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Shitty Economic Situations and advice thread

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Shitty Economic Situations and advice thread?
I am in a serious bind here
>In college for STEM
>Everything was fine until unexpected problem with financial aid that messed it up for this year and in the end made me owe them 4000$
>This semester owe my school 2000$
>Was trying to get a job to pay for it, but it took forever and I finally just got a seasonal job started last week
>toys R us 8.75 sales team member
>They're giving me shitty hours like this week I only got 12 hours
>And 2 hours before my full shift the assist. manager tells me to go home for the day because there were too many people on the floor
>Seasonal so they are going to lay me off on the 24th of December faster than anything
>Phone bill which is the cheapest plan you can get is 35$ paid them today for this month
>Bus fare is 2.75 each way (5.50 a day) and on average I leave the house 3-4 times a week
>over the past several months account has dwindled down to 61$ as of today...

How fucked am I? and any advice that doesn't include the use of knee pads or illegal activities.
Also just come in here and share your stories or whatever.

>Owe school 2k
>Spend 5.50 a day to get to and from work(No car)
>8.75 at retail seasonal with shitty hours that ends in a few weeks because of seasonal
>61.37$ in the bank and too my name.
Not really useful, but TRU doesn't start cutting seasonal workers until like late January. So there's that, i guess.
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And to add
Is there anything worse than retail wage slavery?

>Get training
>Be told to walk around pick up things off the floor and straighten shelves that are already pretty straight
>Be told by co-worker always look busy
Its nearly impossible to look busy when its a slow day and nothing to do. And the customers give the most vuage descriptions of what they are looking for and are absolutely pissed I don't know every single children's show character and where they are in the store.
>"Yeah I am looking for the toys that can be put on the table and are projected on to the screen" *Pointing at star wars toy*
>Tell her to go to electronics
>She was looking for infinity wars (You put a little figure on a reader and it puts it into the game)

I am not even angry about that. Its these mangers that actually get angry when I have nothing better to do than walk in circles for 3 hours and pretend to move product around. I am at least glad I am getting paid, which is all you can hope for in this C.ucked economy
Do odd jobs for cash, tutor if you're smart enough, sell some of your shit, loan from your parents
No it was in the contract
They cannot guarantee my employment past Dec. 26
And the coworkers I spoke to who've been there for several years, told me they fire (lay off) all of the seasonal employees after the 24th

Everyday that I was looking for work and actually working has shown me how fucked the economy is. When a 20 year old STEM student can't find work for months and is making min wage, reduced to doing mindless stocking work. Its a very shitty situation that I am stuck in. And in history having this many disenfranchised youth never works out in the end.
>They cannot guarantee my employment past Dec. 26
Neither could mine, but they don't cut anyone until January 21st, same goes for the rest of my district. Just sayin'
>Do odd jobs for cash
I started my job search on Craigslist. There aren't many of those around or they expect you to have a car and be able to drive to where they need you.
>sell some of your shit
Besides the computer I am on right now I have very little of value
>loan from your parents
I didn't want to talk about this, but my parents are worse than me. The reason I am even more worried today is because I saw a final notice in the mail today for a few bills. I may not even have a basement to dwell in even if its on ramen noodles. It might not be a problem and they might be able to handle it, but the point is they are under a lot of water too.
idk maybe I deep down already know I am completely fucked and just looking for any reason to believe I am not. Just fuck my shit up senpai
My shitty situation:

>Graduated university with B.A in International Relations; no internships because "Unpaid".
>$23,000 student loan debt, could be worse.
>$2500 credit card debt
>Zero savings
>about to teach in Korea for a year, would be able to save roughly USD 1000-1100 each month
>Plan to go to graduate school in Korea after a year for a major such as International Trade or Finance - Have nearly fluent Korean so finding work after graduation + internships while in grad school shouldn't be as much of an issue.

What is really scaring me is the lack of savings, and paying for grad school if i decide to go after a year. I have a chance at a full scholarship + stipend but if i dont get that then i can only get like a 50% or so tuition reduction which reduces my tuition to like $3000 per semester..

Im also curious what other skills I should really focus on if i go into international trade or finance. I have a foreign language, and my ms office skills are good.
>Should I learn SQL, or another programming language?
>20 years old, Canada
>dropped out of highschool, NEET for years
>terrible home environment holding me back significantly as well as being main reason I dropped out
>oil collapsed so your plans of potentially just working on an oil rig and making big bucks are no more
>a few thousand saved, no job, no real skills
>Been trying to finish hs diploma but procrastination and laziness have delayed it more and more
>Literally haven't accomplished anything in at least a year, almost two
>been constantly planning on finding a job and leaving shitty home but realistically it's unlikely
>been promising myself I'd start reading again and learning new skills, but got bored quickly and drifted back to old ways of sitting on 4chan again

Smh... Is there any hope for me?
>Parents say they're building a college savings account all throughout my childhood
>don't worry about it
>fast-forward to 18, filling out FAFSA and realize parents have too much cash for me to get any federal aid
>"Hey, how much is in that savings account?"
>around $7k, won't cover a semester anywhere near here
>"It's your responsibility to pay for an education"
>luckily have about $11k in bank from work

You anons know what to do from here? all the colleges worth attending around me are $19k-28k annual. Also already in comm college.
Not much advice for OP. You should ask family for help if possible. Get a commission job or figure out how to supplement your income (flipping, reselling, work online, etc.)
Idk how useful it is in finance but SQL isn't actually needed to be "learned", all you need to know is how the databases work/are structured and know how to google.
either you make hope for yourself or there won't be any hope for you. http://needyneetguide.biz
comm college + work more
where the fuck do you live that colleges cost $19k-28k/year? if you're adding in living costs then just live at home and commute unless you want to rack up student debt.
Dude, I graduated my bachelor in finance, grad student in finance, passed some risk management certification, actuarial exams, series 7 exam and more cert/skills.
Still can't find a fucking entry level job.
This job market is brutal.
I paid my fucking due, I just want some shitty entry level job.
How the fuck is that possible thofam...
>no job
>$1000 a month in the red because student loans
>I'm just able to make it cover rent and all expenses so at least I'm not spending more than the loans

at least tuition is free, and 40% of the student loans get turned into a scholarship if I pass all my exams
but yeah $600 in the red every month with no job, how shitty is my situation? I feel like I could do worse but at the same time it's not great
>th-thanks norway
should mention; I'm 18 years old with roughly $3000 in savings
Two years in community college, then finish your degree at a state university.

Private schools aren't worth it unless they're a top tier school.

Two options:
1. Bite the bullet and get those federal student loans. They'll get you through until you graduate and get a job (you are majoring in something useful, right?)

2. Literally bite a bullet and join the military. Go to your university's ROTC office, pick a branch (not Marines), and discuss getting a contract/scholarship with them. That will cover your schooling, and you'll have a job after college (officers make pretty OK pay). You can also enlist in the Reserves or Natty Guard and they'll cover your schooling while you're in.
>10k entry level finance jobs made available per year
>30k finance graduates per year
>10k are shit

That leaves 10k well qualified people who can't find work. These numbers are obviously fabricated, but it's to give you an idea. The amount of decent paying work isn't increasing at the same rate as the general population and more people are getting bachelors/masters these days. When everyone has enough credentials to guarantee a good job, nobody does.
But I've heard people majoring in finance/accounting/economics/BA had no problems finding jobs... Their unemployment rate is pretty low and most people report finding decent internships and jobs, at least from shat I've seen.

Which country do you live in?
>31 years old
>homeless in NYC
>B.S. in Biology
>cannot find entry level job
>want to get some experience before applying for med school
>only job I can get is nightclub bouncer due to size and height
>manage to save up ~$800-1k weekly due to tips
>have $40k in savings now, still can't afford housing, so live in my car
>making solid student loan payments
I hope to save $100k, but I don't want to work in this industry forever. I was hoping that I would find something that will get me some clinical experience. I don't know what to do, any medfags here?
Anyone can get an admin job.
>Beg financial aid for money
>Get $4250
>All that goes to tuition for the semester
>I have to pay 4000$ for my housing bill to stay in school for another semester

How do I get 4000$ in less than a week? Do private loans take that long?
Oh, I have 1,700$ in savings, so really it brings it down to 2,300$
take out a private loan.

finish school.

for a better paying low skill job, get you hands dirty. I worked in the morgue, at the county hospital, down the street from me, on graveyard shift, while in school.

I made $20/hr.

I moved bodies, cleaned up things, and did paper work/ was the medical examiners bitch, and muscle.

get on food stamps, swallow your pride and get that handout.

make rice and beans, its cliche but you can feed your self for about $1.50 for a day.
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*Deep sigh* Toys R Us just posted the next schedule. I am working one day next week thanksgiving. At this point they've given me 10 whole hours and now they have only put me down for another 4 hours. At 8.75 an hour I am no where near 2000$, and enough money to at least pay for my phone bill and transportation.
And the last time I owed my school money they sent me to debt collectors and they put a huge amount onto the principle. So this 2k could become 2.7k in a few months. Not to mention my parents are having their own trouble.
I may have to switch to a Community College so I can afford to finish school.

I already checked out ROTC and my school doesn't have one. I would have to change schools(A more expensive one) to join. And I am pretty sure I am 4-7 pounds over their max weight.
I am 2 full years in and only taking one class this semester (All I was able to afford).
And my major is Electrical Engineering

I've got atleast 2.5 years (3 if I go backwards to CC) and I don't want to take out any loans right now.
I wish I could find a job like that. Besides my feet hurting from standing around, I am almost restless in toys R Us. Standing around for several hours trying to look busy bores me.

My biggest problem is my commute which is 2 hours everywhere and not being able to drive. It limits my ability to get every where in a timely manner.
Where do you live exactly? It sounds like a destitute place to get a job and the right college
Lived here with my parents in NYC my whole life.
Avoid this city please. The MTA fare is only going to go up from here. When I was in middle school it was 2$ a fare. Now its 2.75$
By the time I finish college it will be 3.25$

Main point this city is fucking expensive and if I didn't live here I would have left a long time ago.

The job market is C.UCKED. I had to lie in several ways just to get this seasonal position at Toys R Us. Mostly on my "Experience". How much experience could someone possibly need to stand around in a store and pick small boxes up off the floor? And for 8.75/hr
Its really bad all over.
In NYC but Pretty much right next to long island.
Long Island is inaccessible without a car and NYC is basically inaccessible with a car.
I am inbetween where I can't go to long island and I am so far out that it takes me 2 hours to reach anything in the city. Where I live is pretty alright, its just the commute which makes everything hard.

Also I go to NYCCT just for reference to the ROTC question
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Thread images: 3

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