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Online money making-- more than a meme?

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Hi, this is my first time on /biz/. I'm usually on /r9k/, but I figure you guys would be the best people to come to.

Currently a uni student struggling on multiple levels, the biggest of which being my finances. I am unemployed and intend to stay that way; In the past I've tried to juggle college and work, and for me it just doesn't work out. I'd like to get some of your guys' feedback on methods you use to make money online effectively so I can work from home at my own pace.

I'm considering starting a blog, and using google adsense to make a little pocket money on the side. I already have some ideas for articles and a theme for it, (political blog with a unique standpoint). If I can produce quality content, develop a following by branding myself and gaining people's support and interest, I could potentially make some decent side-change for myself from people trafficking the site. As a bonus I would be doing something fun that I'm interested in, and growing for it.

I'm not looking to support myself, I live with my parents and it'll stay like that until I transfer to the school I want to go to. I just want to have enough money to be able to treat my girlfriend to nice things and maybe buy a new console and Fallout 4.

All that said, I know running a blog will be a hell of a lot of work in and of itself if I want to make it successful. If you guys have any ideas to improve my current plan for my blog, or any alternative methods that you've tried or are currently using, share them! Your help and input would be greatly appreciated.

>TL;DR: Looking for effective methods for making money online, ideally $30-100+ per week, though my expectations are realistically set around $1-10 a week.
throwing a bump in my own tip jar
anyone out there?
bump I want a way to make money online to
Go back to >>>/pol/
>I am unemployed and intend to stay that way
>make money online effectively

Found your problems. Get a job with least hours, or flexible. Pizza delivery, barback,jimmy johns.

money=tangible form of labor
Money isn't easy to come by unless you already have a good amount of it.

Get a job with minimal hours and develop a base.
While working, don't spend your money on shit you don't need (vidyagames, eating out, etc) so your base can mature quickly.
While working, figure out a business plan factoring all potential profits and losses and be realistic.
Then, when your hard-earned, hard saved money reaches critical mass, hit it and hit it hard.

It's the only way so buck up and do it
>Pizza delivery, barback,jimmy johns.

read that as BAREBACK lmao
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Ayyyy so did I.
dude i already explained this.

I've DONE that. It didn't work out, and finding a job out here where the hours are truly flexible and your manager won't call you up to come in unscheduled having your job hinge on it is nearly impossible to find.

My academics must come first, and last semester they tanked because of my workload from studies mixed in with work CONSTANTLY getting in the way. On top of it all, I had NO down time, I was getting 3 hours of sleep a night.

I'm not trying to be a lazy unemployed bum, and I'm not! I work my ass off!

I recognize that I would have to labor in order to run a worthwhile blog, I get that. I'm willing to do that, I just need some help, and this:

Doesn't answer my questions.

This however:
At least is reasonable. You're right, I need a base. I can't work a job, yet. Right now my only options are craigslist gigs.

My winter break will be coming up after my December finals, and I'll have a whole month free, so I intend to find a job by that point and work the fuck out out of myself til I have some cash to sit on.

But once school starts, unless I find a job with management who will RESPECT my schedule and understand I can only work minimal hours, I'll probably walk.

I'll start looking next week during thanksgiving break.

Any other suggestions? Please keep them coming-- shitposting helps nobody, I don't want to start a debate, lets just keep it to the point.
First, it's not easy to attract people to your Web. At least you need an good experience with coding, and who the hell gonna read your news? For now you are no one and even if you start blogging you won't get money for 3 years from it. Everybody do blogging, what makes you felt special about it. Even if you make porn site it's still hard to earn from it. It's better if you start a YouTube channel, then if you hit create a blog.
Most if not all part time jobs will work with you schedule, asshat.
>I'm usually on /r9k/
>my girlfriend
It is hard as all fuck, kid.

Prepare to throw in 6 months of consistent work even if it is only beer money you are looking for.

Check out viperchill.com and quicksprout.com

You don't have to offer unique content, you just have to repackage already available content better than everyone else.

Tips: Most people spend 90% of their time mad refreshing their facebook timeline. So start sharing articles there.
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OP, making a successful blog with many daily viewers is difficult.You can sell articles online though.
Ex: http://www.articlesale.com/
If you're looking to make $1-10 a week, try out a resale business.
There's lots of competition on eBay and Amazon, but once you start getting buyers and good feedback from them you'll be able to kick it off and get your ideal.
Continue browsing /biz/, every now and then you'll come by very useful information.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 3

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