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Should I sell or not - Investing 101

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Ok /biz/ I started investing at the ripe age of 18 after taking business,accounting and economics first year in uni. I thought I would make some serious money. Invested in Blackberry when it wasn't being anally violated by every other mobile phone company. Didn't get out in time and now have its shares sitting in my portfolio festering.

Then I invested in El Dorado Gold or something like that. Greece didn't pay denbts and company's gold mines in that country shut down because impairment, major losses blah blah blah I lost a crap-ton of money

Now I have Amyris Inc. (AMRS) in my portfolio and dunno what to do about it. Turds haven't paid dividends in 2-3 years and don't plan to. No analyst report on that company to look at.

>Should I sell asap?
>How do I avoid investing in screw ups? List of 5 major things I should always look at
>How to not be an investor failure in general?
Nigger just buy an index because you are clearly too stupid to trade actively.
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Stop buying meme stocks and then doubling down by buying high and selling low.

Look at this shit
This thread is mostly going to poke fun at you for picking stocks.
But you diverse it.
on AMRS. They're quarterly revenue is down 62% from last year.
Assets down 50%.
With liabilities only down by 20%

Their current 300mill market cap seems high. At their rate of growth, I expect this stock to be sitting at 0.75 in 11/2016.
by the way OP. If you didn't already know this, >>968532, you should really NOT be picking stocks.
I have come to make amends. To absorb the light and wisdom of /biz/. Let them poke fun, I just want to recover losses. I don't have the money to invest in anything but stocks.

At least BBRY still paying dividends. Ima sell worthless AMRS as soon as the markets open.
At least you're not this guy, OP.
>Joe Campbell had $37,000 in his online brokerage account when he went to bed on Wednesday night. By the time he woke up, not only had all that money vanished, but the amateur trader actually owed ETrade more than $100,000.

>No, Campbell wasn't the victim of evil hackers. He was the victim of poor judgment -- and his ordeal should serve as a lesson for all investors.

>Campbell was in such a desperate spot that he even set up a GoFundMe campaign begging for help. The effort eventually raised more than $5,000, though Campbell also took flak.

>According to his GoFundMe page, Campbell placed a risky bet on Wednesday against KaloBio, (KBIO) a little known pharmaceutical company that was trading at $2. Campbell was basically betting that the stock would fall further.
Well, holding shorts is risky as fuck.
Gotta know what you're doing.
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Buy High Sell low.png
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>still paying dividends

This is bait

If not, then you are a meme investor and are doomed to poverty

Best advice I could give you is not to chase "hot" stocks. Most often, the message you're getting will lead you to bet against the smart money.
A huge percentage of my gains come from people bidding stocks up above their real value.
This is the only good answer. OP isn't involved enough.
Short all the time. but not fucking penny stocks like that shit. It wouldn't take hardly anything to double a volatile biotech company. He was an ignorant jackass who earned what he got.

If the chart shows the stock going down, and it's been going down for a while don't buy. What, did you think that it was going to turn around as soon as you bought it? Buying well known companies like GOOG and NFLX pays off.
>invested in blackberry

When was this ? You must be retarded.
These are liquid fungible assets. You have already realized a loss.
Sell calls against and in your case maybe puts as well.
How much are you in for?

The problem is you went in too big and didn't limit your risk. Trade Small Trade Often.

And if you're going to go big. You really go big on research. Warren Buffett Met personally with the teams and heads of company and everyone he could get his hands on to talk about the company.
and if your account is less than six figures. You can't claim to be going big on anything.
Not really. I was just new and fell into the whole BlackBerry hype during 2011. It wasn't doing too bad then. Around $12 per share. That and I had no idea about investing. Learned the hard way.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Etrade would NOT have some sort of stop or circuit breaker in place," Campbell wrote, adding that he was upset the online brokerage didn't notify him.

>"Its my brokers fault Im retarded"
What a fucking asshole.
You should invest in AMD
Had something similar (but nowhere near as expensive) happen. Was short a block of (can't remember ticker) at $5 per. Company got bought out on an offer of $8 per.
Immediately lost $3,000.
Just hold onto Blackberry. They're been pushed to the edge and couldn't possibly go any lower, so its not like you'll lose more money.

They may go up though if their new android phone can deliver
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