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Why haven't you opened an eBay shop yet? Pic related - my lifetime earnings as an eBay seller. I just flip mostly small items from thrift stores, classifieds, and yard sales. I invest maybe 10 hours a month tops.
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>needed a cheap quart of oil
>go on freeBay
>find this sucker selling Chinese oil
>buy it, use it, works just fine
>open a case - item not as described.wav
>get refund
>seller pays return shipping
>i send back empty bottle
>seller tries to fight it
>freeBay sucks my dick
>seller lost
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I would rather commit suicide than use paypal
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I have. Need to move it away from eBay and onto its own website though. eBay buyers have too much power.
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Do you guys actually fix stuff you pick up, or literally just sell it for more money? And how long did it take you two anons to amass that much?
Not nearly as good as those two anons but I pick up free shit on Craigslist and resell it on eBay. I clear just under $20k a year (on purpose so I don't report earnings on taxes).

In fact, tomorrow I'm going to go pick up about a ton (literally, in pounds) of working server equipment from some neckbeard who is moving but doesn't want to pack all this shit. Did the math, should score about $3k off this shit.

Anything extra over $20k or so I'll just push on Craigslist, an extra $5k normally doing that.
Kickass. What tends to be the most profitable stuff you come across?
Mine is mostly from this year. Any sales before that were just used crap I had around the house.
I buy in bulk from China and resell.
Computer/server equipment. It's typically too heavy for people to want to do anything with once they want to get rid of it and even older stuff will fetch a decent amount.

Few months ago picked up 12 Tripplite Server UPSs with year old batteries from this community group. Each was going for about $350-500 a piece on ebay depending on condition. Some them all on craigslist to a single guy for $3500 cash.

Other than that nothing really fetches as much. It's just a lot of stuff that nets $40-100 a sale. It adds up.
Thanks anons
Im a uni student in a large city, hard to fit a regular job in my schedule but this seems like the kinda thing i could use to get some extra cash
>in a large city
Should be much easier for you then. An issue I've had is I live in a rural-ish area, so it's difficult to find good deals on Craigslist.
>Why haven't you opened an eBay shop yet

Already did it a couple years back,the multiple ways they charge you fees is enough to squander any chance you got at making money ,you even get charged by PayPal ,and then there is the rising cost of postage which further killed it off,small sellers haven't got a chance.

Hey anon,
I'm up in Canada and we have a tough time getting decent second hand gear. I would like to try and find some US auctions where we could go buy some old datacenter stuff. Can you tell me how you find your auctions or sales for computer gear? Craigslist...? Kijiji? Any guidance would be appreciated.

You need to find a product with a high enough margin. eBay and Papal take fees, but they also connect you with buyers that you otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to sell to.
that works out to be approx $8 per sale. ebay requires a lot of work on top of selling your item.
And this. many times this. If Ebay doesn't get you, paypal can and will.
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What are are some good items to order in bulk and sell? Is there a way I can view the type and volume of items being sold on eBay? Are there any sites that track eBay stats and useful data?
How do you remove your personal name from ebay and paypal invoices?
You can set up a Paypal business account. It wll only show the name of your business and not your real name. However, it's only a small privacy precaution. It still doesn't give you the legal protection that registering as and LLC or Inc. would.
Congratulations, you just committed Mail Fraud, which is a felony in the USA.
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I report scum like you, hope you like the cops showing up kiddo.
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>no date starting
How do manage to break the shipping/profit margin barrier? People never seem interested unless it has free shipping. Costs me a pretty penny in shipping costs. It can take a potential easy $250 to $120. Do you just charge high shipping and wait for the buyer?
Also for the general seller; are your profits instantly released or do you too have to wait the 3 week period? I've got funds locked up because the buyer either didn't leave feedback or didn't acknowledge the delivery of the item. It's very inconvenient when you buy/sell. Is this a new sort of escrow system with eBay/PayPal? I have recently got back into buying/selling and eBay/PayPal have gotten significantly shittier.
27k in 8 years.

3300 a year.

27.5 an hour for that money if you spent 120 hours a year. This is before factoring in the costs to find these thrift store items and then buy them.

Factor all that in and you're making below minimum wage, at least in australia.

Waste of time imo.
Had a guy try to refund his shit.
I followed all policies, there were 2 cases.
In favor of me on one but favor in him on the other. I even called, they said there was nothing they could do after that.
Guy goes to paypal and gets his money back for the other case.

and thats when I stopped using ebay for good.
you should mail him a hot wet turd
It'll all craigslist, don't get me wrong, I'm not picking up equipment daily, its more of a once or twice a month thing where I get lucky enough to email the guy first before anyone else does.

Just google wholesale auctions, should be able to find a couple of decent sites. I've personally never bought anything from auction.

I do a lot of analytics and research before putting anything heavy on eBay. Most shit does not get free shipping unless I'm certain its going to sell high or its small enough to fit in a flat rate or smaller priority mail box. You'd be surprised how cheap Fedex can be to ship if you do not have a package large enough to count as dimensional weight. That dimensional weight is what gets you. I believe the cut off is around 18x18x18, never really researched it. I've shipped many 18x18x18 60-80lb boxes for $25-30 through Fedex. USPS doesn't take more than 70lb, and UPS enjoys charging me hidden fees six months after I've shipped the package so I've stopped using them.
Should've added, for heavy packages, the heavy duty Home Depot moving boxes are the GOAT. Double walled and can take being thrown around like a cheap whore.

If I think anything bid will cost more to ship than what it will sell for I'll just do local pickup or put it on craigslist.
On eBay, everything will sell for around its market price.

If you list an item worth $200, with a starting auction of 1 penny and free shipping, then auction will end at $200.

If you list an item worth $200, and charge $50 for shipping, the auction will end at $150.

The market price (equilibrium price) is economics 101... I discovered this very early on in eBay.
Where do you get your statistics on what's trending or what to buy and flip?
Any advice on what items?

I heard that as long it makes a decent profit in total it doesn't really matter how competitive it is etc
I have sources and I'm able to get stock in thousands for a very low price, small object. Selling could give me profits ranging from 3-5 bucks, is this a good idea?

Also I could higher the price but low may attract more buyers.
Also I am selling cosmetics.
Just try selling random stuff and if you see that something you offer sells well then you found yourself a market by trial and error. Analysis helps only to a certain extend. Starting and actually doing actively works better as you learn more than by looking at numbers. You have to adapt and competition shouldnt be a problem if you are "better". Just start and dont use the "I dont know what to sell" excuse. Look around in your house and just sell anything, but before doing so categorize what youre selling and keep track of your progress per category. Look where people are taking your sales bait.
OP here. You're not wrong. eBay fees, the costs of my items, and shipping, probably accounts for 50% of my sale price. So it turns out to be about $13.75/hr. That's about $6/hr more than minimum wage in the US.

However, you're failing to take into account...
1) I already work a 40 hr/week full time job where I bring home the bacon. This is all just supplemental income.
2) The work is so easy. It can be boring at times, but it beats digging ditches.
3) It's 100% flexible. If my schedule is busy or I get bored and want to take a break for a few days or weeks at a time, I can.
4) I'm my own boss. I don't have to take orders from anyone or have to deal with anyone's BS.
That was my post. Date starting was actually 2008 because it started as a personal account. Only sold a few things around the house <$1000 until I turned it into a business account this year.
Just look around for products at random, then look up what you could be buying them in bulk for. Work out what profit you could make after postage, eBay/PayPal fees, etc and decide whether its worth it. Stay away from mobile phone accessories or any of that shit, its ridiculously saturated.

Another idea is focus on promoting fast local delivery, for items that people tend to buy cheap from China. You might not have the best price but you've got an advantage for delivery times.

I put some items I found in a spreadsheet to work out the profits and they all seem solid.

Now I have to wait a few weeks for deliveries.
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Thread images: 9

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