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To start this thread off can anyone help me out with my problem?

>sell game codes on my ebay account and stupidly deliver by email

>get ripped off about $500

>because of the chargeback cases, ebay account (we'll call this one A) is permanently restricted so can't do shit about getting my account back

>go to college and start a new ebay - account B - on a different IP

>everything goes fine for now until when I stupidly sign into B from the IP where I used A - which is back home with my parents

>ebay finds out and sends me a message saying that my account B is associated with A and they are restricting it

>log into B and go into a customer service page that asks whether or not B is associated w/ account A

What should I do? I was thinking of lying to customer service and telling them I have a sibling who signed into his restricted account - account A - on my phone/IP in my college residence and that I don't own that account. Or should I just make a new account and be extra careful of signing into new account C with the IPs associated with A and B?

Also, fuck eBay for doing this to me
Sounds like you're just stupid.
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how do you get past this? selling a game account
Mail them a piece of paper and advertise the game code as a complimentary optional gift. Trackable and everything.
even if i make it look like im sending a package that weighs 5oz it thinks its an account
That... kinda blows. /vg/ used to have selling threads and I can imagine you could find a redditor willing to purchase it from you without doing a chargeback.
how would i go about finding one?
So I started off selling shit I wasn't using anymore and it's progressed into buying and selling for profit.

I've been doing it for about 2 years to pay for gas, food and college stuff. I haven't payed any taxes although I've probably earned several thousand dollars. How do I legitimize this? I want to put it on a resume. Ebay also isn't my only selling platform.

Google is returning a lot of bullshit. Do I file for a tax code with my state government as a sole proprietor?
Say you started a successful ebay store and make X amount in revenue/profit per period.

I picked up a shit load of suits from this rich guy downtown today. About 40 great condition suits in total, said they were nothing special and were barely worn, no good brands. I went through them and there's 4 Armani suits in here.
Do you need to file as a business/get a tax ID?

Or can you just pay all taxes yearly?
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Little OT but I know there are some Amazon wizards in here:

Bought a bag from some seller.
>Amazon says it shipped Oct 22nd
>Amazon says estimated delivery time is Nov 5th
>Amazon's tracking hasn't updated at all
>Check some alternative site and it says the package left Hong Kong Nov 2nd (not Oct 22nd)

It's been a lot longer than I was expecting to wait and I'm still not sure if the package is lost or if the seller just jewed out on shipping.

Does Amazon have any policies about wait times? How long should I really be waiting for? Should I contact the seller or Amazon?

At this point I'd be ok with a refund, because Amazon led me to believe I wouldn't be waiting this long. But if it's not the seller's fault Amazon made it out that way, I don't want to be a dick.

Wat do
I had one on ebay where the package didn't say it shipped until the day it was delivered at my house. I would call amazon.
you should contact them if the item was mis-listed as being from somewhere else, otherwise wait until a few days for whatever their refund/replacement deadline is. seems like cheap shipping and it shouldn't be much longer if you are in the US
Just contact amazon support to get a ticket in the system. That way when/if something goes wrong you have a ticket you can reference and then amazon brings down the hammer so you get a resolution in a day or two.
Here's my sitch /biz/
>Sell nice vaporizer for $440 on eBay
>Fully working, brand new. "aromatherapy device"
>A week after it's delivered the guy messages me saying "X vaporizers are known to break, so I want to return mine"
>I say I won't accept a return on an item used with cannabis
>He then says it's now broken, and does a chargeback on paypal, return request on eBay "he sold me a broken vaporizer!"
>I threaten him with legal action if he attempts to send it to me (2pm yesterday), he hasn't replied since
>called eBay, explained the situation, they said he has to get some affidavit from the post office to mail it, very vague, quite unhelpful
>Said i have a chance to file an appeal based on the fact that he didn't claim it was broken for a while.
>6pm today, he hasn't responded, funds still on hold with Paypal

So I'm honestly thinking, if he doesn't back down, to contact local authorities and have him arrested for paraphernalia possession, or if he does ship it, contact authorities as well for shipping para via usps. (he lives in Tenn., I'm in legal Colorado)

I already spent $300 of the 440 he sent on something, so my account is sitting at -300 with -440 pending, and I have no conceivable way to pay it back within the next few weeks at least.

1. What do i do?
2. How can I make sure I win the case when it is opened?
3. Worst case, he wins, im $740 in the shitter, can I delete Paypal and eBay accounts and ignore it? Will they come after me?

Thanks a lot
>Sell thing that might be considered illegal.
>Claim you might take action against buyer having illegal thing.

Wtf are you doing?

And no you cannot just delete eBay and PayPal, you have a responsibility.

Buyer started PayPal claim, this closes eBay case. Work with PayPal, and get them rekt.
Yes you can just ignore. I ignored multiple ebay accounts if they get the banhammer or likewise. I withdraw all my funds when I see the ban hammer coming, never log into again. The most ebay does is harass the living fuck out of you then threaten to limit your already limited account lol, suck my balls ebay. Unless you somehow fuck them out of like $10,000 + they arent about to take the time to pursue you assuming you've used fake credentials.
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Don't do this.
Anybody else get fraudulent return requests?

>Sell item fully working.
>Buyer claims it doesn't work/Is Defective.
>eBay will not provide you with ANY seller protection.
>Get defect regardless of what I do, and lose all of the money.

I was thinking about this myself, and my plan would just be to list a link to my storefronts for people to check out themselves, while listing my annual revenue and various skills picked up from running my own eBay store.

As far as taxes go, if you're not making more than 20k a year, or something, then you don't even need to file, but if you google ebay taxes then there's plenty of information to get you going, but I think they send you a form if you make a certain amount per year.
I always take photos of the things I'm selling that indicate before purchase that they work, and if someone claims otherwise then they have to pay to ship it back for me to examine, which they often don't, and if they send it back broken, and it was packed properly, I just escalate and talk to customer service since I have a 100% positive feeback ratio with hundreds of sales, and if you're nice enough, and get an Indian instead of some retard from Utah that doesn't give a shit, then you'll be okay, as long as you have /some/ proof.

Just be courteous to the person you talk to on the phone, and be prepared to call a few times until you get someone that will actually help.
>Move lots of stuff.

CS just doesn't seem to care anymore, I think they've 'flagged' my account or something, I don't even have the option to appeal cases, and I have to call in for every single one.
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>Skunk sprayed near building where inventory room is.
>All inventory now smells faintly of skunk.

Good thing the internet doesn't have smell o' vision yet.
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Not eBay related.

>Buy item on Amazon, from small seller.
>Is different item, and not as described.
>Start return, send it back.
>It was delivered yesterday.
>No refund yet.
>Email Amazon CS.
>Get response within minutes by Email
>They say "I'm so sorry, but we can't offer any additional insight or action on this matter."

WTF? Should I just wait the 5 day maximum for a refund? Are they not going to give me a refund?
Maybe call. When I have issues I call until I get a person that cares. If one person doesn't work out the next one might.
eBay are a fucking joke. They get away with being complete assholes because they've effectively got a monopoly
I had one I wasn't sure was fraudulent.

Three weeks ago I sold a great condition sampler for $215. A week after the guy messages me saying that a certain button on the sampler doesn't work and seriously impedes the function of the sampler. Say alright, no problem, don't feel like arguing, offer a full refund plus shipping cost if the guy will tell me how much it will cost him to ship it back.

He never responded to it. What can I do if he decides to try to return it in a month? I'm pretty confident the sampler works correctly. He was trying to scam me right and keep the sampler?
Assume it's a scam and move on. If he responds, hold to your previous offer.

Maybe he figured out a fix for the button. I'm guilty of starting a return claim for some shit in the past, then figuring out a stupid fix that rendered the item totally usable.
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how do i ship within EU only?
How do you remove your personal name from ebay and paypal invoices?
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Only real /biz/ness men have that option

dumb frog poster.
He's not lying though. If you don't want your paypal to show your name, then you have to turn your paypal into a business account, which is bull.
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>Sell item.
>Buyer claims it doesn't work, starts return.
>Go to purchase history in My eBay today.
>See same item, says I purchased it TODAY from different eBay user than my buyer.
>Shows no $ amount, and says my payment is pending.
>Clicking 'View order details' shows pic related

wtf kind of weird ass glitch is this?!
>be me
>sell game codes
>get charge backed over 700 bux
>paypal sells debt to some debt collector
>ignore still
>Paypal doesn't have my real address, p/h, bank account or any cards attached to me

Am I fucked lads?
How do you know paypal sold your debt, have you been getting calls for someone?

Also how did you withdraw the money from account without providing any info? Or did you spend it?
nah i got hit with heaps of chargebacks which put me in the red
then they said we'd be giving the debt to some random ass debt company who emailed me twice
This, same shit happened to me.
Whats worse is I called up paypal and ebay, got names of people too, and specifically asked if what I was doing was in their policies.
Ebay actually stood their ground and told the scammer to piss off. (which surprised the shit out of me)
But Paypal didn't care, took back everything.
fuck paypal, stupid question, but anyone notice the majority of them are from Israel ?
Is there anyway to preview what your invoice looks like?
I have a newer iPhone I want to sell but am afraid of the chance of an ebay buyer fraud. How much at risk am I? I wish there was an option to sell to just US buyers with 100% positive feedback or something.

>Set it as a "buy now or best offer"
>Set the "Buy now" price high enough that no one will buy it
>Wait for offers to come in
>Vet potential buyers
>Chose one that doesn't look like a scammer.
You've already fucked up, that's one big thing to stay away from, all you'll get is scammers saying it didn't work and chargebacks.
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>go on ebay
>find buyer with 100% feedback
>purchase lowest pricest item they have
>leave negative feedback
>not shit they can do about it

who /mischief/ here?
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i won a ring for auction at ebay and the seller advertised it as a vintage deceased estate ring from over 80 years ago

after the winning bid, i read the sellers reviews and he's had some bad reviews recently, people are calling him out saying the rings are plated or not 14k etc.

the seller returns bad reviews to the buyers as well and blows off all accusations

could it be possible for me to claim that i never received this package and have my money returned?
i've looked through the sellers recent history of purchases and he vists a lot of cheap jewelry stores

is it safe to claim that i never received this package?
i hope the delivery guy doesn't ask for a signature, maybe i'll just stalk him through the window to see if he just drops it off
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he's sending it via express post lads, probably with a signature

looks like i fucked up
fuck this ebay game

Stamps.com's postage calculator is really convenient, but I don't want to keep paying them. Are there other ones that work similarly?

If he doesn't return it within a certain time period Ebay automatically closes the case. I'm not sure if there will be a defect on your account. You should call Ebay to clear it if there is one.
So I made a recent sale, and it has me thinking.

>3 boxes of similar size and weight
>guesstimated shipping cost because no idea what to do with postage
>the first 2 that sold ended up going for $2 more than asked from buyers so loss of profit
>big deal just second hand crap
>last one, unlike first 2, is sent in the same state
>cost $10 LESS in postage than what I've charge the buyer

Should I consider refunding the guy partially, he's gonna see it as the postage sticker plainly shows the price, or should I be happy I made more money?
I thought you could hide postage prices
This I don't know either, all I know is I myself am still learning things about ebay and because I lodged the parcel in person I thought it'd be weird if I snatched the parcel off the worker just to scribble out the postage cost printed on the shipping label

You can, and I do. Actually, I just sell everything with "FREE SHIPPING" now and mark the price up.

So people think they're getting a deal when they're getting hosed.

>tfw black friday is here

Already racked up about 4k on my credit cards for ebay reselling
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Send him a picture of a turkey in a business suit with a disapproving look

Oh man that's funny. Probably a fucking Muslim.
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if you call your isp they can release and renew your external IP but they'll ask you why

make up a reason, like someone you know to be malicious has your IP address or something

don't mention anything about running a server you're not supposed to run a server on a consumer line blah blah
Welp, looks like I know what to do for next time, I guess my issue was I had buy now or best offer.

What should I do about the current guy though, offer partial to keep on good side or just hope he doesn't crack the shits and give me neg because unlike everyone else who's bought his shipping landed me $10 profit?
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>repair and refurbish vintage Seiko watches
>sell one digital watch from the 70s
>listed and sold explictly as a "vintage watch from the 70s"
>buyer starts a return request
>he says that the watch is "too old"
>handle bullshit request, charge buyer for return shipping, no problemo
>receive watch in less than what was sold condition
>the watch was missing a few goddamn parts, which made this very rare and valuable (in a collector's eyes) watch a nonworking chunk of metal
>open a case against buyer
>case dismissed given the "finicky nature of vintage electronics".. fuck you Ramesh from CS
>swallow my pride and move on
>two weeks later, I find the same watch that I had sold -- from the buyer who fucked me over
>described as "lovingly restored with NOS parts"
>make a winning bid on this watch (I won't bother to tell how much $$) with a secondary account, complete with alias
>receive watch in PO box, my secondary address
>dumbfuck couldn't connect the dots
>initiate return request, state that the watch is "too old"
>return the watch, but not before reclaiming the parts for my own timepiece
>he realizes what's going down, messages me "well played"

After all that bullshit I decided to relegate my vintage stuff to Etsy. It requires more patience, since there is less traffic, but Etsy charges much less. I won't dismiss eBay entirely, but I wish I used other channels of selling a long time ago.

>tfw I sold that watch on etsy for $600, no fuss no muss
Thinking of flipping shit over ebay as a side hustle, like getting name brand shit from thrift stores, then selling it.

How does that usually work out?
It's totally not worth the time if you can't get more than a $10 profit on each item.
That's about as much as I make in an hour, I was also thinking of importing some cheap shit like decorations and selling them when they're in demand
Consider the time it takes to get the items, plus the time it takes to list them, and to get the packaging, and to package them, then you have to factor in losses from items damaged in the mail, and returns, and everything else that could possibly go wrong. If you are just starting out you will probably make less than $10 an hour doing it, even with a $10 profit on each item. As the system gets streamlined you can earn more, but I wouldn't go into it unless you were earning at least $10 more than you bought it for per item.
24 items sold. One more and I wont have to deal with eBay holding my money hostage any longer.
>it's taken me nearly 2 years to sell this much
Used auto parts are a bitch to sell. Especially when it's the stuff that no one here buys in person.

Long story short, Stolen watches and Jordans. Anything stopping me from selling it?
The police, and the law.
What if i'm not doing the stealing?
Then the item can be confiscated and you will not be reimbursed, and you can be summoned to court to testify under oath against whoever did the stealing, and arrested if you refuse to go. Also, if you are selling them on ebay, it's likely people will just assume you are the one that stolid them. It's pretty strong evidence against you.
Absolutely nothing. There is literally no way for anyone to know they were stolen unless the watches we're personally enscribed with their name or info.
i'm gonna start using ebay as a way to make a bit of extra money monthly. my initial goal is a few hundred weekly and am gonna simply buy things for free/cheap off of craigslist and sell for profit on ebay. i'm in america ATM for what it's worth. my questions are:

1. which categories of items tend to do well with regards to selling older models/products?
2. are there any restrictions to withdrawing funds from ebay sales?
3. not so much a question, but any general advice that could be offered would be appreciated as well.
If 2000 watches went missing and someone was searching for it ebay would be the first place they check. A listing of 2000 watches shipping from the same area would be more than enough to get a warrant. Or if the criminal thinks hes clever a listing of 1999 would also get the warrant.

There's more than one way to identify a watch. I know every appliance has a serial number, computers, many other things do too. I'm not sure about watches. I would imagine expensive ones do, and if he plans on selling cheap watches on ebay I think there's plenty of better things he could be doing.

>Doesn't know about serial numbers, lot numbers, and VIN numbers
If it were that easy more people would do it.

2. you need to request higher selling limits if you do over 1000 transactions a month or over $25,000 a month
Lmao why the hell would you try to sell 2000 watches in bulk when you just stole 2000 watches? I am laughing pretty hard at that scenario. A person who is not mentally disabled would sell them periodically and through different venues. The more likely scenario is that this guy has a couple watches and not 2000. Selling a couple watches or shoes on eBay with a sea of other watches of the same make and model isn't going to raise any red flags.

>doesn't know stolen goods is a trillion dollar industry and law enforcement doesn't have the resources to even track a fraction of them down let alone a few stolen shoes
Don't be a dumbass and use a little common sense.
That's how a rational person would do it, but a rational person wouldn't be selling stolen watches on ebay in the first place.

Also, I suppose people have time to measure and account for each dollar to figure out it's a trillion dollar industry but not enough time to arrest them right?

You're the dumbass if you think that stolen goods cannot be traced back to you.

Grow up, kid.
>I suppose people have time to measure and account for each dollar to figure out it's a trillion dollar industry but not enough time to arrest them right?
Pretty much. The statistics are just estimations based on police reports and insurance claims I would imagine. Have you ever had anything stolen? Police don't really give a shit for the most part. They take down the information and then file paperwork. If it's a home invasion or commercial burglary they will run prints and/or check surveillance footage. If the value of the stolen goods is over a certain threshold they may investigate further, however most theft goes unsolved especially if they don't have any initial evidence to lead to an individual or group of people. The Feds don't get involved unless a cybercrime or identity theft has occurred or there is evidence that the perpetrator has crossed state lines. This means that the company investigator is going to be with local PD. To summarize, no, there is not enough resources to investigate eBay for a couple stolen watches or shoes. To even be able to check the serial number they would have to buy every single good that they suspect is stolen or get a warrant to search the premises of every suspected eBay seller.
>company investigator
Crime investigator*
Of course stolen goods can be traced back to you. That is not even what we are talking about. Go to bed junior, the grownups are talking now.
So do this shit then?
As long as it is only a few and you are selling them individually you will be fine. Make sure that the person who buys it is not local to you and especially not local to wherever it was stolen from.
>I am assuming the watches are not rare or vintage and the shoes are not like Air Jeezy Red October
>it should be common sense not to sell stolen rare or high value items publically
Yep, thanks Anons, good assumptions.
It should be common sense to not sell stolen items, or to even steal them in the first place.

dude your just a cunt
>If you kept all your stolen items they would just pile up
>if you didn't steal in the first place then how would you get nice things for free
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>accepted an offer from someone with no bidding history
>account from 2013 and still looks like he hasn't bought anything
>only been a few hours but still hasn't paid up
I'm going to have to report this guy, aren't I
Give it a day. I would already relist the item though. You can also contact the second highest bidder to see if they want it.
It's a BIN item that got little attention though. I plan to wait a day anyways.
Yea reporting a guy with no feedback and no activity isn't going to do anything. You should probably still do it anyways just on the offchance that he budges. A polite way to tell him to pay is to send him an invoice through eBay.
Already sent an invoice. If I don't hear anything from that guy by tomorrow morning, I'm relisting.
>sell game remote on ebay
>buyer says it is broken
>returned, works fine
>open case,"well were siding with the buyer"
>ebay refunds the buyer and charges me
>funds from transaction still on hold
>can't pay back ebay, because of hold
>call and tell them the issue
>"well have it fixed by next week sir"
>two weeks later, still not fixed

ebay is shit
Sorry. eBay doesn't give two fucks about small-time sellers.
File: 1311739277177.jpg (66KB, 592x627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 592x627px
>mfw I've had like 2 or 3 unpaid items this past two weeks..

shit is really starting to get old.
yeah, I know, but they should still get their shit together
ebay is total garbage if you are a seller, highly recommend you dont sell shit on it unless you dont mind dealing with bullshit fraud and losing your money from time to time
I wonder why a competitor with strong customer support and seller protection hasn't stepped in.

What makes ebay so dominant?
Which is more successful, a store selling a lot of low cost stuff with lax security and a friendly to customer atmosphere or one selling a lot of low cost stuff with high security and a hostile to customer atmosphere?
Walmart has plenty of shoplifting but is really successful still.
qNYgGDx8 here. Guy paid up.
Walmarts I go to feel high security though. I've gotten my stuff searched almost every time I go there. I decided to just stop going because of it.
The massive consumer base. eBay is a household name. Anyways, I've tried some knockoffs but got turned off when other sellers said they were getting fucked over worse (like customers having absolute say in disputes and sometimes they even get to keep the merchandise along with the money).
The person-to-person selling phase is about over. Big corp is now taking over everything.

Back in the early days of the internet, there were Yahoo Auctions, Amazon Auctions, Haggle, and a bunch more. Sellers were independent, as they should be. No protection of this and that nonsense, no tracking, etc.

Big corp moved in and created all the problems we see today with buyers.

How do you cancel an order if the buyer doesn't cough up the money?

What is a drop?

> being this retarded
File a non-payment report on the buyer.

You can also turn on the option for auto filing after 4 days of non-payment.
why do the majority of people on ebay have poor english skills? maybe I just don't communicate with buyers/sellers that much but that's often my experience.
It's true, nobody takes the time to spell out "you". I mean, it's not that hard.
I just try to be as professional as possible, since considering that we're buying and selling I figure it's appropriate

other people just talk like it's a facebook messenger, even top sellers. but then again a lot of those are chinese
i'll remember that. ty for the insight.

please give more responses.

File: We just don't know.gif (999KB, 250x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
We just don't know.gif
999KB, 250x251px
>First class shipment has tracking updated before Priority Mail shipment.

>sell an item valued at around $300 like 2 months ago
>photograph item in its box and the addressed box
>ship it out with signature confirmation and insurance
>gets successfully signed for and delivered
>like a week ago buyer contacts me and said they never received it
>turns out I shipped item to a package forwarding service
>look up the address in the paypal transaction
>the address is a seller protection verified address
>call up ebay and they tell me that I have absolutely nothing to worry about since I shipped to a verified address with insurance and signature confirmation
>tell me I have no obligation to refund the buyer because I fulfilled everything that was required of me and I'm very much in the clear
>inform me to tell the buyer to contact them and they'll handle it from there on out
>been a week with no update

So far ebay has been pretty bro in this. I don't think ebay is a buyer-rigged platform if you're familiar with their policy and aren't selling complicated items.
all mail is treated as Priority Mail this time of year (former usps here)
And if it seems that you're stuck, the advice is to keep calling until you get someone who cares.
File: 1319516661480.jpg (22KB, 346x331px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 346x331px
>Sell item as pictured.
>Buyer with like 13,000 feedback starts a return request.
>Claims item isn't as described or pictured.
>Have to wait on buyer to provide picture before eBay CS will help me.

Fuck this shit.
>About to spend $300+ on eBay item.
>Only going to earn like $5 eBay bucks.
>Check email for eBay bucks bonus.
>Find offer from today with a few hours left.
>Earn $20+

Don't forget to click those eBay Bucks offer emails, /biz/ !

It was a huge industry, you couldn't not expect big companies to want their cut of the pie. Ebay has been trying to shift from used products to new.
How to get started selling on ebay?

Is it a good idea to buy an account with a lot of feedback/creation date so that a bunch of niggers don't immediately scam you and people actually buy from you?
File: REVITUP.jpg (26KB, 291x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw earning $59.96 in the last few hours.


I don't think buying eBay accounts is allowed, unless you're buying a company that has an eBay account with it.
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