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I have an interview with an incubator coming up. They seemed to like our pitch.

Anyone ever been to that stage? Any sekret tips and tricks or dos and don'ts?

Also, how do you dress? Do you dress to look like you've already made it, or do you dress like a stereotypical hacker? What's the more strategic choice here?
Well if ur working with chickens I would wear a nice flannel tucked into jeans and cowboy boots

"Agrihacker," I dig it

Should I scrape the chickenshit off my rubber boots or does that give me bonus points?
Am I gonna be the first bizraeli with an actual legitimate startup? this is so exciting!
I am aming for that stage myself for mid 2016.

So far i'd say you should wear a suit, maybe without a tie to make it a little less formal.

I'd go witht he suit to express "I take this stuff and YOUR money very seriously and am to be taken seriously in the grown up business world".

If you feel uncomfortable in suits and cant conceal this you obviously go with a different choice as you dont want to come across awkward uneasy insecure etc.

Just imagine someone asks you for money, how does that someone has to look so you give it to him?

Lol the first time I heeded that advice I looked like i'd just lost my tie while fucking the bridesmaid and crashed the wrong after party. I've learned a bit, but I realized that it's not that simple.

I don't really want their money that much. What I really want is access to their network and knowhow.

Still go for smart casual? How do you tone smart casual down a bit without looking like you bought your blazer at walmart?
Jeans, thin-rimmed glasses, a tucked in mid-length turtleneck, no belt, and sneakers.

They will throw everything they have at you.
>no belt
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It's like you hate money
Why do you want to tone it down? Do you think your appearance will cause anomosity if its too neat? Are you tackling the IT sector?

I just look too good in a shirt and blazer. I don't wanna look better than the panel. I don't want to give the impression like I've already made it. Or should I?
I dont know, do you know what type of people they are?
If its neckbeards, there is a risk to intimidate them. Maybe you can defuse it by being extra charming.

I think i often didnt fit in because i wore neat clothes and had manners and style while the rest was a bunch of unwashed basement dwellers.

The question is: How much do you want to suck these peoples dick for their stuff?
hire a dancer to go to the meeting with you.

where an expensive suit and have her dance behind you while you discuss serious terms with them
landed 30K in funding via local incubator.

Dress, professionally. Do not go in wearing jeans and t shirt. You are not steve jobs.

know your product, and your plan.

dont be fluff.
dress like your going in for a business loan at the bank.

These people are handing you cash, and more importantly time and expertise. They want to know they are dealing with a professional, not some hipster faggot who is going to waste their time. ( it really is about their time, not the money. )

we got 30k in funds, but more importantly we got 2 years of mentoring, accountant, a business analyst, realtor, coding and design help, SBA help, access to city and county politicians, legitimacy, and press. The money. means so little in comparison.

these people are project mananagers, MBA type type folks. They usually wear jeans, darker blue or white shirts and black blazers or polos.

I don't want to pretend I'm one of them, because I'm not. Or should I?

>business loan at the bank.

If I were going to a bank I wouldn't give it that much thought. I have a solid plan, and that's just a pass fail type of impression you're leaving.

With the incubator, I'm planning on working with these people. like you said, money is worth nothing. we got plenty of resources. our network is big enough that we even have access to free labour. But we need the other stuff.

But ye, great job bro! are you still in business? have you moved on to bigger funding stages?
im telling you, dress up.
it isnt bad to be the only one wearing a suit.... you are the one on display.

Yes, still in business, no longer need external funding.

>I don't want to pretend I'm one of them, because I'm not. Or should I?

Maybe you dont want to view clothing as gang sign or uniform to show you belong to a certain group. Because i am pretty sure they dont view it that way.

Maybe view it as: Your outside reflects your inside.

Nicely dressed: I get up early and am organized enought to keep a professional appearance. I respect my surroundings enough to chose a fashionable outfit and groom myself so they dont get eyecancer. If you look like you smell bad, its almost the same as actually smelling bad (words of wisdom here).

Negligent appearance: I didnt understand that maintaining a business persona is part of my job as an entrepreneur. I maybe dont understand the concept of style, am an social outcast or still get dressed by my mom.

I am aware that this stuff is very shallow and superficial but you want to minimize the risk of being misunderstood and put in the wrong corner.
>im telling you, dress up.

i will. worry not


there's a difference between negligent and casual.

obviously you have to look neat. but I considered creating (i want to create, if it works) a serious appearance that deviates from the classic lapel and v cut and incorporates elements from the suit and combines it with the utility of a freelance coder's workwear.
Cool, snap some pics if you feel like it succeeded. Creating your own thing always rules.

>a freelance coder's workwear
StarWars pyjamas?
>a freelance coder's workwear.

StarWars pyjamas?

I'm pulling your leg, realize your conception of your outfit, be yourself. In the end thats why we want to be entrepreneurs: to be free to take decisions on our own.
>StarWars pyjamas?

yuss. I was thinking of a hoodie and t-shirt, but I didn't know grown men would buy starwars pajamas.
>Dad clothes
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