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Tinder Scams Thread What is the point of some of these scams?

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Tinder Scams Thread

What is the point of some of these scams? They are run via bots, some seem to be autonomous others seem to be actual people running them but operating them in a way that would make them seem like they are a bot.

>pic related

It's fairly easy to tell who is a bot and who is not just from looking at the profile and pictures. Generally bots are empty profiles with some too much makeup too tan cleavage shot photo stolen from some Instagram selfie whore. Some are more sophisticated and fill in profile information and post several photos. Some are so bad they'll use Arianna Grande pictures. The names are generally exotic and don't match the pictures. Example a white girl with blonde hair with the name "Fuentes" or a Spanish looking girl named Sally etc etc.

The manner the bots behave differs greatly some auto message you as soon as you match, others wait for a message and then auto reply. The messages are often very generic and usually like pic related. Sometimes they feature an out of area phone number that foreign sounding men generally answer. Washington DC area code is a popular one, which is also common in other scams.

>Continued below
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What I am trying to identify and I'm looking for input here. As to what the end game is for these bot scams type operations. Tindmeet seems to be a clickbait dating site that probably steals credit card information. However I can see too many people actually falling for that.

Some of the accounts will carry on a small conversation before dropping the link or phone number, actually answering questions correctly and such, leading me to believe someone is actually physically using the account.

Generally with online dating scams your pretend to be a girl and see after a certain time of chatting and possibly even sending nudes you found online, request bus fare via WU for a meetup or stuff from an Amazon wishlist. If convincing enough, it is generally pretty easy to do. Was much more popular prior to video chat and skype. I just can't seem to find an explanation as to what the point is if its barely a profitable scheme.

What is everyone's experience with Tinder bots, is anyone running one?
Bump for interest
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Here's another. One way to sniff them out is to turbo like, so you basically use all your swipes in one continuous spree. Several minutes later you will have a good bit of matches, most of them bots. One thing I have noticed is very rarely if at all, I haven't seen it, will a bot have already swiped yes for you, before you do for them. After a turbo session I can usually find 4 or 5 bots. Generally after a certain time they unmatch after they have delivered their payload.

No one answered this number, usually it's a guy with a thick accident that answers most of the calls. This number appears to not actually be a number but some kind of virtual box.

How nice of you to block out the fake profile pic for the qt, even though she might be a roastie as well.

so whyt's your angle here? chat network 2.0 without bots?
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Don't have an angle yet. Still doing research as to how these bots work, and trying to find out if The Match Group is sanctioning some of these bots to inflate user stats, which has happened on other dating sites in the past.

I'm also curious to see what kind of sums these bots generate for their handlers. One thing I can't figure out is that Tinder requires a facebook profile for every account, a lot of time facebook requires a phonenumber to verify the account by, these people can't possibly spending the time and resources making a facebook profile for every shit bot. I've literally encounted 100s of bots on tinder, if true that means facebooks user stats are also heavily muddied.

pic unrelated, not a bot but a hilarious profile
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Because they work. There was a guy about a year ago or so who had a thread on /biz/. He ran bots on OKcupid, another dating platform.

1) Being an attractive woman (or even an average looking woman) on a dating website is enough by itself to get a lot of traffic. Don't believe me? Go to a dating site like Plenty of Fish and make a fake profile using pictures of a cute girl. Within a few hours you will already have hundreds of messages.

2) They make money from referrals. There are some free to sign up sites, like Chaturbate, where they pay $1 per referral. There are other sites that require someone to use a credit card to buy a service - these sites can pay out $5, $10, even $25 each. There was a popular scam a few years back where a dating bot would say "I'm nervous about this site, please go to (referral link here) and get a background check and send me the results." This costed the mark money, but paid out $25 for each sign up.

3) It's a numbers game. 99% of people roll their eyes and block the bots. However, that still leaves 1% who don't.

So let's recap. Let's say you're running a porn bot. You send out 2,000 messages per day. At a 1% response rate, that's 20 people a day who sign up using your referral link. If you're using a referral with a $10 payout, you're making $200 a day. In one month, you're making $6,000.

It requires a time investment to start up, but once the bot is running, you can literally do nothing and have that stream of passive income.
Wow, that's pretty cool.

Btw they are on skype too. I have gotten at least 5 friend requests from bots. My friends and I always invite them to calls and stuff, we really have a good laugh pretending that they are actually girls we are interested in.
you'd have to go off of the signup costs for the sites they refer people to. beyond that i think you'd have to hack their accounts and find out how many chats they've had with more than 10 messages
They're on every platform... Skype, KIK, Snapchat, Tinder, POF, OKCupid, Craigslist, Facebook, Myspace, Google+, Instagram, Omegle, Chatroulette, etc. etc...

The guy who posted on /biz/ before who ran a bot said over the course of several years he made about $500,000. He said he had his own private server that hosted and ran multiple bots at the same time. He filed income taxes and reported his earnings as Marketing/Referral Income. He was receiving payments from reputable businesses, so his earnings were all legit. No red flags.

It's considered blackhat because it is arguably illegal. Using an attractive female's photo without her consent, and presenting yourself as that female, can be considered identity theft and fraud. The chances of getting caught and prosecuted though are miniscule.

He wasn't a tripfag, but the guy who did this posted in multiple threads. He said he moved on from the porn bot thing because it had become way too saturated. Also - now that more and more people became internet savvy, his response rate had dropped noticeably. He said he was in the process of making a change into promoting/marketing mobile apps.
I think I know this guy lol..

I met him when he was 17 or 18, he was making between $500-1000/day on chatroulette/omegle alone. While that was running he'd code bots for smaller niche sites that would bring in anywhere from $5-100/day, and just have them all running on a vps at once. He even let me run a few of the niche site bots. I just used public proxies and made literally $25-50/day with no effort.

He switched to mobile because of new security made it pretty hard to keep spamming on the chat sites and it was harder to find dating sites that would pay out for his shady traffic. Last I heard from him he's just doing freelance programming work now, I guess mobile wasn't working out for him.

All that being said, not sure if we're talking about the same guy.
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