
northern europe
Oh OK it's different then.

Idk it's weird in Europe.
socialism is hella weird
>be 23
>got bsc in computer science
>no serious work ever
>sent resume to two people
>got two responses

I don't even know what rejection feels like
Time to open hotels for refugees. I'm sure there is lots of under-appreciated real estate around western and central Europe, if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*.
But refugees don't pay any money.
Send their bills to Angela Merkel.

I heard she stopped paying a while ago after she realized just how many there are.
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you should know something about investing and trading then. with 30-40k capital you will make from home more than the typical jobs in europe will pay you. and use the welfare (close to 1000euros monthly) as a bonus salary.
as long as you know what you're doing.
which most "traders" don't
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Yeah pretty much
OP and other finance majors, I need help with a very basic WACC problem.

Here it is:

J. Ross and Sons Inc. has a target capital structure that is composed of $40,000 debt, $10,000 preferred stock, and $50,000 common equity. The firm's bonds have 10 percent coupon, paid semiannually. The maturity of the bond is 30 years, and the bond sells for $1200. The firm's preferred stock currently sells for $90 a share and the par of the preferred is $100. The preferred stock pays a dividend of $9.00 per share. Ross' common stock currently sells for $40 per share, but the firm will pay 10% of floatation cost if the firm sells new common stocks. The firm recently paid a dividend of $2 per share on its common stock, and investors expect the dividend to grow indefinitely at a constant rate of 8 percent per year.

Now, my problem is that the problem does not specifiy the tax rate. The formula I was use to calculate WACC is

(Weight of debt)(Cost of debt)(1 - Tax Rate) + (Weight of preferred stock) (Cost of preferred stock) + (Weight of common stock) (cost of common stock)

The only issue I'm having is I don't know what to plug in for (1- tax rate) is the problem doesn't specify. Do I just not include that in the formula?
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too long didn't read
I'm pretty confident there are laws in your country. You might want to read them.
Emailed my professor, he simply forgot to include the tax rate lol.

This is basic shit, a monkey could do this.
Well.. yes, but you live in a country, not in a book of economics. You should know the tax rate that applies.
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