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Resume Critique Thread

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post em boiz
I need a resume for today but I have no experience in any job. can I lie?
not op, but why do i grow a conscious when trying to make my resume look pretty?
what should you put with reguards to references?
how can I design a great looking cv easily
>mfw I actually put that i was a boyscout and a blackbelt on one of my first applications

I thought they would be plusses.
>what should you put with reguards to references?

Absolutely nothing. If they want references they will ask for them or allow you to upload a document with them.
1. I live in a large city where a commute can be up to an hour away in the same city. Also saves following up when you require my address upon hiring.

2. Type my name and current company name in LinkedIn. Not rocket science. Besides you already have my resume in front of you.

3. Agreed

4. This info should be in the section under 3. Would be redundant to include per job.

5. Type of work within the company is summarized in your role in the bullet points

6. Sorry next time I will put happy faces

7. >having a page 2 in the first place

8. Depends on your level of experience and if you require filler. Optional.

9. Your computer skills should be obvious from the type of work you do. Unless they are programming based don't bother listing Microsoft Office.

10. Agreed

11. Agreed. This much is assumed.

12. Arial or Courier New
A guy I know has Eagle Scout at the top of his list of achievements because he "wants them to see that".
He got a co-op in his sophomore year for his Junior year this Spring, and he got 5 interviews from different companies at the career fair this year as well.
So maybe it has some merit to it.
What's wrong with Times New Roman?
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I got my current job and an internship with the same format resume. There's' no need to get super fancy and shit.
>A guy I know has Eagle Scout at the top of his list of achievements because he "wants them to see that".
It always goes on. A lot of Eagle Scouts do well by virtue of the type of person to achieve Eagle. It's almost like a fraternity. I've met several Eagles in high ranking positions; they all told me that they put it on their résumés. It's a networking thing more than anything else.

When I was fresh out of college, I made sure to list that I was an Eagle as well as the philanthropy chair of my fraternity. Both helped a bit.
Can someone please tell me a good website or template for word to use to build a resume?
How can I insert grey boxes like this anon has done? Coloured text boxes?
They are likely tables with the background changed.
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So, I am applying to a position managing an apartment complex, whose advert says that some of it is section 8 housing. what do you guys think?
looks like a 14 year old wrote this resume.

put job descriptions and some effort into formatting it nicely instead of making it look like a research paper. Google Docs has a lot of templates
File: RESUME TEMPLATE.jpg (317KB, 1654x2339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a good template
noted, thanks.
why shouldn't we use times new roman?
Loooool this shit looks bad bro. look up resume examples and compare them to yours.
Senior Business Intelligence Engineer for a major telecom here.

I don't have a pic of my resume but basically:

My name, cell and email

Purpose/Intention (summary of skill set)

- platforms/languages
- programming skills
- project management skills (say something about Agile & SDLC because that gives HR a boner)

- company name & dates I worked there
- bulleted summaries of what I did
- keep it at a high level in terms of day to day and major accomplishments
- heres a good place to pad with more buzzwords/keywords for HR

- where and when I attended
- that's fucking it

I have the whole thing in Arial 10 point font, except the header. I make light use of things like bold, underlining and italics. My "bullets" are really just hyphens. I have no tables and I have formatting turned off.

This is because I'm a developer. Not an office admin.

My entire resume is an entire showcase in ASCII art minimalism. Or to put it more simply, it shows that I know how to format code really really good.

Plus, by keeping the minimalist approach, it copies and pastes really nicely into those big ugly Web based "copy and paste your resume into here" text boxes.
File: resumee.png (33KB, 975x649px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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r8 it m8
>Remove references
>Remove nationality
>Change " - today" to " - Present"
>Capitalize titles of programs/positions
>There's never a need to list Office unless the job is data entry and posting explicitly mentions it as a requirement

Is there any reason why your start-up experience is any less relevant than your assistant positions?
thanks for input

>>Remove references
wouldn't it seem like I have no good references though? or do people just assume you have

>>Remove nationality
heard this before from someone. is it bad? i've been around several countries an thought it might emphasize the "international" thing. But also might sound tryhard of course

>>Change " - today" to " - Present"
>>Capitalize titles of programs/positions
nice idea

>>There's never a need to list Office unless the job is data entry and posting explicitly mentions it as a requirement
yeah I was hesitant about that, but it seems logical and I guess people assume it anyways by now
It's generally assumed, since you've worked, that you have at least 1 reference. As it is now, it doesn't need to be there, since it doesn't say anything.

>Remove nationality
It already says that you're a Dutch native later, so there's no real point of having it.
What am I supposed to put for work experience when I have none? Credentials? I,m just a college student with a lot of certifications but that's it.
alright makes sense
Get a position at your uni....work study or a paid position if possible, otherwise you might as well as volunteer. Employers also like to see real world experience, even if it is something like McDonald's. Reason being is that uni jobs are pretty relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of a real job.

You can also put in significant projects like your senior thesis or independent study, but only if it is relevant to the position. Think of those kinds of projects as akin to an artists or programmer's portfolio.
Oh and you can totally get seemingly unrelated positions. E.g. you pick up a position at your uni doing IT help desk but you are a nursing major. This provides you with customer relations skills which are stupidly valuable in the long run, especially if you are an autist.
This is my current template. I like the layout but could anyone recommend a font?
Lay it on me /biz/
I ran it by the career development center at my school before the career fair a week ago and he said this was fine.

Ahh, I should probably mention that I'm a sophomore.
Also, I didn't change it to put the version of solidworks and matlab yet, which was a suggestion from a recruiter at the career fair.
Oh yeah, and the church has a name, I just erased it though for here.
So what the fuck do I do when I have literally 0 work experience? My parents are well off so I never had to work a single day in my life. 23 atm and don't have too many internships under my belt either. Once I'm done with my University degree what do I do to make my resume look appealing? Get fucktons of internships?
>Summer Youth Employment
All anyone is going to get out of that is that you learned to use office, which everyone knows.

You could change your title to Volunteer Assistant and remove the voluntarily from the bullet, as it sounds awkward

>Professional Skills
Bullet 1: Awesome
Bullets 2-4: Prove it. You could incorporate how you show these aspects by expanding on your Church position.
Question: I want to omit the objective from my resume. I'm not looking for one specific field right now. But I hear that a statement giving a quick run down of what you do is better. Problem is I don't have room for all that shit. Is it a good idea to just keep the main information?
Never lie on a resume anon, if they ever find out (and I'm sure they will) you're done.
Question: Do you all put your middle names on resumes?
Duly noted. Thank you.
Anyone else have any other suggestions?
how about exaggerating, is that standard?
ie. GPA 3.32 -> 3.4
as if the fucking format on your resume matters at all, I could write mine with a pencil and get jobs
File: resumepic.png (100KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 1920x1080px
Be gentle plz. Not included is my current yob where I sell parts for construction equipment which is my first bigboy job, compared to my work history.
the op image

>he makes a resume
>it is terrible for that reason
Try getting a part time job related to something in your field. Its what im doing with my finance degree, I am currently working in a small finance office. No way do I want to stay here after I graduate but so far it has given me plenty of experience to put on my future resume.
is this bait?
that's not exaggerating, that's not even rounding you fucking faggot
Palatino, Courier or Bookman Old Style
I dont get it, so no bullets, REALLY? my resume would look horrible without them.
Do volunteer work, freelance, make your own job(yes cutting people's lawns is something you can put in your resume),take school jobs, try to get a part-time job related in your field.
How important are the aesthetics of your resume, really? I just got an $85k/yr job using the most basic looking thing ever. I don't even include education in mine.
>not suppose to include GPA
>not suppose to include internships

Wtf??? Is this a troll picture?

I guess it helps but I know plenty people with extensive work experience who have the most basic meme resume out there. Literally if they posted in thread they'd get 20 replies saying it's terrible.
I choice of words and the types of skills/experience you list are much more important than the look.

Also, I like to keep it to one page.
Nah some of that advice is a load of shit.

If you have to write long wordy paragraphs to fill 1/2 pages you are doing it wrong.

And you can't afford 1 line at the end to give the reader confidence that your previous workplaces liked you? Come on.
Because it tells people you are in your 60s with no computer knowledge. Same reason you don't use IE for browsing.
This is for a mid level position. Internships and GPA get dropped after a few jobs and 5+ years in the workforce.
Never had my references called unless they were being recruited. If you interview well and are an ideal candidate then they often don't even bother.
Hey /biz/, I am looking to get an internship or part time work doing Desktop Support/Systems Administration/Digital Marketing. Right now I have my resume which basically states

>1st page
Name, Contact Information, Employment, Education, Certifications
>2nd page

Is it very important to get my resume down to 1 page as I had 3 IT related positions prior to me trying to get this next one.
In my opinion, the first page should stand on its own, but you can have a second page on the back which adds additional detail.

recruiting center at a top university instructed me to put street address for employers for my resume.

I've talked to Corporate recruiters that say to include internships and GPA if your in, or graduating from university.

How is offering references a bad thing?
It's overused. Recruiters have to search through hundreds of resumes, most of them you can guarantee will be using Times New Roman. if you want to stand out, choose a font that's professional but unique.

while true, a unique font can be useful but for certain types of jobs.
Would it be smart to list your previous job as experience if you got fired from it due to poor performance even if it happened a year ago? Might need to find a job again since my year long unemployment is about to end, and my college tuition/project car needs money. Any opinions?

It looks better on a resume and few employers will actually check for a reference. If they do, whatever, you wouldn't have gotten that interview without the experience listed anyways. Continue on until you find one that doesn't check.
Most of us are young people without 5+ years in the workforce so if OP is going is going to post something like that he better make it clear..
Thanks! I was able to compress my resume into 1 page. I am guessing a lot of the social aspects of the job should be mentioned in the Cover Letter?
Mid level employee is the largest text in the pic...
Should I mention in interviews that I got fired for poor performrnce AKA I stopped giving a shit 2 months on the job or say I left to go to school which I am atm
OP's pict is flawed in every way.

You arguement is the counter of it.
Reverse the order of your jobs, most recent/current job first (I'd do the comp-repair bit 2nd.) Job chronology is important, and the impression you have is you're a fucking stock slinger, when in reality you're a somewhat self-employed individual who's been running a home "business" since 2007.

Beyond that, what kind of a job are you looking to get? Because your "accomplishments" and "skills" blow for anything other than the same entry-level wage slave work you're already doing. Give us some details so we can help you with your verbiage.
You can also hint to the interviewer that you have a slight meth addiction; interviewers love that, and the meth addiction shows that you're a man of determination in getting the job done.
Thread posts: 69
Thread images: 7

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