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Honestly, is money the answer for ugly men ?

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We all know that money is one of the most important things on the planet.

But should any ugly man do his best to become wealthy, so he can attract gorgeous women ?

I'm asking, because most women are attracted to wealth and I'd like to know your opinions about this.
I really don't know if it's really true in America but it seems like a fucking farce because I've seen happy couples that aren't rich.

I think the problem is that when you get a guy with no character and a vapid girl then it could be true, it's only a superficial relationship of looks and money.
Surprisingly money is a side effect of being attractive. In today's society "attractiveness" is really having your shit together doing shit like working out, working hard and improving your self...
bitches love money. Easy as that
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>First you get the money, then you get the power, then the women.
Montana, Tony.
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>be me
>go on coffee date late at night with an average korean gf you met on okc
>tfw you were going to pay for her but she insists on paying for you @[email protected]
>tfw she doesn't even call me oppa tho [bc she was really a HAN CHINA STRONG gf #__________# ]

I'm a guy so take of that as you will. I think looks are important bc I have been treated wayy nicer than when I was chubby, even by guys (n-no homo)

>tfw no gf :(

>tfw no a v e r a g e korean gf to pay for my company as she calls me oppa :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Yes and no. I don't tell girls that I make good money or flaunt it in any way. I'll pick up a bar tab here and there, but that's it. What they love is the confidence that the money brings. I border on cocky because I have almost nothing to worry about. Girls love that shit.

There's a whole persona behind having your shit together that people can pick up on.
You have it completely backward, OP. Seriously, if you're going for wealth, stay away from women.
why waste your money on gold diggers though
Money helps, for sure, but you have to offer other things as well. Because, at the end of the day, a lot of men have money.
Pump and dump.
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What other things would you have to offer as a man ?

Isn't earning money, improving your looks and eventually buying your own house, enough ?
>But should any ugly man do his best to become wealthy, so he can attract gorgeous women ?

Unless you're severely physically deformed there is no such thing as an "ugly man".

Do what you can, fix acne, eat better, exercise regularly, pick a hairstyle that works for your face, pick facial hair accordingly as well, choose clothes that look good on you and fit you and you're going to look AT LEAST 7/10 if you did this all correctly.

There's such a thing as a short man though.

>tfw 5'4 :(
You can buy lifts for your shoes, and it doesn't even matter that much.

The height meme is only on 4chan, in real life no one gives a shit about height that much. If you perfect everything else about yourself no one will mind your height one bit.
Fuck the house. Buy a trailer. Move when you want where you want. Cheap and simple. Unless you are planning on staying in a house for over 8 years, not worth it. Use spare money to buy Crop land. Farmer will pay you to farm it. Watch value increase. Retire wealthy. Buying a house is a money pit unless you are already wealthy.
Nah I'm 6 feet without shoes on, like 6'1 in my regular shoes. I just mean that this meme isn't real irl.

I've seen people significantly shorter than me(must've been 5'5 or shorter) and people treat them perfectly normally...
You cant talk about manlets misery unless you are one. Shits we go through is not that noticeable like 'fuck you because you are short' but more like that mirin girl saying 'wow hes tall' to a guy next to me etc.
I dunno man I've seen some pretty jacked short niggas who look like they hella overcompensating but they still get bitches

I'm pretty sure it's a /fit/ meme though, it's never noticeably helped me at least.
If you're as boring as a brick, very few women will want to be around you. It's not like you can pull out a $100 bill and have a woman want to suck your cock, unless you want a prostitute or gold digger.

Also, you can only improve your looks so much. For example,f you're 5'6", your still not going to be attractive to most women despite how much money you have to put into your clothes and what not.
Let's put it this way :
manlets are not disadvanteged in everyday life but being tall is a definitive advantage.
Wanna look good in that suit? Be tall.
Wanna have a bonus point at a job interview for nothing? Be tall.
Wanna make your girl proud just by standing next to her? Be tall.
This. ::drops mic:: walks away
Not really.

I've acquired a lot of wealth from property, but I'm as ugly as fuck, both in looks and manners.

The truth is the type of women you attract from money are kind of toxic. They're truly parasitic in nature and bring nothing positive to your life. Even the sex really isn't worth is when you look at what they could take from you if it goes long term.

Personally I find the best thing about money is the ability it gives me to travel and have alot of free time. This allows me to travel to places like Europe and the USA where being 'foreign' gives me a few points more and lets me punch above my weight.

OP here's a good life tip: Never ever EVER let a woman know how much you are worth.
all women are gold diggers
Ugly is relative. Most people can look attractive if they give a shit about themselves and take pride in their appearance. It's not vain, it's just having respect for yourself
>stay in shape (don't even need to be big)
>get a haircut, style it
>shave neckbeard (or style if you can grow a good beard)
>dress well, wear nice shoes
>get rid of pimples/acne
>don't be a social autist
It's really not that hard.
This is what I've been saying senpai-senpai.

It's impossible to look ugly if you do all of these, you will be at least 7/10.
Exactly. I don't even feel arrogant to say that I can be a pretty good looking guy. That's because I workout, eat well enough, have a stylish haircut, dress nicely, know how to hold a conversation. People who call themselves ugly are pathetic. Self pitying doesn't get you anywhere.
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Thread images: 6

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