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Reselling Chinese tat - is it as profitable now as it used to be?
Importing into UK I assume wouldn't be so much a problem, but are more buyers buying directly from China now to make a reselling business less viable?
What is tat?

I import stuff from china and sell into australia, may be able to answer some questions
"tat" being a UKism for anything and everything!

Do you find types of products that sell are seasonal? And what advice can you give on sourcing and choosing merchandise to sell

Stay away from seasonal/general goods.

Find one niche and build a business around it. I only buy 5 products from china, they all do the same thing at different price points. Once I get this business to the point that it can run passively I will do it again in another niche.

Alibaba is fine for sourcing a supplier if you don't have a network. I buy from a supplier I was introduced to through my network, but I only get like 5% less than alibaba charges for the same shit.

The key is loyalty, don't constantly screw the supplier on price, instead build a long term relationship even if you have to pay a little more. I visit china once a year to check in on my guy, and I even flew him out to Australia once to meet my office. This is just how business works with Asians.
Interesting, thanks for the comments.

Do you sell online or brick+mortar?

online, there's no money in brick and mortar anymore

I also sell b2b not retail, but I think you could do retail too with this strategy

My biggest expense by far is marketing, I spend thousands per month on ad words and I also have a guy in india working full time to keep me on the first page of google
Aye, I'm planning to budget the most on advertising.

I could, but I don't fancy writing my own software for the site - would you recommend an off-the-shelf ecommerce solution like prestashop for selling?

I had a bad experience with weebly, eneded up totally rebuilding from scratch with wordpress one year in and it cost a lot of time

My understanding is that you really need to build from scratch for the best results on SEO, but I am not really a technical person so that could be wrong
I'm totally sick of building sites for Google, only to then have to change them when Google says websites should be something else instead of what they were yesteryear.

I just want to make a good site for the consumer, not Google!

This is the correct way to think now, that's what google wants you to do. It's also the path I am taking.

I started this 4 years ago now so things were a little different then.

But I'm already on the first page of google, not sure what you have to do to get there now.
Being on the first page is a bit of a fallacy. Google is starting to bubble its users. That is, it gives different search results for different users depending on search history.

Yeah but because my business is so niche I'm pretty insulated from that, there are only like 10-20 people in the country who sell what I sell, and only like 5 of us are nationwide.

Also another note on supplier loyalty, the benefits of a good relationship are significant. When I have a problem or need something special it gets done immediately, and when cash flow is tight, I have gone for stretches of 90 days after landing before paying for a container.

You don't get treatment like that if you switch suppliers every container to save a dime per unit.
I guess I have some serious niche research to do - how would I get started for that?

that question i cannot answer, i fell into this product completely accidentally, i was trying to do something else entirely

Maybe just poke around on alibaba until you see something weird?
low cost items, or high cost items? I'm tempted by high-cost because of the more profit per unit potential.

margin is more important than cost, buy whatever you can make the most on

shoot for 40% or less cost of goods (landed in your warehouse) in each sale
sometimes I feel like I should open a store for really cute things you can't find in any store. I'd get a bunch of items and have a little mobile stall in the supermarket.

Would it work?

Probably, but it's not really scale-able

You might earn some good beer money, maybe even enough for a modest lifestyle (think public school teacher)

But it can never really be more than that
yes of course I wouldn't try to live off of it at first.

It's so fucking cheap anyway. you can pay under 2$ an item that will easily sell for almost 20 over here.

You'd be lucky to clear $100/day imo, you'd almost certainly clear less than $200

that's hard to live on
no. whose your market?
chicks who like cute things and young girls
Might I ask what you sell?
not him but bleep off
and don't forget that you'd ahve to shift a lot of small items to account for import costs
Any niches to stay away from?
import costs? I'm in canada and order the merchandise in question and never get any additional fees than the few bucks I pay online. Is that a US thing?
I'm pretty sure tax and import duty is a world-wide thing, troll...
I'm serious though. When does this apply? When you buy more than X items?
What? I have no intention of taking business away as I have one of my own. Sorry for the curiosity.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 1

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